Post Scabies Itch Syndrome

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#151 Mar 22, 2014
So after 4 months of thinking I had eczema I found out that I just have a really bad case of scabies. I applied my treatment (Permethrin 5% cream) and now I feel much better but I still get little tiny bumps in different areas of my body, kind of like hives. I get them in the stomach, behind the knees, and the butt. Its been 2 days since i've done the treatment. Is it just an allergic reaction or is it something i should see a dermatologist about?

Thank you

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#152 Mar 22, 2014
I believe you will need more than one treatment of Permethrin. I believe you have,at the very least, unhatched eggs under your skin. I hope you have been reading a lot of these posts and Im not scaring you?

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#153 Mar 22, 2014
How many days later after I put my first treatment should i do the second one? Will 2 treatment be enough to get rid of them or should i need a 3rd one?

Since: Mar 14

Somerville, MA

#154 Mar 22, 2014
I believe the safe period of time is 3 to 7 days, but that 5% stuff I would use even a bit more often.
I use the 10% stuff

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#156 Apr 6, 2014
I was infected with scabies around 2003. Treated, got rid of it. In January 2014, I got scabies again. I was treated with cream and I think I got rid of it. Now, 3 months later - my right hand is itching and I see little bug bite looking sores. I keep tea tree oil on them, which helps but I hope I'm not reinfected! It doesn't itch all the time. I just want this to be done with!

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#157 Apr 7, 2014
I've had them before too. u will get bumps for awhile. scabies take 4-6 weeks for body to realize they are there. Once u kill them they (and their feces) stay in ur skin. therefore u will continue getting bumps and having itching due to immune system trying to alert skin that there is a foreign body in it. make sure to wash bedclothes in hot water every day for 14 days. scabies eggs hatch every 10 days. Tho the mite can only survive for 3 days off body. also important to continually wash hands. esp after scratching. I also sprayed car, couch, bed etc for 2 weeks with alcohol. it takes very tedious cleaning routine to make sure they stay gone. most people go to work and realize they have it. it is VERY important to make sure its not at it workplace because u will keep picking it up. Also if u visited friends, family, gyms, etc those places should alerted to the infection and cleaned as well. And revisited w extreme caution. Handle bedclothes w disposable gloves. Change clothes often and wash everything u take off. Only put on clothes fresh out of dyer for 1week or longer. Make sure u waer clean undergarments every day as well. BTW.... when they are dead and u scratch, u will feel slight burning sensation. when they are alive and u scratch, its an itch that doesn't stop. of course, everyone's experience differs. but remember once u have it, it takes immune system 7 years to recover. Hence the name 7 year itch. if u pick it back up within that will show symptoms within 24-48 hours, not 4-6 weeks. I retreated myself every 10 days for 30 days. Hope this helps

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#160 Jul 8, 2014
sscabies tx wrote:
I have been to five dermatologists and not one could help me other other than the perme8002thrin and have used it about 4 times and am still infected and itching so is my dog. the doctors will not treat anymore and tell me to go to my PCP who won't help me either. I am ready tof suicide it's been a long time now over a year. I don know what to do next. No doctor has done a skin test on me. I am in Phoenix, Az, where they have the worst medical care.
I agree with you about the health care system in Phoenix, Az. They are so lame they need to go back and re-certify their medical license, It took me three doctors to finally find someone in Phoenix to prescribe the medication for scabies. It is now the third time I have been treated. I seemed to be doing alright for awhile but then I started to see little red dots which itched. I also pulled out black tiny dot parasites from my ears causing bleeding. I don't know if it's part of the scabies thing but I am going crazy. Most of the doctors here think I am crazy but it's not my imagination. I'm afraid to go to sleep at night only to wake up with these black dots sucking my blood, Anyone have a clue what this is.

Calumet City, IL

#161 Jul 9, 2014
We had scabies at the end of May. We used the perm. cream and cleaned like crazy. They seemed to go away. Now, in the middle of July, I feel itchy and wonder if they could have returned. I do not think we were re exposed to them either. Can post scabies make me itch? Am I just paranoid? I have been reading that the cream we used and or the actual mites could cause itching for a bit. Help!:)

Spotswood, NJ

#164 Jul 31, 2014
Just would like to say it is possible to spread scabies from dog to human.... I am going through it right now. They say the mite can't reproduce on a human but I have the itchiness from it! And my dogs have it

United States

#165 Aug 7, 2014
I have visited and posted on this forum about a year agao. I had scabies. I got it from my mom at her facility. I did almost everythingthis forum had to offer. I did the Ivermectin treatment bot from the doc and from the feed store. I did multiple treatments of Pymethrin/benzo treatments. I washed, I scrubbed, I had scrapings and doc visits...well many of you know the story.

Finally I decided to mentally reach the conclusion I was cured and the truth is, I think I Here is my question...

After all of the treatments about a year ago I would still have this terrible intense itching on my forearms. The doc said, as they so often do, I no longer have scabies but post scabies. I asked him if that could be the case a YEAR later and he said no he frankly, wasn't sure why I was still itching. One month ago I decided to spot treat the areas that I was still itching in and would still see the occassional bumps appear. The itching has NEVER moved from my forearms. I had ordered Spregal spray from France (I am in the USA) and had plenty left over. I gotta tell ya after one treatment of Spregal on my forearms the itching has disappeared! My arms have cleared up. When I itch I spray a little on my finger and dab it on the spot and the itching has disappeared. If it is scabies why hadn't it spread? My husband has had no symptoms apart from the initial outbreak a year ago. I have slept on plastic, laundered my linens, bleaches and cleaned until I could do it NO MORE! We even moved out of our home for a period of time to stop the cycle ( if there was indeed a cycle). I don't understand. Can someone please help me figure this out? I know the initial reaction would be that I did still have scabies but why did it now spread? How could it have lived through all of the treatments? Why did it stay just localized in the one area? If it isn't scabies or some other mite then why does the Spregal work? The itching is pretty much gone now as long as I treat the spots that pop up or start to itch. I don't understand. Anyone have a guess because the doc sure doesn't. BTW I had one pretty deep skin scraping done.


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#166 Aug 7, 2014
PS sorry for the typos I was in a hurry to get it all down :)

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#167 Aug 7, 2014
Oh and BTW if you are going to be nasty with your comment and not helpful...please just refrain from answering

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#168 Aug 7, 2014
Isn't spregal an insecticide? Maybe it worked on you and nothing else worked.
That's not fair that we can't be nasty in our comment to you; we are all so good at being sarcastic on this forum. sorry you are going through this.
good luck.
Spregal contains an ingredient that we in the united states of america are not used to using, so maybe your buggies are not immuned to it, as they probably are with permethrin and ivermectin.

Hollywood, FL

#169 Aug 7, 2014
If it is contained to your forearms, maybe you are picking up mites from using someone's computer at work or from your laptop you are using, reinfecting yourself. But, then, usually, if you pick it up from the computer keyboard, it usually effects your fingers and hands.
Maybe someone else can chime in here to hep you.

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#170 Aug 7, 2014
Thanks Pete for trying... and thank you for not being sarcastic. I found myself getting so irritated before I stopped posting. Do you think it is okay to keep spot treating? I know some people do it but I hate to keep using it over and over even if it is on the small areas.

BTW I hope you are doing okay.
Hey Luis here

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#171 Aug 14, 2014
PostScabiesSufferer wrote:
Some people develop post scabies syndrome, which causes itching for up to 4 weeks, or even for months. The cause is an allergic response. Some people just havere found, chances are you have post scabies syndrome...
Well I treated myself 3 days ago, the itching has decreased tremendously, and when it does itch I just place my hand on it or don't even scratch or touch it and it goes away... But at night and in the morning, they do become a little more numerous the sudden itches I get... Not as bad as before treatment but still, kind of nervous that my treatment didn't work... Either way my partner and I are still going through a 2nd treatment this Monday night, but the doctor said to use warm water on the shower before the treatment, my parents and I did it with the water being warm to a little hot for the 1st treatment, would that have affected us? And if not what could we do for our second treatment?? I also vacuumed and changed/washed the beddings after and placed the pillow in bags... Please help me with a reply, I just don't wanna keep worrying about it anytime I get an itch... Thank you!

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#172 Aug 14, 2014
Hi unbelieveable,
I spot treat with a spray of rubbing alcohol. You cant use a miticide every day as they are neuro toxins and are poisonous.
Like spregal and elimite.

Dublin, Ireland

#173 Aug 16, 2014
Ltpostscabies wrote:
I was treated with permectrin cream and took 2 doses of oral medication. The kind that is 5 little pills that you take as one treatment. It is now 4 months after I was diagnosed as scabies free and I still get major itch attacks, and my paranoia kicks in. I panic that it is reoccurring. It comes and goes and it really scares me, because I suffered for nearly 2 months with it. The mental anguish and fear that comes over me is indescribable . I am going to doctor in a few days for a skin scraping especially due to the fact that I also have food allergies and am diabetic. I welcome comments and your thoughts.
I realise this is a really old post but how are you now?? How long did it take for the attacks to stop? I'm three months after my last treatment and in the last few days have been getting little itches few small blisters deep under the skin on hand that don't come to the surface but don't itch and one spot today that also doesn't itch. My mind of course jumps into overdrive and I think it's starting again. I have to temind myself what live scabies felt like and what the rash looked like which for me was a lot of red spots and they were itchy!! Nothing like this. I get little itches that last a few seconds and then are gone but today is worse a lot more little itches than normal all over my body but nothing intense. Hopefully it will pass.

Phoenix, AZ

#174 Aug 31, 2014
My cats were not scratching until I was treated for scabies. My vet says cats can get them. They have not been treated. There are three major types of mites and some are much more difficult to get rid of because they can affect both animals and humans.

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#175 Sep 13, 2014
So here is a theory for those of us that have long suffered with post scabies itch. Is it possible that we are having a histamine reaction to any mite including dust mites? I live in CA and live with my windows open most of the summer. I also have equine and am often surrounded by dust. I am wondering if a histamine reaction is responsible for my continued itch problem. When I retreated with Spregal it has a pesticide and it is very oily. I am thinking that the pesticide kills all mites on the skin and coats the area so new ones don't land in the area. I also notice that if I keep my arms covered like with a compression stocking it stops the itching almost completely. I will try keeping my arms coated with an oily substance.

Any thoughts?

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