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Turlock, CA

#86 Jan 11, 2012
You most probably have a staph invasion. Sounds like you have primary lesions with little satellite lesions taking of from there, with some of those lesions doing the same. That however doesn't rule out scabies, because with lots of scratching comes abrasion, opening your already compromised epidermis to staph... Just sayin. Hmmmmmm
Ivermectin is for all

Lake Mary, FL

#87 Jul 14, 2012
hats wrote:
Yes, I would also like to mention (as I forgot) that I brought scabies to this house. the cats were fine before they met me. I had done my second dose of permethrin and given the "all clear" go ahead from my doc, so I didn't think I would be spreading this awful infestation to anyone.
so are you saying that I have had the animal form of scabies this whole time and passed it to the cat?
Don't need to inject the animals nor your selves but the injectable for for Cows called IVOMEC can be swallowed; one drop per one kilogram of weight!

Ivermectin is also used topic for lice; and if you do a regular once every 21 days treatment it is good to deworm; we all have parasites.

Hightstown, NJ

#88 Apr 8, 2013
i know scabies wrote:
u no something u should all be in chat rooms because i dont want to know how u got scabies or where u got it or who u screwed or what kind of dog or cat u have im not here looking for a friend im here to gain useful and meaningful knowledge on how to get rid of scabies this is very serious &%#$so please can anyone tell me where online i can purchase the correct drugs without a prescription since my doctor has given up after the lindane prescriptions didnt work and please folks do not recommend u need a prescription with them
Try Canadian Health&Care Mall, lighten up it ain't funny but crying about it will not get rid of it.

Olathe, KS

#89 Apr 27, 2013
I realize this post was years ago, but you have got to realize that when we break any of the Ten Commandments, we open ourselves up for whatever follows. In your case, it was scabies, apparently. You seem to think that your long-term relationship allowed you to have sex and that, too, was a no-no. Sex is ONLY good within the confines of marriage. Try finding a good girl who hasn't been married before and get married with the intention of having children. Then, stay loyal to her, treat her with love and kindness and you may find you will have less problems in your life, in general. Also, as long as I am giving you advice, which you will undoubtedly disregard, you might look for a traditional Catholic priest and go to confession and begin attending his Masses. This is a quick recipe for a good life the way God intended us to live it. Btw, for those of us who disregard God's laws, there are an infinite number of problems and after we die, we will find out how serious our mistake was, infinitely.
hats wrote:
Oh, I'm sorry, I must be the only person here who has ever had a one night stand. Listen, dickwad- I just got out of a long relationship, and I rebounded with some random girl I met. That is the first time I have ever even had sex with someone that I wasn't in a serious relationship. I suggest you take a long walk off of a short cliff. Please.

Modesto, CA

#90 Sep 28, 2013
If you use stromectol you will need a lot but it will get rid of them. If you're curious this is where I bought it online without a script

Dublin, Ireland

#92 Oct 16, 2013
this place is great. i have lots of help and i hope to be free of itch for the first time in years soon. i hope so

Uckfield, UK

#94 Dec 12, 2013
Humans cant contact Scabies from Animals , the pests of animals cant survive on humans and vice versa ....

United States

#97 May 30, 2014
So, I've done a lot of reading about scabies and actually felt compelled after reading these threads to share my knowledge and experience. I'm not an expert but I'm noticing a lot of questions similar to the ones I once had. My experience was with regular scabies (not Norwegian crusted).
the bumps/rashes are *clusters of tiny bumps that are red and usually around creases of the body like the breasts, waistlines, behind the knees or even the front, armpits but I also had it especially on my neck, arms, calves and stomach at times.
They typically are *a lot more apparent and itchy at night.*Hallmark sign is also the burrows, track marks that essentially look like someone scratched your skin with the tip of a safety pin in the shape of a line... There can be many of them.
Diagnosis: I waisted my time at the wrong doctors once I finally worked up the balls to go, by seeing a regular doctor who then referred me to an infectious disease doctor who (apprehensively agreed to write me a script for Ivermectin after I explained that I had unsuccessfully treated myself for months with permethrin cream). If the ivermectin doesn't work he said I needed to see a dermatologist to confirm the diagnosis. If you think you have matching symptoms save yourself the hassle and see a dermatologist first (assuming you don't need a referral for insurance).
Treatment: I tried for several months using permethrin but usually, it would stop the itching for the night and the next day I'd have fewer bumps but they'd continue to pop back up after days or a week. It's possible that with the cream I 1)missed spots (you have to cover yourself head to toe because they move under your skin) or 2) I reinfected myself by not washing my clothes and bedding in *hot water*, and/or 3) I created resistant scabies by retreating several times but not killing them all.
Now that I have the Ivermectin prescription I plan to combine the cream, with the cleaning of bedding and clothes, with the oral Ivermectin. Save yourselves the nightmare and do everything in terms of treatment by the book because they don't just go away..
Also, if you can't afford the doctor or are scared like I was I did (but don't recommend doing this):
For Permethrin cream: bought 10% Permethrin online (for outdoor treatment, why you don't need a script) and combined in a 50/50 solution of Permethrin and lotion so that it becomes 5%.
For the Ivermectin: bought online Noromectin for cattle and swine that is supposed to be injected and ingested but I think I did the math wrong as far as the dosage (I stayed conservative and may have underdone the dosage).
I can't speak to the cattle Noromectin but the Permethrin only brought me temporary relief until it came back for whatever reason. Bite the bullet and see a dermatologist if you can. Nothing is worse then itching and guessing and itching. Push for the ivermectin or both.
But be wary of doctors who obviously don't like being told by their patients what the diagnosis is or are unfamiliar with scabies and also treatment.
A few things:
Scabies is the human form of what animals get called mange. Scabies only survives on humans and mange only with animals. If you're suspicious of your pets and you have symptoms too it may be a coincidence that you both have each species related mite.
Be mindful that if you treated and unless you're seeing burrows, you might be cured of living mites. Sometimes the skin continues to be irritated because dead mites are still under the skin. Exfoliate with sulfur soap for this. Trust me.
I will write back with the Combined treatment results since I've seen many haven't wrote back how it turned out. Hope this was helpful for all you out there wondering and suffering. Like all community forum posts: take this with a grain of salt. I'm no doctor clearly and I did a few somewhat risky things before I finally went to a professional.

Highland Park, NJ

#98 Jun 23, 2014
Just an update. Took Ivermectin and it's been working. Don't waste your time with the permethrin. Relief after all this time.

Used script and also Noromectin for when (I knew I would reinfect myself by not having hot enough washing machine for my clothes). Worked wonders I'm so much happier.

Since: Sep 12

Location hidden

#99 Jul 5, 2014
Started taking ivermectin again. Today took 5ml of Ivomec Injection 1% in a glass of water. Lower doses didn't give me much relief. I only weigh like a 180 lbs.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#101 Aug 1, 2014
Treated the whole family w perm 5%. Kept the kids out of school for a whole week and cleaned everything like a crazy person. My kids and hubby seem to be fine and that was from April but I am still having issues w my skin. Itchy rashes that come up here and there and then disappear. I unfortunately had to go back to work right away so I've been exposed to three areas my home car and workplace. I am going to treat again and take ivermectin this time in combination with the permethrin cream. I will keep everyone posted.

Modesto, CA

#103 Aug 5, 2014
FInally got rid of my scabies. Ordered tons of it at thankfully they dont even ask for a script.

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