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HUGE Scabies Help

New Kensington, PA

#168 Jul 8, 2012
I'm not going to ramble on, so lets get to FACTS. First, the CHEAPEST & BEST thing to do is go to U-Haul & buy mattress bags & sofa/loveseat bags. Queen size mattress bags cost ONLY $3.95 each. I put them on our bed & box springs. Sofa/loveseat bags are $3.95 for sofa & $2.95 for loveseat. Packing tape (to seal up end of bags) is $2.95. The sofa/loveseat bags don't fit well like the picture shows so buy two each & put the bags on to completely enclose the furniture. The packing tape works best to close the ends of the bags, it's permanent so it won't peel off which is great. Went to WalMart & bought vinyl pillow cases,$2.95 for a 2 pack, standard size. The reason for me being SO quick with the bags is because we have been fighting scabies for months now & making very little headway on getting rid of them. CONSTANT crawling feelings & itching, very little sleep & to be up front, the mental stress is probably just as bad as the physical aspect. After enclosing the bed/box spring & the sofa/loveseat the bites, itching & crawling have been cut down by 90-95%!!! It's amazing how much those things harbor the mites!! As far as our bodies, we do a bleach soak every day for 10 minutes, I cut back because I got bad bleach burns from doing it longer. A tub full of water with about 3 cups of bleach. In between if we start to feel itching or crawling a good bit we take a shower with Head & Shoulders, wet yourself then lather up & leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse. Leave on your hair too, to stop crawling feelings on your face. It also saves water since you are constantly doing laundry. For new bumps we use Vicks vapor rub, don't use the cheap stuff, for some reason it doesn't work as well, just rub it on the spot. YES you can & will feel tiny specs of what I describe as 'grit'. Those are the mites, they do grow big enough (about 1/2 a millimeter) to see but have to use magnifying glass to make out the legs. Icy Hot works but dries too fast. I use rubbing alcohol (70%) to spray on plastic after sleep & sitting on couch plus to mist carpet after vacuuming twice daily. Yes, we have used the perm cream twice & spread the DE powder twice...very little effect for both. Just more money & the DE dust is horrible to vacuum up, it clogs quickly. What I have stated is fact, use your own remedies if they work for you. ALSO, I emailed the CDC (Center for Disease Control)numerous times before they answered back. My advice is for people to start doing the same, scabies is not important to them at all & I'm only one person complaining to them. At first they copied & pasted same stuff thats on their site, I emailed them back saying that wasn't good enough & I won't quit bugging them til they actually help. They gave me the info to the parasitic branch & stated they weren't brushing me off. I have yet to contact them. BE PERSISTANT!!! Don't let them not help, it's their job!! I wish everyone the best, I know how horrible scabies is. I don't care in the least about the people who label this as 'nuts', etc...I have stated FACTS & any help I can give to others will be posted here. PLEASE help others with what I've done. USE THE PLASTIC BAGS FROM UHAUL!! It will help more than you can imagine.

Chicago, IL

#170 Aug 4, 2012
Ted reply, part 2:

Most people who do have acne that I am aware of, have low zinc, low magnesium, non existent tungsten (which controls blood sugar), and low vitamin B complex. However, it is not possible to ascertain blocked liver function except a good observation and this is why I found hydrogen peroxide and lecithin to be helpful. Certain amino acids may increase cellular oxygen (killing the acnet) such as taurine. Whenever urinary sugar exceeds 2%(Brix refractometer over 2) is possible as excess SUGAR lowers the body's immune system.

It should be noted that lower zinc levels causes excess sebum production which can cause acne. But inability for the body to have good elimination can lead to auto toxicity, where a optimally healthy person should have 3 bowel movements a day, coinciding with the number of meals a day. Dogs do have bowel movement almost equal to the number of meals they have, we humans choose the food we like, which leads to constipation since the foods we like are acid forming, delicious foods such as potato chips, french fries, steaks, and other All American foods. The traditionally health food are actually fish, complex carbs (rice, spaghetti, whole wheat), and vegetables.

Sometimes excess free radical either in the body's rancid fats and oils (where the known remedy is lecithin, BHT -usually single dose, and vitamin E) or serum free radical (where vitamin C sodium ascorbate and baking soda alkalinity handles that).

A skin problem is a reflection of acidosis, inability to tolerate sugar from various causes, inability to tolerate fats from free radicals or due to oils being rapidly oxidized causing a clogging, or that the body's serum has too much debris circulating, usually rancid fats or calcium.

What I do know for sure is if the body can rid the body of toxic substance relatively quickly through normal bowel movements, alkalinity to help perspire or sweat more and help reduce some of them. The other is certain diets may initiate the acne due to impaired liver function.

Your condition is an unusual one, which might be an unknown bugs of some sort (throughout the body is an unusual case), and perhaps borax can help. However there is no need to worry about taking baths using borax to replace soaps and also adding saturated borax to a hydrogen peroxide 1% to be applied to the skin can deal directly with a mites problem as this can easily be done without the worry of toxicity.

Chicago, IL

#171 Aug 4, 2012
Shoot, it didn't post part 1 :/ Go to mite infestation cures questions at for best mite fight advice... More from Ted:

I find the skin also gets less irritated as mites die if I take 1/4 (men's dose) or 1/8 (woman's dose) of borax mixed in 1 liter of water taken throughout the day. Depending on peoples's sensitivity I have noticed some can take it for a long as they like to some people who have low tolerances and can take it for no longer than 2-3 days out of a week. The only way to know anything is for me to just try it. I also take it for my joint pains. The key to all this is if the boron is maintained at a steady level in the blood long enough all mites eggs would die and it shouldn't take that long but it does take at least 1 month of continued use, assuming proper usage. However most of improvement is seen for about 2-3 weeks.

I believe that taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime to help with the mites infestation, and then an hour or thirty minutes after I take the baking soda I will likely take the borax drinking water.

It is necessary I think to take a bath in borax and wash all clothes and bedspread in a borax AND hydrogen peroxide solution. However for clothes and bedspread to prevent further REINFECTION is the key and it is why borax should be used as a cleaning solution in the house and the use of laundry. It is best to mixed the borax, in a detergent when doing laundry or cleaning floors if at all possible.

Most people who get mites get it from being outdoors, bungalows, and now the mites infestation seem to exists in hotels and motels. This is why borax should be used not just for household purposes but in business establishments such as hospitals and hotels, where people often get them due to being a public facilities.

Chicago, IL

#172 Aug 4, 2012
OkaY, now it shows part 1 :)

Good luck everyone - keep up the hard work!

Don't give up and do check out all Ted's posts over at

You'll learn so much!

Chicago, IL

#173 Aug 4, 2012
Just want to clarify, when he speaks of hydrogen peroxide as a supplement he means only food-grade of course. Pharmacy h2O2 normally has added (carcinogenic) stabilizers. If you're not savvy about food grade h2O2 yet buy the ebook 'The One Minute Cure'... Quick read and super informative!

Lynnwood, WA

#174 Oct 11, 2012
I took 1 dose of Ivermectin 8 days ago. I have been washing everything every day and bathing twice daily with tea tree oil. Before I knew I had scabies I was using triamcinolone(steroid)cream. It helps with the itch. Today I noticed a different rash on my arms. I thought it might be from the tea tree oil, because I was very agressive with it. Doing some research today. Came across an article saying not to use steroid creams for scabies because it can cause diffuse erythema (skin redness and inflamation). Don't use triamcinolone if you have scabies. Last thing we need is another rash!

Since: Oct 12

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#177 Mar 20, 2013
long but good adivce for getting rid of scabies

Tampa, FL

#180 Apr 25, 2014
So sick of this wrote:
<quoted text>
Stop spamming here and directing people to your website, so far you've posted under the name of Laura, Mary, Lora, Ivermectin and Sarah- we're not stupid, we can tell spam when we see it.
And how many names do you post under Hollywood? Or should I call you ashleyshere or one of the other hundreds of names you use?

Why don't you get a job and leave suffering people alone?

Since: Dec 13

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#181 Apr 25, 2014
TheTruth wrote:
<quoted text>
And how many names do you post under Hollywood? Or should I call you ashleyshere or one of the other hundreds of names you use?
Why don't you get a job and leave suffering people alone?
You're a dork and I HAVE a job and lol, I'm not Hollywood, you won't see me writing "ivermectin" this and "ivermectin" that in every other sentence like Hollywood Fla does. Ashley doesn't spew about the glory of iver in all her posts either- get a life.

Merrylands, Australia

#182 Mar 19, 2016
Mitey Tired wrote:
If you are close to Mexico, you should be able to ger ivermectin there in pill form for humans. Like Sam said, don't go into a Mexican Pharmacy with a bug up your ass. Be very friendly and have a chat with them. Smile and be nice and you will definitely get some assistance there. BE NICE.
<quoted text>
My husband is suffering from scabbies so bad it isnt even funny i feel for him az they carried from mexico back to the U.s from his nephew travelling there and brought them back. its been months the cream they provide wasnt working hes done three treatments now .so hes tryed everything i am from Australia and found a dr scabbies and i hope this helps him i am glad i am not back there suffering from this its driving him crazy and his kids have them his family its gone beyond but i hope dr scabbies can help you also my husband scary mites yuccck

United States

#183 Mar 19, 2016
From what it says on the net this so called dr. Scabies products contain homeopathic sulphur. Homeopathic sulphur doesnt cure scabies. Homeopathy is basically an overpriced scam. It is like applying nothing to the skin.
If you went out and bought a 10% sulphur cream, called pomada de azufre, this would kill a few adult mites or nymphs. But homeopathy is like water. No med in it. I bought my pomada de azufre at a hispanic pharmacy.
I can't believe someone would polute this thread with such nonsense, as to recommend a bogus internet sales pitch of Dr. Scabies.

It is a never ending sales pitch. That is sad that this forum has turned into this.
It is pretty hard to overdose on iver. And the original poster would have to be pretty dumb to ingest 18 ml. of ivomec. Sometimes I wonder who is driving the car here on this forum. The answer is, spammers, of course.

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