success story with helpful advice

success story with helpful advice

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#1 Dec 9, 2009
Since most of the comments on this forum are either people freaking out or someone with the brain capacity of a fritado either rambling on or trying to scare you, I thought this story of my experience would be helpful

I started itching in August and saw 3 different nurses/doctors until the last one finally referred me to a dermatologist. The first diagnoses I recieved were anything from poison ivy, to heat rash, to dermatitis (all incorrect). But I itched much more at night, and the itching was concentrated in areas such as my thighs, belt line, and wrists.

The dermatologist gave me a scratch test (came up positive for scabies) perscribed me permetherin and I treated with it for 3 weeks at one week intervals (3 applications total). I also cleaned my environment immediately after getting out of bed each time (washed all sheets/recently worn clothes, vacuumed furniture and rugs). I bought a dust mite proof mattress cover and pillow covers. I changed my seat at work for the first week. I also spot treated problem areas with a sulfur cream i had anyway from proactiv that came with my acne wash.

After 4 weeks I was still itching and some of the spots developed into bigger red bumps (i think called nodular post scabies?). I am now treating these with a perscription cortosteroid i got from my dermatologist and I took claritin orally for itching. Finally after 6 weeks the itching went away completely. I heard that your body makes you allergic to scabies (causing itch) once it detects them, so you might be more allergic to dust mites that you were before until your body normalizes (this also explains why you dont feel scabies right away but if you are reinfested you feel it right away).

Its now been 7 weeks since my first application of permetherin and there are still faint red marks in the areas that were the worst infected but these are slowly turning to scars and disappearing and the itch is completely gone.

I hope this story helps anyone who is struggling with this and is just looking for a sign that there is hope that this will soon be over. I'd give it two months from your first treatment before you start re-treating since the permetherin is pretty harsh and I know I was definitely freaking out after 4 weeks and still itching. I'll check this thread periodically and try and answer any questions but the best advice I can give is see a real dermatologist, not a general doctor, if you can.
Vann from Tennessee

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#2 Dec 9, 2009
I have just finished this summary. Here is why we itch and suffer long after the Scabies are dead & gone:

1. Infestation begins with a single pregnant FEMALE mite. Once impregnated, she leaves her "Molting
Pouch" to find a new host or to make her new permanent burrow. Male dies shortly after mating.

2. She lays 2 to 3 eggs per day that are approximately 0.10 to 0.15 mm in length. After 3 to 4 days,
her eggs hatch inside the skin burrow. 10% of the eggs hatch males, 90% females. The 6 legged larvae
remain in the female's burrow for up to one day, and then leave the burrow to excavate a their own
Molting Pouch.

3. Larvae grow and change form by shedding their exoskeleton (molting) three times before they reach
adulthood (larva, protonymph, tritonymph, adult). Each molting takes 2-3 days, and each molting
requires the excavation of new molting pouch or hair follicle. After the final molt, the mite has
reached reproductive maturity with 8 legs. Males leave the pouch to find a female. Females may leave
the pouch to look for an ideal location to dig a new tunnel.

4. Meanwhile, pregnant female continues to lengthen her burrow and laying eggs until ( 60 to 90 eggs in
all ) she dies in about 1 month. Burrows take an S shape.

5. Adult males are innocuous, residing in shallow areas on the skin and feeding on their human host
until they find the molting pouch of a female mite. they are attracted to the openings of female mites'
molting pouches, which contains large quantities of feces.

6. Newly impregnated mites tend to choose areas where there are folds and crevices, such as between the
fingers, under the arms, on the wrists, around the waist, the breast area (on women), and around male

They have left all of these molting pouches full of poop & exoskeletons and the dead mites in their tunnels continue causing itching long after their demise.


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#3 Dec 9, 2009
Vann, if you know it ,could you add a time frame to the above as this information could be useful in applying dermicides when used in conjunction with iver.Thanks

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#4 Dec 9, 2009
Apologies Vann ,you already have done. A couple of questions for you : am I right in thinking that it takes between 8 and 12 days before they reach maturity ie.larva, protonymph, tritonymph, adult). Each molting takes 2-3 days ?
If so that means one has to zap each individual stage concurrently. Have you tried doing this and if you did what did you use and how did you get on ?

Glasgow, KY

#5 Dec 10, 2009
my phone is on the melt down but i can get messages. can you call and leave your e-mail on my mailbox. need to talk with you.
Vann from Tennessee

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#6 Dec 10, 2009
The accurate life stages I posted were VERY difficult find. Bottom line is this:
About 5 days following the 1st female burrow, hatchlings leave the burrow(s) EVERY DAY to dig new "Molting Pouches." So until the very last egg hatches, skin creams & daily soaking are required to kill them. We need to find a proven method of killing the mite AND HER EGGS at the same application. I don't know how to kill eggs buried under the skin. Is it even possible?

SKF, please post your questions here for the benefit of all.


Sun City, FL

#7 Dec 10, 2009
The pesky mites and what I've been dealing with for 2 months now..

I either got scabies in a 4 star hotel in NYC or on the plane (which originated from logan int where security screeners were confirmed to have scabies -*great)

For brevity sake, I treated with permithrin did wash, clean, cover furniture and matresses etc.. I treated from the neck down.. now maybe these mites are smarter than medical community knows.. because after about 3 days.. I had nothing neck down but my face/nose/scalp became unbearably infested.. my child was staying with me so I treated again and her this time.. her mother treated outside of my house as well.. everything seemed great, no stress and I went back to NY on biz trip.. no issues while in NY for a week, I come home.. and after a couple days it started all over again.. 3 perm treatment.. my child comes back to stay with me a few days and she goes back to her mom and her mom finds new burrows.. and both of them are itching progressively. They get another treatment and I treat myself again with perm. My 4rth treatment.. after the perm, I buy sulfor 10% cream.. 2 jars (de la cruz from walgreens) so for the next 2 days.. I cover myself in sulfor which was very messy.. so what? Anyhow.. I stopped having my child come over, since they seemed to cured and I was struggling with constant reinfestation.. about 4 days after last sulfur treatment, I start getting really itchy again and see spots popping up.. then the biting started, mostly my back and legs.. it dawned on me that it was not a coincidence that my dog seemed to be irritated and scratching a lot more than usual.. I called the vet and they gave me Promeris which says will kill mites... treated my dog as directed by vet (1x every 2 weeks)..

I did some bathing and showeing with Neem leaf extract and Neem oil mixed with my lotion.. I used selsun blue (red top) for my hair.. I bought a microscope and scraped myself (nothing confirmed).. I gave my dog to the dog trainer after her treatment and she hasn't been back in 12 days.. biting has subsided for the most part, itches and skin irritations persist.. but I have fought very hard to not treat myself again (I have a tube of perm and some stromectol in case..)

I have to say that with all the perm, sulfur, neem, etc.. I have really done a number on my skin.. I am having allerigic reactions every few nights to something.. I break out in hives (I do know the diff between hives and scabies) I take benadryl only as needed.. every 2-3 nights..

I am not certain that they are gone but it seems that I have foliculitus now or some other secondary infection (dermititis?) I'll be seeing a derm tomorrow AM, but I have to say that although I am itchy from time to time it has gotten a lot better.. and since it has been roughly 3 weeks since treatment and I don't see any scabies type rash, I am leaning more to say that I no longer have them but have something else from all the treatments..

so be careful, you may have over-treated yourself and now are suffering from contact dremititis/foleculitus etc..

I can't be certain I don't have them, but I figure if if I was reinfested I would have much more severe symptoms than I have at this point.. also, I have become so sensitive that if a tiny piece of lint touches my nose, I can feel it and of course think it's a scabie..

I feel for everyone here, this absolutely is a horrible experience that I don't wish upon anyone.

I'll let you know what the derm says tomorrow..
Vann from Tennessee

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#8 Dec 10, 2009

That was a horror story. What do you think went wrong? Did your dermatologist have any ideas?

Yours is just another of many, many horror stories on this board.

Nightmares Do Come True

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#9 Dec 11, 2009
1-more, you might want to try coconut oil on your skin. I left perm on for 20 hours and had terrible skin burns from the shoulders and chest up. I have been using the coconut oil for almost a week now and the chemical burns are subsiding. The coconut oil also smothers bugs and has antifungal properties, so it is good to use and has no side effects, oh, it also helps alleviate stretch marks incase you are losing weight as fast as I am with this crap. Good Luck and God Bless

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#11 Dec 11, 2009
Derm says that she doesn't see anything. I want to believe her.. so I am going with that. At this point, I believe I have done harm to my skin with the perm and other natural treatments..

I am taking 2 vitamin E 400 IU daily.

Interestingly my Derm said she is seeing a massive influx of scabies these past 3 months.


Vann, what went wrong? Well for starters I work from home a lot which opened me up to being re-infested. Secondly, there was the dog, which I truly believe was the resevoir.. third, my daughter is shared between my ex and we were not treating ourselves concurrently. Lastly, after my first or second treatment (the chronology is fuzzy) I went back to NY on biz trip and took the same flight and stayed at the same hotel.. which is where I believe I got them in the first place.

I also underestimated how pesky these things are. Being that I have MD's in the family, I never went to a Derm the first 2 treatments and just had them write me scripts at my request. Very bad!

I think it is important to tell people here, that the itching,crawling and feeling of biting may in fact be post-scabies syndrome. Please don't do what I did and continue to treat yourself because you *THINK* you have been re-infested.
D ee

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#12 Apr 20, 2013
I had them in my nose too and used a saline nasal rinse a few times a day.
Miss buggie

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#13 May 7, 2013
I once had a bad infestation of chigger bites and found that nail polish didn't kill the chigger but stopped the air from reaching the bite and it just stopped the itching. Tried it last night and it really helped. I have a zillon original infestation bites and they are slow to heal. I don't know if this is right but when I find a new bump I rub the perm cream into just that area. I have treated several times with perm cream just to try to stop the hatching and creation of more mites. I have about a zillion bites so it's a project.

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