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Mite Buster

Hollywood, FL

#84 Jul 27, 2010
Needhelp wrote:
Thank you for correcting me!! It is 1 cc per 100 lbs.– one vet has recommended 1 cc per 70 lbs though in severe cases. We normally use the 1 cc per 70 when dealing with any kind of mite…just have never seen anything hang on like this one.
Yes, 300 micrograms per kilogram of body weight is needed sometimes. I agree with you. This is a very resistant strain of mite out there. Anywhere from 200 to 400 micrograms per kilo is being used, from what I have read.

Alexis, IL

#85 Jul 27, 2010
Our vet just told us tonight to give our girl 1 cc of Iver once a day for one week - increasing the amount to 1 1/2 cc of Iver for another three weeks. She said it may take two months of that. I have NEVER heard of giving so much Iver....makes me nervous.

Alexis, IL

#86 Jul 27, 2010
1 1/2 cc of Ivermectin per day - I meant to say. Has anyone else ever tried sso much Ivermectin? Our Golden weighs 70 lbs and I already thought the 1 cc we were giving her a week was a lot...

Hollywood, FL

#87 Jul 27, 2010
Hi Need Help. Yes, I have heard of some vets giving dogs ivermectin every day for 30 days, for demodex mites. One of my vets said that it is not good to give pets so much ivermectin, and I agree with that. It really effects them. They will not eat, etc. What about once every 3 days for a month? Keep an eye out on the pet. Any unusual signs, such as salivation and lethargy, back off.
Also, if all pets are not treated, then it will not work. Also, cleaning the environment is essential.

Alexis, IL

#88 Jul 27, 2010
Their life cycle is every three days right? That sounds like a better idea. We are treating all of the dogs and their environment - hope this helps her.

Hollywood, FL

#89 Jul 28, 2010
The thing is, is that the eggs hatch out every day. The eggs are not all the same age, all of the mites in various stages of their life cycle.

Ivermectin does not kill eggs or immature mites that do not have a fully developed nervous system. It is only supposed to kill the adult mites. I think it takes 14 days for a mite to reach maturity. My vet was adament about dosing in exactly 14 days from the intial dose. By you dosing once every 3 days, this should take care of all mites. But, you have to pay special attention to the environment. If you are afraid to dose every day and the vet has recommended this, then you should talk to your vet about this, and ask him about the side effects, like no hunger, salivation, lethargy, etc.

Also, didn't you say you had a cat? The cat has to be treated; but, one poster on this forum said that her vet derm said that the cats' liver cannot take so much ivermectin; therefore, her cat was put on Sentinel, which contains milbemycin oxime and lufenuron.

You will also need to be treated.

Some people on this forum have done the 3 day cycle of ivermectin.

One poster did the ivermectin every day for a full 30 days and almost knocked all of them out; but, not all... as these resistant strains seem to flourish in the environment, making it almost impossible to eradicate.

Also, pay special attention to pets with poor immunity, as the mites tend to survive on pets with poor immunity.

Hollywood, FL

#90 Aug 16, 2010
Deworming talk about horses.

Where are you located? I ask since tapeworm is found in all part of the US but is more dominant in some regions than others.

As long as you keep something with a Botacide like Ivermectin or Zimectrin, you're horses will be protected from the general fly population.

If you are concerned about getting the exact dose, Get a weight tape and weigh your horses, even if you dose them a little bit more than their weight they will be fine.

You would have to really overdose a horse with wormer in order for there to be any significant problems. If you worm at 1,200 pounds and your horse is only 1,000 nothing will happen. Most wormers are designed to be relatively flexible as far as safety goes since they are being administered by non-professionals. Since many people do not prefer to do rotations, they will worm their horses monthly %1.87 Ivermectin. That is an option that works well since Ivermectin has not shown to have any resistance problems.

There is really no harm in giving your horses large amounts of Ivermectin, but caution should be used when dosing with other products since different wormers are designed to deal with different parasites and are usually influenced by the area of the country in which you reside.
I use a three way rotation, below is the schedule that we follow:

Pyrantel Pamoate (Strongid, Rotectin P2, Strongyle Care) Jan-Feb Jul-Aug

Ivermectin or Ivermectin and Praziquantel (Equimax, Rotectin, Ivercare, Zimectrin Gold) Mar-Apr Sep-Oct

Oxibendazole or Fenbendazole (Safe Guard, Pancur, Anthelicide EQ) May-Jun Nov-Dec

If you call your vet they can put you on a specialized program for your region. I hope my answer helps! Cheers!
I am a Breeder, Trainer, Barrel Racer and Veterinary Med Student

Hollywood, FL

#91 Oct 9, 2010
bumping this thread up,

Since: Aug 09

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#92 Oct 13, 2010
Acarine infestations of the dog and cat are transmissible to man. The relation between age incidence in the host, duration of disease, and circumstances under which the animal is kept are stated. Fifty out of 65 human contacts at risk to 42 infected dogs and cats showed lesions of mite infestation; 48% of these lesions were confined to the arms and torso.

It is important to consider animal mite infestation in the differential diagnosis of human pruritic and papular skin disease.'

Hollywood, FL

#93 Dec 4, 2010
this is a shampoo that one poster is using, which might help your pets (you can use it on yourself, too). |2761424512&gclid=CLOb6-bg 0qUCFdJf2god6HRUnw


Hollywood, FL

#95 Feb 22, 2011
all the different meds to treat scabies in dogs.

Hollywood, FL

#96 Feb 22, 2011
Virtual Scabies

Hollywood, FL

#97 Feb 8, 2013
Bumpting this thread. Lots of good information for treating pets with "this."

Melbourne, Australia

#105 Mar 15, 2013
Hi I've a got a English staffy she is 5 months old & she has mange we have had her on advocate & mange wash but she isn't gettin any better, any ideas would be great thanks.
Asphalt Cowboy

Paris, France

#106 Oct 8, 2015
Sprays are easy to administer and cool! You can use Frontline Spray to treat your pets' bedding and sleeping area. Frontline Plus is a good topical with an IGR that partly blocks the horrendous reproduction of the mites.

And there is a third miticide produced by Frontline: Frontline Spot-On. It is a solution and treats infected patches, for instance on the ears and elbows, the most infested areas of your pets.

United States

#107 Oct 8, 2015
Those spot ons treat the entire pet, not just certain areas. Those chemicals go straight into their bloodstream. The most effective med for mites is the ivermec injections. Fipronil doesnt compare.
Asphalt Cowboy

Guyancourt, France

#108 Oct 8, 2015
yes, u r right, oc!

I beg ur pardon -- c&p didn't take it.

Frontline Spot-On and Sprays are systemic -- for about 2wks.

Since: Jul 15

Milwaukee, WI

#109 Oct 13, 2015
Weekly Ivermectin injections didn't work for my dog. We did them for 4 months! After that, I tried injections 3x/wk, double strength. They did nothing.

What finally worked was Revolution (Selamectin) spot-on. I ended up applying a spot-on every week, rotating between Revolution, Frontline Plus and Advantix II, adding Ted's Mange Cure (borax+water) and Goodwinol ointment on the stubborn spots. It took a couple of months, but she's finally cured!!!

Please note that this dog suffered with undiagnosed Sarcoptic Mange for almost 2 years, so her case was very advanced. Honestly, I think she would have eventually died from it. She was emaciated and unable to sleep. Now, she's happy, healthy, shiny, and energetic. You'd never know there was anything wrong with her!

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