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Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#1 Jan 3, 2010
Sorry if this has been discussed, but I need help, and thanks for reading.
Background Caught from a girl that I slept with but didnt have sex with. Thought she had poison ivy... She never told me. So itching started by bellybutton, then in groin area, then elbows and fingers. After a steroid treatment, rash dissappeared from fingers/elbows but not below waist. Now im using scabies killer enzyme/oil treatments, and got a rash around ankles, and elbows, and knee caps. Rash only, no nodules, itching is a big yes, but seems more like an allergic reaction, or just dermatitus. I have animals which I read that they can get scabies but the mite that lives on them will only give you a mild rash, and they will do no harm to the human as they die and cant reproduce on our skin. Im taking all precautions, borax in laundry and using scabies killer solution for laundry. Sprinkling powder and spraying house, changing/ washing sheets daily along with clothes.

I have scabies and am sure of it. Started out thinking it was poison in early august, and treated it like so. Nothing helped, went to doc and he gave me a mild steriod which cleared it up for the most part on the elbows and hands, but still no signs of improvement below the waist. Then went to St. Lukes North, and stupid doc said it was MRSA, which he treated me for with antibiotics which did nothing at all. Funny thing is I researched scabies in september and thought that was what I had, and thought about treating for it and my mom said no, wait till you see a dermatologist. So weeks later I saw the Derm. She said I have scabies, prescribed elemite (premethrin) used once, and repeated 10 days later. Nodules and itching seemed to get better and heal soon after. Then they started coming back. So after a check up 1 month later, she said it was gone but did not test, said itching is still normal and try not to itch bumps. So I noticed new bumps after that visit and she prescribed elemite for a second time. Used like it said, and this time less improvements. Kind of like the mite is resistant to that now.

All in all, ive had it for about 5 months now, lots of bumps. Pretty much contained below my waist around private parts and on the rear....

Worst experience in my life. I am now using scabies killer products and been for over a week. Results are not noticeable. Ive talked to the company and they say to keep treating it, and ive heard good reviews on there products, but it doesnt seem like its working.

Ive been noticing purplish lines about 1/4" thick, anywhere from 1/2" long to 2" long lines that are also indented right in the groin area, Where my legs meet my groin area in that pit area. They are getting worse I think. Not sure if these are the burrows, but I thought the burrows are tiny and thin? Im starting to get extremely worried and am about to go to the hospital again. I dont want to use something that is not working, and end up getting worse and worse. I want this gone! Its making me depressed and thats just not me. I have to avoid people and girls just because of this. So i need some help, and opinions. I will try to post pics of that area with the lines, maybe im having some sort of reaction, or maybe its not even scabies? But I have all symptoms of it, itching at night, nodules, crawling feeling on me, and its in the areas described. Please help me
Vann from Tennessee

Henderson, TN

#2 Jan 3, 2010
IMO, The MAIN problem is that everyone including doctors & Derms are just guessing to get your money as quickly as possible to move on to the next patient.

DON'T GUESS !!! These symptoms could be lice, Morgellons, Fleas, Bird Mites. Bedbugs, Scabies or several other conditions Following tools are required:
1) Black Light bulb 2) Lint Roller 3) Microscope
Use THIS microscope:
How To Tell the Difference Between Bird Mites, Scabies and Early Morgellons Disease
A) It is Morgellons if:
** You see fibers coming out of skin
** if burrows can only be seen under black light
** if inside ears, nose, anus, vagina

B) It is scabies if:
** Burrows can be seen under the skin in normal light

C) It is surface mites of some kind
** If not A) or B) above
** Also possible bedbugs or other.
** Use a lint roller & microscope to identify
D) More diagnosis details here

Vann from Tennessee

Henderson, TN

#3 Jan 3, 2010
Nicely done but incomplete:
1. Infestation begins with a single pregnant FEMALE mite. Once impregnated, she leaves her "Molting Pouch" to find a new host or to make her new permanent burrow. Male dies shortly after mating.

2. She lays 2 to 3 eggs every day that are approximately 0.10 to 0.15 mm in length. After 3 to 4 days, her eggs hatch inside the skin burrow. 10% of the eggs hatch males, 90% females. The 6 legged larvae remain in the female's burrow for up to one more day, and then leave the burrow to excavate their own Molting Pouch. Scabies won't lay eggs in your environment--the mites lay eggs ONLY in human skin burrows.

3. Larvae grow and change form by shedding their exoskeleton (molting) three times before they reach adulthood (larva, protonymph, tritonymph, adult). Each molting takes 2-3 days, and each molting requires the excavation of new molting pouch or hair follicle. After the final molt, the mite has reached reproductive maturity with 8 legs. Males leave the pouch to search for a female. Pregnant females may leave the molting pouch to look for an ideal location to dig a new burrow.

4. Meanwhile, old pregnant female continues to lengthen her burrow and laying eggs until ( 60 to 90 eggs in all ) she dies in about 1 month. Burrows take an S shape.

5. Adult males are innocuous, residing in shallow areas on the skin and feeding on their human host until they find the molting pouch of a female mite. They are attracted to the openings of female mites molting pouches, which contains large quantities of feces.[make sure the males die while searching for a female]

6. Newly impregnated mites tend to search for areas where there are folds and crevices, such as between the fingers, under the arms, on the wrists, around the waist, the breast area (on women), and around male genitalia.

7. Scabies can live on clothing or other materials for up to 72 hours. The mites usually only live for two to three days without human skin contact.

8. Once the mites die, their bodies [and feces] still remain beneath the surface of the skin and hence they continue to develop skin rashes, itching and allergies.

Moral of this story: Stop the males from searching for a female. He is crawling on the surface and stop females from finding a new burrow. Best time to kill mites is in their molting pouch. Remember every day she was laying 3 to 4 eggs that will hatch every day and leave the burrow.

Translation: Every day new hatchlings are leaving the burrow to make new "Molting Pouches." They must be stopped and killed when leaving their pouch or burrows. Daily soaking until the last of the eggs have
hatched. Pinpricks are the hatchling making a new Molting Pouch.

Killing them when leaving their pouch or burrows is essential. Use Cedarcide spray on your skin daily, Kills mites on contact, continues killing them on contact.

Vann from Tennessee

Henderson, TN

#4 Jan 3, 2010
BE VERY CAREFUL WITH ADVICE GIVEN ON SOAKING IN THE TUB. Some may cause severe dermatitis, serious eye problems. People here recommend soaking in a tub with 2 cups 20 Mule Team Borax with 16 ozs of peroxide, or soaking in 1/2 cup bleach, or 1 scoop of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent that is free from perfume & dye - THIS ONE:
Maybe your skin can tolerate this and maybe not. We want to kill the mites without destroying our skin. WEAR EYE GOGGLES to protect your eyes!

I prefer NON TOXIC approaches. Cedarcide is a winner but has a very strong odor.
"Best Yet" Cedarcide spray kit $99

I am going to replace Cedarcide spray with a mix of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Grapeseed Oil to avoid the strong cedar smell. Both are non-toxic but deadly to mites. Sprinkle DE around the bed. Enclose pillows & mattress in zipper bags.(don't breath in the DE powder-wear particulate mask when working with DE)

I spray the bedding each morning with Windex. Spray your car, furniture. Wash clothes in Arm & Hammer Detergent, add 20 mule team Borax, bleach & HOT water.
Some recommend soaking clothes in boiling water before washing.

Additional tips: Shower with sulfur soap, shampoo with sulfur shampoo. Apply sulfer8 cream to soar spots.
Please keep us informed of your progress.

Have a great New Year

Austin, TX

#5 Jan 3, 2010
Sulphur soap is available at CVS pharmacies in the soap isle and in Fiesta grocery stores for 99c to $1.25 each.
Vann from Tennessee

Jackson, TN

#7 Jan 4, 2010
I have high hopes for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth mixed into Grape seed Oil and apply all over body. No odor, and extremely healthy for the skin. IMO, they are most likely molting pouches. You should do a skin scraping and examine with microscope.

Some excellent scabies photos here:

Vann from Tennessee

Jackson, TN

#8 Jan 4, 2010
"...One more question. The nodules, does the mite (female) live in the nodule itself? Or do these just pop up where-ever? Is the nodule the molting pouch?..."

When the eggs hatch inside a burrow, the male and female larva leave the burrow to dig out a new molting pouch. Larvae grow and change form by shedding their exoskeleton (molting) three times before they reach adulthood (larva, protonymph, tritonymph, adult). Each molting takes 2-3 days, and each molting requires the excavation of new molting pouch or hair follicle. After the final molt, the mites have reached reproductive maturity with 8 legs. Males leave the pouch to search for a female molting pouch to mate. As soon as they are pregnant females may leave the pouch to look for an ideal location to dig a new burrow.

Every time a mite leaves a pouch (or burrow) we have the opportunity to kill it. Every vacated pouch leaves a welt that contains an exo-skeleton and feces that itches for months. IMO, a mixture of Diatomaceous Earth and Grapeseed oil will leave a NON-TOXIC thin film of DE that will kill the mites as they leave their pouches.
Some on this board have used sulfur cream 24/7 but I'm afraid that is also toxic.

It is clear that nearly everyone on this board are creating severe skin problems by over treating with toxic and poisonous substances and thereby creating dermatitus and compounding the problems.

Our goal: Kill the mites and do NO HARM to our skin.

Best to all,
Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#9 Jan 4, 2010
Thanks again for the info, helps me understand how to kill the mite a little better. I must say I did a fair amount of research and looked at a bunch of pics all over. Now in the pics you showed me I have nodules just like them, large red raised itchy bumps, and they start to bruise after itching. The thing is, those burrows that are in the pics look nothing like what I see down in the groin area. I will try to get a pic of just that area. But like I said, its like purplish squiggly lines 1/4thick that are indented into my skin. I dont see anything at either end of the lines that look like the mite or even a dot. I think I am gonna pick up some of the grapeseed oil and try mixing that with DE.

Did you check out the scabies killer stuff? It isnt supposed to be harmful and its all natural. Since I already ordered it should I just finish off the product?
Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#15 Jan 6, 2010
Wanted to update. When I first got scabies I itched all day long, but it got worse at night like always. Now I barely itch during the day at all with using the oils/enzyme and DE. The itching does come back at nite, but once I re-apply the oils/enzyme De, it clears the itching up right away. Huge relief, and I have a good feeling about these products. My bumps seem to be clearing up a little bit as well.
Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#17 Jan 7, 2010
Sorry, I posted the other day with a huge post, and somehow it never showed up. The enzyme does not smell. The oil has a strong odor which I dont like, but it is very soothing to the skin. I also use the spray concentrate that they give you and a laundry additive that kills mites. Right now I dont care what the smell is like, I just want these things gone for good. Also just read some news about an outbreak at the school I used to go to of scabies and skin infections in the wresteling team. They are taking all precautions. Seems like alot of people are getting scabies.
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#18 Jan 7, 2010
Itching Guy and others. You will lose your message if you don't "Reload Current Page" before clicking the "Post Comment" button.

Alternatively, you can click "Go Back One Page" to view your message, then click RELOAD, and you will post your lost message.

The Topix CODE NUMBER changes every minute, so if you enter an old code number, the message is lost. So ALWAYS click Reload Page before posting comment.

Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#19 Jan 12, 2010
Just Wanted to update.
Would like to say that The itching is not so bad anymore, BUT, at night the itching still gets worse. On my nodules at night when I get the itch, hives pop up on top of the nodule, although I try my best not to itch and so far havent really itched. Just wondering if that is normal, or if that means they are still on my body. I get the itch at nite like they are still living on my body. I cannot tell if they are gone or not. Plan on buying a microscope for cheap and examining.

The bumps seem to be healing at times, but when they itch, they puff up with the hives. They are black and blue as if they are sore which I assume is from the scratching from before. I dont want to recommend scabies-killer to anyone at the moment as I am not sure if it is effectively working. What I can say about the product is; The product and oils sooth the itching all day long. I use it 2-3 times a day applying to affected areas, and surrounding, but not whole body. My ankles have a spotty rash that itches as well, and my elbows as well. I just am not sure if this is killing the mites or not. I am scared that if it is not working that it is getting worse and I will not be a happy scabies patient!!!!! So I know Vann is using the grapeseed oil and DE mixed. Wondering if this really works. I need something cheap and effective. Feedback please.
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#20 Jan 12, 2010
"...I know Vann is using the grapeseed oil and DE mixed. Wondering if this really works...."

Do you want me to come over to your house and clean out your ears so you will LISTEN? Or should I send my sister over to your house to wave her magic wand over your affliction, and STOMP on you. Here is my sister ;-))

I am cured, now go to this link and follow directions:

If you had read the links I gave you about DE, you would not be asking such a question. You either have Morgellons or you are afflicted with mites, and you know how to tell the difference between the two.

Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#21 Jan 12, 2010
Yeah, sorry about that. I decided to post here before checking out the other posts.
And btw, your sister is hot :P jk
Have read about DE, and have been using it as well, but like I said, still get the itching at nite, and hives pop up on the nodules that I have. 100% sure that it is scabies due to the appearances of the nodules, the symptoms and all. It is not morgellons. The only thing I am unsure of is the lines where my legs meet my hips, on the underside. No one has yet to help me out with them. They look way too big to be burrows.
Itching Guy

Harleysville, PA

#22 Jan 20, 2010

Still itching at nite, hives still pop up on nodules when I get the itch, although I do not scratch. Been using the enzyme spray and oil for about 3 weeks total, almost 4 weeks I think. Mixing with DE as well. Cannot tell if nodules are healing specially since they still itch. Made another appt. at Derm, and this time I am gettin tested. Probably gonna try ivermectin next. Anybody else?
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#23 Jan 20, 2010
Itching Guy,

IMO, everything about DE in one thread will help the most number of people. Also it will provide the maximum help for you from those of us using DE.

DE will kill your mites or lice or whatever they are, but only if we are totally thorough in using it.
1) Have you placed DE in pie pans ( or cookie tins ) under the legs of bed and all furniture? It is not good enough to sprinkle the carpet.
2) Have you enclosed your box spring, mattress & pillows in zipper bags?
3) Have you sprinkled a liberal amount of DE over the top of the box spring & mattress?
4) Have you sprinkled a light amount of DE into your bed sheets?
5) Have you mixed DE into 1/4 of a spray bottle of Windex and sprayed ALL of your furniture & car upholstery several times a week?
6) Have you sprayed yourself neck to toe with 1/4 of a spray bottle DE mixed with 3/4 of Grapeseed oil? Morning and evening.

If you answer no to any one of these questions, then the little monsters are going to win. Note I also put DE into my shoes, slippers and on the inside of my bathrobe. We must have a 100% Diatomacious barrier between us and the little monsters.

Please let us know if you have missed any of the above steps.

Vann from Tennessee

United States

#24 Jan 20, 2010
Itching Guy and all,

This is like building a moat and castle walls to keep the enemy away from the King. The enemy will come to you wherever you sleep or wherever you sit. It is a very simple task to make absolutely certain that the little monsters crawl through DE on their way to their favorite meal [you]. Once they crawl through DE, they are DEAD in short order.


Since: Aug 09

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#25 Jan 21, 2010

Still itching at nite, hives still pop up on nodules when I get the itch, although I do not scratch. Been using the enzyme spray and oil for about 3 weeks total, almost 4 weeks I think. Mixing with DE as well. Cannot tell if nodules are healing specially since they still itch. Made another appt. at Derm, and this time I am gettin tested. Probably gonna try ivermectin next. Anybody else?

Can you please be quiet for a few days Vann or have you run out of your meds for OCD or perhaps that should be OCDDE ?....You are killing threads and are probably putting new readers and posters off. I think people have got the message re DE.

Calgary, Canada

#26 Jan 22, 2010
I'm very curious about the products you guys are buying, not to discourage you, but I doubt any will work. Scientific literature indicates only two chemicals are effective in treating this: Ivermectin as an oral intake; and 25% BB(Benzyl Benzoate), or 5% Permethrine lotion as a tropical treatment. Permethrine is expensive and is a slow killer, however BB has been proven effective in endemic areas in Africa. I i'm not sure Grape seed oil extracts or other natural remedies can kill this. Let me know how it goes. I'm tempted however to try the Borax bath. It is a natural substance after all.

Denver, CO

#27 Jan 22, 2010

i no doubt agree that nothing will work --overnight. even ivermectin and permethrine have their limits, so one must also use what else is available in order to rid themselves of this nightmare.

having said this, i still use ivermectine but i no longer use permatherin. never have used bb. i was using so much stuff on my skin that i burned both of my thighs and the rest of my skin was in very bad shape as well.

that said, i can't say exactly what is beginning to specifically work in my situation, all i know is that as of late i'm not experiencing the amount of biting, itching and crawling that i once did. with the exception of the ivermectin, everything i use is naturalistic: cedarcide, cleaning enzymes, d-earth, dr bronner's, coconut oil, cocao butter, cloves, garlic, etc. i clean, launder and vacuum daily and have thrown out most of my clothes and now only wear things made of synthetic materials. i plan on yanking my carpets and cleaning/painting just about every wall/ceiling/floor surface using an insecticidal paint additive. i've cleaned and emptied every closet in the place and put in cedar chips to discourage the little sh*ts. my box spring and mattress are double-bagged and covered in d-earth. sandwiched between both is crumpled moth balls.

i am going to great lengths and maybe am going off the deep end, dunno. but i'll do just about anything to get a decent night's sleep, stop the itching and biting and no longer feel like a leper. i think i'm experiencing a turn around because i'm willing to put in the effort and do some radical changing to myself and my environment. i'm not going through this hopefully but once in my lifetime, that's too much for anyone. good luck.

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