Who has been cured with Diatomacious ...

Who has been cured with Diatomacious Earth and Grapeseed Oil?

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Portland, OR

#1 Feb 15, 2010
Hi all,

I would like to know who has been cured with the combo of Diatomacious Earth ang Grapeseed Oil?



Denton, TX

#2 Feb 15, 2010
I have been doing the Vann treatment and lurking the message board. I started about 3-4 days ago and I, like Vann, have been infested since December/January. I have no idea where i got it from, i can only think on a plane in the first week of January and sleeping in a hotel that weekend.

I have breakouts on my thighs and stomach area. And i never thought about scabies until my gf said that might be the problem to my itching that i complained to her about while we were on the phone at night.

I tried Tea Tree Oil with Grape Seed Oil in a mixture and applied that to my entire body for 3 days prior to starting Vann's treatment. I also tried sulfur cream for a day.(I was just trying everything, which was usually a coating of each 3 times a day after a hot shower).

I bought some DE Food Grade online and I just got to Walgreens to get some grape seed oil. I mix the DE in the bottle i bought and shake till it is once substance. This is the DE + Grapeseed i have been puting on my skin. As for the environment i used a Windex bottle that had about 25% of windex left...added some water and some DE. I think i added too much DE because the bottle has trouble spraying, adding more water allows me to spray easier. So right now my routine is this...

I have already washed all sheets and pillow cases(I don't have a mattress bag) While Washing i just put a layer of DE over my mattress and also sprayed the floor post and sides of mattress with the DE spray. I coated pillows with DE spray as well. When I put sheets and pillow cases on I also gave those sprays of DE spray. Now i just spray my sheets before i go to sleep and right when i wake up.

When i wake up I take a shower and wash with regular AXE soap( haven't got a chance to go get sulfur soap) This removes the oil. After My pores should be open so i Rub Invigorating Apricot Scrub all over my body.(I feel that this removes excess oil, mites killed by crawling in my DE layered skin which reliefs itch from poo and exoskeletons, and opens pores for the DE+Grapeseed oil that i apply later.) I dry off with 1 of the 4 towels that I have on rotation (Once one is used i throw in dirty laundry till all 4 are dirty then wash again).

Once out the shower I immediately apply the DE+Grapeseed to all areas of my skin and rub in. Now its like day 3-4 and I can already see the effects of grape seed/tea tree oil as my skin feels smooth and my feet and hands are healthier. I prefer the DE + Grapeseed because it doesn't put off such a smell as Tea Tree Oil. Once it is applied i put on long socks, pants, shirt, and shoes that I haven't been wearing since 3-4 days ago..i have alot of shoes..(All cleaned using DE and regular detergent)

After a couple days of this treatment I can tell it has been working. I am no longer afraid of getting into my bed, I don't itch while i sleep or wake up itching, the urge to scratch is NOTHING to like it was about a week to 2 weeks ago, The red bumps are beginning to fade, i just feel better.

I know alot of people have given Vann trouble, but I personally think this is working for me. I think i saw it mentioned that most people here have been suffering for years. I have only had it since Dec/Jan, which I think it is in the case of Vann as well.

DE is proven to kill scabies from what I have been reading online and they need to feed off you to live. So them having to crawl through a layer of DE to get to me, crawl through my DE layer, and then be in good enough shape to lay eggs and those eggs have to survive their resurface to start the processes over again. And they are doing all this in stuff that kills them. It just seems to work to my personally.

Keep in mind I am also on day 4-5 of this treatment. I mainly chose this treatment because it was non toxic, cheap, and Vann had all the steps he used to get cured. I will post my updates in any DE topic thread.

Until then good luck to everyone!

Denton, TX

#3 Feb 15, 2010
I have been trying it for the past 4-5 days with great success

Denton, TX

#4 Feb 15, 2010
I basically do all the things Vann has layed out.

Except i don't have my mattress in plastic, just layers with DE and Sprayed once in a while.

DE + Grapeseed is rubbed in 3 times a day after every shower in hot water.

In Shower i used AXE soap to remove Grape+DE oil mix. I then rub Apricot Scrub all over my body to remove dead skin, dead mites from crawling through DE, and to open pores for Grapeseed+DE to go into.

I just spray my bed and chair once a day with DE spray and wear long socks, sweatpants, and shirt all day as well.

I was infected around Dec/Jan, i think from the plane or hotel i stayed in the first week of January. I just scratched and scratched away till my GF said i might hsve scabies. I used tea tree oil for about 3 days and sulfur cream for 1 day. I then read about Vann and decided to try his because
1) He's cured
2) He was infected about the same time period i was
3) After reading about DE I see how this is effective. They have to crawl through what kills them to get to me, and i invite them to do so because I'm protected by the spray and my skin layer.

If i left my room for about a week the environment would be clean, its me that's they are after. Therefore if i layer myself with something that kills them everytime they leave burrows or crawl around chances are I kill them.

Ever since i started treating myself(Even with Sulfur and Tea Tree Oil) The itching has subdued and bumps have gone. Now that I'm on the 4-5 day of Vann's treatment my hands and feed look amazing (THANKS GRAPESEED LOL) All itching is now at a SUPER minimum and I am no longer itchy when i go to sleep or wake up. I would provide pictures but I am not to fond of posting myself online, so I will just update my progress.

I will continue to do the treatment (Which i am not crazy about, I just do it quick...shower...scrub...rub.. dress and be on my way after a couple of sprays)

After about a week I will probably keep doing the Grapeseed Sprays and being stringent on laundry, but I will incorporate some Tea Tree Oil to help take away the scratching scars on my thigh.

Good Luck to Everyone!
Vann from Tennessee

United States

#5 Feb 16, 2010

I would like to invite you to post your updates (good or bad) here at the
"Cure Scabies with Food Grade Diatomacious Earth, Non Toxic" thread.

The huge problem here at topix is that valuable posts fall through the cracks and are lost forever because the Topix search engine does not search through messages. It only searches thread titles.

I think that DE is an extremely valuable tool that "when used properly" will expedite a cure for all forms of mites, lice & bedbugs. The trick is in using it properly. I have no idea if my treatments are the best possible or not, and I'm sure someone will think of big improvements.

Over at the Morgellons discussion group, there is another DE thread where they are using DE in a completely different way. They mix it into a paste and apply it to bandages to cover their lesions, and this forces creatures out of their skin, which they pick off with tweezers. Yuck!

I suggest being creative in using DE. We are the pioneers in this treatment. You might leapfrog my treatments with something far better! I hope you do for the benefit of all those who are suffering this horrible-nightmare affliction.

Best of luck to you, and God speed your cure,

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