BB ( Benzyl Benzoate)
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this sucks

Hays, KS

#142 Apr 29, 2007
John wrote:
Hey Sam and others!
Part Two
I then also began to investigate POST SCABIES. All along I have experienced that my immune system was sealing off the females in hard shell-like bumps. I thought for a long time that the females could go “dormant” and could later re-emerge and continue to lay eggs. I was tearing the tops of these bumps away to expose them to my “treatments.” BAD thing to do! I finally realized that it was my body’s way of isolating and quarantining the parasites and killing them. These bumps always itched like hell. I should have left them alone.
For the last day, I have been parasite-symptom-free. I stopped taking enzyme baths yesterday AM and have been steady applying sulphur treatmeats. I have used Sulfa*Derm and an equine mixture called “Gall Salve” which also contains Borax and Sulphur. I have ordered a Sulphur Soap and a Sulphur ointment from an online source.
I have had no new lesions or bumps for a day now. I itch like hell around my ears and the sides of my head and arms and shoulders. My eyes are puffy. I do not know to whether to attribute these symptoms to the parasites or the Sulphur, or Enzymes, or Ivermectin or all of them.
I have been paying particular attention to my laundry for the last month. I believe that the borax has been effective at eliminating the parasite. I have an extended soak cycle that I have used for the past two or three months when I began to add Borax to my laundry wash.
I have also located some other interesting treatments using Sulphur. My lesions are dry. My bumps are subsiding. Some of the bumps seem to “dissolve” as I re-apply the Sulphur ointments.
I might be in the Post-Scabies phase. I might be celebrating prematurely. I hope not! I had these parasites for almost two years before I engaged an allopathic medical opinion. For the most part, they were clueless, oppressive, abusive, expensive, and USELESS. If it had not been for the internet and folks like you and others posting on boards like this, I might still be struggling and suffering and hopeless.
You say the bumps were female mites that would turn into a bump I wonder if that is what the bumps on my stomach were thaqt I scratched off, there weren't many but then too, I just found out we have these mites, could you actually see the mite in there or was it just a bump thaqt looked like a bite or a pimple when you broke it open. At first I thought mine were bites from knats, or something. Hmmm interesting. See I can not see any burrows on myself, just know I have them because my daughter was diagnosed with them and I started itching. Best of luck to you, I am going to try some sort of sulphur treatment but I am pregnant so don't know if I can soak in enzymes, borax, or use BB. Have to look.
Mite Killing Machine

United States

#143 Apr 29, 2007
Hello John,

Benzyl Benzoate is used to make perfume and fragant oils. It is not water soluable. It can also be mixed with alcohol.

FYI-Horse Paste never worked for me and I used alot of it.
Mite Killing Machine

United States

#144 Apr 29, 2007
Mite Killing Machine wrote:
Hello John,
Benzyl Benzoate is used to make perfume and fragant oils. It is not water soluable. It can also be mixed with alcohol.
FYI-Horse Paste never worked for me and I used alot of it.
you can mix it with water(in the washer) but don't mix with water and use on the skin, it will burn.

Hollywood, FL

#146 Apr 23, 2010
I am going to bump this thread up for those of you wanting to learn about Benzyl Benzoate and its uses.

Hollywood, FL

#147 Apr 23, 2010
scabicide wrote:
Hi Everyone,
Some of you were asking about putting pre-mixed topical BB, such as ascabiol in the laundry.
Do not do that, it is way too expensive. Use the bulk bb from research supply. Buy a quart or gallon, it is a lot cheaper in bulk.
Some ask about how safe is BB repeatedly applied on skin. Well.. it depends. Some formulations are caustic to some. As to when, the circumstances are not fully understood.
Long term toxicity:
If you just spot treat, I would not worry about it. If you apply it on large skin surface such as entire body over a prolonged time (weeks or months)
I would be concerned about liver toxicity. Any chemical that gets absorbed into your body, gets eliminated by your liver (your primary organ of detoxification). Your liver has to work extra hard to get rid of these chemicals, and it is not good for it.
I am not a doctor, I recommend you all talk to one about risks to your liver given long term exposure to a substance such as Benzyl benzoate. I am not aware of BB being toxic, as it is used as a food additive in small quantities.
Nevertheless, given some years you can ruin your liver just by drinking alcoholic beverages every day, so some caution is in order.
I am bumping this post up because someone asked about using Benzyl Benzoate every day, and Slomo’s response sounds pretty good.

Hollywood, FL

#148 Apr 23, 2010
Isolated wrote:
Regarding BB mixed with alcohol for a spray. I have noticed there can be a burning sensation when sprayed to the skin. Usually, for me it is where I have a rash. I had some Witch Hazel here and decided to try mixing that with BB. Witch Hazel is 86% astringent and 14% alcohol. It is used for relief of minor skin irritations due to insect bites,minor cuts/scraps.Skin astringent, facial cleansing. OK.. I thought I will mix it 1part BB and 3 parts Witch Hazel and use as a spray. It is much less irritating and have noticed less burn.
Just FYI for anyone who is still using the BB topical spray with alcohol and is getting a burning sensation...
This person used Witch Hazel mixed with 100% BB.
john williamson

Jackson, MS

#150 Jun 20, 2010
dear scabicide,
you posted a 2:1 mix of rubbing alcohol to benzyl benzoate for environmental spray.
i have not found this info anywhere else. can you confirm this info for me?

i need to mix a gallon sprayer at a time to spray my entire house.
i know that BB is insoluble in water, but i'm thinking about the following:

303 ml of benzyl benzoate
606 ml of rubbing alcohol
fill rest of gallon(us) with hot water [2876 ml of water]
(3785 ml total = 1 gal)

should land me with about an 8% mix of BB, stable enough to stay mixed until i finish spraying continuously.
john williamson

Jackson, MS

#151 Jun 20, 2010
oh and if anyone has any input on environment spray use of BB, email me at [email protected]

i've got 100% benzyl benzoate to work with that i bought online.

we are trying to control dust and storage mites in our home. everyone says to use BB, but the off the shelf spray is $12 for 24oz.

we have a great dane that is allergic, and $48+ per spraying isnt cutting it, especially with his other meds and treatments (he also has a thyroid problem, and a decreased immune system, and keeps a fungal infection from all the scratching [because of the allergy])

this site is our best source so far for BB information.

john williamson

Jackson, MS

#152 Jul 11, 2010
had to use just bb and alcohol. would not mix with water.

any ideas on what to use as a mass dilutent?


#153 Mar 17, 2012
I have bird mites. Tiny. Invisible, generally until they grew and then appear as white dots. Had this problem for ages.

I currently use BB to kill and repel the mites on my skin. It works. I have both Benzemul and Ascabiol.

Every morning, I have a shower, run to my chair, wipe my legs with a baby wipe dabbed in eucalyptus oil, then I cover my arms and legs with a layer of Ascabiol, wait it for it to dry, dress and go to work. At work I reapply a layer of Ascabiol at 2pm.

At home I put on a layer of Benzemul Application when I am walking around the house. I put a layer of Benzemul Application in bed on my legs, chest and arms.

I put DE in my pillow case and in my sheets. I put DE in my shoes. I mop the floor with a microfibre mop using 200ml of ammonia (NH3) in 2L of water morning and night. I mop my walls and ceilings with Starycide using a microfibre mop.

I mix 40ml of Benzemul with 400ml of water into a standard hand sprayer for spraying my computer desk, chair and me while I sit at the computer.

Wiping surfaces with baby wipe + alcohol gel works really well.

The BB is working for me. The problem is under control now and soon I will be free. My house is no longer infested with thousands of mites. There are still a few around, but the problem is nearly gone.

I used to have constant red splotches on my legs and arms and torso. I now have a few; they come.. and they go. Most of my skin is now clear.

It has taken using BB for 2 months, and a serious cleaning regime (everything washed in 90deg water, always pre-rinse, always 5 rinses, dryer dried + 30 minutes, wash bedding every 2 nights, seal all clothes in plastic bags immediately after getting them from the drier, mop floor with microfibre mop every 2 to 3 hours).

I was putting sulphur in my sheets. Unsure if that worked or not.

I use the Benzemul Application at home and the Ascabiol at home as the Benzemul sticks. The Ascabiol smell goes away in 10 to 15 minutes.

Warning: BB can melt some plastics.

I would not wash with BB. However, I am going to give the 'final soak in BB' a try. That does sound promising.

When I wash I always put in 10 to 20ml of pure eucalyptus oil (after the pre-rinse cycle! must be put in as part of the 'normal' cycle).

I don't understand the problems people have having with mixing this with water. I mix bb with 400 ml of water in my spray, give it a good shake and it works really well.

I rarely feel burned by BB. Ascabiol does not burn as badly as Benzemul Application (at the start). However, my skin appears to have acclimatised to BB .. and it doesn't sting or burn anymore.

I also use flowers of sulphur on my skin when I have nasty attacks. Smothering the mites directly with a thick later of BB also works.

Note for bird mite sufferers: I have DE packed everywhere a sprayer can't go. In the ceiling. Behind all powerpoints. Behind the washing machine and dryer. Under and behind the fridge. All nooks and crannies.

Caulfield North, Australia

#155 May 25, 2012
Can I use benzemul application when pregnant

South Lake Tahoe, CA

#156 Feb 9, 2014
"Scabicide wrote:

So did you have a pre-mixed product? or mixed your own? I have not been able to get a good consistency out of the pre-mixed, my next trick is to mix some up in the blender. The oily BB separates from whatever I mix it with. "


I'm new to this discussion, but very interested in coming up with a home-made Benzyl Benzoate (BB)-based laundry additive because the commercial ones seem so incredibly overpriced to me.

As I understand it, BB is an oil-based chemical, not water-soluble (it doesn't mix with water), which is why it would separate with any water-based ingredients, as noted by Scabicide and other contributors to this thread.

By looking at the ingredients of two commercially produced laundry additives that contain BB, it looks like they use surfactants (wetting agents) along with polysorbate 20 (an emulsifier used in some pharmaceuticals and food preparation) to create a stable liquid that mixes better or does not separate with a little shaking/stirring before use.

For what it is worth, some examples I found that should be suitable surfactants to mix with BB are: 1) Yucca Shigadera extract (from the Yucca plant); and 2) liquid lecithin.

Yucca extract can be obtained from health food supplement providers or natural gardening product providers. Soy-based liquid lecithin can be purchased from health food supplement providers in softgel form.

Polysorbate 20 (a low-foam form of polysorbate) can be obtained from cosmetic ingredient or DIY soap maker ingredient suppliers.

One or two drops of each (a surfactant and the polysorbate) should be sufficient with the 0.5 to 1.0 ounce of BB.

One of the commercial formulas (Mite-Free from ) looks like it also contains Tea Tree essential oil and Wintergreen essential oil (listed as methyl salicylate).

Another citation ( ) claims that Eucalyptus essential oil is more effective than either Tea Tree or Wintergreen (or any other essential oil, for that matter). It is not totally clear, but this piece claims that a 0.8% solution (of essential oil?) is required to kill mites completely.

If I'm understanding it correctly, though, based on the above ratio, just one gallon of wash water (3786 milliliters) would require 302 milliliters (approximately 10 ounces) of essential oil, which is a HUGE amount of essential oil.

Something about that just doesn't seem right, because essential oils are incredibly concentrated. Just a few drops (~ 1 to 5) should be adequate, especially when combined with the surfactant, emulsifier, and BB.

Maybe my calculations are just wrong? Any thoughts from anyone would be most appreciated.

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