How long do EXTERNAL eggs and mites t...

How long do EXTERNAL eggs and mites take to die, without washing? And other Q's

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Vista, CA

#1 Nov 15, 2009
Okay, so I have read millions of posts on this forum and these are my questions.
1. So if I leave my house and don't wash anything and go on "vacation," how many days would I need to leave for everything to be truly dead??(I would rather wash clothing when I get back, bug-free)
I read 24-72 hours is as long as a mite can live with no one around in the house. So could I leave for 4 days and be fine???? Or is there something else I don't know?
2. Eggs? Why do you guys talk about them like they are external and can be in clothing? Don't eggs ONLY live INSIDE your skin?
3. How do you get clean laundry if you are washing clothing with bugs in your skin?
If I go to the mat, clean clothes, then come home and apply lotion, won't my clothes have bugs from when I last touched them?
How do you do this step?
4. Does the doctor give you enough cream to treat your family?
5. How many times do you need to use the cream, and on which day do you apply it for the second time? Answers seem to vary, help!
6. Should you be changing sheets daily AFTER using the cream? If so, for how long?
7. I have furniture I haven't touched for a week. Is it cool if I don't clean it?
8. Can mites blow in the air and go in strange places in your house?
9. Tea tree oil.
Does it need to be combined with that stuff to work?
10. Could you substitute Tea Tree oil for doctor meds and treat body 3 times a week or ?
11. What additional things kill Scabies?
thanks for your help!
Please back up what you say with facts/links/evidence if you can, thanks :)





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Vista, CA

#2 Nov 15, 2009
and what do Epsom salt baths do?

also, drinking apple cider vinegar??

Vista, CA

#3 Nov 15, 2009
"Personal items that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned should be sealed in a plastic garbage bag for a period of one to two weeks to ensure the elimination of all mites."

WHY do they say that long when they die in 3 days????

My house has SO MANY KNICK KNAKS and clothing, i can't clean or even seal everything!!


Vista, CA

#4 Nov 15, 2009
Also, I feel like things are crawling on my head too and I have a thing on my face :(

Treatment for scalp and face is...?

Hollywood, FL

#5 Nov 15, 2009
It depends on the mite you have. If you have the regular vanilla variety of human scabies mite, then they should only last a few days in your laundry. It all depends on how HUMID the environment is. They live longer in a HUMID environment. They need air, water, and food to survive. Canine scabies mites live longer in the environment, and so do bird mites. So, you have to concentrate on the areas you frequent, your computer area, your bedding, your BED, your car, laundry room, kitchen. If you have scabies, you do not have to clean rooms where no one goes. if you have pets and children, everyone needs to be treated.

Hollywood, FL

#6 Nov 15, 2009
Because we don't all have the same type of mite, other people have resorted to other ways of killing their mite, based on trial and error. One poster used epsom salts with water mixed and applied full body, and blow dried on her skin. this worked well for her. other posters will use hydrogen peroxide, borox and water and will apply to their body, which will kill the mites. there is a recipe on earth for this. other people used sulfur lotion 24/7 for days on end, and this cured them. some people only used 2 doses of permethrin and were cured. they did this before it got out of hand.

Hollywood, FL

#7 Nov 15, 2009
Bleach kills scabies mites. use it with hot water and borox to clean your floors.

laundry has to be 130 degrees and you use a candy thermometer to test the water. it has to be scalding to the touch.

you wash your bedding daily, and try to rotate things. in other words, don't use the same sheets every day.

cover your mattress with plastic, so you can clean that plastic daily. or use an air mattress.

you can leave your home for a couple of weeks, but the main thing is, this is a parasite and parasite live on a host. if you cannot remove them from your body, then leaving your home for a week is not feasible, because when you return to your home, you will start infesting it again.

try to get ivermectin and treat your entire family with it, along with a good topical like permethrin or benzyl benzoate.

use the internet to search where to buy items.

also, wipe down all surfaces. try windex and WIPE, WIPE, WIPE.

Hollywood, FL

#8 Nov 15, 2009
do a search on this forum on
















Hollywood, FL

#9 Nov 15, 2009

United States

#10 Apr 14, 2011
I was getting frustrated to with scabies. They were on me a pretty good amount. I got permethrin and Doc gave me pills..don't remember the name...sorry..your Doc would know. Used both according to directions and got rid of about 98% of them in about 3 weeks. I still have a very small flare up I am dealing with but is getting less and less. What seems to be working for me right now is I vacuumed my furniture..wash my bedding every other day with real hot water with detergent, Borax and fabric softener...I wash my clothes immediately if I sweat...I change my clothes and wash them faithfully ...if I see any outbreak I immediately put that permethrin on area ...wait 14 hrs and take shower. I am leaving my home for 3 full days after I just washed my bedding and clothes put them away from any area that I frequent....sure hope all this seems to be so far...maybe these things will help someone. I didn't get fancy..I just stayed on top of it.

San Diego, CA

#11 Aug 28, 2011
i have bird mites 10 days now, moving in 3 days scared they r on me now...threw away a lot of furnuiture already! its 2;30 am they woke me up ewwww ughhhhh this is a nightmare! any advice on how long we should keep the stuff we move in the new garage for? or is it no use since they r on me? Does a fogger help? I have been trying everything I read, i like the tea tree oil...but i still feel them 15 min later! help.

Houston, TX

#12 Jul 12, 2012
We killed the ones on our body but we want the kids room to be bug free without if we don't go in so they don't have human contact how long til' they die

Skillman, NJ

#13 Sep 7, 2012
I moved into a mite-infested apartment three weeks ago. Everything was infested quickly. Now I'm clearly the host, and they're in my truck. I threw away everything I owned except four outfits that I will wash religiously, and I'm hotel hopping because I have nowhere else to go. I suspect they're bird mites, but until they're identified I don't know.

Is Ivermectin bought online effective, or do I need to find a doctor who doesn't think I'm crazy who will prescribe it?

scaredexhausteda ndITCHING

Houston, TX

#14 Nov 10, 2012
I am a mother of three children. My 12 yr old son broke out in a rash in september. Our primary care doctor misdiagnosed him with hhaving an allergis reaction from an unknown source. I kept taking him back to the doc because it wasn't going away. They then said it was poison ivy, so when myself and other two children started to itch, we used many bottles of ant itch for poison ivy with no results. My son's skin on his hands began to crack, he cries and cries, everyone in the house was miserable. We went to th ER. WE HAVE SCABIES!! I'm so scared, I don't know what to do! I feel them crawling on me. My son's condition is all over his entire body including his private areas! Please someone help us. I cry everyday and night, the kids and I are embarrassed. I read somewhere to use sulfur soap, I bought some, but is it safe? How often should we use it? We were given permethrin 5%. I heard it was a neurotoxin? PLEASE SOMEONE do you know if we go to a hotel for 3 nights and 4 days and treat our bodies there (and wear only brand new clothing at the hotel) will the sarcoptes scabiei (scabies) be dead when we go back home? Please please if you know any ways to help me and my children, God Bless You, we are suffering and I don't know what to do. Thank you in advance.
scaredexhausteda ndITCHING

Houston, TX

#15 Nov 10, 2012
Just knowing there are spider looking bugs all over our bodies and our home is scaring me half to death. We have a four bedroom home so all of our rooms are used. Will the scabies die if I clean the whole house, treat everyone, and the kids and we can sleep in the family room for a few weeks. Will the scabies around the rest of th house die? Can you get scabies in your mouth when eating? In your eyes because I wear contacts? Why would do some sites tell you to put clothes and comforters in platic bins for two wks, if scabies die without a host in 3 days? Is 3 days long enough? My three children are the light of my life, thanks for your help
scaredexhausteda ndITCHING

Houston, TX

#16 Nov 10, 2012
Can eggs be in my mattress? Sites say they can only lay eggs in their burrows. Is that true? We keep our house very cold, ac stays at 60 degrees. It that a good climate for these dreadful bugs? My 12 yr old son is in the worst condition, should I keep him out of his room? Throw his bed and clothes away? How do I get them out of the carpet? Does the ceiling fan blow them around? Which is better a hot bath or cold bath? Can the kids take a bleach bath? Do you ever really get rid of these things? Do they lay dormant in your skin? I'm sorry for all of the questions, I just can't sleep and I'm crying and worried:'(





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Broken Arrow, OK

#17 Nov 17, 2012
Scaredexhaustedanditching....I completely know what you are going thru. I have 6 kids between the ages of 10 and the youngest is almost 2. My 9 year old son had this problem first and I took him to the dr and they told us it was eczema which is what I thought it was because I and my kids have eczema. Put the hydrocortisone cream on him for two weeks and it didn't help. I took him back and they said it wasn't strong enough do they prescribed him another cream and did that e for two weeks and it didn't help. Went back to the dr and said it could be scabies and by that time the other kids and myself felt itchy but their were no rash or bites. He referred us to a dermatologist and wouldn't treat us without a diagnosis so I immediately the following day took my son to the Indian hospital instead of our private dr and she said we definately had scabies. Prescribed us t the cream and told us to retreat in 7 days. After the first treatment we felt fine for a few days and then started itching again so we all went e to an urgent care. I told the dr that we had already done 2 permethrin treatments and they failed. I know I lied but I had read on this site that along with the permethrin treatment we should use ivermectin. The pharmacutical name is Stromectol. We got the prescription filled and went home and waited until the next morning. We took it on an empty stomach and started to feel relief from the itching in 2 days. I did the 2 permethrin treatment and we thought we were in the clear. Went to the dermatologist...took 1 month to get in and she did a skin scraping test and she found no scabies...once again thought yeah no more scabies. Of course while I didn't mention that we did wash our bedding every week and vacuumed and sprayed our bed with RID spray vacuumedd daily and obsessively cleaned the house with bleach and windex. We treated our cars and everything we could think of. Well as of 4 days ago me and my middle son started itching again. I thought it could be the post scabies thing because the dermatologist told us that it could take up to 8 weeks for our bodie to expell the feces and dead scabies and eggs. I am to the point I would love to burn my house down. I am going to go back to the dr on Monday and see what to do however our private dr acts like they aren't a bug deal and they are easy to get rid of....I think otherwise. I have read so much on this website that It freaks me out to know how relentless these critters are. I like you am exhausted, and tired. I am suppose to have surgery on my neck in the next month and have really pushed my body physically. I have 6 kids who are starting to feel alone since I am scared of infecting anyone they no longer can have friends over or go to friends. Like you I am scared of using some of the remedies on here for the safety of my kids especially my soon to be two year old. I hope another mother of young kids could give us some really sound safe and effective advice.

Peoria, AZ

#18 Dec 16, 2012
I contracted scabies from an outbreak at work. At the first sign if itching I used listerine and vinegar. Scrubbed my arm with vinegar. Within a few hours, the redness and itching were gone. Washing my sheets with borax. Another vinegar wash down tonight. I hope this works.
Me too mixin lotion

Billerica, MA

#19 Jan 6, 2013
you need alot tocover your body,so I gotthis. It works. Apply at night. And directly to the egg bumps. Remeber hatching happens every 7-14 days. Keep applying. Each cycle becomes weaker. Apply thepermeth onto eggs then press hot wet towel to penetrate eggs. You can also wash your clothing, towels pillows, etc. with it. 1 capful in a sm. Wash. Becarefulnot to get into eyes or mouth. [email protected]
Me too mixin lotion

Billerica, MA

#20 Jan 7, 2013
See my post.
sandiegoITCHY wrote:
"Personal items that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned should be sealed in a plastic garbage bag for a period of one to two weeks to ensure the elimination of all mites."
WHY do they say that long when they die in 3 days????
My house has SO MANY KNICK KNAKS and clothing, i can't clean or even seal everything!!

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