Ivermectin (Stromectol) dosage

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#66 Oct 20, 2010
Angel wrote:
the Iver dosage is 200ug per kg body weight.
230 LBS=104.33kg
So you should take 104.330.2=20.866mg
Because the smallest tablet available is 3mg, you take 73mg-tablet=21mg
Note,you can't know if you doctor gave you the right or wrong dose if you don't know how many mg/kg your dose of stromectol is written for. Depending on your weight and the cost of the pill, many doctors will prescribe less pills at a higher dose than .2mg/kg to keep your cost down. IE if it's cheaper to prescribe one pill at 6mg/kg than 3 pills of 2mg/kg, then your doc is doing you a favor. The average prescrbed dose for humans is .2mg/kg, HOWEVER, you the ALSO have to know the concentration of the pill prescribed to you. Ivermectin comes in a variety of concentrations.

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#67 Oct 24, 2010
magicpharma is legit. However, I wouldn't use an email address which you regularly use unless you feel like fighting spam. I've NEVER had a problem with spammers until I purchased some items from magicpharma.

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#68 Oct 25, 2010
It maybe legit but their iver is 30% weaker imo- the real stuff ,Stromectol is noticeably stronger.
You're right about spam Carl ; I get 5 -20viagra mails a day on hotmail, a bloody nuisance !
Personally I'd go for liquid iver ,Ivomec .

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#69 Oct 25, 2010
benG1 wrote:
It maybe legit but their iver is 30% weaker imo- the real stuff ,Stromectol is noticeably stronger.
You're right about spam Carl ; I get 5 -20viagra mails a day on hotmail, a bloody nuisance !
Personally I'd go for liquid iver ,Ivomec .
I've never been able to get a doc to give me a prescription for stromectol so I can't compare it to the magicpharma stuff, but I've always assumed picking it up at a local pharmacy would have gotten me more effective pills. I tend to side with your opinion benG1, and others who got the real stuff mentioned this also.

The more I used that site, the more spam I got. I wonder if the spammers even sold that email address to other spammers, no doubt.

I have a couple bottles of Ivomec Injectable 50 mLin my medicine cabinet still, hopefully I'll never have to use more. I was mixing it with a little water, giving it a quick stir, and drinking it because that stuff is so nasty tasting, ewww! I'm not 100% certain now, but the Ivomec seemed to work better than the pastes.

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#70 Mar 27, 2011
20% bleach w/ water, alternate with vick's vapor rub, then medication


#71 Mar 27, 2011
mer wrote:
20% bleach w/ water, alternate with vick's vapor rub, then medication
excuse me? baking powder?
come again? did you say something here?
s hughes

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#72 Apr 1, 2011
hats wrote:
OK, if you want to know about anything except my post, then look for it or create your own please.... i have been hijacked.
Anyhow, here is another question for all of you guys. Since I never had any skin scraping, my family and new girlfriend are skeptical that I even have scabies. I have been intimate with my current girlfriend for the past two months, and besides the occasional itching in areas such as legs around the knees and around the waistline (I watch like a hawk every time she scratches) she has only had one rash (looked just like the ones I get ALL THE TIME where it is a concentrated red blob with buckshot-like red dots surrounding it). Is it possible that I don't even have scabies?
I have gotten a few pimple like sores that look like mean whitehead pimples, and i pop them and they never heal. Does anyone else have this happen?
I am going crazy, because my girlfriend thinks that she doesnt have it, and doesn't even want to treat for it. One of her cats (she has 2) has polkadot scabs around his ears on the top of his head, and it seems like scabies to me. She thinks that he just gets into fights and that is why he has these scabs on his head he is scratching all of the time. I am afraid that even if I treat everything myself, I will just get reinfected by the cats, as she refuses to even consider giving them any medication.
I think I am going fudging insane.
try taking four to six caps. of olive leaf extract. You can't take too much cause this is natural. Also ask a pharmacist if Lindane Solution can be used topically on red skin areas. All clothing and linens next to red bumps should be washed in very hot water! Also, ask pharmacist if spray for head lice can be sprayed on your mattress, car seats, carpeting,etc.
i know scabies

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#73 Apr 17, 2011
u no something u should all be in chat rooms because i dont want to know how u got scabies or where u got it or who u screwed or what kind of dog or cat u have im not here looking for a friend im here to gain useful and meaningful knowledge on how to get rid of scabies this is very serious &%#$so please can anyone tell me where online i can purchase the correct drugs without a prescription since my doctor has given up after the lindane prescriptions didnt work and please folks do not recommend magicpharma.com u need a prescription with them
i know scabies

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#74 Apr 17, 2011
the more i read these forums the more i realize most of u r only looking for someone to talk to magicpharma is not legit u need a prescription for iver and elimite

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#75 Apr 29, 2011
seb wrote:
<quoted text> I used majicpharma because of this thread. They did not rip me off, but the first stomectol arrived in one month, and then inexplicably, a second batch (all pills ordered the same day) came a moth later. Faster to order from Canada, about two weeks, or better yet, go to local farm supply and get a tube of ivermectin horse paste (not quite .2mg per kg that is human typical dose, so add a few pounds, and for 3$ generic or 10$ ivermectin, your good to go.
I bought Ivermectin horse paste 1.87% I weigh 220. How much should I take? Thanks for your help. I was misdiagnosed for 5 months and just now getting on the right course. You guys are awesome!

Belgrade, Serbia

#76 May 5, 2011
Hi, I'm so anhappy because I have scabies for a months;( Just go back..again and again, Don't no way???
i', so tired ..so anhappy, bad..
clining house every day, Can't anymore..
so, please tell me, can I use Ivermectin for Horse or Dogs??(i'm don't speak english, sory:))
I'm 23 and have 50 kg, how much can use??
I hope you understand me because I do not speak eng.Shame on you

Please halp me
Please, tell me, i will take Ivermectin, but I do not know haw many grams to take,
how to measure the quantity?
200ug/kg bud I don'n know how many is it? In grams?
I have 50kg. and how many grams I need?? Please tell me, I can posion;(

Belgrade, Serbia

#77 May 5, 2011
I used sulfur several times, I have this for several years and may be more, ivermectin is the only thing... Fear does not poison and certainly I will take it only if you know tell me what amount in grams?

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#78 May 28, 2011
I do not think Ivermectin helps. I took one proper dosage given by a doctor friend and I still noticed some zig zag lines on me after several days.

How often are you guys taking it?

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#79 Jul 2, 2011
Just want to throw something out there- it could be another type of mites infecting you. I thought it was scabies, but after 2 tubes of 5% pyrethem and one eurex, there was no change in my condition. Pyrethem didn't cure the feeling of bugs crawling on me, but sulfur from the hardware store did give some relief.
I had (and maybe still have) bird mites, and that's a whole nother thing.

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#80 Oct 8, 2011
I too have had a rash and little red bumps. I infected my girl friend and the weird thing is, my dog got red bumps and was constantly itching...$400 at the vet. Treated him for fleas and mites.(mange mites- which is a relative of scabies mites) The product is called Revolution. Kills fleas, egg, mites and heart worms. It's a wonder drug nuclear bomb. Okay, dog is back to normal. Now for me and girl friend.
After diagnosisng myself with mites, because two general doctors couldn't figure out, I placed my order with my Doc for Permethrine Cream. Worked great the 1st time! After application, skin feels like it's "alive." then little (naked to the eye) black bugs started showing up. Finally slept good that night. Few days later, new itchy spots, bumps, we applied it again. A week later she isn't itchy anymore. I however am miserable! Finally went to a Dermotolgist!!! If you hvent been seen by one, GO!!! he scrapped my skin and saw dead Scabbies. Gave me prescription for Ivermectin and I took 5 pills (based off body weight) last night. One thing that's very important!!!! ONE MUST TREAT EVERYONE AT THE SAME TIME, or OR RISK RE-INFECTION!
That goes for people, animals, car, bedding, clothes, and if you're me everything. Anything you've been in contact within 72 hours. Scabies can not life with out a host for more then 72 hours. If you're like me, you bag up all your clothes and let them sit. Bomb your house with something that has Permethrine in it.(bought at dog store) bombed my car, sprayed my mattresses, and washed bedding every night. My roomates don't have any symptoms, and think I'm crazy, but I'm nor giving 99.5% to kill these guys. 100% or nothing! Oh and the hardest part has been not allowing my girl friend over. She Joe allowed in the house, until this place is cleared. It's for her own good. The hardest part is, I have no idea where I got Scabbies. This is a new house for me and it suddenly appeared after I moved in. Keep you posted after my Doctors visit on Wednesday. Fight the good fight, people!

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#81 Oct 15, 2011
I was exposed by a family member that was dignosed with scabies, I had use the permethrin and didnt seem to work and got he stromocetol 3mg & does i had to take was like 9 pills in one does........ I need somone advice on how to rid of these things i am horrible miserably.....

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#82 Oct 15, 2011
i was really upset because she didnt tell nooone that she was dignosed with this, n now alot family members was exposed, and i have a little puppy would i need to take him to the vet?

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#83 Oct 17, 2011
I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Stromectol) pill24.org/order-stromectol-online-en.html I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h
andreaamericangi rl

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#84 Oct 18, 2011
magicpharma ripped me off a year ago- sent me plaster pills in stromectol blister packs that had the original stromectol pills obviously popped out of the foil and the plaster pills put in the blister pack and the foil taped back togeather. anyhow, i eventually got ivermectin at a feed store the brand i got was noromectin by norbrook. you dont need a perscription and can even get hypodermic syringes to measure it out (dont inject it tho- i tried that the first time i used it and it was really really painful! plus i got a sore about an hour after injecting it at the injection site and i still have a scar a year later it looks like a cig was put out on my skin) anyhow i took it orally ever since the injection mishap and it works great. see my posts on the cured thread for more info. i would recommend taking it once every 7 days for 21 days so 3 doses- one a week for 3 weeks. the dosing is .1ml per ten pounds of body weight- its really suppsed to be 200mcg/kg of body weight but seems people dont have the math skills to do that..1ml of the liquid is 10mg. of ivermectin so it comes out close enough to .1 ml per 10 lbs of body weight..2ml=20lb person .3=30lb person .4=40 lb person and so on 1.0ml=100lb person 2.0ml=200lb. person. if you have liver disease DO NOT TAKE IVERMECTIN take it on an empty stomach w at least 8oz of water. look at my cured post for more (much more) detailed info. p.s.- i wonder whatever happened to hats in eugene, OR? his posts are going on 3 years old and he never posted again after only 2 or 3 days of posting here... hmmmm. ok well ivermectin worked for me and i felt dumb to have tried so much other stuff gone to so much trouble cleaning obsessively and acting like a fool and felt the most foolish for being so intimidated to just go to a feed store and buy injectable liquid ivermectin and take the stuff. now if i get scabies again, i know to take ivermectin right away.

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#85 Oct 18, 2011
Finally mite free! After everything I did (above) plus one more round ivermectin and one more Permethrin cream treatment. Finally have my life back!:)

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