Ivermectin and DMSO -- excellent prog...

Ivermectin and DMSO -- excellent progress, too soon to say CURE

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#1 Sep 12, 2012
I've been criticized for not contributing enough while asking questions, so let me remedy that by posting what has been working for me. It's too soon to say it's a cure, so I'll have to post once more after 90 days if I'm still mite free.

What has worked so far:

Five days using 50/50 solution of Merial Ivomec Pouron Wormer for Cattle and DMSO in a spray bottle, spraying head to toe before bed after showering. Clean clothes every night and morning (no morning shower). Changed bed linens every night after showering.(Treated bed linens, pillows, towels, etc. by powdering with Sevin dust and leaving in plastic bags for 5+ days before laundering or purchasing new.)

Two more days spraying head to toe with 70/30 solution ivomec/DMSO, changed clothes and bed linens, showered nightly before application.

For the following week I sprayed itchy spots as they came up, but didn't continue the head-to-toe application. I continued to change my bedding frequently, but not every night. Did not shower every night. Continued to treat clothes, bed linens, towels, etc. with Sevin dust.

For the last week I was also taking a high dose of oral Flagyl as well as spraying as needed, though I can't say whether it helped.



The Sevin dust has the same ingredient as old fashioned flea powder, but is now found only in garden departments for outdoor use. New flea powders use a different, much less effective pesticide.


I am not recommending this protocol or claiming that it will cure scabies. It is incredibly toxic and should never be undertaken lightly or without taking precautions, such as face masks to avoid breathing the Sevin dust and/or detoxification measures to protect internal organs. I used this method only after several other methods failed and when I was nearly suicidal.

This isn't my first rodeo with mite infestations so I knew better than to fool around. As soon as something proved ineffective, I moved on to something else. I estimate that this infestation lasted four to six months, but for the first three months I only had bumps, no itching or crawling sensations.

I did not bother seeing a dermatologist this time as I'd already been judged as delusional during a previous experience (without benefit of skin examination or scraping) and my current opinion of western dermatology is that their receptionists could do a better job. If I could pass myself off as a dog, I'd see a vet in a heartbeat.

Current state:

Very rare itching spots, occasional head itches, raised brownish scars where the raised brown nodules were, especially on arms and back. No more crawling sensations.


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#2 Sep 12, 2012
As I said, I think I've had this condition for nearly six months, but although I had growing and increasing brownish nodules on my arms and back, I didn't feel any itching or crawling sensations until three months ago. I never had open sores because I didn't scratch. As soon as the itching and crawling sensations started I went on the Internet and found some possible cures. I believe those things helped keep the itching under control so I could avoid scratching.

When I first used the Ivomec/DMSO I thought I was going to explode. I had to keep moving, couldn't sit or stand. I did jumping jacks in the middle of my family room for 10 minutes until my skin cooled off, then I collapsed, as I don't really have enough energy to sustain ten minutes of any kind of exercise, even limp jumping jacks. The second time was less uncomfortable, but I kept at it because afterwards I definitely felt some relief.
I made a tentative self-diagnosis of persistent atypical nodular scabies,(see Stanford Med's website about it), but I have no evidence to back it up. For all I know, it could be some kind of hook worm. I never had scabs, never saw or felt anything emerge from my skin, never saw anything other than some strange looking yellow blobs under the microscope.

What helped, but didn't cure:

Borax and water solution, poured head to toe after a nightly shower, only lightly blotted to dry -- I let the water in a plastic bottle absorb as much borax as it would (I found that the laundry borax worked better that the more refined one) and then poured it over myself before I got out of the shower. This helped enormously with the itching sensations and was very soothing to my skin. I didn't add Hydrogen Peroxide as sometimes suggested because it made my skin too raw.

Cedar shampoo -- I washed hair, scalp, body and small dog with cedar shampoo every night, even after I started using the Ivomec and DMSO. After rinsing, I applied whatever topical I was using at that time.

Fresh garlic -- this seemed to lessen the symptoms, but wasn't practical for regular use and wasn't enough of a cure to put up with the side effects.
10% Sulphur ointment. I tried making it myself, but it stopped working as soon as it dried on my skin. I bought De La Cruz 10% ointment and it worked well enough so that I could get some sleep, but was not a cure.

What didn't work:

Using topicals and not treating the environment, including my dog. Enough said.

Doxycycline, which I've been taking regularly for Bartonella and which is probably how I ended up with a bad immune system in the first place.

Topical mustard paste -- nada. No effect at all and it burned.
Sea buckthorne creams and ointments. Waste of money and time.


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#3 Sep 12, 2012

I plan to treat head-to-toe with Ivomec/DMSO once weekly for the next several weeks. When my current bottle of Ivomec gives out, I'll switch to the Eprinex, either with or without the DMSO, and see if that works better. Some here say that it does. I didn't want to switch from a protocol that was obviously working just to test a new one, but I will eventually do some further experimenting, especially if any of the itchies stick around.

I'll also continue using the cedar shampoo for myself and my dog during that time and also treat the environment. After a month, I may try only spot treating for a while, with no weekly head-to-toe. And eventually, I hope to get back to doing laundry using only detergent, high heat, and borax.

I'll also continue to detox and try to avoid having any long-term effects from all the toxins it took to get rid of the pests. My immune system definitely needs some attention and I'll be doing that as well.

I remember being flabbergasted a few years ago when an alternative MD I know said that he didn't even wear the same clothes inside his house as he did outside. He literally stripped at the door, showered immediately, and then changed into his indoor wardrobe. At the time, I didn't really understand what the fuss was all about. Now I think he may be some kind of genius. Or just someone with one too many bad experiences with "scabies."

I'll check back to answer questions for a while and will make my final post once I'm sure I'm cured. My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering. Best of luck to you all.

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#4 Sep 12, 2012

Re scratching: I should have said that I was extremely lucky to already have Ivomec and Borax for laundry on the premises. I regularly treat my dogs with the Ivomec for heartworm and I use Borax in my front-load washer to keep it from getting moldy. So it was at-hand immediately when I first needed it.

I think it may also be true that some types of scabies aren't as itchy as others, which is another lesson about how important it is to respect everyone's need to find their own cure.

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#5 Sep 17, 2012
9/17/12 MONDAY
I was using Teri cloth to apply MMS DMSO but have switched to spray now because I think I might have been spreading scabies-mites
Piccard Med 4 Pets
Buy it by gallon its cheaper **(Dmso Gallon pure Dimethyl Sulfoxide Pain & swelling)
Online General Stores
(mix 1lbs Sodium Flakes w/ 8 cups steam distilled water)
Essential Depot
2lbs Citric Acid (1 tablespoon to 4 ounce steam distilled water)
www.essentialdepot.com ** www.onlinegeneralstores.com
I tried Boraxo laundry with hydrogen peroxide in bath water
Saw in Blog Topix.com scabies-mites make a wash with Boraxo laundry but found wasn't thick enough for body wash so I use 1 cup of Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap (Smart Final $7.o3 w/ tax) to 1 quart water. I sift through metal screen to eliminate lumps mix large peanut butter plastic jar I put some misc nuts and bolts (1/4-20 x 1.0) for shaking then I use 12 ounce plastic Coke bottles for taking into shower.

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#6 Apr 1, 2013
Never had scabies but I'm thinking Neem(naturally occuring insecticidal oil) and DMSO(Known to pull chemicals safely through the skin).

You might smell like garlic from the oil but sounds like this Scabies is nasty and anything that gets rid of it is welcome.

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#7 Apr 10, 2013
Kerry wrote:
Never had scabies but I'm thinking Neem(naturally occuring insecticidal oil) and DMSO(Known to pull chemicals safely through the skin).
You might smell like garlic from the oil but sounds like this Scabies is nasty and anything that gets rid of it is welcome.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm just popping back on to say that it's likely I never had scabies. My affliction has turned out to be a disseminated hyperinfection of strongyloidiasis after taking prescribed cortisone for several months. It is being called "an emerging disease." See the references below.

In spite of the confident tone of most medical papers, it is NOT always readily controlled with ivermectin.

God help us.

Hyperinfection syndrome and disseminated strongyloidiasis

Hyperinfection syndrome and disseminated strongyloidiasis are most frequently associated with subclinical infection in patients receiving high-dose corticosteroids for the treatment of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbations. Subsequent impaired host immunity leads to accelerated autoinfection and an overwhelming number of migrating larvae. Whereas in chronic strongyloidiasis and in hyperinfection syndrome the larvae are limited to the GI tract and the lungs, in disseminated strongyloidiasis the larvae invade numerous organs. Left untreated, the mortality rates of hyperinfection syndrome and disseminated strongyloidiasis can approach 90%.

You can find a good full description here:


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#8 Apr 13, 2013
Thanks, Fred. Your judgement is my validation.

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