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#607 Nov 25, 2012
So sympathetic, yet you ridicule a poster that documents their daily journey through ivermectin treatment. Yes, you can't imagine how someone suffers (above), but when they tell you very personally, you blast out your insensitive posts.

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#608 Nov 25, 2012
sweetkitten wrote:
That's a bunch of baloney! I have tried every known remedy for the past 5+ years and doctors have done multiple skin scrapings and can see living mites under their microscopes so don't tell me these things that are crawling in and out of my nose and popping up out of burrows is a allergy! I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil as a child and speak fluent Portuguese, please post the internet link in Portuguese so I can read it myself. In any case, I am not the only one here who has tried everything and is still not cured. And don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's psychosis or morgellons disease!! I am a retired high school teacher with a master's degree and no history of mental illness!
Then you are really stupid for stopping the borax treatment because that will kill any mite infestation. In the case of morgellons however it is one of the worst things you can do because it will give temporary relief but the morgellons will come back worse when you stop. Sorry you had a tummy ache or whatever you'll just have to accept that you'll have these for the rest of your life.

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#609 Nov 25, 2012
Ippon wrote:
Continued- During the night, however, we still felt bites and feltthem crawling as usual. We just cried andprayed. There was nothing else that we could do. We were sure that they had colonized our bodies. But our family helped by callingseveraldoctors. Wespent a month going from doctor to doctor, takingseveralmedications to fight our parasites, but with no result. We lived in a different placeevery week, but we were still infested. Wepaidtheequivalent of $700to have our computer andclothes treatedwithethyleneoxide(a seriously toxic sterilization process) at a medical lab. We even tried to turnourselves into thelocalhealth/epidemiology department, but they didn'tbelieveitwas a realproblem. Finally, when a relative of ours talkedto a veterinarianabout our problem, he said that he knew somebody the Oswaldo Cruz Institutein Rio de Janeiro, who was a veterinarianandhad a PhD inentomology-specifically mites. We had nothing to loose, so we went to see him. We thank this man from the depthof ourhearts. Hegaveus answers to all of our problems, andgaveus hopeagain. Heexplainedto us that we, in reality, were not colonized by bird mites; we had gotten rid of them a long, longtime ago. Our problem,(why didn't we think of it- duh!) was that our immune systems, on contact with the bites quickly developedan allergicreaction to anykindof mites orother micro-pests. There are always plenty of little creatures in our environmentandon us,andwenormally neverfeelthem. Buthaving been exposed to these specific types of bites, we became super-sensitized to all mites andmicro-ants. Ourimmunesystems would produce welts, rashes, etc just on contact withanybeastie. The solution was to desensitize ourselves andgetourimmunesystems off of hyperdrive. This was accomplishedwithtwoantiallergy medicines: Allegra every morning andHydroxizinethis is a transliteration from Portuguese, check on the real English name) at bedtime for 2 months. The professor, Dr. Nicolau Maués,toldus that many Brazilians andalso foreigners come to see him in the same situation that we were. He sent us to see an allergy specialist, Dr Oscarina Ezequiel, in Juiz de Fora, MG, who ordered some exams to check our allergy levels. She told us to go backhome immediately,andhugandkiss everyonewe loved, becausewedidn'thaveanythingcon tagious. We went throughthis treatment andnowwecan saythat wearepretty much back to normal. On some rare passingmoments wemight briefly feel a crawling sensation. Recently,on contact withsomeonewho had head lice, I developedan ugly rash which wentawaywithPropionate of Clobetazol lotion. Nevertheless weareso relievedto discover that there are no maniacalmites pursuingus-- just the normal creatures that are around every single person in this world. We hope that our story can help those who already did everything imaginable andcouldn't finda solution…try treating itas an allergy!
Thanks for sharing your journey of many losses, lots of discomfort, and fear that it will go on forever. Glad you have found some relief. This "malady" appears to have many and different souces, and many treatment failures - which appears to result in unfailing rudeness - which in the end can only make the sufferer feel worse.

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#610 Nov 25, 2012
Kare, this wasn't my journey although I have tried many things for my bird mite ailment. Just sharing (you are welcome).

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#611 Nov 25, 2012
Go read Dr Seuss if you cannot handle other people's sincere posts. There are many other insincere ones you could have commented upon.

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#612 Nov 25, 2012
cindilu wrote:
<quoted text>
I wouldn't believe a word "Fred" says. Biggest liar/manipulator on the forum.
Cindidoodoo, name one thing that you have brought to this forum that is at all meaningful , name one thing besides your constant complaining. I read extensively when it was obvious that the traditional methods were not working and always posted what i was involved in , I made the effort to try and help people. I read daily for over two months about homeopathy so that I could understand it's intricacies in order to pass on appropriate info.

As far as InUK2 goes he doesn't have thrips because thrips don't infest humans, one thing about morgellons is that it creates these little plastic replications of anything you want to see under a microscope so you'll see stuff coming out of you that looks like whatever species of mite your looking for and clear and yellow globs that look like eggs and larva. Doctors are wholly unqualified to identify any of this , you need a top notch entomologist to do this. Dermatologist will tell you whatever you want to hear because the American academy of dermatology has a cut and dry response to cases that haven't responded to treatment and that is humor the patient and treat them with psychiatric meds.
I have made it my interest to know about every possible cure on this forum and I can explain the mechanisms of action of all of them and why they don't work.

You on the other hand have invested nothing but your whining.

Any further posts I make will be on the morgellons thread for those who realize that if you've done everything short of dropping a nuclear bomb on yourself it probably isn't a mite infection.

Boekel, Netherlands

#613 Nov 25, 2012
You have posted the most damaging information of anyone else on here, in my opinion (and probably others who wasted their time suffering). Now you claim to know from experts. Well, read about your expert here:

Do more reading than posting.

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#614 Nov 26, 2012
Hi . I was punctured by this bug for years I prayed and learened many good tips and weapons at , here is a good post I saw today I hope it helps REPASTED POST FROM AGGI
I am a 50 year old female German resident and have been identified with a `blood-sucking mite' in April 2010 by en entomologist of the University in Dusseldorf. The horror started in July 2009 with a bird's nest on top of the flat roof of my office building. After the birds fled the nest, the mites started getting in through the windows, crawling up my legs and biting my thighs.
The nest was then removed by pest control, all offices treated 4 times with `Pyrethrium', although nothing was found in the traps and on the tapes they had laid down. After the spraying they stated that any living organism in the offices shall be dead now. That wasn't the case as the biting persisted. Strange enough that I was the only one getting bit by the mites. All my colleagues were not bothered at all. At the time I was still clueless what I was dealing with.
I started my research on the internet and eventually found the page `'. From the symptoms and stories of the people there, I figured that I could only have bird mites.
3 different dermatologists meanwhile had diagnosed me with unspecific bites, but could not tell of which parasite. Another dermatologist diagnosed me with `scabies', that was treated with `Permethrin' cream to no avail.
The mites where now in my house, in the car and still in the office. They get in the clothes and this way one just keeps spreading them around. For about 8 months I had had almost entirely sleepness nights, because thousands of mites would attack me during the night. The bites were so painful, that going to sleep was simply impossible. After coming home from work, I used to vacuum and clean the whole house, sprinkled `Diathomeus earth' in all cracks and behind floor boards and over the mattress of the bed. Couches and car seats were sprayed with isopropyl alcohol 70%. I also used the alcohol as a spot-on spray on my body. It seemed to be the only substance killing the mites instantly.
Meanwhile I was highly depressed and suicidal, a full-time job, all the washing/ironing and cleaning in combination with a lack of sleep, took it's toll. The situation had not improved and I lost hope of ever winning this battle....... CONTINUED
God bless you ,
Rundown teacher wrote:
Hi all, using borax in bottled water and sometimes baking soda when I can handle both. Had bad break outs. I look like I did 3 months ago unfortunately. Stopped using Eprinex on skin this week. Going back to tea tree oil and am going to start using the borax/water/peroxide mixture for skin. Have been trying a psoriasis shampoo on scalp and it has been helping a little. My scalp and face are worse once I stopped swimming in ocean and pool. My skin was somewhat clearing up over summer I feel like I'm going backwards.. I see people are using lemon also. Is it lemon juice to drink or lemongrass as a supplement.? what are people using for scalp and is anything helping in that area? God help us all...

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#616 Nov 26, 2012
TruthbeTold wrote:
You have posted the most damaging information of anyone else on here, in my opinion (and probably others who wasted their time suffering). Now you claim to know from experts. Well, read about your expert here:
Do more reading than posting.
Dr.Karjoo's medication is in direct competition with Nutra Silver . There is no author of the article you posted listed. The products work as I can see the results and the stuff that came out of me.
The source of the article is Nutra Silver and it is a lie. The Medical Board of California doesn't have any complaints against Dr. Karjoo as I checked before I went, I also checked a few of the listings on his Curriculum Vitae by calling them personally and they were valid. He is a colleague of Hildegard Staninger and is endorsed by her.

You shouldn't post the first thing you find on google, that's just stupid.

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#617 Nov 26, 2012
All users here have to do is start a Google search on any doctor. Wasn't the doctor initially promoting Nutra Silver? Was your consultation free by any chance?
Posters beware of FRED

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#620 Nov 26, 2012
Sometimes a tinsey tactless, but Genuine

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#621 Nov 26, 2012
I started itching back in March 2012. I diagnosed myself in August. I had this for 7 months until I was fully mite free. I have been following this forum for 4 months and cannot believe how off topic and the trolls that post nonsense and argue on here. This is my first time responding though and would like to give some input. I work so much so I really did not have the time to post my progress and daily activities.

Now that I am fully cured from this horrible affliction I have more rest and have more time to interject my opinions and trials. I can say that I believe I was cured from soaking in borax daily for an hour each day. I also used tea tree oil after bathing and during the day. I would watch tv shows on my laptop from hulu to help pass the time. I washed my hair with tea tree oil while in the bath to keep the mites from crawling up my scalp. I would also wash my hair with borax and held my breath with my head under water for 5 minutes. Washing your hair with it dries it out but seemed to help keep the mites from crawling on my head. I soaked in borax for about a month along with the use of tea tree oil and my symptoms improved.

If you want to read my original post back in August about what my story visit

“I have been itching like hell for 5 months now. My bottom and legs look like sand paper. I've been to 4 different doctors telling them my symptoms and all they told me was hives and eczema. After not sleeping for 3 months longer than 4 hours at most I began doing my own research. I thought I drink too much so at 4 in the morning since I don’t sleep I looked up alcoholism on Wikipedia which led to disulfiram because it is a treatment for alcoholics. I clicked on that link which said it also can be treated for scabies in combination with Benzyl benzoate/disulfiram. I clicked on scabies out of curiosity and same an image of the regions and my jaw dropped. I had every symptom described as well.”

I did two permethrin treatments, the last on August 21. A few weeks later it seemed to get better but not completely gone. I went back to the doctor only for him to tell me that it’s gone you just have eczema. This is what he told me all along that I had hives and eczema from the hives. So after going to 4 different doctors and allergy specialist I finally figured it out myself.

I am not sure how long it takes to be cured after the last permethrin treatment but I still had bumps on my butt and private parts weeks later along with the pins and needles sensation. I would say it took at least 2 months for the effects to completely subside. So I am not sure if permethrin was most effective or if I was re-infected but borax definitely helped in the month after.

The only signs or symptoms I have left to this day is the eczema on my thighs, legs, and bottom. Hopefully it will completely go away but my doctor said it could be there forever. I did have some water blisters on the sides of the palm of my hands months after my borax treatments but they went away. I read the longer you had it (5 months in my case) before treating the longer it takes to expel the mites and eggs from your body.

I never took borax internally but do believe that external soaking definitely helped me. I also washed everything in my apartment with borax letting it soak in the washer for an hour before running it. I would be careful how much borax you but it because it did fade some of my stuff to a noticeable degree.

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#622 Nov 26, 2012
What a good descriptive post. And cured! If you try to get Borax at many stores in California, you will find stocks depleted and when you ask (we did) they will tell you because of the Internet information. What a product to be around so long.

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#623 Nov 26, 2012
10% of the stat had breast implants. So that means 90% didn't, which would connote that having implants could even be an antidote of morgellons (if you do the math). Everyone is exposed to silicon, if you drink from a GLASS you touch it everyday. But does everyone itch?

Started to think doctor Karjoo is an idiot, until I read his credentials lols

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#624 Nov 26, 2012
Leslie wrote:
10% of the stat had breast implants. So that means 90% didn't, which would connote that having implants could even be an antidote of morgellons (if you do the math). Everyone is exposed to silicon, if you drink from a GLASS you touch it everyday. But does everyone itch?
Started to think doctor Karjoo is an idiot, until I read his credentials lols
Try grinding up that glass into an extremely fine powder and inhale it and see where that gets you. The silica in glass is self contained and poses absolutely no health risk the health risk is mainly from silica gel which is used extensively in a variety of applications. It is the dust that poses a great health risk so for a thorough and accurate understanding of what you are trying to talk about you have to read stuff like this. \

"Silica, also known as silicon dioxide, is the most common mineral on earth. Inhaling dusts that contain crystalline forms of silica can cause a fibrosing interstitial lung disease called silicosis. Silicosis usually takes at least 10 years after exposure to develop. However, it can develop more quickly, especially after large exposures. Quartz is a common type of crystalline silica and is a large component of many types of rock. Inhalation exposure can occur in many kinds of work, including tunneling, quarrying, mining, construction, roadway repair and demolition, sandblasting or any type of work that breaks up quartz-containing rock. Cristobalite exposure can occur in foundry work as a result of heating amorphous silica. In addition to causing silicosis, crystalline silica exposure has been associated with pulmonary function impairment and COPD. Silica has also been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a known human carcinogen. Crystalline silica is thought to damage lung tissue in large part as a result of oxidant mechanisms, with freshly fractured crystalline silica is being more potent than aged materials. Silica-induced diseases can be prevented by reducing exposures. It is encouraging that deaths from silicosis have fallen from more than 1060 in 1968 to less than 170 in 2005."

There are many many sources to ingest silica and breast implants are in the liquid form which leach into the body tissue because of the molecular size of the casing. Once the silica is present in the body the nanoparticles that are now in everyone combine to create the morgellons organism that is internally self replicating.

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#625 Nov 26, 2012
Fred why don't start another thread? Just a thought.


#626 Nov 26, 2012
As far as I'm concerned, a couple posters are posting nonstop nonsense about morgellons to keep this thread active and at the top of the list.
Is this supposed to distract us from the fact that there are no cured posts?

Talk about spreading propoganda and conspiracy theories.

Is it doing anyone any good?

Do any scabies sufferers care about morgs at all?

The only other post posting a cure in this thread was most likely cured by permethrin.

Nobody is even posting any progress reports.

The good news is at least the nuts are mostly confined to one thread?

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#627 Nov 26, 2012
Miserable123 wrote:
Fred why don't start another thread? Just a thought.
because I believe at least half the people on this forum have morgellons they just don't realize it and won't go there anyway. I joined the morgellons forum but there is not much activity there and topix doesn't have a morgellons forum. My thought is that scabies has a lot less moving parts so it is easier for people to embrace the idea. Even Ted says on earthclinic that the hardest part about moregellons is getting over the idea that you have it. I resisted the idea for a long time myself because it seemed so implausable. Now my treatment from Dr Karjoo is working really well. The link that was posted about Dr.Karjoo being a fraud should be seen in this light.

The thing I thought about with that article dissing him is this , it was done by an anonymous blogger and the picture featured in the article had a caption about someone who went to Karjoo but was eventually helped by Nutra-Silver, Morgellons sufferers are big Nutra-silver customers and doctor Karjoo has a section in the middle of the home page saying " Dr Karjoo does not recommend Nutrasilver orally for Morgellons treatment." and there is a picture of a hideous goblin there who is a victim of Nutra silver so there is definitely a pissing contest between those two. And in the article dissing Karjoo I see it as wholly unprofessional reporting to be covering Karjoo's supposed fraud while at the same time giving a plug to Nutra silver.

Look in the center of the home page and you'll see what I'm talking about , the article is a plant.

Don't worry I'll be gone soon, the treatment from Karjoo is amazing and soon I will be stepping back into the sunshine that life can be.Although I als plan on pursuing a chemical and heavy meatal detox with DrHildegarde Staninger(about $2000 but worth it) in fact i have a date tomorrow night with a hot bellydancing chick, not many more posts to go so the torture of my constant hounding in an attempt to make a point will be gone.

Her far infrared treatment is cutting edge..........

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#628 Nov 26, 2012
fred go smoke your weed somewhere else seriously you make no sense. and we dont care.


#630 Nov 26, 2012
If mogellons is so common the morg forum should be busy at least it would be if you posted there.

Just because there is no activity over there, you post here. Not getting enough attention?

How you diagnose others here as having morg. Have you seen them? What makes you qualified to make this determination?

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