My Mouth is KILLING ME!!!!! HELP!!!!

My Mouth is KILLING ME!!!!! HELP!!!!

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Port Huron, MI

#1 Feb 11, 2010
Hi Everyone,
I need help BADLY!!!!
My mouth has a split in the corner - and an open ulceration all the way to the laugh-line. It goes down my upper and lower lip.
I have pulled COUNTLESS mites OUT of the ulcer - every night around midnight or so, it itches BEYOND ALL BELIEF!!! I go wash it with soap - either DOVE or DIAL. The Dial seems to help it more - it is an anti-bacterial. The Dove is a nice moisturizer - but the Dial feels better.
I have tried using Vaseline on my mouth - when I wake up in the morning - which is NOON most of the time because I am up ALL night - I a DYING!!!! I DON'T DARE YAWN!!!!!
It feels like something is in there 'spinning around', but biting.
Due to my Neurological Disease - I can ONLY sleep witting up, reclined back only a little. I cannot sleep flat. I am thinking any of the Stromectol/Ivermectin I have taken has not reached my head - the blood does not make it up there easily like most people who can lay down flat, or on their side or stomach. My disease makes my body STIFF - I can't turn over or move easily. As a matter of fact, this is funny - I can hold a glass with water in it in my recliner, sleep all night long - it will NEVER SPILL!! That is how STIFF I am!! I don't move AT ALL because I cannot. The stiffened muscles cause muscle spasms that have herniated ALL my discs except for T-5 and C-5 thru C-1, but in that neck area, I have degenerative disc disease due to the neurological thing going on. I try to use a pillow under my head, but can't always. Have NOT been able to lately and when I wake up my neck is SO sore. But, my husband laughs at me, which I laugh, too, because it IS funny how I DON'T MOVE AT ALL!!! I can have papers on my lap, they don't go anywhere!! I honestly can't move!
But - back to my mouth - Since I don't move, and given the way I can only sleep, sitting reclined, and NOT all the way back - I am wondering if you have any suggestions for the pain of the ulcers on my mouth. I have a second ulcer that runs diagnonal about 1" away from the corner of my mouth on the right side. I found I have some mites IN my mouth on my lower lip. This has been this way for SEVERAL MONTHS. I had this happen over the summertime - it healed like overnight after 2 months of GRIEF!! But, it NEVER caused THIS much pain!
I have used Vaseline - the Permethrin Cream DOES stop te spinning and biting - but - it makes the ulcer spread!!!! I quit using that. I used some Olive Oil lotion - feels a little better.
These mites are IN MY TEETH!!! I HAVE HAD "8" PULLED, AND THEY DON'T HEAL!!!! IT TAKES ABOUT '3' MONTHS!! All I spit out is black mites - the gums swell for months - and little pieces of tooth are CONTINUOUSLY coming out. I just had another tooth crumble - which I need to get pulled. The ONLY place I can go for my teeth is the local Health Department - they won't give pain meds for getting your tooth pulled - I am a wimp and can't take the pain!!!!! I am trying like heck to NOT have the tooth pulled yet!!! But, this is how they spread in my mouth!
I feel like true scum with missing teeth! You can SEE one of the mites in my one front tooth!!!! It is VERY prominent! It has lessened since I have been treating with the Stromectol - now having to change to the Ivermectin because my Primary Care Physician doesn't want me to take anymore "poison". She doesn't understand what we are going thru!!!!!!!!!! I NEED the medication!! Hello?????? If I DON'T take it - they go CRAZY!!!! This med has been the ONLY saving grace for me.
P.S. Talk about the amount of EGGS that come out of my mouth!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!! Non-stop!!! Especially at night, and in the morning there are a TON!!!
Pokadot Patty

United States

#2 Feb 11, 2010
Hi Izo,
Have you tried hydrogen peroxide (diluted per the bottle instructins) as a mouth rinse.
They make a product Gly-Oxide to use in the mouth and around teeth.
It is basically the same thing.
Then you could rinse out you mouth several times a day with a warm salt water mixture.
Hydrogen peroxide kills them and would probably bubble some of them out of their hidey holes. Salt water kills them too.
Have you tried a triple antibiotic with pain killer cream beide your mouth? They make a generic of Neosporin with a pain killer in it.
The grease would kill the mites, the antibiotics would cure the infection and the pain killer couldn't hurt.
Sorry you are not doing so well,

Port Huron, MI

#3 Feb 11, 2010
THANK YOU!!! I never thought of that!
See how GREAT this forum is!!!!
I thank you soooooooooo much!!
I will have my hubby go tomorrow and buy some and try it! I can't NOT try it!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Pokadot Patty

United States

#4 Feb 11, 2010
THANK YOU!!! I never thought of that!
See how GREAT this forum is!!!!
I thank you soooooooooo much!!
I will have my hubby go tomorrow and buy some and try it! I can't NOT try it!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I just hope it helps you.

I'm here for you Sweetie,

Port Huron, MI

#5 Feb 11, 2010
Thank you soooooooooo much Patty!!!
PS. I hope it helps, too! I will let you know!!

United States

#6 Feb 11, 2010

I have some hurty teeth too and I gargle with straight 3% peroxide. Don't swallow.
It keeps the infection and pain down.

We need universal health and dental care in the usa. Vote for it.
But don't hold your breath.

Its hard to imagine that mites and eggs come out of your mouth, but there are things I don't know.

By the way, hiv patients with scabies get ivermectin continuous drips. Maybe you are at that point.

I know you don't believe in healers but you have nothing to lose. A real healer jumpstarts your own battery to heal yourself. That's one of the many gifts the creator gave us.
Bill in Mich

United States

#7 Feb 12, 2010
Hi Izo
Oh Izo this sounds terrible , but it will get better I pray , God is a mighty healer.
I too suspect the mite opperating in my lip. I felt one once in my mouth & raced to the store to but 151 proof rum , I swigged it & it died.
The burn of the strong alcohol might be to much for the cut you have . Borax water 1 teasp per cup of water is what I use in my nose if the bug gets up in the nose I dip my finger in it & apply the solution up my nose every 10 mins for 30 mins. It kills the bug. I would soak my lip in it with a rag held agaisnt the lips, I soak any deep bug out with it , it takes time, 2 times daily for 2 weeks minimum., but it works for sure & borax does not burn .. I would not swallow any of it . Borax ingestion causes diareaha in 10 mins.(sp?)
For lesisons Ted mange cure on eatrhclinc cures them fast & dosent burn at all
Here is the mix.
16 oz peroxide
2 tbls borax
32 oz water
mix in a dish soap bottle
The borax nuetralizes the peroxide so there is no fizz or pain at all .
The peroxide is a penetrant taking the borax deep into the skin .
One poster on said she used listerene to gargle with & it cured her in her mouth & throat .( I have learned many sures at that site )
One old poster here at topix named mm-m had leasions oon her forehead for 3 years the peroxide mixed with borax & water , mentioned above cured her lesion in 30 days. The mix also cuerd many of my cuts that would not heal very fast , One cut cured up in 18 hrs .. it is amazing and painless

God bless you IZO ,

Bill in Mich

United States

#8 Feb 12, 2010
Hi Izo
I went to the birdmites forum . a lady had the bug in her mouth she used .
Her eis her email she posted today about your post I showed her

She wrote :

> At www.herbalhealer. com right now she is saling toothsoap for under 20 dollars. At cost for a short time. I advice the spearment and Salty mint. Put the spearment toothsoap right into the wound before bed and leave it. It will disenfect and heal and deter the bugs. I hope it will deter her type of bugs. Also the Sea Cucumber is great for pain and stiffness. I use it to help me with my troubles. Probably 1 on a full stomach and than work up to the 2 a day suggestion on the bottle. Echo Orange added into a bath soak. Get her wound under water or use a compress with your mix with Orange in it. I bet coconut oil would help releave the pain of also the sore being stiff. Sense it sound like that is also stiff besides her body.
> In Light Lynn

iZo I hope this helps

God bless you ,

Bill in Mich

Port Huron, MI

#9 Feb 12, 2010
Well, I am glad I am not the ONLY one with one in my nose! The Ivermectin DID help - but not completely. I have to take a Q-tip a few times a day because of EGGS! GROSS!! But I worry that I could be breathing them OUT and spreading them THAT way.
Isn't is JUST GROSS?
I WILL try your suggestion to help get rid of it that way! It is in my left nostril, but the right nostril has eggs???? I don't get that???? It DOES bleed sometimes, because when I brush my teeth, or if I clean another ulcerated one somewhere else on my body, for some reason, my eyes water and nose runs?????? Then I need to clean it out.
That is the FIRST thing the Infectious Disease Doctor did was to check and make sure I did not have AIDS. I don't. I knew I didn't, but it made him feel better and helped him to know how to treat me.
I see you are in Michigan!!!! Hello, fellow Michigander!!! Do you mind saying what city you are from? My profile says Port Huron. St Clair County is ok. Just ok. I can think of nicer places! Even with the beautiful water, the area's kind of screwed up! Besides, I have lived near the water my WHOLE LIFE, I don't mind moving away from it to a 'hillery' area, and more beautiful area!
It is SO cool you are from Michigan!
OH!!!! I DID get referred to U of M!!!!! I go on March 2nd!!!! Yeah!!!!
I can let everyone know how that goes!
The Dr's there accepted me! Quite a process! The Insurance Companie's nurse coordinator thinks I will get re-referred to one of "their" Infectious Disease Dr's. Whoever ... can help get RID OF THESE!!!!!
Nice talking with you!
Take care!

Portland, OR

#10 Feb 12, 2010
Hi, I was born in Midland, MI. I stayed a lot in Hancock, tiny town in upper penninsula near Lake Superior. Grand[parents were there.
Bill in Mich

United States

#11 Feb 15, 2010

When a bug gets in my nose 1 use 1 teasp borax & 1 cup of warm water , I dip my finger in the solution & put my finger in my nose several times & keep it moist with the solution in the nose for 30 mins. This has stopped any bug in my nose. Another poster said they use listerene to gargle with and it got the bug out of the throat.
Another poster said toothsoap from , for 16 dollars for a 4 month supply stopped the bug for her in the mouth. She reccomends the mint flavor, she thinks mint repels the bug.
Myself like I said before, I ran to the store to get 151 proof rum, 1 swig & it killed it I thought . I didn't feel it anymore is all I knew . I have had issuses in that area it attacked, in my gum . I have since had a root canal in the tooth I can't be sure if it is related . But after reading yourteeth disintagrating , I wonder if the bug
has something to do with my tooth problem. It sounds strange, a bug hurting a tooth but I do suspect it . The bug that went into my mouth passed thru my lip, into my gum & out the other side , I slapped ethel alcohol on it a raced to the store for 151 proof rum to make sure it died. I thought I felt it again in the lip area 6 months later. It sound like a science fiction story , but it seemed it moved in & thru the lip area like a fiber glass thread. So strange .I have not felt it in quite a while. I soak a borax rag on my face 3tbls borax per3/4gallon of warm water , this removes the bug from my face , I do it 30 mins 1-2 times per day, for 30 mins , for 5-30 days , more like 14 days. Borax soaks out bugs , on the face I must use a reduced concentration of borax or it draws too hard on the skin & makes sores develop, but if I use it 3 tbls per 3/4 of water it works great & the face is not at all burned by the saltyness of the borax and the bug is killed permanetly , best to do it for 30 days..
I also use the borax water mix in a pair of rubber boots after I get out of the shower &do chores , it clears feet100%

God bless you,

La Tortura


#12 Feb 15, 2010
hi Izo:
Before going to bed try spreading Neem oil all over your face, around your nose and mouth, on your neck, ears, etc. it repells the mites and also it rends them unable to reproduce. During the day I'm using Biosilk Therapy all over my hair, eyebrows and face, it really works. Use Spearmint Listerine mouthwash at least 4 times a day, and before going to sleep.

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