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Almere, Netherlands

#2 Jan 9, 2014
funny.. i woke up almost completely without itch, will continue what im doing, post some new tomorrow.

even more so funny, just read a post about some animal spray concoction, didn't seem unreasonable to me, yet it got bitched down
by desperates in just 3 comments. somehow i have the idea that people
also want to believe that the're being fucked over by 'the commercial' world, even though it might just work with some persistence.
but hey what do i know. there's always some brainmelting and boneshivering chemical available around the corner that will definately
kill anything that moves and is smaller than an adult human.
so, luck with that.


Almere, Netherlands

#3 Jan 9, 2014
went the chemistry store (thank the lord it exists in my town)
unfortunately the raw sulfur i had ordered never arrived.
oh well.. so i mixed the aloe vera liquid (containing sodium benzoate and some other nice chemicals as well) with ten drops of kick ass etheric peppermint and 20 drops of etheric neem. then a part isopropynol alcohol, and to finish it off i added a gel forming powder.
so i ended up with a nice gel that gets absorbed super quick by the
skin, does not leave any residue and smells like heaven.
the peppermint is super strong and almost burns the skin but in a very nice and scenting way. it immediately soothed all the itching bullshit.
can't wait to see the effect over a few days.
the gel forming powder is amazing, it literally gives you the power to
make any easily-over-the-body-distribut able concoction consisting of anything you wish. so, next i'll be adding an amount of cayenne pepper, preferably an extract if i can find it. cause the cayenne made a big difference for me in the past.
i would love to have a gel with a variety of the most desinfecting ethers and a nicely balanced cooling and heating effect. sounds nice dont you think?
hell... i piss on that multitude of company's that pretend to be so
specialised in their product. i've literally set off to actualy making my own. i could even add some of the pyrethrum, or permethrin, ivermectin, or whatever if it comes to that point.
over the next few days i will be collecting some more etheric oils.
i've read about manuka and oregano and cedar , all being significantly strong. so i'll throw them together along the rest and hopefully will find some raw sulphur somewhere, and then.. badaboom i'll napalm those little pieces of cancerous shit for as long as it takes. even if it's only to annoy them :P

Almere, Netherlands

#4 Jan 9, 2014
i found a store that sells E-liquid, the base liquid which they put
in electronic cigarettes. they give the option of 24 mg nicotine in a
10ml container, will be throwing in a minuscule portion of that in the
gel mixture. with caution obviously. nicotine can be crazy stuff if
a while ago i made a water extract of some cigars by warming it in a pan
and then squishing it untill it's dark brown. throw that over your body
and crazy shit start to happen. i do seriously belive that if you do that
let's say a week everyday, your done with the scabies. you can put it in your ears as well without any side effect. on some places of the bod it can create a temporary itch almost unbearable, might be due to the scabies going insane, cos belive me they do. a woman i know cured
herself in that manner. and she told me the story as if she was never
really worried or bothered really about the whole scabies thing.
she said,'i just covered my body with a very strong tobaco liquid for a few days, and i guess the scabies decided in the end it wasn't such a
nice place to hang about after all.'
one thing is for sure, the tobaco in that dosage is completely harmless for your skin and body. but absolutely deadly for the parasites.
if my concoction fails to give me nice results i'll be doing that again as well.

Almere, Netherlands

#5 Jan 10, 2014
well untill now it's good news.
i have let go of the bio pyrethrum liquid cos of some
papers i read about the links with some nerve diseases
that i definately want to avoid risking. although it has been
my best friend untill now. kept me from restless nights and a shit
life basically.
now i'm going wiht what i have. which is the gel i'm making myself
and it's giving great results.
going to cover myself again right now. i have not put anything more
than the aloe vera liquid, isopropynol alcohol, ehteric neem, and etheric peppermint untill now, but it's working wonders. the gel leaves a super thin layer over the skin, containing the ingredients that through the alcohol penetrate rapidly into tke skin. and it doesn't bother me at all.
even withing mintues i just put on the same clothe and it doesn't feel yucky.
will gave an update soon.

Almere, Netherlands

#6 Jan 10, 2014
the wondrous thing about the gel powder and the iso. alcohol is that
they create a balance of liquidity in any bonding liquid, like water, or anything similar. add more powder it thickens, add more alcohol and it liquidify's rapidly with minute amounts of added alcohol. so you can exactly create the level of liquidity you want.
i had a mixture of one cup aloe vera gel (which contains an amount of water which functions as the bonding liquid) and half a cup of alcohol.
and the mixture just didn't want to become gel. even with alot of gel powder. then .. i figured that it had to do with the amount of bonding liquid that was present. and i added a really little amount of aloe liquid and boom, it bonded and became a thick gel. so i ended up adding a bit of alcohol and then it was perfect. nice and semi liquid, but once you rub it on the skin it quickly enters the skin and dry's up to make a layer over the skin. which i believe is a very nice thing because.. if i would be
a scabie.. i don't think i would be bothered walking barefooted over a floor of acids, even if my family would be on the other side screaming for help. well.. i don't see the scabies have alot of moral issues for that matter, but you get the point.
this time i mixed in 12 drops of etheric Tea tree that was sleeping on my shelf. and again it's a beatiful smelling and nice distributable gel that immediately relieved the annoying sensations that were still there, which i have to admit were already minimized since yesterday.

i just mean to say here that the gel and alcohol mixture seems to be a
very efficient carrier for ANY medicine. cos is that not what we want in
the end? that the carrier gel or cream, whatever it may be, stays on the skin for as long as possible without annoying the host?


Almere, Netherlands

#7 Jan 10, 2014
correction: in the above i mention aloe vera 'gel', i actually bought it in the form of liquid, which apparently contains water as well and functions as the bonding liquid between the gel powder and alcohol.
it all might sound as a lot of screwing around with substances, but in the end i just throw some stuff in a bowl and that's it.

Almere, Netherlands

#8 Jan 10, 2014
still without symptoms. just a tiny microscopic itch once in a while at some random place. but considering that i was on the verge of a very serious infestation i'm already very excited with this. it's diminishing in
a tempo i had never dare hoped.

i was just doing some shopping, and passed by a classic herb store
in town, i picked up some etheric oregano, and clove, and in the pet
store i was looking around for some interesting substances and found
something very nice! it's a 100% natural liquid for dipping the dog or
whatever kind of animal, consisting of a huge variety of plants. i just opened it and it smells more than anything like oregano, but obviously has a great variety of thins in it.
will be throwing all of this along with the rest in the gel mixture and apply it straight away.
let's see if tomorrow brings me happyness ;)


Almere, Netherlands

#9 Jan 11, 2014
the clove and the oregano ethers made a huge difference in reaction
a load of little red bumps have surfaced of which a lot of them
seem to be in the drying state, and one bigger blister kind of thing on
the thigh. i decide not to be scared by this reaction, i'll take
benefit of the doubt and consider it at least as something really happening. the clove and oregano really made the gel sting like fuck,
but i like it, and i can take high dose of that. for night time though
i'm considering making more of something like a lotion or cream.
i have a jar of natural base cream which is really comfy stuff.
will get the micronized sulfer tomorrow and make a lotion of that and
alot of clove and oregano ether. they seem to be the smashers.and in daytime will use the gel cos it's so handy.
also getting a huge bag of bicarbonate of sodio to let my clothe sit in, in cold water. was using pyrethrum for that but it decomposes quickly in
water so not so efficient.
good luck

Almere, Netherlands

#10 Jan 11, 2014
from an average i draw of a lot of neglected posts that surprisingly have gotten few if even
any replies, and a shitload of website that i'm not even gonna be botherd mentioning here, i have a strong gut feeling that it's very well possible
to excommunicate the parasite by ingesting various things in the likes of:

cinnamon + honey

clove capsules

neem powder/tincture,
micronized sulphur, or MSM

i will take them all together, yet i think the cinnamon and clove
do most of the work. cinnamon contains natural benzyl benzoate,
your whole body at some point will be filled with it. nice!
and the honey will act as a medium carrying the cinnamon and clove
compounds throughot the tissues.
im trying it!

Almere, Netherlands

#11 Jan 13, 2014
this stroy probably bored your mites to death before you even
considered the stuff i described, but, my concoction is keeping me
with hardly any symptom and all the bumps that suraced are dissappearing, my feet we're covered and are now clearing up.
i'm not even going crazy about cleaning and stuff. if they get on me
they die anyway at somepoint of the day by the ether semi burning
cinnamon clove oregano and what not shit that i threw in.
so, might just do it for me. still gonna take the clove capsules.
i want to become resistant for them the next few months.

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