hello, Had scabies for 3 months...(opening sentence feels like a confession at the AA!-not that i've been). Been reading most of these posts and researching for ages. I'm still debating the crawling issue. I think my cleaning regime is good (living out of rotating plastic bags for clothes and mattress, changing clothes, showering and exfoliating and bed linen and towels every day and wiping surfaces and laundramat for clothes) and tried all creams at least once. Had no itching at night basically for 2 weeks (using perm twice-took me a while to find it). Woke up at 4 in the morning..a couple of hours ago with crawling sensation and itchy all over. i am grateful I hardly have any marks..massive empathy with those with heaps of red marks. I have had quite a few white little v marks (after red S's on wrists at the beginning.) But 2 hours ago-felt crawling on my lip..next door to old crawling on lip and up nose..just in dilemma now about waiting for crawling sensation (seems that is a debate here) to subside as if I am done or yet another treatment of perm treatment-(using one whole thing on all my hair as well instead of just really thoroughly on scalp, face and body) have been doing different topical treatments every 7 days for quite a long time. It is intimidating isn't it-thinking of all those eggs laying, while I wait and see about the crawling and the pin-pricking being 'just a sensation'. In reading it seems like such a broad spectrum of cures that work for different people. Anyway this is my first post. Have others had little white v's?..i pressume that's the burrows. Anyway i'm going to try and sleep for a couple of hours..will probably do another perm treatment and then go to another doctor to be referred to dermotologist. Been through some nodules and tiny little red clustered dots like shaver's rash. I realise i don't have it as bad as some..but I am tired of all this and have cried at times. I am studying and not much money...all my xtra money is on this. Surely I am doing everything right? so i should wait and see if I am cured?