will sulfur soap get rid of scabies

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#192 Jan 13, 2014
This is my 3rd time with scabies, last 2 times the perm cream did the job, every 4 years i seem to get this nasty bug, first time doc told me i had herpies, nah it was scabies after 3 extra months of thinking i had herpies, lost my high school love due to ( having herpies) some doctors are idiots! Perm cleared it up nicly! 2nd time i got it perm cleared it up nicly! This time tho, let me just say wtf, 2 60g bottles of perm and my skin is still itchy after 2 months, i just got some sulfur soap so wish me luck!

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#193 Jan 13, 2014
skf wrote:
What helped you be free or what worked for you?
Derm dude

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#194 Jan 15, 2014
Dermatologists approved 40 yrs Joesoef Skin Care #1 Sulfur Soap 10% treatment of Acne, Tinea Versicolor, Scabies and more. Price $9 online at joesoef skin care

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#195 Jan 22, 2014
pregnant with scabies wrote:
<quoted text>
I research everything I can. My life is cleaning and research. Everywhere it says sulfur for pregnant females, or permetherin which I considered safe by only some doctors. I've gone to dermotogists and they think I'm cured and gave me steroid cream. I'm still looking for more dermos to get more opinions. All my family is seeing one.
Were you cured of scabies? If so could you please let me know how you did it. I've tried the creams from the dr and it works for a couple weeks and the scabies come back. I clean really well and my husband douses everything is Lysol but only I keep getting them. I think it's because I'm on chemo and don't have a strong immune system. The drs "think" it's just a side effect from chemo but the nurses say there's no way. Like you I can't take much else and the drs are starting to brush me off. I've already got a lot to deal with and dealing with the insane itching and bumps is really taking its toll. Please help.

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#196 Jan 22, 2014
I found out I had scabies a week after I started chemo treatments in October. My niece got them from a dog and I got them from her. I have 2 cats and a dog and my vet told me that humans and animals can infect each other with the same kind of mite. My pets were treated with Revolution and my cats are doing great but dog is still super itchy. My husband was able to get rid of scabies after just 2 treatments of that 10% perm cream but I keep getting flare ups. Mostly around my waist and back. The drs keep claiming its a side effect but my chemo dr and all the nurses said there's no way. The drs won't prescribe anymore cream and said I just need to wait it out but I'm afraid that mentally I just can't take it anymore. The flare ups are getting worse each time and I'm at my wit's end. Dial bar soap helps calm the itching but then it starts back up in a few weeks. I really need a cure.
Mike schmitz

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#197 Jan 26, 2014
the girl whos in misery wrote:
this morning was my 2nd day using the soap when i pulled the drain i seen about 20 black specks it wasnt dirt could it have been the scabies
permethrin cream does nothing tree tree oil and sulfur soap soak into tree oil bath for 1 hour put soap on let it sit 10-15 minutes rents of once again in the true true oil bath you are going to dry out so you need to cover yourself in very good lotion or olive oil I use olive oil sometimes after bath I'll take a mixture 50/50 olive oil in tree tree oil symptoms were gone in 4 days be careful mixing more than one tropical
Mike schmitz

Medford, OR

#198 Jan 26, 2014
gadija wrote:
<quoted text> what is the name of the product as I am in S.A and would like to try it
mineral oil brings it to the surface this is how doctors note if you have scabies or eczema bring it to the surface you can get rid of it cover yourself in baby oil wrap yourself in a blanket sit in front of heater then take very hot shower using sulfur soap they get on you for body heat this is how they hatch eggs heat and moisture I tried everything nothing worked had it for 4 years now it's all gone

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#199 Jan 27, 2014
Mel wrote:
<quoted text>
Were you cured of scabies? If so could you please let me know how you did it. I've tried the creams from the dr and it works for a couple weeks and the scabies come back. I clean really well and my husband douses everything is Lysol but only I keep getting them. I think it's because I'm on chemo and don't have a strong immune system. The drs "think" it's just a side effect from chemo but the nurses say there's no way. Like you I can't take much else and the drs are starting to brush me off. I've already got a lot to deal with and dealing with the insane itching and bumps is really taking its toll. Please help.
Mel, I too have a weak immune system, from a number of different problems, Gluten has be a really big problem and I was quite ill and homebound for 8 years, I'm pre diabetic and a number of other auto immune disorders, so I constantly have to work to keep my immune system built up. Have you heard of IP6? If not, goggle it. Also look on Dr. Oz's site. Have you heard of Peak Immune 4? If not, and you've had cancer, I think you'll greatly benefit by at least reading about it. I know people who've had cancer and were almost "cured"(they also had some other additional help), but the Peak Immune 4 original formula, was the major part of the "cure". also are you familiar with Olive Leaf Extract? If not, you might want to read up on that too. I have found that to be most helpful when I've come down with something stubborn when nothing else will work for me. As for the insane itching...I too had that a few weeks ago, but luckily when I went to my regular drug store, the checker was a woman I know who'd been on chemo and had use a leaf cutting from Aloe Vera Plant to help heal her chemo burn. When I showed her my feet that were basically eaten alive with bites and vinegar burn (with did nothing more than give me a bad chemical burn) suggested that I try rubbing an cutting from an Aloe Vera Plant on my feet. Well don't you know I went right home and out to my plants and cut off a few inches of a leaf of my Aloe Vera Plant. I rubbed those cutting continually over my poor feet for about 20 min and suddenly that awful insane itching that had been going on for a week, just disappeared! It was really amazing! THe itching did come back a bit, but it was only maybe 20% of what it had been and I just rubbed the Aloe Vera Leaf cutting on the bites and that time it only took about 5-10 min and all the itching was gone! I soon learned that if I got a bite and rubbed it with the Aloe Vera plant leaf cutting right away, it would never get really badly itchy and many times it didn't get itchy at all. I also learned that if I'd gotten a bite and the bite was old, it did take a bit of rubbing for a while with the leaf cutting, for the itching to stop. I had to continually rub all over the area to about 3" out from the bite. I do not know if bottled Aloe Vera would work, but I doubt it would work as well as plant cutting. I also found that within a few min the plant leaf was no longer "juicy" so I would have to peal the top green part away and then put that part of the newly exposed leaf on my bites...was the best and fastest relief/. I don't know, but I suspect that it was enzymes in the Aloe Vera plant that stopped the allergic reaction I had to the bites. If you read enough you'll come across other posts that will tell you that the itching is caused from an allergic reaction to the mite. If you don't have an Aloe Vera plant, I'd guess you could easily get one from a nursery here in the US. In Mexico they grow wild., but I'm not sure where else in world they do grow. Also a few other things that have worked to stop the itching before I discovered the Aloe Vera, was I would put ice on my feet and then after about 5-10 min of icing my feet I would wrap my feet in wet paper towels and that would take away a lot of the itching and stinging. Hope those ideas will help you. They have helped me a great deal.

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#201 Feb 4, 2014
Use the perm its not going to go away in a day it takes up to 8 weeks and you're cured spray and wash all linens and clothing and don't' freek out you will still itch after treatment and the red specks will come out even more after treatment have Patience it sucks but it will go away.been three weeks for me and already have seen the difference good luck and try not to think about it or you will make it worse mentally.
Bruce Guy Kane

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#202 Feb 19, 2014
Tried alot of Topix forum
quarintine room at the local hospital emergincy room. 13 months of a derm and infectous diseae dr. There is an intrvaous antibiotic that cleans you, period. ok. i will keep posted. Pray Alwaus. Amen
. Iver, cocanut oit, benzyl benzoate, turpintine, bleach, ad infinitum. No good. Right now I am in a

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#203 Mar 6, 2014
I experienced a tight, "dry skin" sensation on my back for a couple of weeks and thought I was having either an allergic response to my laundry detergent or that my shower soap was too harsh. Changed both to the "no perfume no dye" products but got zero relief. Then one night I experienced a horrible burning sensation on my back and got up the next morning to find my back covered in horrible red bumps and welts. My skin was so inflamed it looked scarlet. So I tried several of the "home remedy" solutions, including tea tree oil, before giving up and going to a doctor, who prescribed the 5% permithrin cream and told me what I should do about laundry, cleaning, etc. I applied the cream twice (one week apart), then 2 more times just on my back where the infestation had manifested. I washed my bedding and towels and clothes daily in hot water, using bleach or Pinesol as well as soap, and sprayed my furniture with a lice spray (Rid) as recommended by a nurse. Bagged up furniture pillows and non-washables in plastic bags and kept them sealed for 14 days. Fumigated also. Sprayed down car interior also, several times. Now, approximately 3 weeks after initial perm treatment, the red bumps seem to be gone but the itching continues to come and go; doc said itching could continue for a month after treatment, so I guess I'm still in the normal range. By the way, when I used the 5% cream, I did apply it ALL OVER, including face and scalp. The 5% stuff is really expensive --$77 a tube of about 6 ounces, good for one full-body application --- and the constant laundry and cleaning is a royal pain, but very necessary. In reading some of the posts, it would seem my case was one of the more easily cured ones, thank God.. I am convinced that the 5% cream is the best treatment, the tea tree oil and etc did NOTHING for me except set my skin on fire. Please consult a doctor and try the prescription stuff first. I can't begin to imagine going thru this again, it's been disgusting.

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#204 Mar 7, 2014
I really need help. I am sitting In the emergency room as we speak. I am covered on my chest and butt cheeks with bites. What is most disturbing is these black speck like bugs all over my clothes and underwear as well as my socks and bras. Especially the cotton clothes. Even after washing everything in very hot water and drying everything on HOT. They are still in my clothes and on me. Nothing is helping. I've tried borax, peroxide,bleach baths . Also tea tree oil, mineral oil and bath salts. Also Skip dog flea shampoo. NOTHING is helping. I have also developed these mole or freckle type burrows or spots all over my skin that weren't there before. Are these scabies? All that I have looked up, no one has said scabies looked like black specks. I am trying to find the answer. Can anyone PLEASE HELP??? Do scabies look like specks on your clothes??

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#205 Mar 7, 2014
Desperate wrote:
Me and my three children have seem to have got this pesty bug they call scabies and we have tried everything bleach baths, the perm perscription from the doctor, tea tree oil and cannot seem to get rid of these things. Please any suggestions we are being eatin alive I have a 10 yr old 8 yr old and 4 yr old and we are all suffering. I dont know what to do and the doctor only suggest using the cream perm perscribed and you can only use that every 8 days I dont know what to do I am thinking of trien sulfer soap but is that dangerous?PLEASE ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!
did you yet find a cure? My son caught scabies.. He's 11 currently using perm.. Paid 100 due to nothaving medicaid... What was your way of getting rid of them? I've bagged clean clothes and washed bedding and etc please help.. I notice thus post is only being talked about for adults

Manila, Philippines

#207 Mar 11, 2014
hi actually i buy this product now bcoz i want to try if it is working... and i will post a comment if there is changes...
scannies 1st timmer

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#208 May 25, 2014
My co worker had scabbies I freaked out when the dr was not sure what I had so for three days I did everythhing I could read on the internet about how to cure scabbies I started with hydrogen peroxied and sprayed my bites when I got them than topk apple vinagar baths which helped trumendously according to a website this helps loosen the mites from your skin .... so this helped for a day n than I started getting less bites today is day 3 and I have only had two new bites n no itching I got really despratethe first night n sprayed lysal on all my bites Ifeel like that did the job only 2bites Iin the last two days n itching completly gone I hope it stays away mittes can only live off body fpr 72hrs tops than they die I have all my stuff in my car from moving n all of it is in bags blacck garbage bags I hope the heat kills it but im also planning on bombing my car n washing n drying everything at the laundry mat untill my cloths r super hott n everything else gets drenched in lysal

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#210 Jul 18, 2014
Sulfur soap does not cure scabies. It keeps scabies down to a dull roar, they stop crawling for maybe an hour to 4 hours after you take a shower. I've been using sulfur soap for nine plus months now, it's better than regular soap, it's a few hours of relief, nothing more.

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#212 Aug 3, 2014
archie wrote:
im going nuts because of this. im afraid to come in contact with anyone.. everyone in my house hold has it.. what is the best way to disinfect the house so we can live itch free..
I used an insect bomb one for each room . you have to leave your house for at least 4 hours, supposed to last 3 months but I will redo one month later. I left all the drawers open wardrobe doors open also. put jackets and coats that are worn regularly on the floor. the bombs are cheap to buy it kills insects spiders;cockroaches; and flying insects, surely it will kill scabies mites. anyway give it a try.

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#213 Aug 12, 2014
Many years ago, there was a product, Glenn's sulpher soap. I don't remember seeing it in a store since about 1970. It had a high percentage of sulpher in the soap. I do not remember for sure, but think about 30%. Smelled like a mineral hot springs. It worked well on scabies and did not take very long to cure it. You had to bathe/shower with the soap daily, always put all clean clothes on and wash the linens, sheets/towels every day. That way the scabies could not survive on the linens, nor on clothing to infect you again. Within just a week or two you were cured. No expensive visit to Dr., no expensive miserable burning medicines needed. Also it worked well as a preventative. I use to use it every day when showering in the gym when had mandatory P.E. classes in school. It worked well. Pets can get scabies also. Got some special shampoo at the vets and it worked. Not quite as fast, smelled awful, but worked.

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#215 Sep 22, 2014
I wonder if there is anything you can take orally that would kill them....tap into the blood and kill them...starve them or something....anyone hear of anything....They are driving me crazy....even though I just discovered them....thought I got rashes from doing yard and garden work....

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#217 Oct 13, 2014
This is hell wrote:
My dog had sarcoptic mange went misdiagnosed by vet for 4 months. Meanwhile me my wife and 2 year old daughter terrible itching and rashes going to doctors, pediatricians, dermatologists bi-weekly
no one diagnosed scabies... canine scabies act different on humans not in fingers, wrists, genitals, and no visible burrows. I've read several places scabies are species specific and can jump to another species as a host but cannot procreate and only live one life cycle. I believe that is not True. I had to euthanize my beloved 11 year old pit exactly one week ago. A post death skin scrape, at my demand, revealed she was infested with dog scabies. She also had mast cell cancer which is what the vet attributed her mange like symptoms to.... Anyways right after that sad event we all went to urgent care, told the doctor of the dog scabies and finally got premetherin for the dog scabies we are all infested with. Applied it exactly one week ago and my daughter and my rashes and itching is worse than before. My wife's is about the same maybe a little better. We all applied the perm put on new clothes and stayed at a hotel for 5 nights/ 6 days. On day 4 I went home and set off many raid fumigators...
I can tell you these mites are breeding. We have more bumps popping up in places they weren't before a week after treatment. I don't know if this is some kind of hybrid scabie but it really sucks and watching my 2 yo wake up and scratch at nite is absolutely heartbreaking. I just went to Walmart and got sulfur soap and cream.,, keeping my fingers crossed. Has anyone ever gotten canine scabies? They say its usually minor but ours is definitely major... They say 17-21 days and the mites will all die and not reproduce. It's been 7 and getting worse. I'm praying but doubtful. It's been going on 4 months and I pretty much covered head to toe in bumps and rash (except hands, wrists & genitals) My dog slept next to me so I have it much worse then the rest of my fam but they are looking far from good.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
There is a man on youtube that went to mexico or south America and helped treat stray dogs with mange and scabies like symptoms, and contracted dog form of scabies him self. He used a combination of DMSO which can be purchased at stock or farming type stores, and MMS. The post is called CANINE SCABIES CURE MMS1 AND DMSO. MMS is miracle mineral solution and DMSO is an agent to accelerate the solution through the skin. I ve had demodex for 2 monthes now, and they are all over my body and it is an extreme issue for me. I just happened to stumble across this video. Im sure his measures are extreme and probably dangerous, however I have taken some extreme measures myself to cure this. doctors are no help and many solutions have not been solutions at all. Things I've tried to rid myself of mites: Tea tree oil and tea tree soap, permetherin bathes,(which I found out can be toxic), benzo benzoate spray, alcohol spray, bed bug spray, ivermectin from doctor, mass amounts of horse paste (ivermectin paste). and now I have moved to sulfur topical medicine for dogs and sulfur soap. Im an aggressive dude and this has not gotten better, this is demodex I have, I couldn't even begin to imagine what having scabies is like, but the man in this post has an aggressive solution, I may try it one day if all else fails....check this post on you tube out, it may help...

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