I really thought it was scabies, but ...

I really thought it was scabies, but it's Morgellons

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stressed out

Placerville, CA

#1 Mar 2, 2012
I've had a wild last two weeks. I thought I was just dealing with a case of resistant scabies. Starting two weeks ago,really weird stuff started happening.

Vampire bites of two, deep 'slashes' that just appear for no reason, always the crawling, many sores with large holes, black pepper specks all over, white specks, green fuzz, green fibers, fluorescent green flying fuzz, white fibers, and fibers in sores.

I know it sounds crazy.

"They" are attacking me viciously. I'm finding that vinegar helps in the environment.

Man, I thought that the scabies really sucked. This sci-fi horror show that I deal with now is unreal.

Since: Jan 10

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#2 Mar 2, 2012
Two good websites for information are:



Stressed out

United States

#3 Mar 3, 2012
I'll check out the links. I'm trying to learn all I can about this horror.

I need to find a way to slow down getting new lesions. My hands are covered in lesions and slashes and it's moving onto my face now.

My hands are a total embarrassment, they look diseased.

Vancouver, Canada

#4 Mar 4, 2012
You should try Clove Oil, its the most powerful treatment against scabies and other parasites.

Woodland Hills, CA

#5 Mar 4, 2012
Have you tried sulfur and petroleum jelly? Mix in 9:1 ratio (10 percent sulfur). I don't have Morgellons, but I'm finding it particularly helpful in dealing with the last stubborn throes of scabies, after 5 perm treatments. If you decide to try it, slather it on all over your body, after a hot shower. Do this at night and sleep with it on. Reapply a thinner coat the next morning. Do this for four days. Good luck to you.

Woodland Hills, CA

#6 Mar 4, 2012
Hi again. Found this website that might be helpful:


Also, I forgot to mention, if you do the sulfur/petroleum treatment, make sure you follow up and do another 4-day treatment after the first treatment. If you find that you are improving, continue doing the 4-day treatment every 5 days to catch any hatching eggs. I would also investigate what sort of vitamins you could take to help make your body less appealing to parasites.
stressed out

Placerville, CA

#7 Mar 4, 2012
Thanks Kayla for your input.

I have unfortunately been slathering myself head to toe in sulfur and clove oil 24/7 for the last two months. I'm not thinking it has much effect for me.

I have contacted a holistic dr. to get on a regime to make my body healthier and less attractive to parasites.

Woodland Hills, CA

#8 Mar 4, 2012
Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope your holistic doctor can help you. I've been doing some research on Morgellons, hoping to rule it out of my own situation, which I've been dealing with for 3 months now. I see the highest concentration of Morgellons in Florida, Texas, and California. Those are the same states that bird mites are found in high concentrations. I wonder if there is a connection. I wish to God the dermatologists in this country would dedicate more training and education to skin parasites. A lot of people are suffering out there, and so many are having such a difficult time just getting the right diagnoses, much less treatment. It's so irritating. And I really think we are experiencing an epidemic here.

Anyway, I'm not sure if you are doing this already or not, but you may want to look into MSM supplements. You need to get the distilled variety. Take them 4x a day. It's a natural sulfur, which probably won't hurt.

Good luck again -- to both of us, and everyone else fighting these microscopic bastard parasites!!!!

Woodland Hills, CA

#9 Mar 5, 2012
Found another Morgellons site with excellent info:

Winnipeg, Canada

#10 Mar 7, 2012
stressed out wrote:
Thanks Kayla for your input.
I have unfortunately been slathering myself head to toe in sulfur and clove oil 24/7 for the last two months. I'm not thinking it has much effect for me.
I have contacted a holistic dr. to get on a regime to make my body healthier and less attractive to parasites.
I have been battling this for almost 2 years now, you name it I've tried it/done it more or less. Good health is an important part of curing this I believe. I am eating 3 cloves of raw garlic daily, chew it very well,put it in a spoonful of mayo makes it easier to take, its not great, but its well known as a natural antibiotic and parasite killer. Also, heard on Dr. Oz the other day 1/4 cup papaya seeds with 1 tbsp. honey taken daily for 2 weeks is good antiparasite which I will be adding to my regimen. I also, take oregano capsules 3 per day, a high potency Vitamin C, and currently a parasite cleanse by Roots, 6 per day. Also, I am starting to believe this may have started from lyme disease I don't know. Search for Cancer Tutor, there are lots of cures listed there other than Cancer for lyme disease etc. using household baking soda, with maple syrup,recipe on that site. Something is definetly helping me now,my lesions are all healing up nicely and I believe it to be the baking soda mostly but maybe the combination of all. However get informed you have to be careful not to take too much baking soda daily, it can damage kidneys etc. Just go to the site and read read read and make your own decisions. Of course I take the daily showers with sulfur soap from Grisi buy at amazon cheap, lather it on and leave it on for 10 minutes, exfoliate body really well, use it on your hair too. It all helps. And of course the baths, in the evening if you can, apple cider vinegar, 1 cup, or borax, or baking soda. I alternate. Plus the cleaning of course is important. Lysol spray, bleach and vinegar is what I use. I have learned a lot believe me!! And I am still learning. Hope this helps somewhat. I try not to come here too often as i am depressed enough as it is. Good luck, and unfortunately there is no silver bullet that I know of anyhow, and it takes time, time , time and work, work, work.:(

Cedar Hill, TX

#11 May 20, 2012
I started seeing white granules coming from my skin.Before they appear it will itch in that spot. Mainly my arms and eyes, also feel like something/s is crawling under skin. I also started noticing little flying bugs around me no matter where I went. I keep some in a bag. The lime green one really scared me. I've been reading up on this and trying some cure actions. Me and my husband have it, but none of our kids. MY QUESTION IS THIS. BEFORE I NOTICED THEM COMING FROM MY SKIN, I NOTICED THESE WHITE GRANULES COMING FROM MY BED. Always reappearing. I won't sleep in the bed any longer. Husband still does. Do anyone else think they got this from their bed?
joe blanco

Hillside, NJ

#12 Sep 3, 2013
I highly recomend the following.
make a smoothy at night with .

1-pumpking seeds.
2-papaya seeds with the inside but use
a more green papaya.
3- 3 or 4 drops of oil of oregano.
4- drink water (2 glasses)

After 1 hour of taken the above..
take a laxative .... and go.

THis MOST DONE in the morning before

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