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Golden, CO

#1 Sep 22, 2013
This is a comprehensive protocol for dealing with Lyme/MD using synergy and the power of herbs. It has several working component and everything serves a function.

Lyme is a generic name given to a collection of infections that can vary from person to person, it also has the Borrelia spirochete involved.
Morgellons is caused by a pathogenic bacteria that is opportunistic so it takes another infection or factor that compromises the immune system. These co-infections also form a symbiosis with the MD bacteria. So this synergistic protocol that has strategies for gram negative, gram positive bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites also deals with the MD bacteria.

This protocol is designed to give a person a clean slate and that is the only way the protocol will work as will be explained.

Golden, CO

#2 Sep 22, 2013
“Synergy a Key Herbal Concept”.

Essentially the collection of infections form a symbiotic relationship resulting in pathogenic synergy that is commonly called virulence. The pathogens work as a team so they must be treated as a unit.

Another reason that they should be treated as a single infection with many components is that the pathogenic DNA can cause re-infection. DNA is the genetic material that when combined with nutrients will generate life.

Not only does the infection need to be treated as a whole, but the body needs to be treated as a whole because all the body systems influence the overall health of a person and these infections are systemic and go everywhere in a person’s body.

Golden, CO

#3 Sep 22, 2013
The Synergy Protocol:

In order to prepare someone for actual treatment of the infection a good course of action is to maximize detox potential and support organ function.

When pathogens are inside a person they release exotoxins and those toxins are responsible for symptoms. When they are killed the pathogens release a flood of endotoxins and those are responsible for the symptoms people experience in a Herxheimer reaction.

The symptoms of the Herx are directly related to the symptoms of the particular type of infection. Those toxins need to be detoxed to return to health because they are very detrimental to health themselves.

I suggest the following to prepare for treatment.
*Taking Taurine as a supplement promotes bile production and that greatly aids in removal of toxins, and strengthens the immune system.

Golden, CO

#4 Sep 22, 2013
*Taking a Lecithin supplement like Lecithin Mega PC-35 helps to promote a healthy liver and the liver is what cleans the blood. Lecithin also helps to repair damaged cell walls, and the probiotics keep the intestines healthy and better able to remove toxins.

Lecithin is an Omega 6 and needs to be balanced with an Omega 3 lipid. Omega 3’s are fish oil or cod liver oils supplements.

Golden, CO

#5 Sep 22, 2013
*A probiotic is essential to restore immunity and to process toxins out of the body. There is an obstacle to the probiotic bacteria reaching the colon and that is stomach acid. It is estimated that only 2% to 4% of probiotics survive stomach acid. This accounts for the months of time it takes to rebuild gut flora when taken orally and in chronically infected people that might not do anything.

“Implantation directly into the rectum greatly increases the absorption and effectiveness of probiotics since they are deposited directly into the sigmoid region of the colon and they do not have to survive the acid bath of the stomach in order to reach their destination”

Golden, CO

#7 Sep 22, 2013
* Zinc deficiency is very common in people and this deficiency causes a myriad of health problems. The microbes in Lyme also cause DNA damage and zinc is a binding protean in DNA so DNA needs that building block.

“Zinc is known to be an essential component of DNA-binding proteins with zinc fingers, as well as copper/zinc superoxide dismutase and several proteins involved in DNA repair.”

There are a few different types of zinc supplements available and zinc is poorly absorbed, there is a particular version of zinc that is now made by a few suppliers and is marketed under the name opti-l-zinc or similar. The zinc is bound to monomethionine and an amino acid of copper which makes it much more available to your body.

Genetic concepts have evolved in the last 30 years and it is now known that DNA responds substantially to it’s environment and it is not a set that is unchangeable. This is commonly known as the “fluid genome”.

Golden, CO

#8 Sep 22, 2013
*Resveratrol is a very beneficial supplement in Lyme/MD patients. In his book “Healing Lyme” by Stephen Harrod Buhner he discusses the use of resveratrol in his protocol. From my own personal experience the resveratrol was very beneficial in reducing the effects of the over production of Quinolinic acid. Quinolinic acid is a large factor in the fatigue and brain fog people experience from the Lyme infection and herx.

Pycnogenol is also a very beneficial potent antioxident to help with neurotoxins such as Qiunolinic acid.

Pycnogenol is the Hercules of antioxidents.

Golden, CO

#9 Sep 22, 2013
*Use a Trace mineral supplement. There are formulas available that are “ionic” and this is the best type to get inside of cells. The variety of infections have many intracellular forms, cell wall deficient borrielia, babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, mycoplasma, etc.

The trace minerals help to restore cellular respiration and also are important for nutrient uptake. They have quite an array of uses in the body and a deficient body will become dysfunctional to a degree.

Doing the above will help to ease the severity of the herxhiemer reaction. I suggest doing the above for 3-4 weeks before starting the synergistic herbal part of the protocol. The above recommendations treat the body as a whole, or holistically, because all the body systems influence eachother and are codependent. Your health is a function of your body’s systems working together.

Golden, CO

#10 Sep 22, 2013
After helping your body to prepare for the toxins that will be released during the treatment the next step is to move to the synergistic herbal protocol.

The protocol is not only synergistic from the inherent polypharmacy it is also strategic and some of the items were chosen because of the demonstrated activity .Why not antibiotics, you might ask.

The reason that pharmaceuticals are identified as toxins in the body is that they are synthetic chemical isolates. They are not naturally occurring substances in the body or any organism.

Golden, CO

#11 Sep 22, 2013
Synthetic ABX do nothing to address the issue of biofilms. Biofilms are the symbiotic communities that the pathogens use as command centers and fortresses. A treatment plan using synthetic antibiotics absolutely also requires the use of Protease enzymes like Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase or Nattokinase.

However when using this herbal protocol less emphasis needs to be put on adjunct treatment of biofilms because many of the herbs have astounding abilities in this area. An example is Usnea, Cinnamon and garlic are also examples.
“We loaded(+)-usnic acid into modified polyurethane and quantitatively assessed the capacity of (+)-usnic acid to control biofilm formation by either S.aureus or Pseudomonas aeruginosa under laminar flow conditions by
using image analysis.(+)-Usnic acid-loaded polymers did not inhibit the initial attachment of S.aureus cells,but killing the attached cells resulted in the inhibition of biofilm.”

Golden, CO

#12 Sep 22, 2013
Dr. Buhner is a master herbalist who has written 10 books including how to heal from lyme. This protocol here is more progressive than his because I created it from the ground up to be the most effective available, he is however a great source of info.

That being said here is Stephen Harrod Buhner’s opinion on biofilms.
“I am not a big fan of the biofilm hysteria that is common among the lyme community right now. ALL bacteria form biofilms. It is just a grouping of bacteria together in one location and the formation of a kind of rigid structure, similar to coral formation in the oceans, that they use to protect themselves. This is just ONE of a great many mechanisms bacteria use to protect themselves from immune responses or antibacterial substances and so on. It is no more dangerous or important than the bacterial ability to use efflux pumps to remove antibacterial substances from their cells or to use the immune system itself to hide from assault. Most herbal medicines are effective against biofilm formations just as are most immune systems. A biofilm may slow down effectiveness of immune response or herbal antibacterials but it does not stop them. It is not the terminator of bacterial protection. Biofilms have been around for eons and plants and immune systems have developed mechanisms for dealing with them. I would not worry about them as of being of particular importance in becoming healthy”
The above statements reflect exactly what I experienced using this synergistic protocol.

Golden, CO

#13 Sep 22, 2013
The length of treatment is long because these infections get everywhere in the body including the bone marrow.

The herbs selected were selected because of scientific studies supporting their effectiveness in vitro and using anecdotes of success. Some of the herbs only have success testimony from long standing traditional medicine systems. The amount of herbs is because of the philosophy of expanding herbal synergy to it’s practical limits.

The herbal part; Please take these next statements seriously.
*You have to work up to the final doses or you could herx too much. Herxing is needed but you have to manage it and tailor the use to your own specific needs. Start at 1 drop of each and add another drop every 2 days. If herxing becomes overwhelming then reduce the dose by half and build back up. From all the accounts I’ve read and my personal experience my herxing was gentle in comparison and didn’t incapacitate me.

Upon waking;
Make and drink the smoothie containing Parsley, Cilantro, Niacin, Bromelain and Honey.
Wait approx. 25 minutes and drink the following in a full glass of water on an empty stomach. I used my stove timer.

Rosemary tincture- 30 drops
Cinnamon Bark tincture -30 drops
Olive leaf tincture -30 drops
Cat’s Claw tincture -20 drops
Sarsaparilla tincture- 30 drops
Usnea tincture – 15 drops
Quina tincture – 10 drops

I put one tincture in the glass with the dropper then added a little water and proceeded the same way with each tincture. Wait 15 minutes and then take the next collection in the same manner as above. Take this in a full glass of clean water on an empty stomach.

Sichuan Teasel – 15 drops
Cryptolepis tincture- 15 drops
Sida Acuta tincture-15 drops
Anamu Tincture- 15 drops
Banderol tincture-10 drops
Chanka Piedra tincture-15 drops
Barberry root tincture- 15 drops.
Wait 15 minutes and then take this;
Houttuynia Cordata powder-½ teaspoon Moringa leaf powder-½ teaspoon

I took the houttuynia and moringa in a popular herbal detox tea that contains about 20 different herbs. I also added some powdered organic cinnamon to help carry the houttuynia into tissues.

All of the components are needed, for example if you took out the moringa , the most nutritous food on earth that also kills gram negative and gram positive bacteria then the protocol would suffer.

Golden, CO

#15 Sep 22, 2013
I duplicated the action demonstrated by an herb several times so that particular weaknesses would be attacked by more than one mechanism of action, to use pharmacodynamic synergy.

Some of the herbs change factors that other herbs can then exploit, pharmacokinetic synergy. This first link explains that the medicinal synergy in plants as pharmacy is so complex that current science can not completely understand it.


Golden, CO

#16 Sep 22, 2013
This protocol will make you herx. The “herx” is a body reaction to toxins released from the death of a pathogen. Those types of toxins are endotoxins. While the pathogens are living inside you they produce exotoxins. An exotoxin can cause damage to the host by destroying cells or disrupting normal cellular metabolism. They are highly potent and can cause major damage to the host.

They can have a localized effect like the redness of an infected wound or produce systemic effects. The exotoxins of an ongoing chronic Lyme infection can cause a quickly debilitating condition or be a slow drag on the body’s attempts to keep the body well.
The endotoxins are held within the pathogen and are released when the pathogen is destroyed. These are the toxins responsible for the herxheimer reaction. In holistic medicine it is sometimes called a healing crisis.

If the only consideration was to kill the pathogens inside you then recovery wouldn’t be as difficult. When there is a large infection load of many types combined with chemical toxins from the environment inside you then there is a need to moderate the release of these toxins so that the body will be able to process them out without becoming very sick from that release.

If you want to avoid the herxheimer reaction completely then you won’t be making progress in eliminating the infections. Some herxing is required to kill the infections inside you and the goal is to keep it at levels that are manageable and not detrimental to the body.

Increasing the capacity of your body to detox the endotoxins and chemical toxins, perhaps from synthetic antibiotic use, will make the process of killing the internal infections and processing those toxins out of the body more efficient and less of a healing crisis. When you are having a herxheimer reaction it can manifest in many ways depending on what you are infected with.

Golden, CO

#17 Sep 22, 2013
Since the pathogens that cause certain symptoms in a particular illness cause those symptoms because of what the pathogens carry then killing that pathogen and releasing those endotoxins will exhibit similar symptoms. This is a way to determine what type of infections you carry to some degree. Although when using this protocol, which carries a philosophy of treating for all pathogen types, the symptoms could be so varied and wide spread that the conclusion could be that you were infected with a lot of different microbes. That was the case with me.

There were definite symptoms relating to particular infection types but also many unanticipated herxheimer symptoms that caused me to invest a good amount of time thinking about what was actually happening to me. When you consider all the pathogen types that someone is exposed to in their lifetime it could inspire you to live in a plastic bubble. Using a reduced form of this organic and non toxic protocol just for defense once you are recovered can be your plastic bubble.

The herxheimer reaction or “acute inflammatory response” typically raises human temperature, heart rate and blood pressure and particular accompanying symptoms will depend on the source of the endotoxin.

Golden, CO

#18 Sep 22, 2013
I spent approximately 3 months in a constant daily herx and about another month in fading waves of herxing after arriving at the point when I was fully engaged in the protocol. Out of all the many numerous symptoms I had I could always attribute them the endotoxin release and never found the symptoms to be directly caused by the protocol. This was proven out because I continued steady usage and dosing and those symptoms left when the endotoxins were detoxed.

Your personal experience with the herxheimer reaction will depend on how infected you are and how efficiently you are detoxing. Your progress and time frames are dependent upon those variables. The dosing recommended should be considered in the context of your own situation.

It’s a good thing to drink lots of water in order to flush these toxins out of your system. A popular rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. I did spend a few days in bed during that time but it was because the herx was an indication of effectively killing a lot of pathogens and that my body was telling me it needed to recover.


Golden, CO

#19 Sep 22, 2013
I also had some pretty good fevers and used a detox bath to break those and it always did. The recipe for the detox bath is as listed, it has been used to aid in detoxing radiation victims.

The Detox Bath is used to break the fevers I had because when the endotoxin load builds up the herx symptoms do also. There are variants of this recipe on the internet.
½ cup Epsom salt

½ cup Sea salt

1/3 cup of ground mustard seed.

Mix all ingredients and put into a bath that is as hot as you can safely handle. Keep two glasses of water near the tub so can stay hydrated because this will make you sweat a lot. Stay in at least 20 minutes.
I found the organic mustard seed at my local organic grocery store in bulk and just ran it through my blender until it was powder. I made up batches that would last for 5-6 baths.

Golden, CO

#20 Sep 22, 2013
When doctors talk about allergies they sometimes use the analogy that your body is like a bucket and once it is full then it overflows and you experience allergy symptoms. At one point I was talking to someone who had chronic Lyme and she told me she was allergic to the herbals. I believe this was because she was very infected and that when she tried herbal treatments it induced an almost instantaneous endotoxin release and that her detox pathways were dysfunctional so that there was a massive endotoxin release that essentially had nowhere to go.

She had told me she was treating her Lyme only with nutrition and juicing so I suspect her infection level was high. Working on your ability to detox a few weeks before starting the herbal tincture part of the protocol should be done. A herx symptom that I had was pain in the muscles and this lasted about a week initially and came back once or twice in less intensity. A lot of the herx symptoms repeated themselves several times if not more. My joints hurt and especially my knees.

Golden, CO

#21 Sep 22, 2013
Something I noticed about my knees hurting was that it would only take a few days for them to feel better and each time they hurt again it felt like it was coming from a deeper area in the joint. Normally the borrelia infection is associated with the joints.

There were drenching night sweats where I would wake up soaked and had to change my t shirt so I could go back to sleep. This happened for about a week and then became less. I did have the same type of sweating around the back of my neck and on my head for a couple weeks but not like the initial phase where I would wake up in a puddle.

This type of herxing is associated with babesia. I also had some bacterial rashes on my chin and face after shaving, making absolutely sure I had a clean razor. This is caused by the bacterial toxins and bacterial being detoxed in that area and infections being killed in the hair follicles there.

Golden, CO

#22 Sep 22, 2013
The best remedy I found for the bacterial rash was to scrub the area very good with a clean mild soap and rinse with warm water a few times then the irritation would leave. You don’t want to use a soap that is full of perfumes or chemicals. You also don’t want to use any crèmes or lotions on your skin that your body can absorb or that will clog your pores because you detox through your skin as well.

There was also some redness on both of my elbows that looked like the redness you see sometimes around a wound. As the die off was taking place in my elbows the infection debris was moving out and dissipating until it was gone. I had the same type of occurrence on the sides of my neck.

There were a few cysts that popped up near my knees on the skin that took about a month to heal and return to normal.

The burning in my feet during the herx lasted for about 10 weeks and initially was a little painful. There were also some stinging sensations there. This is associated with a bartonella infection. I came to welcome the burn because I saw it as a sign of the treatment’s effectiveness. I noticed often that the burn would be a little more intense about an hour or two after the dosing was complete.

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