demodex mites and how to cure them on...


#307 Mar 26, 2011
God Bless you, you crazy ocd jerk. jesus FREAK.

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#308 Mar 26, 2011
who wrote:
God Bless you, you crazy ocd jerk. jesus FREAK.
You hate the person who offers blessings to all? If that makes one a Jesus freak, well sounds good to me.

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#309 Apr 11, 2011
bumping this thread for Scabies Sucks

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#310 Apr 12, 2011
armed and fabulous wrote:
bumping this thread for Scabies Sucks
Thanks again Armed. I started reading through the thread, but need to sleep so I will pick it up again tomorrow. Cheers.

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#312 Apr 12, 2011
Have made a full circle --my eyes are back to being my worst area--which is a relief in a way. Improving steadily thanks to this forum and so many good people here! Not cured yet....but better for sure.

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#313 Apr 12, 2011
Hi again Sig........

I have had a lot of problems with nips on my eyelids.......I also woke up one morning with lots of white dots on my lashes.......

I have been using 50/50 alcohol spray very carefully mind......I am spraying into my hand and with my eyes tightly shut I am wiping my eyelids and lashes.....I do it 2 or 3 times a night and my eyes are much better..........hope this might to you......

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#315 Apr 16, 2011
Plain old borax in water makes a good eye wash--just a pinch of borax will do.
I also grind eyebright down to a finer powder and add that to the water/borax sometimes.
Helps a lot.

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#316 Mar 12, 2012
bumping this thread which has info on demodex

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#317 Mar 12, 2012
armed and fabulous wrote:
bumping this thread which has info on demodex
Thanks for the bump, greatly appreciated! Somehow I missed this thread.
wicked demon


#318 Mar 16, 2012
I have had these demons for about 4 years now just not long ago found out what they are. I have tried so many things in those 4 years. I am trying the mustard thing at the moment i hope it works. you just have to hang in there get it off your mind and we will all make it. someone will find the way. after the mustard i will be trying sea buckthorn oil, can not find anyone how has used it and said it works so i will let you know. i am learning so much and one thing I've read is that you have to take care of your skin. if you don't these demons will go to town on you and its happen to me. If you take care of you skin it doesn't go away but it feels better. good luck to all.
wicked demon

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#319 Mar 16, 2012
If you are going to try mustard make sure you don't use to much. about 1/2 tsp to 30mil moisturiser go to this site it tell you all about it
Desperate girl

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#320 Mar 16, 2012
armed and fabulous wrote:
bumping this thread which has info on demodex
A&F- did you ever get them off your eyes for good? I contracted scabies from a new puppy that the vet found scabies eggs on so I know I have had them since October. Long story short, got rid of them twice & now this time have not been able to. This time my face is the worse, esp my eyes. Not sure if they ever turn into demodex mites or it's still scabies. Just know I don't sleep because of it. Tried a lot:/. How ate you doing now over all?

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#321 Mar 16, 2012
Desperate girl wrote:
<quoted text>
A&F- did you ever get them off your eyes for good?.... How ate you doing now over all?
Hi DG,
When I commented on this thread long ago I had just done several rounds of horse paste. I had some type of animal mite, but never knew what it was. Perm hadn't worked for me at all so I did lots of other treatments. The A&H baths worked the best for me at the time, but didn't quite get it done. After the horse paste my condition had greatly improved and I thought I was out of the woods. But I was left with a different type of crawliness on my face which I hadn't had before. I have no science to back it up, but at the time felt that the iver in the horse paste must not kill demodex and tho they were there all the time, they took over when the other mites were gone...again, no science there, just my feeling about it when they were on my face.
I tried mixing Tea Tree oil in my shampoo and using it on my hair and face while in the shower and it worked like a charm within a week. I also used a face cleanser by Desert Essence 'Thoroughly Clean Face Wash' that was excellent for this, with a lot of TTO in it...the large size is really cheap at whole foods and lasts forever. Neither one do you want to get in your eyes'll know it when you do!
Previous to that I had put some full strength TTO on my face once and burned it terribly -that doesn't happen to all people but good to use caution until you know how you react.
The inside of my eye wasn't really a problem although I thought it was at first. I used a homeopathic eyedrop that had a sulphur content for that.
I wish I could say that my current condition is better than it is. I have a diagnosis of Neuro Cutaneous Syndrome, which puts me more in the Morgellons category..whatever that is. Briefly put N-C-S is a skin condition caused by internal toxins which has caused me to attract various opportunistic infections and bugs. I've been treating for it and was pretty much in the clear for an entire year until just recently being exposed to something again (f****KKKKK!!!!). It is wierd, in that even as a kid I was always the one the bugs went after big time. And when this started, I was the only one in my household that was affected.
Since my current treatment protocol hasn't fully rid me of this last outbreak I've been alternating in some topical treatments. One is a mixture of carrier oil, with small amounts of lemongrass oil, clove and citra oil. The other is half Sardex (29%BB) and half Tea Tree oil. It seems to be doing the job for this latest outbreak, at least until I can get to my doctor at the end of the month.
When I go to my doctor I'm going to get a battery of tests including some for lyme disease, which I suspect I have from all the bites. I've heard that many people who have similar conditions have improved greatly if treated for lyme disease, and find that they no longer attract body bugs after treatment.
Wishing you good luck in this, and hoping that you are at the tail end of it!
Desperate girl

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#322 Mar 16, 2012
A&F- I'm soo sorry. Thanks for answering so quickly & all the suggestions. I will try tea tree oil tonight as I'm going crazy with the eye thing.
The Lyme disease thing sounds very interesting. I was always one of those that the bugs were always after too. I do know that this was scabies & probably still is but who really knows, right? We got a new puppy that got diagnosed with sarcastic mange. They actually found eggs on it. My son got the scabies too but thank God was able to get rid of them. I truly hope you get peace from this as I feel your horror. Just not being a "mom" & not having a normal life since October has been he'll. Good luck to you

Syracuse, NY

#323 Mar 24, 2012
Desperate girl wrote:
<quoted text>
A&F- did you ever get them off your eyes for good? I contracted scabies from a new puppy that the vet found scabies eggs on so I know I have had them since October. Long story short, got rid of them twice & now this time have not been able to. This time my face is the worse, esp my eyes. Not sure if they ever turn into demodex mites or it's still scabies. Just know I don't sleep because of it. Tried a lot:/. How ate you doing now over all?
Any MSM 15% lotion on eyelids and around eyes & eyebrows (...anywhere you need it on your face, its gentle) will cut down the eyelash mites. Make sure to get it in the back crease of your lid where they hide. Used Demodex Solutions eyelash ointment and it also worked. Lice Free Brand Spray works too from Walmart, it is sodium chloride and dries them out, just spray a little on your finger and then with your eyes closed wet your lashes and let them dry. Afterwards, you can see the dead white dots with all of these treatments. These three things do kill them (only on contact though), so you have to find what combination works for you. Wash your face either morning or night the opposite of when you take your shower with sea salt soap, msm soap, sulfur soap or tea tree shampoo. This crap sure is a costly nightmare! Good luck.
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#324 May 8, 2012
let me tell you what I have tried and hasn't worked. Neem and coconut nightly for 6 wks. Neem and turmeric baths for 2 wks (but maybe that helped). 2% sulfur in vaseline for 6 wks. Turmeric mixed with water all over at night for 2 wks. All the above was done while boiling clothes/sheets daily and wiping everything with bleach water.
What has worked to a degree: tea tree oil got rid of the sores in my nose which presaged this problem, clark herbal worm cleanse, dmso at 70% water at 30% with the smalled drop I could get out of clove and oregano. numerous daily applications of mineral oil mixed with combo of cedar oil, TTO, orange, clove (any/all combos of anti parasite,fungal essensial oils.
I have tried a zapper, which ends ichies for a few days but is not a cure in the non consistant way I use it.
What my research has shown me: that the claims that tumeric kills demodex cannot be trusted because DMSO was used to carry the turmeric and DMSO kills demodex and is very effective at 40% concentration. Sulfur does not kill demodex, this is from both antedotal and scientific sources. Iodine was used to kill demodex in early 1900's and I used it and it seemed very dramatic, but I was using other things and could not say how it worked for me although at the time, I went from horrible peeling disgusting nose and 5 pustules a month to not being embarrassed to go outside.
Vinegar is probably a big answer for this problem. I used vingear full strength numerous times a day and developed red burn like areas on places I had the problem and areas I thought were healed and gone YEARS ago.@ areas on the corners of my mouth are still discolored, however, my face looked a lot better when I was done except for the mouth. When I was using vinegar, I became scared because it looked like a hive type complex was being reveled and I wasn't sure if they were moving or I was showing what was really there.
Anyway, have had them for 10 years, but they did not explode until 2 years ago. Figured out what I think I have 11 months ago, am not cured and feel like I spread them on my body.

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#325 Jul 10, 2012
No, if you have mites on eyelids or eyelshes the only way to get rid of them is to apply topical product. the Eyes n Mites lotion made by Ovante is the best choice but you need to work on the immune system as well.

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#326 Aug 4, 2012
Bitey wrote:
I have been fighting scabies too but I had eyelid mites and cured them using the research from the internet.
Have you ever had itchy dry eyelids? Feel like something is in your eyes?
I have had this for a year or more and Drs and Ophthemologists do not know what it is and cannot cure it for me.
So I went online and Googled the problem. Also I got a handheld microscope and looked at what looked like TINY WHITE EGGS in my lashes and some other wierd junk.
I diagnosed myself as having an overabundance of Demodex Mites in my eyelashes, after breast cancer chemo treatments in 2005, my body has not been the same and i probably got this due to my immune system problems after chemo.
What I found online is a Tea Tree cure:
1. Get some tea oil and mix it with macadamia oil so the tea tree oil is 20%.
2. Get tea tree liquid soap and tea tree shampoo.
3, Every day shower and wash your hair with tea tree shamppoo and close eyes and wash eyelids and eyelashes with the tea tree shampoo and tea tree liquid soap. This is the first step, you should try and gently clean your eyelids and lash area for about 4 minutes if you can. Keep those eyes closed.
4. Once or twice a week, in addition to the tea tree showering, clse your eyes tightly and get q-tips and rub the 20% tea tree solution in your lash area and on the eyelids. For about 5 minutes, the research scientist does it agressively on his subjects for 10 minutes but that was too long for me.
5. After a week my eye problems were gone. I think it would work if you had scabies mites in or near your eyelids also, I would try it!
6.I view my eyelids and lashes each week with the microscope and so far so good! No more little white eggs on eyelashes.
Thank you all for these Scabies boards, i have learned a lot and used a lot of the information to hopefully cure my scabies!!!!
Thank you for sharing your story of hope. My health has become very run down and I am looking into anti parasitic herbal and natural remedies. The fact that you are using your intelligence and strength. I have similar symptoms and get treated as though it is only mental strain. Yet, it goes away when I am in a healthy environment. I recently made a huge mistake to move to an apartment that looked very clean, from another that wasn't but became so after 10 hard years to fix it. My hair is falling out, my eyes are sick. Environment is everything. Now I hope for a home that won't make me ill.
The strength you show after facing cancer gives me hope. Many thanks and good wishes.

PS - I will try to get a microscope also when I can afford it. Brilliant idea!!!
Ann Nonymous

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#327 Oct 17, 2012
Sugar feeds the mites! Don't eat ice cream!!!

Lemon juice rinse for the scalp.

Mooresville, NC

#328 Jan 14, 2013
Ovante has great products for demodex. i was trying to use the tea tree oil for a while but it would not get rid of the mites completely. My face and eyes (eyelids) were affected. Ovante has facial cream, it helped a lot as far as eliminating the symptoms and after about month and a half i finaly cleared my face from the mies. On the eyelids i used Ovante's Eyes n Mites lotion, here is the link to it - it is unexpectedly good product. Just don't over do it like i did. follow the what they say on the label.

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