Scabies or Post Scabies Folliculitus

Scabies or Post Scabies Folliculitus

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#1 Jan 11, 2009
I found out that I had scabies right before Christmas. I did a little google searching and went to the minor emergency. I was prescribed permethrin 5% and applied it to myself and my family members. After reading up on scabies, I took the advice of others and applied it on day 2 and then 7 days later. Permethrin seems to have made my scabies look worse after treatment...a little hidesous (very swollen and more bumpy than before). I'm wondering if I have post scabies folliculitus or a reinfestation? I know that I have reacted to the permethrin cream because I have folliculitus in areas (I can tell because every hair follicule is bumpy). Also, I rarely feel any "biting", but do experience itching especially when I get hot. I've been using ice packs to take care of the symptoms. Also, my skin is sensitive to touch in some areas (a slight painful feeling when touched) My skin feels itchy even where I have no bumps (my face for example) which perhaps could be from the drying effects of permethrin. I would appreciate other's imput on the subject. Thanks.

Dubuque, IA

#2 Jan 12, 2009
i have actually been cured for over a year - right before the birth of my daughter (had it when i was pregnant). i do remember thinking i still had scabies for weeks after actually being cured. you probably do just have folliculitis and post scabetic eczema. however, pay attention to how you feel after hot showers. both heat and smell (perfume, soaps, etc) can cause them to stir. are you just itchy or do you feel the bites? you know, those sudden itchy feelings that make you jump? let me know how you are doing.


#4 Jan 14, 2009
I read that besides burrows there are papules and vesicles. The papules itch like crazy, but rarely produce a mite on scraping according to the article. They are histamine bumps. The tiny little pimple-like bumps that have a clear or amber like top are the ones that are most likely to have the mites. When I see one of those, I put some kind of cream that mites hate on top and gently scrape this open, letting the cream in. For this I use any kind of thing that mites don't like. Something like Lactic Acid cream seems to do something. In three out of four times this bump will dry up. I don't believe in spot treating this thing, it's a treadmill, but I do think that this is a good addition to a total body kill, to get those stragglers that can start it over. The reason I say this, is because you are probably spot treating things that may not have a mite, and missing places where there are mites. A total body approach is key, your choice, but a complete kill and a complete kill followup in seven days is your best bet, but if you see one of these little pimples, it's more likely to have a mite, even though not itchy. Also, realize, that many mites live where you don't have rashes at all. An online MD article said that your rashes quite often don't correspond to where the mites actually are, they do match up only half the time, and some areas don't react much at all. Some people have mites in their armpits, back of knees, etc. with no rash there. Some haven't started pooping yet, and aren't making you react. So please, don't spot treat as a firstline defense, just as a followup. Okay? Spot treating is a treadmill because you will constantly miss mites in an early stage or that never react in the same area.


#5 Jan 14, 2009
Oh, yeah. The vesicles are the name of the pimple-like bumps with a clear top. These juicy ones that seem to itch less than the red bumps, and are where a Doc would rather do a scraping, as these are more likely produce a mite, even if they don't bother you as much. So spot treating bumps, going by itching is not a reliable idea. Just choose a full body treatment, repeat in seven days, and then you are entitled to spot treat, but do start noticing those ones with a more clear top, that may seem less itchy and don't forget those.

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#6 Jan 14, 2009
Thank you for all of your kind advice. My primary treatment was treating the full body on day one, day two I treated my arms/hands, and day 7 follow up full body treatment. My family also treated on days 1 and 7 (no signs on them). I was worried that I hadn't used enough, so on day 7 I used 30 grams on myself (and I'm not a big person only 5'4" and 115 lbs). Perhaps it was too much, because I applied very liberally on my hands/arms (which is where the original infestation was, and my reaction was folliculitus and "burn" marks much like terrible eczema. It was pretty bad. Plus my hands and knuckles swelled a lot. I took off all my rings because of it. I saw the doctor today and she looked closely at my condition, perscribling prednisone orally and steroid cream for topical use. I will try this, as I don't feel biting. I'm hoping this is over, but I'll keep you posted. My doctor didn't offer to do a scraping, but she said she would if this didn't seem to do the job. She told me that I could put on permanent marker on spots I was worried about to see if there was a track. Apparently the marker will bleed and expose the track mark. I'm not sure I fully understood this tho. I'll keep this updated in a few days.

Thunder Bay, Canada

#7 Jan 16, 2009
When I had scabies it was the most horrible thing , I felt uncomfortable around everyone and thought it would never end,there is a quick way to end your breakout safely. Permethrin does not work folks if you have had scabies for a couple weeks and it is dangerous.

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soooo tired

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#8 Dec 6, 2013
Have been diagnosed with post scabatic itch. Have suffered the last year with it. Brought a new mattress threw out most of my clothes all new sheets . Went to the doctor several times and was given scabies treatment. And am still sufferibg. Night Time I dont sleep. My moods are like horrible. Been treating now for three days and the itch omg. Its painful throbbing and can still feel the biting.What else can I do im loosing my mind

Westminster, CO

#9 Dec 26, 2013
Does it look worse after treatment starts? A while back I started to notice my neck itching, then the sensation of things crawling on me but could never see anything. It got worse, and after some research online I found a lot of sites with pics of what I have identifying it as scabies. It's the worst itch - I'd scratch at it until it burned just to overwhelm the itch sensation - and it''s red and blotchy with the little hard pimply bumps in addition to the plain red, and I've seen the burrow marks. It's on my torso too now.
I read a lot about meds not working so well anymore and recommendations for diatomaceous earth and grapeseed oil which I've been coating myself in for about 4 days now, and taking scrorchers of showers. I even dust myself with the food grade DE after the oil at bed time. The itch feels better once coated in DE, but my skin, on neck and shoulders, is painfully sensitive now, and the red rash is much more visible. Also, I'm not just coating my neck and torso, but my body from head to toe, and noticed what looks like bumps and pimply things on my thighs now this all scabies or is some of it irritation from the DE and grapeseed oil? And does the scabies actually appear WORSE following start of treatment and before getting better?


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