IMPORTANT: Ivermectin Dosage

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#169 May 29, 2012
mitewarrior77 wrote:
<quoted text>
I've read that Bactrim 400mg x 2 daily for 15 days will cure Scabies because it poisons the mites digestive system. But, of all the people on these Topix Scabies Forums I know of no one who has tried this treatment regime verses oral ivermectin. Anyone had success with Bactrim?
Bactrim is standard medicine for UTI. I got a UTI about a year after I got scabies, and I used Bactrim for it. It didn't cure my scabies is all. It is basically an antibiotic and ruins your immune system.

Bangkok, Thailand

#170 May 30, 2012
It's important to keep the life cycle in mind, as the Ivermectin does not kill eggs or immature mites as they have not developed the physiology it takes for the ivermectin to kill them.
So every 6 days is not adequate.
So take a dose on first and second day then four days later do the same , four days later, again dose two days apart.
The trick is to catch the adult just as they mature and haven't had time to lay eggs.
Incidentally the mites are unisexual, not needing any kind of insemination to lay viable eggs.

Harsh chemical topical applications and hot baths aren't going to kill mites that have already burrowed and just may be irritating the skin even more.

And it seems the itching can continue for long after mites are dead, maybe the breaking down within the skin causing irritation?
Again the link that had this info

ScabiegirlSince wrote:
Since here in America is kind of hard to get Stromectol. I asked my parents to send some ivermectin from my country ( we have access to almost everything ) don't ask me why but I did 1 1/2 time the average dosis (200mc/k) every 6 days like at least 3 dosis. That seems not to work for some reason....

Bangkok, Thailand

#171 May 30, 2012
Just to clarify; dosing schedule as is not clear in above post
Take on day 1 and 2, 4 and 5 , 7 and 8 , 10 and 12, and so on..

And sorry I was thinking about the bird mites I have and not the scabies mites which are a different species of mite , so the regimen of scrubbing , topical applications, etc. may be appropriate for crusted scabies.

Pasadena, CA

#172 Aug 14, 2012
Christy in Bangkok- did the Ivermectin work for you? Did you do anything topical as well? And how long did it take!?:) Thanku!

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#173 Aug 14, 2012
mite killer- how many days did you take ivermectin? what dose? were u cured?
H Laveque

Greenville, SC

#174 Aug 20, 2012
I need the proper dosage of injectable Ivermect for a dog with mange

Phuket, Thailand

#175 Aug 23, 2012
Took about two months

The ivertmevctin worked for the animal / human mites, which feed on blood. I got my doses from a vet, large dog tablets. The horse de worm paste made me feel rather weird.

NOTE : the straw ( hay ) mites feed on body juice essentially, so Ivermectin does not work, but fenbendezole does.( also a horse de worming paste )

H Laveque I give about .03 ml to a cat, sub cutaneous ( just under the skin)

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#176 Aug 24, 2012
Christy wrote:
Took about two months

The ivertmevctin worked for the animal / human mites, which feed on blood. I got my doses from a vet, large dog tablets. The horse de worm paste made me feel rather weird.

NOTE : the straw ( hay ) mites feed on body juice essentially, so Ivermectin does not work, but fenbendezole does.( also a horse de worming paste )

H Laveque I give about .03 ml to a cat, sub cutaneous ( just under the skin)
So you ingested fenbendezole too? Or just for your cat?

Columbus, OH

#177 Sep 13, 2012
feduptothemax wrote:
Well good news on my end, I just recently saw my infectious disease doc and even though she seemed annoyed with me, she also seemed to have learned a little something since the last time I saw her, she gave me a script for 3 doses of ivermectin 12 mgs each, along with two tubes of perm to filled at once along with with two refills,(still stingy with the refills though)all while acting like she doesn't know why I still have it, saying that she's treated people with Norwegian scabies and they were cured, however the last time I saw her she knew very little and I could tell, but this time when she prescribed the iver she actually had a schedule all worked out, 1 dose right away, then another in a week then another in three weeks, which is consistent with the link that Janetinnyc gave out a few months ago.(the drug store messed up though and gave me 5 doses) that's the other thing the last time I had the precription for one dose they'd never heard of it, neither had my insurance co. which is how I ended up ordering from Magic Pharmacy, this time it was in stock by Merck and my insurance even covered it.(makes me wonder how many folks in my area are running around with this crap)
Because I seemed annoyed with her right back, she told me if I needed more down the line to come back and we'll talk about it then,(sounds hopeful for a change) I threw up the pharmacist and the Doc in Florida that Janetinnyc told us about and told her folks were considering travelling to Florida just to see this person, because knowledgeable help was so hard to find in certain areas regarding this. That pissed her off I could, she shot back, I'm helping you!
That's when she said what she said about coming back if I needed to, I asked her about parasitogists, she referred me to Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx in NY, if after this treatment, I keep having problems, I am seriously considering heading over to the clinic there....
Ok, I know I always come back with tons to say, sorry but I want to share, in regards to the stromectol by Merck, it was packaged very differently from the Magic Pharmacy stuff, looked different too, it was white smaller, could have been because I got the 3mg. size tabs as opposed to the 12mg. size I ordered from Magic, also it doesn't taste sweet, I wanted to check the taste right away because that was something that concerned me about the Magic stuff, I couldn't decide if it were real or not.
The other thing I noticed is that it came packaged in foil, opaque all around with intstructions that it shouldn't be exposed to light, and kept in a cool dark place, the Magic stuff was in a semi clear blister pack, the effectiveness, if it was real could've been effected by that.
All that BS and you didnt even tell the readers WHAT WORKS, OR WHAT WORKED FOR YOU, HOW SEVER YOUR INFECTION WAS !!! I (like all others)am only hear to find out what works!!! what medication did you take? what dose? how frequent did you take it? whats your body weight?(for medication dosage)did you use a combination of meds? which ones, and the DOSES!! How did you clean your home, apt, condo, whatever? what laundry soap? did you bag all clothing? use ruber gloves? WE NEED THE INFORMATION THAT WORKS, EXACT DETAILS.......Truth is that Dr's are idiots when it comes to treating this problem, they will give you the minimun of everything until you literally threaten them...., or beg them to help you, and EVEN then thy will rely on your knowledge of meds, dosage, so on and so on.... this is a miserable situation,(lasting 4weeks- 10months....yes thats right!!!!) and Dr's will stiring you along, the cost goes up and up, and were supposed to just go about our lives like all is well. F%#$K Dr's there idiots!

Phuket, Thailand

#178 Sep 14, 2012
Fenbendezole is also known as Flagyl and is given to women for vaginal fungus infections. It also apparently ) kills the straw mites that ivermectin doesn't ( juice suckers, not blood.)
The only reason I tried it is horses need the two different kind of drug to kill different parasites
Bug Crazy

Heber Springs, AR

#179 Oct 4, 2012
Has anyone really gotten rid if these things??

Easthampton, MA

#180 Oct 28, 2012
The post by "scabiesvictim" is idiotic. He says to limit your dose then suggests a "thimbleful"? That corresponds to about 20 times what he previously told us to use. PLEASE DROP THAT RESPONSE & find others.
I took 700 mcg (0.7 mg) per kg of my body weight of an Indian STROMECTOL in September, 2012 and am just fine at age 72. BUT I am NOT sensitive to any drugs and that may be TOO MUCH for others. I got a nasty Lice-type Insect from Asia that nobody knew how to cure. It tunnels INTO your scalp to lay its eggs then emerges to roam around your body and find new places to dig underneath your skin. Dermatologists cannot see it so they deny it exists! My treatment is ongoing. Robert in W.Massachusetts.

Klosterneuburg, Austria

#181 Nov 16, 2012
IN BRIEF: Possible cure, not bugs but a fungus

My Parents and myself have been dealing with this issue for over 7 months now. My mother started complaining of symptoms. Within a few months we also both had symptoms (Spring 2012). I don't live with them and picked it up from visiting. With in few days of starting to feel itchy, I exploded into feeling constant creepy crawlies, mainly on my lower legs, head, neck, shoulders, forearms, and 'crawling' up into my nose, as well as 'bites' that would appear quickly. It was driving me crazy.

I first thought this could be scabies and immediately started covering myself with permetherin mixed at about 1-2%(I already had 10% commercial on hand)
When this gave me no results, my mother convinced me it must be bird mites and I started some treatments based on website. I've never seem a mite or anything moving on me.

Things that got it manageable:
Baking all clothes and bedclothes @ 230F on a daily basis. Great way to set the house on fire if you're not careful, but it kills EVERYTHING. Without this I was in an endless cycle of re-infection. I THINK YOU NEED TO DO THIS to sterilize your environment no mater what treatment you have for yourself.

Bifen based insecticide. I got to the point of covering myself with this then rinsing off.(Not healthly!) It would stop the itching right away. I also completely sprayed the houses (floors, walls, ceilings, airducts). I also did the cars many times (floors, seats, airducts)

Dawn oxi dish detergent with enzymes. Shower/scrub with this and leave on 5 minutes before rinsing. A healthier substitute for covering myself in Bifen, which would stop the itching.

Green Clean (?) enzyme clearer. This seemed to really keep things at bay, but is expensive, and was not a cure. I was using it on everything in a 1 gallon pump sprayer.

Various other things: Sulfur soap, ACV, etc, etc

After 2 month this got it manageable but we could not get 'clear' and I have limited time with my career to do this everyday. Once I stopped doing this regimen religiously I started getting worse again. My mother lost 15 pounds and sank into depression.

I probably don't need to tell anyone here that in this time my parents went to 4 doctors and were told it was ALL IN THEIR HEADS even as they had bleeding 'bites' up and down their arms! 3 of the doctors tried to prescribe them psychotropic drugs.

At this point I said these can't be bird mites, starting finding sites like this, came full circle back to scabies and something else I ALREADY knew about, Ivermectin, which I've already doesd my animals with, but disregarded because the bird mites website says it doesn't work.

I purchased more from online vet supply (kv vet) and we started dosing eventually on an aggressive 2 days on, 3-4 days off cycle.

The Ivermectin DID help, but it was no instant miracle cure. At the end of September I was outside the US on business. I went into a $25 clinic. Explained everything to the doctor. He suggested I should try an anti fungal as a first step.

I went on Terbinafine (Lamasil) 250mg tablets and saw instant results. For anyone that has had bad athletes foot, you know it takes many weeks and it gets worse before it gets better to completely clear your skin. I've been treating this way for 6 weeks and I feel I'm 90% of the way done.

My parents have been to a 5th (USA) doctor with better attitude but still not a perfect diagnoses. At this time we believe this is Tinea Versacolor.

My parents have been using Tolnatate anti fungal and ACV. I tried that and seem to do better with the Terbinafine both pills and topical cream/spray. I'm also taking ACV (apple cider vinegar) and have also washed down with it. I think the vinegar wash down does help. Not sure about the drinking it.

I don't question some people here might be dealing with scabies or another parasitic insect. In my case it looks like a parasitic fungus. Regardless the symptoms are identical to much of what I have read here.

Klosterneuburg, Austria

#183 Nov 16, 2012
Forgot to mention: We're also all using Selenium Sulfide 2.5% topically. (Leave on 10 mins then rinse)

United States

#184 Mar 3, 2013
Ivomec drench for sheep can be administered exyernally or orally. It is formulated at 200mcg per kilogram of body weight.

It says for an oral dose, 3ml per 26lbs body weight.

I took 4 tsp, because I weigh 196lbs, and it knocked the hell out of the scabies.

Wondering if and when I should take further doses?

Can anyone reccomend?

Is it ok to take the animal grade?

Delhi, India

#185 Mar 6, 2013
what would happen if any one takes ivermectin 20 times of the dose

Hollywood, FL

#186 Mar 7, 2013
amit wrote:
what would happen if any one takes ivermectin 20 times of the dose
Ivermectin toxicity includes tremors, seizures, blindness, loss of appetite, an unsteady gait, liver failure, kidney damage, etc.

Hyderabad, India

#187 Jun 10, 2013
Ideal dose is 6 (six) milligrams. NOT to exceed 8 (eight) milligrams for person weighing 116 lbs (approx 53 kg)

Pondicherry, India

#189 Sep 17, 2013
i haw a erythenatous papules over the body

Hollywood, FL

#190 Sep 17, 2013
amkul60 wrote:
Ideal dose is 6 (six) milligrams. NOT to exceed 8 (eight) milligrams for person weighing 116 lbs (approx 53 kg)
At the 200 micrograms per kilo of body weight, for a 116 pound person, the dosage is approximately 12 milligrams, that's 4 of the 3 mg. tablets, or 9 milligrams, 3 of the 3 mg. tablets. 6 milligrams is not enough for this body weight. maybe 6 milligrams would be enough for endoparasites, but not for ectoparasites.
I think the dosage information is on the beginning of this thread.
Correct dosing of this med is very important to cure a virulent form of scabies.

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