Rosacea (My Story)

Laguna Beach, CA

#1 Dec 25, 2009
I went throught total hell with a horrid skin condition all over my face with the forehead area being the worst part. I never heard of rosacea and this was before it was on tv commercials or common like it seems to be now.

My forehead area would swell horribly. I felt and looked like a monster. I would beg God to please show me what was wrong. I assumed it was acne times 100.

I spent months researching skin disorders, I studied everything about skin. I began to make sure I ate good foods. I drank distilled water and cut out sugar all together. Sugar is so bad anyway for our bodies. I noticed I could no longer drink coffee. It literally made me ill if I did. I had been a heavy black coffee drinker. I drank a pot a day easily. I then began taking supplements like liquid B vitamins. I took pantothenic acid (b5) which supports adrenal glands. I took lots of vitamin C. And last I began buying organic flax seeds ground up type and I would eat a spoon or two of it daily.

I ate lots of veggies and fruit. Avoided packaged foods and tried to eat all REAL food. I also at this same time noticed I had no desire for meat. It was not something I decided, it just never sounded good so I didnt eat any.

I began to see that I would have one day of my face suddenly clearing up. BUT then it would be back to horrid the next day. So depressing. I soon found out about a skin condition called rosacea. I knew somehow that is what it was. I kept on with the vitamins and eating the best I could. I soon got a week of clear skin then a month. But it would always return at least
a little and it was at that point having had felt what it was to have normal skin again that I heard about
people using minocycline and metro cream. I decided to find a DR. who knew ALOT about rosacea. But at that time there really wasn't any. I picked one and went.

When I went to the Dr. I TOLD HIM I have rosacea and I want minocycline and metro cream. He gave me the prescriptions.

I didnt have the money to get both at once. So I first go the minocycline. Taking 100 mg a day for a 30 day period. The rosacea left completely within a week on the minocycline. after that 30 days it never came back like I had it ever again. A year later I did get a little on my forehead after a really hot summer time. so I got a new prescription for minocycline but this time only took it for a week. I then would only take it if I felt that feeling on my forehead. I would take it off and on as needed for a few days. I did get the metrocream but only used it a few times if my forehead felt that feeling.
I have done this off and on as needed every year or every other year and have NEVER had rosacea all over my face every again. The only place that flares like once a year in the summer is my forehead and its barely a flare then I immediately take minocycline a short time and it leaves for another year.

This is what worked for me. I had it the worst case the DR. I saw ever had seen in his career. Yet today no one would ever say I had bad skin.

I contiue to eat the best I can. I do drink coffee again. There are times when I feel like I'm overheating inside and notice that is when I get that rosacea feeling and when that happens I stay off coffee and make sure I eat extra healthy and drink lots of distilled water.

Every once in awhile after a hot shower it will take 30 minutes to get my face to cool down.

But again, I never have had rosacea like I did ever again.

If taking the occasional dose of minocycline is what I have to do, then that is what I will do.

It was the worst years I ever went through and I hope my story can help someone get clear skin like I have now. I know there is no cure but this is not a bad regime if it makes it go away years at a time until the need for an occasional dose of minocycline.

Also, metro cream/gel is good for putting on spots that might come up occasionally. But I mainly just use minocycline when and if I need to.

Laguna Beach, CA

#2 Dec 25, 2009
By the way...there is generic minocycline
that is a fraction of the cost so if you get a prescription don't think you have to get the high priced
minocycline. You can look up online all the different brands and also the names of the generic.

generic for 100 mg 30 days is about $ 28 dollars
non generic would be $ 150 to 300 dollars.

Laguna Beach, CA

#3 Dec 25, 2009
Ok I realize I forgot a big part of what I did.

The only thing my skin likes to be cleaned with is the plain white Dove bar soap.(makeup - only a little.
I use physicians formule LE VELVET film make up. you can buy it online at the physicians formula website)

Keeping clean is a HUGE part of this. If needed I will wash my face throughout the day. I even bring a little spray bottle with me with rubbing alcohol (yes) BUT Just to use around hair line which seems to get oily and on my hands (because we often touch our faces with our hands)

I shower every morning before work and then EVERY night before bed. I wash my hair each time too ....
CLEAN is the key!

I never use towels more then one time before it gets washed. I buy white towels and wash them after every use. I also will bleach them once a month. my skin gets a clean towel every time.

That goes for my pillow case too. I put a new one on my pillow every night.

Before I got my rosacea to clear I would also do this with the sheets.

I know this is alot of details but I remember the HELL I suffered through and would of loved if I could of found someone to tell me "then" what got skin to clear and keep it clear.

I hope this helps someone. If you want to ask me anything I will try to check back here often.
Slim Pickens

Naperville, IL

#4 Dec 26, 2009
You don't have rosacea then. It was misdiagnosed, there is no cure for rosacea and taking minocycline for only 30 days won't put a dent in a real case of rosacea, if that was true then rosacea would be easily treated by a few weeks on an affordable antibiotic. Wouldn't that be great!

Laguna Beach, CA

#5 Dec 31, 2009
I NEVER said it was "cured" and yes I def have rosacea.
what I said is this is my story of what worked to take my monster sore ridden face to looking normal. If your really read my story then you'd know I not only took minocycline but I changed my diet, I took vitamins that support and heal skin, I did many things cleaning wise.

All of that lead to me having normal looking skin with flushing if over heated and only my forehead area getting any reoccurance if I dont do all of the above.

When I had it at its worse I looked horrible and not one place on my face was clear. It was so bad that the Dr. brought the entire medical centers drs. in the room to see it. Giving them a chance to see rosacea in person in its most severe when most of them only would see that in books.

And if you know about rosacea, every person needs to find out what affects them personally.

I assure you I suffer with this and I went through utter hell for over 10 years before all the steps I took led to a normal appearance. I didnt sit back and suffer, I studied I researched and after years I found what worked for me.

If I deviate from all the things I do I immediately feel my skin becoming irritated. I have found these steps to keep it clear.

Laguna Beach, CA

#6 Dec 31, 2009
Another part of my story I forgot is that rosacea has made me extremely heat inolerant. When it was really bad I would sleep with a fan and all through the night have it blowing on my face. I also showered right before bed so that my hair was wet which kept me cool too.

I feel best when cool. And really bad when hot. I can literally tell when the temperature gets hotter by even a few degrees since having rosacea. When in my car I always use the ac.

So that is another part of what has helped me get my skin clear.

So again it is alot of things together.

and by the way "slim pickings" minocycline is a strong anti inflammatory type antibiotic.
and your statement is way off, it took and takes many steps / things that give me normal skin. suggest you re read all that I do and did to get to this point.
Fellow Sufferer

New York, NY

#7 Jul 20, 2010

I'm new here, but just read your story and wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences. It is really important and helpful to all fellow rosacea sufferers.

Since: Feb 11

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#8 Mar 6, 2011
Yes, thank you Michelle. I've been reading through all these posts and yours is really moving. Heat is also a big trigger for me. In school I used to hate gym because it would get soo hot outside when we were running.

I find this forum really conforting. Thanks to everyone for being here. I'm glad I found this.

Since: Feb 11

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#9 Jun 27, 2011
I just met the father of a 14 year old boy who was emabarassed to admit he was bothered by his rosacea. I told him about this forum and encouraged him to come see there are a lot of people who are bothered by this.

San Diego, CA

#10 Jun 28, 2011
Wow, I just came across your post and it sounds exactly like what I have! Whenever the weather gets a little warmer, my forehead gets tight, red and inflamed, then gets itchy and breaks out. If it continues my chin soon follows, then the rest of my face. I once went to a derm that said it was polymorphic light eruption and gave me Ellidel, which actually worked, but I didn't like taking a black label drug. Now I'm pregnant so it's flaring up really bad and I can't take anything :(. I might try some of the things you recommended. Thanks!

Zurich, Switzerland

#11 Feb 22, 2012
Something I would really suggest you to try is natural remedy. Rosacea can be treatet with natural products and that very successfully. I had a very bad case of rosacea and tried different things and products without succes. Natural remedies helped me make it much better. Here's a good resource of different natural remedies: . Try one or two of them and watch the results.
Also eating healthy is very important. Cut all the junk food and sweetened drinks. This will help you alot.


Los Angeles, CA

#12 Mar 11, 2013
I have been plagued by facial redness for two years now. It gets tight, red, flakey, and itchy. It seems to be getting worse as time goes on, though there is good days and bad days. Some things that worsen it that I can tell is; heat, sun, showers, sexual arousel, stress, and alchohol.
Along with the physical redness my face and ears will get very hot feeling. The dermatologist is suggesting laser treatment and nothing else has worked very well. I have read a Ton of success story on rosacea and laser treatment, it is expensive though so well see.

Toronto, Canada

#13 Apr 3, 2013
My experience was almost identical to Michell's . The forehead was the worst and going sugar free helped a great deal, but 30 days on minocyline "cured" the rosacea for app 2 years. Now even a cookie will result in some redness/ pustules. Some people are very sensitive to junk food/sugars and I am one of them ..I now take tetracycline occasionally ( 250 mg every 2-3 days when it flares) the cleaner your diet , the less antibiotics you need I am back to my high school weight and have also cut out all alcohol...not the most exciting life!
Tetracycline is not as effective as minocyline but over the long term is safer according to a doc I trust ...

Toronto, Canada

#14 Apr 6, 2013
Laser did absolutely nothing for me and I saw the best plastic surgeon in my city

Since: Nov 13

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#17 Nov 7, 2013
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Since: Nov 13

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#20 Nov 7, 2013
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Summit, NJ

#21 Nov 11, 2013
I was diagnosed with rosacea this past march. I am a mild case to the eye but my skin constantly stings and burns, including my scalp, ears, chin and neck.
I quit my dermatologist who had a great rep but was so booked up you could wait weeks/months to see him. He started me on hydrocortisone and finacea at nite. My skin felt better, after 7 wks he said he didn't like the response. Then he tried clyndamyaxin which many ppl said my skin should've been treated with metrocream or gel. This guys screwed me up badly.
I switched to another reputable DR. She out me on metrocream and avar e. It worked OK but I have stinging and redness everyday. I know rosacea needs to be treated. But is this what treated should feel like? I watch my diet. No hot beverages, spicy foods....hardly ever alcohol. Her next suggestion is elidel which my insurance denied me but I can appeal. I'm nor sure elidel is safe. I heard it is a drug they put you on and remove you from rather quickly. She also asked me if I would consider oracea. Of course I am trying to avoid antibiotics. How does that work? Do you stay on them for 30 days then get off of them? Any info or advice I would appreciate.

Ashburn, VA

#23 Jan 8, 2014
Rosacea treatment cream - Having tried quite a few rosacea creams before this i wasnt expecting it to work like the others but i am pleasantly surprised. their price was very good and the cream worked wonders on my face.

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