Possible Scabies... need help / sugge...

Possible Scabies... need help / suggestion

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MI Rel

Clarkston, MI

#1 Nov 9, 2010
Hi folks.

Not really sure where to begin, or how this all started, or even if what I have is "scabies" or something else...

To start, I'm 100% sure I didn't contract this sexually; as I've not had any sexual contact with anyone, not even kissing, and haven't really hugged anyone in AT LEAST a year.

My friend said his brother recently had Scabies, or that's what the doctor said. Now, I haven't seen hung out with his brother in a few years, but I have come in contact with my friend within the past month or so. We went to the movies, sat next each other, and that was it.

I just find it odd that I started seeing these spots on my skin about 4 or so days ago, and when I mentioned this to him, he said his brother had scabies not too long ago. When his brother told my friend this, it had progressed quite a bit, so he could have had it for god knows how long, gave it to his brother; my friend (without him having any effect to him), and unknowingly given it to me for the very brief time we were near each other. I honestly don't even think I shook his hand, but I was next to him; so maybe our clothes/fabric or whatever could have been just enough.

Now, that could be completely irrelevant, and just coincidence, and I have gotten it elsewhere, or what I have may not even be Scabies in fact.

Back to when I noticed them...

I noticed a spot on my hand, about the size of a dime. Red, not a pimple or anything, just a red mark. I scratched it (I wasn't feeling itchy), started picking at it and now it's flaky. I later examined the rest of my body and I noticed red marks on my chest. Some look like scratches, some are just dots, some are just red spots, some very very tiny red spots, but many of them resemble what I see on my hand. A couple are starting to look flaky as well. The biggest one I can see is just a little bigger than the size of a penny, but more wide than round.

I then started noticing them elsewhere... my legs (not so many, just a few), my left arm more so than my right, around my arm pits, and my waist. I can feel some behind my neck and around, my back, and what I saw around my waist, had started to progress downwards... you know the area.

To be quite honest, they don't really itch as much as what I've been reading from people who have scabies. Granted, I just started noticing these spots and the itching could get worse, but I've had no problems sleeping. The only time I "itch" at them is when I think about them, and think about itching, and then I start itching because it's all just "in my head" sort of thing.

I've read a lot of things posted by others, and I hate to think I have this without even having the joy of sleeping with someone... I mean, would have been great, and I feel jipped that I got this crap without having such pleasure, but I really am a loner, as said previously, I don't come in direct contact with many people, but I know it only takes one.

If anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be, please respond.

Note, I do not have medical insurance, so I can't just go see a doctor. I'm a college student (don't live in dorms) still so, I'm just not quite there yet and my funds are limited.

Since: Aug 10

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#2 Nov 9, 2010
you really need to find somehow to go to a Doctor (no excuses) borrow the money from anyone you can. Go to a Free Clinic! It sounds like you need to get diagnosed first as it will be hard for anyone here to help you. I don't mean to sound rash (no pun intended) but go to a doctor, seriously! To me this doesn't sound like scabies, but I could be wrong. And just remember and never forget that if it is scabies, waiting just one more day can make this 100 times worse.
p.s. I didn't contact my scabies through sexual contact either.
MI Rel

Clarkston, MI

#3 Nov 9, 2010
I sure hope it's not scabies Sleepless in SC... I would feel much more comfortable if I was sleeping around and got it; then I'd at least have a cool story to tell, and know how I got whatever this is but no, if it is; I'm going to be real, real upset.

I really am not sure what it could be. I rarely leave my room, only go to work and school, don't touch anyone or anything; not allergic to anything that I know of, never get sick, etc.

As far as going to see a Doctor; I know that's the best course to take, but from all the mis-diagnosis stories I've read on here, it sounds like most of you know more than the doctors; know what I mean? And I honestly cannot afford to go to the doctor's, and I'm not about to beg someone for money because I have a problem...

Hopefully I can get some replies as others may know what it is, or have experienced something similar which may end up being what I dread it could be.
Fed up-

Shelton, WA

#4 Nov 9, 2010
Well, I am not certain how I got it as well, but they didn't particularly itch at first either. I guess the itchy comes from the build up of the well... poo they leave trails of under your skin. I noticed it inbetween the thumb and pointer, right under the buttocks, my underarm by the arm pit. They dont go away on their own and trust me if they go long enough, you will feel like your in hell. From what I have gathered from the dr. They tend to like the feet, inbetween fingers, underarms, but rarely go above the face area. It took awhile for the dots for me to show up, I thought it was dry skin forever!
Armed and Fabulous

San Anselmo, CA

#5 Nov 9, 2010
MI Rel wrote:
Hi folks.
Not really sure where to begin, or how this all started, or even if what I have is "scabies" or something else...
I have may not even be Scabies in fact.
Note, I do not have medical insurance, so I can't just go see a doctor. I'm a college student (don't live in dorms) still so, I'm just not quite there yet and my funds are limited.
Dime sized lesions could be ringworm which is VERY SERIOUS and no picnic either. It is also very easily spread. Try some over the counter anti-fungal like LAMASIL AF, or ask your pharmacist what they recommend for ringworm but go to a doctor as soon as possible!!!!!
Go into a clinic or campus health center and talk to someone and let them know that you are uninsured. They will then be able to direct you and perhaps help you with any sample medicines that they have available so that you don't incur extra costs.

Many skin conditions including scabies affect people differently as far as itching and visible lesions.

The frustration experienced by many posters here is due to the lack of familiarity of many US doctors with scabies and environmental mite infestation symptoms. Even with that said, it is best to start with a doctor or a dermatologist for any unusual skin condition. They DO have experience and can help with many types of skin disorders regardless of whether they fully understand scabies/mite issues.

Best of luck to you....keep us posted as to how you are doing.
Been there done that

Independence, OR

#6 Nov 10, 2010
I just had those little bastards. Got it from a rental house I stayed at over the summer. Symptoms didn't show up for about 8 weeks, and it was terrible. You need to see a doctor asap. If it is scabies they can give you a cream that will kill the little bastards. Some doctors will work with you on a payment plan, if not then go to the urgent care. Whatever you do, you need to take care of it. Oh, scabies isn't something that you would get from sitting next to somebody, it has to be contracted skin to skin, or long term exposure...like sleeping in a bed for a week after someone else had infected it. Good luck!
MI Rel

Clarkston, MI

#7 Nov 10, 2010
Thanks for all the replies folks.

Yea, I don't think it's scabies just from the research I've been doing; as well as viewing these forums.

I just found it odd that I started noticing these things all on me and my friend said his brother recently got Scabies. I'm not the type of person who thinks the worst thing possible can occur, but I thought, maybe I got them from being around him (my friend, not his brother who has scabies) because we were sitting next to one another; and possibly what he was wearing was infected, and somehow managed to get on me.

A slight update though. It seems that many of the bigger spots on my chest and arms seem to be not so red, but more pinkish, as if they're starting to fade. They still don't itch, but I notice myself still itching in random spots (places I don't have any red spots at all) when I keep thinking about them... think my head is just playing tricks on me still.

I'm still not sure what's the cause of this, or what they are. They aren't any kind of a nuisance, but they are just simply still there. I've noticed these before, but it was just 1 of them years ago; not all over...

Could it be possible my body is having some form of allergic reaction to something? I haven't been taking anything different, eating, no pills, not even drinking. It's getting cold here now, and I've been piling on clothes to keep warm, but other than that, nothing's changed, nor do I think that could even cause something like this to happen. I just keep asking myself, what have I been doing differently?

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