How many times can I use permethrin c...
Death by SCABIES

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#166 Apr 7, 2012
Amy wrote:
<quoted text> Thanks Amy for helping others from your experience. I've been fighting the war also and Not finished yet!!
If 2 time does not do it try Lindare it kills scabies and their eggs.
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#167 Apr 7, 2012
romana wrote:
Juast an idea: instead to do the laundry every day and spend a lot, I bought a big pot where I boil my sheets and cloths with A and H and borax.
What about your clothing? I've been just boiling without the A & H & borax.. Because when I used the borax in the pot, it made spots all over the clothes. I really thought just boiling & drying on hot was enough.. But I hv no idea:/
Death by SCABIES

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#168 Apr 7, 2012
If you are ready to take this head on you will need two coverall one to sleep in one for around the house. Tape garbage bags to each foot and leg. Rubber dish washing gloves. The Lindare kills everything on you the dress code keep you from getting any new ones for a week.

Haz mat suit and Lindare!
Desperate girl

Azle, TX

#169 Apr 7, 2012
Death by SCABIES wrote:
If you are ready to take this head on you will need two coverall one to sleep in one for around the house. Tape garbage bags to each foot and leg. Rubber dish washing gloves. The Lindare kills everything on you the dress code keep you from getting any new ones for a week.
Haz mat suit and Lindare!
How long did you have them & what all did you try to get rid of them before lindane? Because I'm one of those on here who's tried a ton & had them since October. They seem to be resistant to everything I try. Lindane, I have not. I am on a different regimen right now but dont know how it will turn out so always trying to learn

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#170 Apr 7, 2012
mitewarrior77 wrote:
<quoted text>
Where did you buy horse ivermectin? What country do you live in? I've heard that horse ivermectin is good stuff but you are the first to say you were cured by it.
My Peremthrin comes in tubes 5%, is it possible you used the one for lice, it won't work effectively
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#171 Apr 7, 2012
I did borax baths, bleach baths, pure bleach rub downs, Nair, proxide, sulfer soap, perm 5% horse paste, bug bombs, spider spay, tree tea oil, clove oil, then I went to the doctor.

2 treatments of perm 5% and Iver pills.
Still have spot battles so I have gone the Lindare route with horse paste and coveralls and garbage bag hip boots and rubber gloves 24/7 four 4 days and I should have licked.


#172 Apr 8, 2012
I seem to keep getting it back again from my dogs. I start itching again as soon as I touch them. How exactly do you treat dogs with borax - I don't want to hurt them. My daughter appears to be better (permethrin cream), but I am going mad - I can feel them in my hair and ears - just awful.
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#173 Apr 8, 2012
There is a dog treatment that is 45% perm I think it's called something Blue II

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#175 Apr 8, 2012
Death by SCABIES wrote:
There is a dog treatment that is 45% perm I think it's called something Blue II
It's called "ADVANTIX II BLUE FOR EXTRA LARGE DOGS" with 45% Permethrin. You won't erradicate all the mites and be cured unless you are ingesting oral Ivermectin (Stromectol tablets or Horse Paste) AND rubbing on topical Advantix at the same time. It takes the oral and topical treatment regime to kill all the mites. Just sayin.

Saint Louis, MO

#176 Apr 8, 2012
Thats the best way to get them

After battleing them for months my treatments of 5% Perm and 750 pound doses of horse paste has them on the run. They are out of my eyes and scalp and ears and other parts I can't mention. I really think I'm cured but I have to wait 4 more weeks before I proclaim victory.

Phoenix, AZ

#177 May 5, 2012
How does one know that the mites have been totally cured or killed for that matter? Some of the things I read state that you can still feel and see the effects of the mites after treatment for 4-6 weeks. I too, got scabies from my job. I had to treat my kids and my dog. I have bought one tube of the permethrin cream and treated everyone in the house but I still feel the tingling. In comparison its no where near as bad as it was but I'm wondering if I need to buy the refill to the Permethrin? I think I will try the borax that a prior reader mentioned and we can see what comes up. I am also working on essential oils such as Oregano and Cloves so I am bound to knock this stuff out sooner or later and i will vogue that I have not had any side effects (other than lightheaded due to dehydration) in using the ointment back to back. I think at this point my desperation states that I'd rather over medicate then under medicate. The other thing people should realize is that this kills your immune system so you should find some immune boosters such as multivitamins and herbs like echinchea. what every you do, don't scratch or pick. Let the skin heal itself. Good Luck. Everyone is suffering but on the way to good health. Laura.
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#178 May 17, 2012
I got the scabies from motel six I went to Kaiser first they didn't noe what it was gave me rash cream so then went to uc davis the knew what it was how long before it gone away...
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#179 Jun 10, 2012
How much is the ivermectin? And where do u apply for the prescription assistance? Please help me i have haf this nasty bug for i dont know how long but have done 2 treatments of perm 5%. I need of some serious help. Thx
mitewarrior77 wrote:
The only way I know of curing Scabies is by taking oral medication and rubbing on a topical medication.
Get a prescription from your doctor for at least four (4) treatments of Ivermectin tablets aka Stromectol. Dose is based on your weight, i.e., my weight is 230 lbs so I took 24 mg on a empty stomach with lots of water. If you cannot afford the pills apply for the Merck Prescription Assistance Program. They gave me 150 of the 3mg tablets at no charge!
Next, buy Advantix II Blue for extra large dogs. It has 40% Permethrin! Rub it all over your body head to toe and leave it on for 8-14 hours. You can buy this at Petsmart for $50 (includes 4 small tubes, use 1-1/2 to 2 tubes a day), also sold online at .
Rub in Advantix II Blue every day while taking the oral Ivermectin every other day. Make sure you are in a clean living space that is not infested. You can be cured in as little as eight (8) days.
Remember, the longer you go untreated the more the mites will reproduce under your skin. Also, humans are alergic to the mites feces so you develop a cough, etc., the key is keeping your body clean. Take benedryl every four hours.

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#180 Jun 10, 2012
Guys I was 2 months fighting this. And probably was around 5 months without knowing what it was. That is why it took me long time to figure out and lots of money. Permethirn sucks. It makes your skin do dry and itchy and if you overuse you will never feel you are healed. To me ivermectin taken orally and wait 5 days and do pour on ivermectin 1%, I did on my scalp Advantix bc head is the only place I can stand that much permethirn on me. Pour on is great it doesn't itch, almost odorless and feels good on the skin. Don't ask me why. Maybe it was a combination of things but the crawling stop yesterday after a 16 hours pour on ivermectin on me. Tonight I am repeating again.
I felt crawling on my scalp legs abdomen arms and face especially my nose.
I won't call it a cure yet but will update in like 4 weeks.
Environment :
DE in specific places you use. Mattress need to be in plastic. Every morning I sprayed a mix of alcohol and 10 % permethin I got on line. There is one is like 36% I will buy today just to have it at home.
vaccum everyday. Clean floors everyday pinosol mixed water and permethin.
I spray shoes w a mix of alcohol and permethin 10%
Clothing is key. Wash hot dry hot and wait at least 3 days to wear them again and of you do please please. Steaming and ironing everything I wOuld wear made a great difference. I also put a heater in my walking closet. And let it work for like 6 days temperature at least 90. At that tempeture mites die in one day.
Using borax and A&H made a difference I add amonia too. But honestly ironing made the trick and steaming sheet I will at night.
Car I did my own mix of 10% permethirn and alcohol and spray the hell of it.
Didn't use the car for a week.
If you need the car more often spray it everytime u use it before and after.

What I am doing in btw treatments?

Now I am using a cream with lactic acid and out some drops of lavender and lemongrass as a way to stop what is left. And for them not to jump on me if there are in the envrieoment which I doubt.

If I still have something they are in me. In my skin more than any other place.
I will buy head and shoulder w seleninum to keep them at bay but I have a feeling for the first time that if I have something is very few ones.

Ivermectin rules as a pour on. I can believe I didn't use this before.
Honestly permethirn on skin sucks. And I am allergic to sulfur. Doesn't help at all.
Pour on doesn't smell as bad as sulfur.
Idk I feel cured but will wait 4 weeks and do the mild cleanse of my skin and will start vitamins.
I read ivermectin facts and it says vitamins interfere w its efficacy.

Still feeling few crawlings but tonight will kill them all.

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#181 Jun 15, 2012
I've used permethrin 2x already 7 days apart and took the oral tablets stromectol 4 tablets 2 weeks apart as prescribed. these medicines were very expensive but i am still itching a lot. i've done the cleaning of my clothes in hot water and daily spray my room with bug sprays. how can i get rid of this itchyness. please help.
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#182 Jun 16, 2012
I believe the permethrin makes your skin more sensitive to bites and I only did 2 treatments 2 weeks apart.

I found that the Biosilk Therapy (CVS)leave in hair treatment worked as well on my skin as the permethrin and is cheaper and smells and feels great. I would suggest soaking a warm bath with a little Clorox bleach and Borox(1/3 cup each)then using the Biosilk after, just before bed. I've had them for about 2 months (perhaps a little longer before being diagnosed)and have seen a remarkable improvement from the bleach and borox baths followed by the Biosilk just in the last 4 days. Both suffocate the mites but the biosilk helps get them out of your skin faster. I am healing and almost done with them, of course I've been cleaning like a mad woman all the time.

Tea Tree oil diluted or Listerine helped me get rid of the itchies early on, but now I'm good with just the baths. Good Luck to all of you.

Don't use bug spray! Use CVS 91% alcohol or denatured alcohol instead. You can spray purses, your car, your computer chairs/keyboards, hampers etc.. We all know that cleaning everything is part of the cure.

I'm so sorry that some of you seem to have a more resistant strain of scabies.
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#183 Jun 16, 2012
I used the perm treatment 5 days ago and now my hands are covered in white bumps. My neck and face feel very itchy as well. I was wondering if anybody has spot treated after their first application of perm. i was gopnna put it on my hands and neck and leave it on overnite and then do the whole treatment total body on Tuesday. Has anybody done this?

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#184 Jun 17, 2012
I've done 5 applications of 5% perm in a month and still not healed.
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#185 Aug 9, 2012
does borax realy work on scabies im scared to use permethrin to much because i dont know if its safe to use twice in a row

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#186 Sep 16, 2012
I used perm 5% 8 days ago and im still itching severely and it looks like the bumps and bites have spread. I washed everything as instructed but i fear the mites have come back. Should i reuse the cream again?

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