How many times can I use permethrin c...

Ellington, CT

#227 Aug 20, 2013
so i found out on a monday my son has scabies. Only he and my middle son have sigsn of them myself and my youngest def dont. SO We washed and put on the permethrin cream and went to bed. In the mroning i literally bagged all of our clothes pillows, bed sheets, towels and everything. Went to the laundry mat and spent a ton of money and did all our stuff. I then put the clothes back into a clean new bag. SO my concern and question is......can i start to put everything back where it belongs. CAn i make the beds and not have to worry. OUr bed have covers on them . I also bought raid fumigation just as a peace of mind! LIke i dont want to go super crazy , but i def dont want to just not take it seriously either. Maybe it depends on the infesttaion too. Like i think we caught it in time because my son doesnt have that many and neither does my middle son. They dont itch alot as well! I guess i just would like a straight forward your doing it right or wrong answer lol

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#228 Aug 22, 2013
So, I find myself sitting up each night as my husband sleeps reading these forums. I can't decide if some of us suffer from a strong histamine reaction to the parasite having been in our bodies or if the parasite is actually still in us....probably a bit of both.
slynn, it sounds as though you are on the right track from what I can see. I also think it would behoove you to wait longer before putting everything back. It is probably better to wait about 2 weeks to be certain the bugs are dead...just my opinion. If it is too costly to have to redo all of the laundry I would wait it out so that you do not have to repeat the process.
As for me...I contracted this from my mother at her long term care facility. My doc also, like so many others, prescribed perm 5% but only once saying it would take care of it. It did not. 2 weeks later I had them again. I did everything I could do to clean and treat. I did the bleach, borax, sulfur etc. What I found is that each "treatment" made my skin more and dry making it easier for the bug to move about if you will. I have since stopped all of the extra bleach baths and sulfur soaps and ointments and am giving the perm cream another shot. This time I will repeat in 7 days, along with my husband. My insurance does not cover Iver pills so I will just use the paste wormer I give my horses. I find it interesting that they will charge sooooo much for the human Iver and I can buy a paste wormer with weight measurements on the tube for about 2 bucks at ! What a crooked world! Any-who, I will treat with Iver paste in 2 weeks if I am not better by then and I will post here. I did call my doc and tell her I was doing this as we are both horse owners and she didn't object. I feel that the excessive alternative treatments may have done more harm than good so I thought I should put it out there for anybody who might need it. I did not show signs for about 4-5 weeks so I think they were pretty established. I have allowed the perm cream to stay on for about 36 hours this time with the exception of my scalp (only 9 hours there) as it makes me feel a bit sick with stomach upset and headaches. This stuff is really hard on me. I would consider topical Ivermectin. My skin is soooooo dry now though I am afraid it won't penetrate well, of which I have a hard time with anyway. I did use topical Iver horse paste with a touch of DMSO on top to drive it in further and that did seem to help on the worst spots. Could I use DMSO to drive in the perm cream rather than going to a stronger formula? I ask because if the 5% makes me sick what will a 10% or even a 45% do to me? Would like some input. BTW, you can get Ivermectin, Permitherin and DMSO at most feed stores in California...just saying.
Scabiesphobic, your derm needs to do a biopsy. It might be another type of mite. Be persistent.
Not cool...I don't think it matters if you have on the cream.

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#229 Aug 22, 2013
Here is a thought, as I begin my day as a maid :) Why couldn't we leave the perm cream on our bodies for 3 days at a time as most of the mites do die after that 72 hour without a host thing. Then reapply after a shower on the 3rd or 4th day and leave it on for 3 more days? Would that work?

Hollywood, FL

#230 Aug 22, 2013
unbelievable wrote:
Here is a thought, as I begin my day as a maid :) Why couldn't we leave the perm cream on our bodies for 3 days at a time as most of the mites do die after that 72 hour without a host thing. Then reapply after a shower on the 3rd or 4th day and leave it on for 3 more days? Would that work?
Yes, it would work. The only thing is that permethrin is a neuro toxin and not to be left on the skin for such a long period of time and then reapplied again in a few days. Permethrin should not be used but once a week and no more than about 4 weeks. Not to be left on the skin for anymore than about 15 hours.'

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#231 Aug 30, 2013
Thanks vss. Guess I broke that rule already! Just did my next dose of Ivermectin and only one small spot on my upper elbow retreated so I am wondering if that is the only active mite patch I have. I pray so. I used a touch of perm cream then heated the area to kill any left-overs. Then I got scared and decided against leaving it on for too long, washed it off and applied Nu Stock. Hope it works. I feel like I am sooooo close. I did add the tiniest touch of DMSO to the spot because I do have a poor absorption problem so that is why the perm cream didn't work well. Any thoughts?
So Frustrated

Camillus, NY

#232 Sep 2, 2013
Wow, it's so very encouraging to here all your stories (horror), I thought I was alone in this fight against the devils! I can't seem to shake them either, I've tried everything and currently unemployed with no coverage :o( However, I did find something on you tube a guy was making his own permethrin cream. If you go to any feed/tack or family tractor store you can buy permethrin 10 percent and mix it with a cheap lotion (2oz for 2oz), it's not as thick as the cream from the pharmacy but it's also much more affordable especially if your treating an entire family. It works for animals too and is safe. I hope I can kill them all, I've had them for so long not realizing what it was, I'm completely infested and my skin looks horrific :/ I feel so creepy!
Help me

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#233 Nov 21, 2013
I just recently found out i have scabies. They gave me 3 meds and 2 tubes of perm cream. Can someone give me step by step day by day directions on the best, fastest , and most efficient way to rid them using perm cream? Also, i have to sores on my penis from this , do i put perm cream on those too ?? Please help A.S.A.P.

Hephzibah, GA

#235 Dec 19, 2013
i have had scabies know for three weeks and the permethrin cream of 5 is not helping can yoy please let me know what i can do to get these things off my body its in bad shape

Sanford, NC

#236 Dec 26, 2013
Does anyone know if the premetherin cream causes bruises?

Columbus, OH

#237 Jan 12, 2014
watch this video and make your own Permethrin cream medicine

I have been fighting this scabies infestation since June 2013 thinking at first it was bug bites on my legs and butt. Finally went to doctor in September when nothing I did about bed bugs or fleas made a difference. I was getting bitten every night and it only kept getting worse. The doctor said I had scabies maybe and recommended Permetherin cream and to come back if I still had symptoms after 2 weeks. Well that was a big mistake so I suffered more, so after two weeks then doctor gave me another treatment again with out having me do the treatment again after 5 to 7 days. So I suffered more, I thought well that treatment did not work so it must be bed bugs but I was wrong no signs of bed bugs and treatment for them made no difference on me getting bites. Went back to doctor who now would not give me anymore cream, instead sent me to a dermatologist who said if you treated twice you no longer have scabies and gave me an itch cream, so my suffering went on as more bites and no sleep. Finally after a lot of research found that you must treat again at 5 to 7 days after first treatment to be effective as it does not always kill all the eggs. In many cases you still want to treat again on the 11th day after first treatment, so I would say treat on day one then again on day six and again on day eleven. During this time do not wear cloths twice with out washing in hot water and the same with bed sheets and towels. Use Borax soap in washer to help kill them, to ease the itching take baths with tee tree oil and borax. Good luck and be well.

Chennai, India

#238 Mar 4, 2014
Shall i use permetherin twice in a day (morning and night)
kindly advice me?

Edgware, UK

#239 Mar 31, 2014
Iev been dealing with scabies for some time 2 months ago me my partner and 2 kids were clear after many months of battling but the problem is my mother father. And sister all have the critters still but are in denial and refuse to go doctors, when I mention it they just blow their top. We've used the permethrin so many times that I think it's began eczema on my neck...truly damaging after a while but people don't feel shamed because it's not a hygienic problem
keep positive

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#240 Apr 3, 2014
Guys I've used premetryn 8 Times in total, including leaving it on for 14 hours... 7 days apart and now three days apart... I've not had any relief and still itching and uncomfortable. I dont even go near anyone because I'm so conscious of passing it onto loved ones :(

I've got an.appointment with the Dr on.Monday and gonna ask for ivermectin bcoz I've heard the tablet works better than the cream...I will let you guys know if it works... Praying to God this goes bcoz it's turned my life upside down since November

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#241 Apr 3, 2014
You have to apply Permethrin from the top of your head to the soles of your feet and leave it on for 8-14 hours. If you miss a spot you are giving the parasites a survival zone to flee to. Some people with resistant parasites use Permethrin every day for years to manage the parasite population. But alone it rarely cures.

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#243 May 21, 2014
I have a quick question about Permethrin Cream. My doctor prescribed me 60g Permethrin told me to use this cream head to toe but didnt tell me how much i had to use. I used all 60g same night i got the medicine. What are the chances for me to overdose? I didnt pay attention and I used as much as i can but now i am reading these forums and thinking maybe i used too much.

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#244 May 21, 2014
chrisg wrote:
I have a quick question about Permethrin Cream. My doctor prescribed me 60g Permethrin told me to use this cream head to toe but didnt tell me how much i had to use. I used all 60g same night i got the medicine. What are the chances for me to overdose? I didnt pay attention and I used as much as i can but now i am reading these forums and thinking maybe i used too much.
No chance of overdose. Rub it all over your body head to toe, everywhere, leave it on your skin for 8-14 hours. You should be taking oral ivermectin too. The oral ivermectin and topical Permethrin are the standard combo prescribed to cure Scabies. Doing one without the other is less effective.

South El Monte, CA

#245 Jun 2, 2014
Wow.. Such Great people out there, just dealing w/this as of today(it's been 4Mo.'s), didn't kno if the promethrin was the way to go? I thought iheard my doctors say something w/a "T" I'll go ahead and use it then.. Thanx 4 all the info and ithank God for people that are good, rather than people who think their smart..peace

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#247 Jul 5, 2014
Oh!!!and using a miracle oil seven from the herb store!!!im jusz using it all im getting better thank god iv been miserable for months now my husband dnt think thats wat it is cause he didnt get he thinks its hives i really dnt know i just pray its getting better!!!this is worst thing iv ever went thru and iv been thru alot!!!!

Lake Worth, FL

#248 Jul 5, 2014
Oh!!and guy at herb store sed get waterbottle take teatree oil 2oz.feel rest up with water shake and spray ur beds couches and sed to Úvenspray ur dogs jzst dnt get in eyes!!sed he keeps bottle and sprays his grandkids when they go out to play!!!hey iv been dealing with this 4months and im finally healing!!! i feel for anyone who gets this its just awful

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#249 Jul 12, 2014
My son had a scabies I put permithrin and penicillin for his wound is it ok to used?

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