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Glasgow, UK

#42 Oct 25, 2012
No Name wrote:
In other words you freaked out and way over did it? For sure. Longest posts I have ever seen to be so ridiculous.
My God maybe you never had same mites as other person but let me tell you i have been fighting them in my london flat for months, cant even see the type we have, but pest control varified, now when someone leaves a long post with ALL the info on what to do i personally find it very very helpful.

Phoenix, AZ

#43 May 6, 2013
Wow you guys are intense I just want help not drama,my car is infested and is the main source of my infestation. When I am not using my car for a couple of days, my physical symptoms arent so bad. I still have symptoms but they get 4x worse after I drive my car. I want to get rid of it but I cant afford to. I definitely cant afford the cleaning process either. SUCKS...... Someone recommended a ozone machine. What do you guys think about that?

Brooklyn, NY

#44 May 7, 2014
wha can you use for car maybe one kibd of spray anyone thankx
Needed a laugh

Omaha, NE

#45 Jun 5, 2014
You people are awesome! There's a lot of good advice here and being one that has dealt with some crazy infestations over the years, I don't think anything said here is to extreme. It's all dependent on the level of endurance a person has and the willingness and financial ability to take action. I personally would never go to such lengthy and time-drawn measures to deal with mites in my car. I'd spend maybe a day scrubbing it down and killing anything I could by any means I could without poisoning myself, then I'd take it somewhere to be cleaned and let it be their problem. If that didn't work, I'd lock it away in the heat for a month and just take the bus or walk. Now if their in my home, I'd be a bit more crazy. I can't stand bugs in the slightest and will hunt one down if I see it, regardless of how long it takes.
Worn Out and Weary

Troy, MI

#46 Jun 15, 2014
If you're not totally into the natural-type treatments (which didn't help me in the least) and are not against bug killers, I ended up fumigating my house twice completely with Raid fumigator in the little blue cans, which was not expensive, and also sprayed the insides of my car, including the seats, regularly with permethrin bug spray, Sawyer brand, I think, that is used for insect repellent. I found it in a sporting goods store near the hunting gear. I also regularly wiped down everything in the car with Clorox wipes and kept it right in the car along with a bottle of the bug spray. I know I probably went overboard and almost poisoned myself, but it was either me or the bugs, and I'm still alive now and feeling a lot better, and the damn bugs are DEAD. Good luck.

Paris, France

#47 Dec 24, 2015
Mike wrote:
wha can you use for car maybe one kibd of spray anyone thankx
Cleaning the car is a complete nonsequitur. Scabies do not survive in a car, and they live and reproduce only on people. Scabies is a human parasite, not a parasite of cars! Their vehicle are human hosts.

Kissimmee, FL

#48 Jun 15, 2016
Amy wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi its MEE TOO (AMY) I did throw away everything and I know it was extreme. I really did freak out. I think everyone reacts differently I figured people thought I was crazy but in my mind I was thinking that I wasnt gonna give the mites a chance. I was so afraid of getting reinfested. I was so emotional that I think people probably just didnt want to tell me I was crazy, and not everyone can afford to throw stuff away. I am still without living room furniture and I will probably get me a leather living room suite now instead of cloth. I know I will get everything back in time. My thoughts on this is I wish we could all help each other instead of putting each other down. Im not getting in the middle of anything cause if anything Im trying to make peace. I Love everyone on here and we all have our different views and different cures. So everyone makeup and make this forum a better forum for new people for the new year!
I am going thru crazy ordeal right now and I have some stuff away and I am cleaning like a fanatic. I appreciate every single post that is on here. this whole thing has gotten me so depressed that my hair has fallen out I can't stop crying and I have invested my car and my office I have even quit my last job and found a new one but it's like they're following me. I don't care how long the posted I appreciate it and I would never call anyone stupid for throwing things out we all deal with things in our own way. I am going to do everything possible including trying everything that you guys have also posted because so far the tea tree oil and lavender oil and bleach and boric acid are not doing enough so I must be doing something wrong and you all are doing something right so again I really really truly appreciate you! I'm so afraid in this is so overwhelming

Kissimmee, FL

#49 Jun 15, 2016
scabiesturmoil wrote:
<quoted text>
Cleaning the car is a complete nonsequitur. Scabies do not survive in a car, and they live and reproduce only on people. Scabies is a human parasite, not a parasite of cars! Their vehicle are human hosts.
you are right they are not parasites of cars but they stay inside the cars that we drive everyday and if we don't clean that out that is your vehicle of transportation to our bodies once again and they have survived over 72 hours I went away for a week and park my car at the airport and came back and they were still alive

Kissimmee, FL

#50 Jun 15, 2016
<quoted text>
My God maybe you never had same mites as other person but let me tell you i have been fighting them in my london flat for months, cant even see the type we have, but pest control varified, now when someone leaves a long post with ALL the info on what to do i personally find it very very helpful.

Taylor, MI

#51 Jul 4, 2016
They are known to live longer especially the female and nymphs... I would detail my Mothers car an Infiniti. I thought it was BB at first cause. I just came out of an infestation. Not knowing another environment has this crap! Let me tell you many people don't know they got it.... Anyways, I used insecticide..Bifenthrin, malathion and vaccumed as often as possible. I treated the car once a week then two weeks. Then it picked up strong and I added in DE , comes a dust lightly in the car where my mom couldn't see it and under seats. She was infected too, but didn't seam to be bothered as much as myself. I couldn't lay in her bed because there 'hot spot' had me itching. That's how I knew she had it too. Make sure you do the car and house in a close timeframe for cleaning.
I m no longer with my Mother, but still struggle and got a new environment .So make sure you start at the beginning of you move. The busline comes in handy for now and standing up.
Scared and freaked out

Wenonah, NJ

#52 Jun 6, 2017
I know this may sound extreme or maybe obnoxious/ ignorant. I have Googled and tried to read up on all I can about this but am still nervous and saying to myself,
"....What if" .....Its been aprox a month ago I had a girl / friend tell me she had a large bump on her nipple. She never did show me. I noticed she had been very itchy but I didn't pay much attention. She had been in my now totaled car (leather seats) that cat is gone....BUT, in between shes been in another vehicle of mine with cloth seats and at the time she was already infested / in an outbreak. JUST TODAY she tells me that the house she's living in caused her to catch scabies. She has bites all over her back and her wrist is wrapped up. She said she was treated with premothin (sp?) Long story short she was in my car today, on the cloth seats. My kids had to get in the car this evening.(Impossible to avoid) I did put a plastic trash bag on the seat for them to sit on, but I'm wondering if I should clean/ spray it/ or vacuum.!???? HELP

Dallas, TX

#53 Jun 8, 2017
No Name wrote:
You are frightening people more than anything. Freak. Do not assume anything about others experiences. In other words you did not wish to vacuum your vehicle on a regular basis?
Maybe people should be frightened. Public awareness for this is at an all time LOW -it's ridiculous! people being called crazy by the hundreds? Time to stop and wonder if there's something to this - yeah?!

One thing I have found that works for me on my skin is TEATREE oil ONLY BEWARE- it is extremely minty and will BURN a few moments after putting it on!! So take it easy until you see how it affects you!

Look people who hatin' here!! Lol!! INSTEAD OF CALLING US OCD ETC ASK YOURSELVES--- Is it completely out of the scope of possibility that these ATYPICAL MITES take ALL THIS +USUALLY MORE TO EVEN HAVE SLIGHTEST HOPE OF ERADIFICATION????!!!! People are here BECAUSE all else has failed! This stuff ISNT EXAGGERATED!! I recommend thanking GOD that you haven't had to experience what we are going thru!!! Whether it be due to us having - 1.)more sensitivity to mites 2.)lower immune systems & getting ate up 3.)less sensitivity-e.g. By time we found out we were infected by mites -we were INFESTED & that includes our environments!(These things LIVE paper & particle board -like under most kitchen & some bathroom countertops! Also- tobacco! & non-earthen flooring!! Some baseboards are even made w/ a cardboard type wooding!! Not to mention carpets & the foam beneath!! Omgosh!!)

So whatever the reason may be....please accept that others ARE STRUGGLING when they leave these LONG POSTS! Be grateful they took the time-u may find yourself in need of their guidance sooner or later!! From everything I have witnessed in my community & the threads I've poured through online ... even petitions to the CDC &/or to state representatives, congressmen, etc this has become a modern day EPIDEMIC!!! BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY- I WISH IT WERENT SO! Thank you to everyone who has written detailed posts for sharing your story and offering a ray of hope to us coming behind you! ;) I hope this comment paves the way for more of the same posts detailing possible freedom from this torture.

United States

#54 Jul 26, 2017
Just found this site because--you guessed it --our brand new car seems to have had a mite or chigger infestation! We do not know how or why, exactly this happened, but it has. In my area it is possible to purchase monthly car detailing from a local, reputable, carwash. This service has been a terrific help for us. With the purchase of the monthly service we receive intense vacuuming and interior wipe downs of all hard surfaces. This allows us to dust the interior thoroughly with Diatomaceous Earth and borax, allow the car to bake in the sun for a few hours and then be detailed the next morning. We did this for four weeks running and a black cardboard test seems to have come up negative. However, an entomologist from a nearby university suggested that we will need to check with the balck cardboard periodically until the next "spring" breeding time passes. So far none of us have been re-infected by the chiggers and our car interior is AMAZINGLY clean.
My real name HEATHER

Oakland, CA

#55 Sep 30, 2017
I vacuumed, got my car professionally detailed and steam cleaned twice, did some of the aforementioned advice and the mites are back with a the point I want to trade in my car but will lose so much money I just canít justify doing this because of mites. And Iím sure they were their when I bought this car used. I really appreciate the long post because sheís absolutely correct on the intensity of the situation and the government links are totally inaccurate on how whatever the hell mites this is can be eradicated. I appreciate your time in writing your post and the critic above should be bitch slapped

United States

#56 Nov 2, 2017
FreakinBiteMe wrote:
<quoted text>
In other words you freaked out and way over did it? For sure. Longest posts I have ever seen to be so ridiculous.

Hi Jeannie/No Name,

Yes, I completely freaked out. The list of things that failed was much longer. The initial clean was about a 6 hour day (including dry time/air out time, when I stepped away to multitask). After the first few weeks of extreme cleaning (1/2 hour every other day, 10 minutes each drive time to switch sheets/spray Tea Tree Oil/Borax and/or RID), I down graded to the once a week clean which took about a 1/2 hour. I was fine with that. I thought I was clear on that.

As I stated, I did not take how badly things could get seriously enough (I believed the conventional medical wisdom). You were fortunate, in this unlucky world of scabies/atypical skin mites, that you found a path to cure your family without having to have to resort to something like the Car Decontamination Cycle I posted.

I read some of your posts (under the "I'm Cured" thread, when you were using the "The Cure" nickname), and that's great you were able to resolve your mite infestation without going to these extreme measures. You did, however, throw out your vacuum bag and vacuum HEPA filter every time you vacuumed your large home during your infestation (as you posted under my "HEPA vacuum bag" thread). That would have been approx.$10-15/day in vacuuming costs w/o the cost of electricity and your time. That's $300-450/month in vacuum bags and vacuum HEPA filters that you decided to spend. That's a lot of money. I didn't judge you and say that was a ridiculous idea...rather, I wish I had done that right away once I realized I had some kind of bug thing. It's all relevant, Jeannie. Good luck to you now that you are cured. Keep Vacuuming!
Don't waste your time defending yourself. You're amazing and thank you! I left my home and everything in it, have to buy new clothes EVERYDAY.. how do u clean your clothes? Ps I found that flea and tick killer for carpet is helping?

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