clove oil cures scabies
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#45 Jan 1, 2012
stoppitstupid wrote:
Don't listen to the ignorant ones. I've been using clove BUD oil all day and here I am typing started using it years ago so please don't listen to them who don't even know. I know and I am nobody's "doctor"...GOD is my physician and he told me that he gave us all the green herb with tender BUD bearing seed after its probably bear seed after your Kind.....IGNORAMUS. all I know is my but feels brand new. THANK U JESUS....GOD U TAUGHT ME WELL.
i heard that psychotic people spew out all kinds of stuff about the almighty one. lol... They can't help it. snicker...
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#46 Jan 1, 2012
mitewarrior77 wrote:
<quoted text>
Which clove oil did you buy and where did you get it??
Mite Warrior, What planet are you from and how much did it cost to travel to earth?

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#47 Jan 2, 2012
Wow fred up you could just answer the question instead of being a d!ck.
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#48 Jan 2, 2012
whythehate wrote:
Wow fred up you could just answer the question instead of being a d!ck.
As you may very well know, "United States," if you have had this for quite some time, that any of these products can be compared, shopped, on the NET. A quick search will give you plenty of websites to buy pure clove oil, but, as we all know, you need real anti-parasitic meds to CURE scabies. Clove oil is just to supplement the anti-parasitic meds. There, no dicking around now.
Would you like to spew some almighty euphemisms?

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#49 Jan 2, 2012
whythehate wrote:
Wow fred up you could just answer the question instead of being a d!ck.
And FRED wrote;
"To Fred up;

I'm FRED, I'm a 55 year old man who goes by the name of FRED on this forum, I've never posted under the name of Fredricka or any of the other names that you think are clever but could have been made up by beavis or butthead. I love life and want mine back, I mountain bike , snowboard, lift weights and box, I would like to be involved in a relationship with a woman again, that is my goal but it has been taken from me. My life was seriously affected by this condition. You have been posting in a way that intelligent people would consider mean and ignorant, are you intelligent enough to understand that? If you are you might consider this;

Paranoid Anger: This type of anger occurs when someone feels irrationally threatened by others. They seek aggression everywhere. They believe people want to take what is theirs. They expect others will attack them physically or verbally. Because of this belief, they spend much time jealously guarding and defending what they think is theirs - the love of a partner (real or imangined), their money, or their valuables. People with Paranoid anger give their anger away. They think everybody else is angry instead of acknowledging their own rage. They have found a way to get angry without guilt. Their anger is disguised as self-protection. It is expressive, though. They are insecure and trust nobody. They have poor judgment because they confuse their own feelings with those of others. They see their own anger in the eyes and words of their friends, mates, and co-workers. This leaves them (and everyone around them) confused and disappointed."

Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes have been cast and we have a decision, the envelope please, ah here's the result!!
Fred up is a d!ck!!

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#50 Mar 4, 2012
Scabies free since I tried clove oil over 6 month ago, any more people try this?

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#51 Apr 27, 2012
How long did it take for everyone to get clear of this disease? I am using 4:1 ratio of grapeseed oil and clove oil. Also using it in bath water with salt (20 drops0. Just need to know how long will it take so i will not give up too soon.
not hopeless

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#52 Apr 27, 2012
6 months prego wrote:
they survived a month and a half on a shirt of mine that had vaseline in it, AFTER being washed. The only place you can get good information is on these forums. You can also get dangerous info...don't use turpentine. fumes can kill you. Most doctors are clueless. I am going on a site tonight to straighten out some misinformed OD's who are saying you can't get it on your face. I have suffered with my scalp and face, for a LONG time. I can't use RID, it drives my blood pressure up too much, and didn't seem to work. I am disabled and can't control the noncompliant roommates who are not suffering. but I ordered a bunch of essential oils, have an RX for Lindane, 2 doses of ivrmectin and a good supply of permethrin and DE. Also bombs for the house, and a shampooer full of bleach.I soak my legs in all fabric bleach and it works well, but I have to treat everything at the same time. These bugs will be gone in a few days!! I'm putting that out there...

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#53 May 3, 2012
Mix the clove oil with DMSO, 4 tablespoons dmso to 2 of clove and 1-2 of lavender essential oil.

Clove has poor skin penetration but as an essential oil, better than many other recommendations on this site, better than Iver, perm, lindane.

I have used it all and was not cured until I used the essential oils with DMSO, see the
"Imidacloprid thread" starting with Post 1252 or so where we talk about DMSO.

I used clove for about 2 months, no cure, everyday and everywhere including inside nostrils, in ears, under nails, etc.

tired of mites

Houston, TX

#54 Sep 16, 2012
Nutmeg & clove are poisonous. Please Google to search for safe doses. You can get very sick & die from just 1 tsp or more of Nutmeg. We took advise from a website & now my husband is sick. Clove was another option so we looked up clove poisoning & found it to be bad too.

Leeds, UK

#55 Oct 14, 2012
Bob wrote:
The ratio was or is, 3 parts oil, 1 part clove oil even the research article at the beginning used 3 to 1 or 4 to 1.
4 parts oil ( e.g. light olive oil) and 1 part clove oil gives one 20% clove oil.
The cited report which begins this thread stated Do not used less than 10% as clove becomes a non scabicide at that point.
That is not true. To quote the study:
Acaricidal Activity of Eugenol Based Compounds against Scabies Mites:

At all concentrations tested (1.56%25%), contact with clove oil resulted in 100% mortality of permethrin-sensitive mites after 0.25 hours. Permethrin-resistant mites died at the same time but required higher concentrations (&#8805;6.25%) of clove oil (Table 1 and Fig. 2AB). A dose dependent change in median survival time of permethrin-sensitive mites was observed when mites were exposed to nutmeg oil, with a very low mortality observed at concentrations below 6.25%.
Courtesy of PLOSONE.ORG

Leeds, UK

#56 Oct 14, 2012
tired of mites wrote:
Nutmeg & clove are poisonous. Please Google to search for safe doses. You can get very sick & die from just 1 tsp or more of Nutmeg. We took advise from a website & now my husband is sick. Clove was another option so we looked up clove poisoning & found it to be bad too.
Nutmeg oil contains quite high concentrations of at least three hallucinogens:
Myristicin, elemicin and potentially cancerogenic: safrole. I am not surprised your husband was sick after it.
Hope he's ok by now.

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#57 Oct 17, 2012
quite excited about this forum. Been dealing with scabies for over a yr. and a half. Probably 30 tubes of permethrin 5%, tea tree oil, neem oil sulfur soap, several of the scabies packages you can get online, DE, bleach baths, hydrogen peroxide borax baths. Many of you know how it is.. You'll rty the craziest sounding remedies, hoping it is the magic bullet. I have a friend who has a rife generator and it has a scabies setting so I tried that. Within a day 70% of the itching was gone and in a couple days virtually 100%, but the mites could still be felt crawling around. Tried the 3 to 1 clove oil grapeseed oil mixture last night. burns for about ten minutes and then all is ok, but still feeling some activity today. I have high hopes that this will do it in time... Good luck to all...

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#58 Nov 21, 2012
You said mixture is 50% jojoba and 4 oz of clove so is that all the clove 4 oz and then 4 oz of jojoba ???
bitten1 wrote:
I had been online for like 10 hours one day, and as soon as I got off the computer I had this feeling that if I got back online I would find the cure, and that was the beginning of the end of scabies for me cause I found a blog about clove oil cure here and am now cured, what's funny is; I wasn't planning on comming back to topix ever again "because of ALL the spam here". I get the clove oil made by NOW foods in the 4oz. size and I use 50% carrier oil (Jojoba) and that works the best, I do use a drop between my fingers and apply it to my eyelashes and nostrils, bacause they were just everywhere, so I used it in my bellybutton, ears, around and under my nails, underarms, hair & scalp, I got a tiny bit in my eyes a few times but nothing bad happened. What's really weird is I got cellulitis near my knee and the clove bud oil helped heal it, I had to go to the hospital for 5 days bacause of it so I had to stop the clove treatment, then started back up when I got out,((my body was so screwed up after having scabies for 2 1/2 years that I was soooo malnourished and that's why I got cellulitis "one of my scabie wounds got infected")) so I started using vitamins and minerals buffered vitamin C "like 3000 mg daily, and alive multi-vitamin, I break it in half and have one at lunch and the other at dinner (like Dr. Oz says), and I'm still doing research on vitamins to see what else I might need, I really like Juniper berries for pain too, I have arthritis in my knees and thumbs. Anyway, all of you take care!

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#59 Nov 27, 2012
Simple cove oil works use it dilute it in a bath make creams with it but dont use it neat keep doing it for a month u will be cured in two wks but give it a month to be sure then just forget scabies cause clove oil really is the real fucking deal nothing crawling can survive the clove.

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#60 Feb 20, 2013
who="noscratchymyitchy "]I used clove oil every day. I am now cured! It clearly states DO NOT USE STRAIGHT on skin,...but I tested it out first to make sure I was not allergic to it, or that it would not burn my skin. It burned when I applied it, but it did not cause a burn to MY skin. You must be cautious about the amount you use as your body has to metabolize it just as it does everything else.
I did indeed use it straight on all areas of scabies, and yes it burns when you put it on. I even cried sometimes because it hurt so bad, and yes I was concerned about using too much, BUT.... I was more desperate for a cure! I cared more about killing the mite than killing myself. lol That's the truth concerning me.
I would advise everyone to use clove oil with caution, and according to directions,...EVEN THO I did not because I was at war!
You should test it on a very tiny area to see if it harms you in any way. You should NEVER get it near eyes or mucous membranes!
I am wondering if you could answer a question. I have been dealing with scabies for several months. And now I am turing to clove oil. Please tell me how long you left the oil on and did you just use it the one time.thank you and please help.
treatment cloves plus

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#61 Oct 28, 2013
So here's my tale, maybe it will help someone in their own journey. I will not be commenting on others posts or telling you what is right for you and your body, but if it even helps one other person, then that's all I care about.
I contracted scabies about three months ago. Unfortunately I had them briefly as a child and thus my skin was sensitized to them and I started getting awful hives repeatedly on my inner arm. Since they couldnt be seen yet, my doc and I kept throwing allergy meds at them thinking it was stress. When the clobetasol steroid cream stopped working we went to prednisone - ugh. I did 3 rounds of 5 days and then a 10 day cycle at 40mgs! It kept the hives at bay only so long as i was on it, but I was terrified due to my already weakened liver of doing more damage so I said no more and vowed to leave my body alone so I could figure out what was wrong.
Half way through month 2 the spots and bumps started appearing along with more vicious hives - of every type. I was walking misery. A friend with some ionic silver solution sprayed some on along with raw aloe and we found a good treatment for the hives but they would still flare up over 20x/day in different spots all over my body. Finally a week spent in FL made the mites so happy with the heat and humidity that they multiplied even more. I was barely sleeping and starting to itch til I bled.
I have to be thankful now they did because finally I started showing the classic signs and areas clearly enough for me to figure out what I had and get to the doc. I don't have insurance right now either but I choked up the money for the ivermectin and permethrin because anything is better than this misery that was now going on 3 months.
I've already done the ivermectin (4 pills) and one round of permethrin last week. I've been cleaning everyday like a woman whose life depends on it and though I've been exhausted and depressed, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've ordered multiple neem and sulpher products for me and my parents to use (I don't want them itching wks from now either) but while waiting for them to come via mail I started looking for other treatments to do inbetween my next two permethrin treatments.
I saw clove mentioned here and on other boards and 2 nights ago started slathering my entire body in a mixture of 90% pure organic coconut oil and 10% pure clove oil. I've now had my first several nights of uninterrupted/nonitchy sleep and I'm ecstatic. I'd say pick what treatments you want to try, give them several days and go from there. Every body is different and everyone has their own tollerances for meds or herbal treatments. If one doesn't work, move on until you find what does for you.
I'm now staying lathered in the mixture 24/7, taking 8-10 tumeric and garlic pills a day to make my blood unappetizing to them, and still cleaning like mad, but no more hives or itching so i know they are dying off. And just as others have said, I see the teeny tiny black flecks appear typically within 20 min of application, which I wipe off with an alcohol pad. It will take awhile to get all the eggs hatched out and killed, and I'm still exhausted from the cleaning and laundry every day, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I no longer have to worry about drying off my skin or killing my liver with bleach baths.
Good luck to anyone dealing with these little buggers. They are horrible to get but don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself, or mad at the bugs, they are just doing what they do. Channel that energy into systematically trying anything you can and keeping detailed notes everyday how you're feeling and what treatments you're doing. Eventually you'll find the combo that works for you and your individual body. Blessings!

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#63 Nov 19, 2013
horribly exaggerated wrote:
<quoted text>
Scabies mites or their eggs cannot survive without a host for two years. Up to 30 days, depending on humidity, etc.
Also, how can these 2 oils mixed together be drying on your skin?
I'll be supportive of you, when you get your facts straight.
I don't think the eggs can survive that long either but I will say the essential oil will indeed have a very drying effect on your skin. and that's a fact.

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#64 Nov 24, 2013
bitten1 wrote:
WOW, did you read the post about the man who has had scabies for 33 years, scabies use to be called "the 7 year itch" not 33. This is what I posted to him and I thought I would put it here also just to keep this on the top for people to see so they will get a clue and get fixed.
WOW, and here I thought I was infested. I'm so sorry for the hard time you've been having. I had scabies for 2 1/2 years. I tried just about every fix I read about here and on other fourms. FYI, there is alot of spam here so beware and use common sense. What worked for me, and others here, is clove oil "not the leaf but the bud" you can get it at health food stores or online, I use the kind made by Now or Now Foods.... and lysol spray works great on furniture, car, carpets, you have to use it like twice a day till you don't feel those invisiable touches anymore. The clove oil you mix with a carrier oil like jojoba oil. At first I mixed it 50/50 now I use 75% clove oil to 25% jojoba because these things seem invincible. Some people only need to use it once, but I guess I was really infested and they got back on me again. The first time I used the clove oil it was instant relief and they were ALL dead but I had to go to the hospital because I got cellulitus and I was their for 5 days and I think thats why I got reinfested, it seems they can easily get use to a product and become imune to it, I hate these little f---ers! You can use it head to toe but it burns for the first 10 minutes after applying it, I put it on my face, barely touching my eyelashes and I got it in my eyes a couple of times but I'm fine. Take care and let us know how you are doing. No one should ever have scabies for that long
OK so how many drops of clove oil is that? Everyone says this percentage or another, very confusing...
And whybis jojoba oil the best?
Thanks for your comments...seems clove, tea tree, is working...

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

#65 Nov 30, 2013
i have real bad psoriasis 98% discovered scabies a few days ago brought Clove Oil used half a bottle added Almond Oil an sprayed myself from the neck down...been in my PJ's 2 days now sprayed daily, can't wait for a more itch!!!

New Zealand

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