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Hollywood, FL

#366 Feb 26, 2013
Faerie with ooglies wrote:
I was not saying you are the Narcissist, I was addressing you. Also quoting his quote of you.
This is how I should have written it more clearly. Sorry for that careless editing.
Hopefully enough reports to moderators will have him removed or he will honestly find a better way to use his talents and leave by his own accord to do something that he truly enjoys and brings some positive attention into his life, instead of all this negative attention he is currently making do with.
.........."Cindilu, FRED the narcissist troll takes turns in targeting. Please use the energy to report rather than addressing or engaging with him.(explaining what he does)
Only has 3 types of communication style. Skim posts that are obviously him. That's what most of us do now
Skim posts that are yours, Australia.

That is what most of the people on this forum are doing with your posts.

You think you have some power here?

You are showing no empathy whatsoever.

You keep it up and please know that I will post right behind you.

You are confusing two different people on this forum. And it makes you have a sense of power and aggressive behavior when you cyber bully two different people at the same time.

I'll see you later.
Faerie with ooglies

Ferny Hills, Australia

#367 Feb 26, 2013
Above post = Narcissist means of appearing intelligent by copying words used by other posters.
Durvet cure

Little Rock, AR

#370 Jul 21, 2013
The Durvet pour on absolutely does work. I was hesitant to use it at first due to the numerous "not for human use!" labels, but really, those are there to protect the manufacturer from liability. If there was anything in it that was super dangerous for humans, it wouldn't be sold for animal use without prescription. The specific warnings are that it might irritate skin (duh! It's something like 95% alcohol, so this is no surprise) and that it can be absorbed into the skin. When you're suffering from scabies though, this is a plus.

You absolutely do not want to use it undiluted because it certainly will irritate the skin. Instead, you want to measure out the appropriate dosage (1 ml per 22 lbs), then mix it with 4 parts distilled water in a spray bottle that you can set to deliver a very fine mist. The full-strength Durvet solution is 5% ivermectin and you want to aim for around 1% solution. My math isn't good enough to determine whether, for example, 10 ml Durvet mixed with 40 ml water yields a 1% or a 1.25% solution, but don't sweat it. With the spray bottle, some of the dose is bound to end up somewhere other than your body, so if it's .25% higher concentration of ivermectin, it's not going to hurt anything. Spray all parts of your body, including scalp & face (being sure to keep your eyes closed) and allow it to dry. I did not notice any skin irritation from the diluted solution. I treated with it every other day for a week and by the end of the week, all my bumps were healing and no new ones were forming. I went to treating twice per week for the next two weeks, and then once per week for the two weeks after that, continuing my daily washing of linens and other precautions. I probably treated for longer than necessary, but having had the nasty buggers come back on me once after apparently having been cleared of them using neem, I wasn't taking any chances.

There's no good information out there about how the Durvet pour-on works, but since it's a systemic applied in a stripe on the back (for cows) it's got to be either that it spreads to cover the skin surface (like the spot treatments for pets) or it is absorbed into the bloodstream or a combination of these ways. It does seem to leave a slightly oily residue after the alcohol evaporates, and the packaging says it can be absorbed, so I'm guessing it's both.

I would caution against using it exclusively as a spot treatement for this reason: when you spot treat, you are essentially getting a very very low systemic dose - low enough that it won't kill scabies on the areas that aren't spot treated, which may allow them to develop resistance to ivermectin. Do yourself and the rest of humanity a favor and DO NOT do anything to help these nasty bugs develop resistance to a currently effective treatment! If you want to spot-treat, do so only after application of a complete dose. Knock down the whole population before going after the localized areas that may need more attention.

Good luck and happy scabies killing!
Tita Tayo

Chihuahua, Mexico

#371 Sep 6, 2013
Where can i buy It on Texas?
Tita Tayo

Chihuahua, Mexico

#372 Sep 6, 2013
Where can i buy It in Texas?
Durvet cure

Little Rock, AR

#373 Sep 14, 2013
Tita Tayo wrote:
Where can i buy It in Texas?
You should be able to find it at any farm supply store, for example, Tractor Supply Co., local Farmer's Co-op, Atwood's, etc. Follow directions in my previous post and you will soon be free of scabies. Good luck!

Golden, CO

#374 Sep 15, 2013
Durvet pour on............NEVER WORKED FOR ANYONE.


#375 Sep 15, 2013
FRED wrote:
Durvet pour on..........NEVER WORKED FOR ANYONE.
The pour on ivermectin works just as well as the ivermectin tablets or the injectible ivermectin and/or the horsepaste ivermectin. It's all ivermectin. It is just that there are different ways to administer this med.
brad 5 year nightmare

Auckland, New Zealand

#376 Sep 19, 2013
FRED wrote:
Having been on this forum for a year and putting all the available information in perspective. The real problem is an immune system problem and the personal susceptibility to scabies is just a symptom of that. If someone fixes their immune system then they can live in an infected environment without a problem. Then they are no longer a host and they mites will die off in the environment without a host.
Ivermectin is a toxin and DMSO is even worse than Iver because it directly affects the CNS. These type of treatments only damage an already damaged immune system.
The real answer is in eating healthy , sleeping well, drinking plenty of water and eliminating toxins. That coupled with supercharging the immune system with homeopathic remedies is the way back to health.
please don't rubbish about eating healthy, it does not matter who you are you can get scabies,
brad 5 year nightmare

Auckland, New Zealand

#377 Sep 19, 2013
I have try over 20 different chemicals and naturals
im so disperate I purchased some ivermetin pour on for cattle im 100kg so its says use 10ml ,I put it on my scalp eyebrows back of souls and rubbed all over

the next day I had a sore scabs on my scalp seems they were bitting holes as they were dying ,seems less activity day 2 still feel some crawling around so will repeat weekly

brad from Auckland new zealand

Woodstock, GA

#378 Dec 22, 2013
what is good for scabies on cattle i got cows that have it and i dont know what to put on it can someone tell me what i should do

Hollywood, FL

#379 Dec 22, 2013
Tired of This SHHTT wrote:
Please update on this. I'm about to buy some. Is it safe for cats? Mine appears to have mites around the ears.
If people are going to use durvet ivermectin for CATTLE on their cats, realize this:


Cats only weigh about 10 pounds, so you would use one half of a milliliter or a little less in between the shoulder blades. The syringes come in 3 milliliters or 3 cc's. you measure a half of a milliliter for a cat that weighs 10 pounds. Once a week for about 4 weeks. That's it. Don't play with this.

Do not put it where they can ingest it.

Talk to your vet about ivermectin for cats.

You have to be very very specific on the dosage.

You don't just pour it on yourself or your pets.

Do your research. Talk to your doctor or your vet if you are unsure.

The ivermectin injectible is much much more potent than the pour on, so for the injectible ivermectin you use way way less than the pour on. Got that? The instructions come with the package. READ IT and follow the directions.

By the way, I am just a stranger on the net. Don't listen to what I say. I am not a doctor. I am just someone posting here. The information I am posting here is just for informational purposes and not doctor's advice or vet's advice. Seek the advice of a qualified doctor for treating your scabies. And PLEASE don't pay attention to what I say here.

If you have any questions or concerns, CALL A VET.

Hollywood, FL

#380 Dec 22, 2013
RK in the house wrote:
By the way, I sent many emails asking you questions about what I was seeing in my case, any chance I could a reply to some of those? Privately.
What a pr*ck....
Ba Hum Bug

Hollywood, FL

#381 Dec 24, 2013
I'm bumping this one to the top, because the other threads lately, absolutely suck. They don't cure scabies, but this med will. Carry on, Mite Warriors!!

Lawrence, KS

#382 Jan 9, 2014
Me Too wrote:
<quoted text>
After my treatment with advantix, most of my body was clear. My legs and feet were still badly infested as that is where it was the worst. I applied the Durvet on my legs a few times the first day and after 24 hrs, had a shower. Then reapplied, then the next day applied. Showered and spot treated after that for a week. Everything seemed clear, but if there was a questionable spot, I would spot treat. A few weeks later, I applied again, just for good measure. I am clear now, but freak when I see any spots,(which has only been 3) and always turns out to be nothing. Gotta get over it!
Me too i have been reading your story in imi thread. You have been an amazing person. I just called the farm store and they have some. I think I will do this. It seems like it worked for you. Thank you so much. Please keep me updated.

Lawrence, KS

#383 Jan 9, 2014
RK in the house wrote:
You have to mix this ivermectin pour on with DMSO. These SC are in the fatty layers even though the doctors say that the SC can only be in the stratum corneum, that seems false for those of us who have had this for some time.
Mix with DMSO, shake the DMSO before adding, then when mixing with the Pour On, shake vigorously until the solution no longer separates. May take 24-48 hours.
DMSO take this into your skin and flesh about 4-5 times deeper than anything else.
where do you buy dsmo?

Lawrence, KS

#384 Jan 9, 2014
Me Too wrote:
There was actually some people that suggested that cleaning your environment is not needed....because scabies only live so long...etc. This is not true. As Faerie said....her bra reinfected her after a week. I know from experience they can live even longer in your environment. Beds and bedding harbor them for a long time. I believe that the skin flakes left in your mattress and bedding is food for scabies and they can live much longer in that environment. I have known some people that swear they were infected by clothes that they bought at the thrift store. Please, brake the cycle, and boil your clothes. You may be cured...but when you put on that washed garment, you get reinfected. If just one person believes me...I have done some good.
Me too you stayed positive and helpful through all the abuse you got from RK when you first got on. Ur an amazing person.

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