How do you know your cured?

How do you know your cured?

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Missing my family

Ardsley, NY

#1 Dec 6, 2012
Hi all, I need some help. I have been dealing with scabies since May 2012. Like many of you missed diagnosed for months. I started treatment 9/12 I did 2 prem treatments. Went to doc she said I was fine. Had sugery 10/12 while recovering I was itchie but thought it was the Percocet. I decide to treat myself with prem again 11/15. I actually felt 100% better the 3rd time then the 1st two times. I went to the sauna for 20 min a day for 5 days, I would do bleach rub downs for 5 days after also, mean while using sulfur soap & tea tree oils. I also did sea salt and vingar baths for 9 days. Currently I'm using sulfur soap and tea tree oil at night. I do not have any new burrows or tracks, I get little bumps but the go away quickly. I have been to 2 Docs, 1 nurse and dermatologist, they all said that I'm fine. They also keep saying they don't know if I I ever had one in my family has gotten scabies, nor have my friends. When I take my shower or bath little black specs come out, not sure if its dead mites, debrie or what have you. The black specs are less and less everyday. My old burrows, are dried up. My skin looks a lot better. I do have the crawling feeling, which I feel like is becoming less and less each day. How do you know your clear? Doctors are useless. I go to literally the the best hospital in the USA, and they just say ahh everyone's gets scabies its treatable. My fear is that I had it for soo long and didn't know so I couldn't treat it. This has taken a huge toll on me, like many of you.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#2 Dec 6, 2012
I understand your pain. I have been there myself. I initially thought I had scabies and had the black specs, did the Perm, Ivermectrin and Lyndane shampoo (Very toxic). What you have to realize is that the United States government has been experimenting on the population for the at least 50 years. In the last 20 years through the use of aerosol spraying (AKA Chemtrails) they have been spraying us with Jet fuel, pesticide, pathogens, toxic gels and powders, mycoplasma, metal poisoning, yeast, mold, fungus, plant and animal diseases, worms, blood, fibers, smart dust and morgellons since the 1990ís.

The first phase of the operation included jet fuel and Ethylene Dibromide. Ethylene Dibromide is one of the most toxic chemical pesticides ever developed, and also the first to be banned for all uses that would bring it in contact with the environment or any human being. This phase weakened our immune system.

The second phase was adding pathogens, toxic gels and powders, mycoplasma, metal poisoning, yeast, mold, fungus, plant and animal diseases, worms, blood, fibers, smart dust and morgellons to make us sick. These things make us sick and more susceptible to parasites. This along with the implementation of GMO foods in the mid 1990ís has been wrecking hacking on our health very slowly.

I donít see black specs anymore, but after 5 months the crawling has not gone away. When I used the Lyndane I had at 40-50 supposed moles come off my body. These were not real moles, but rather the creation of the Morgellons. After a few months after the treatment even more moles reappeared. My hair also changed and became more straight and synthetic like, instead of my natural semi curly hair. I tweezed the hairs that grew on my chest and they grew back even thicker. This does not happen with normal hair, as it should grow back thinner when you tweeze.

My family is also infected. My daughter and wife have the wild looking Morgellons hair and both have brain fog sometimes. My wife is almost bipolar because of this man made disease and gets angry and explodes very easily. The Chemtrails have been sprayed all over the world. The push of GMO foods is also going worldwide. At this time all we can do is pray. The government has spent Billions for almost 20 years on this program and nothing we can do will stop them.

Please donít think Iím trying to scare. Iím just trying to give you information that most of the population is not aware of, because the government controlled media will never speak about any of this.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#3 Dec 6, 2012
A few things I forgot to mention is that CDC is in on this and that's why the Scabies information on their site is obsolete. Morgellons exists yet they CDC does not seem to be too concerned about researching it.
Missing my family

Ardsley, NY

#4 Dec 6, 2012
Sorry to hear about you and your family I hope you all get better. This is diffenately the worse thing I have ever dealt's soo sad you can't be around family or friends because you don't want to infest them...God bless

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