RA factor test results

Magnolia, DE

#86 Jan 23, 2010
I've been off my Enbrel and am only on low dose prednisone because I travel for work and can't get and store the Enbrel properly.

I've just had a new RA Factor test. What the Dr. said was that it was 156. I've had the disease for many years and don't remember ever knowing my rA factor #. Is it high?

Durham, NC

#87 Mar 17, 2010
Looking for answers wrote:
Well I was told about 3 weeks ago by my GP that I have RA and that I needed to see a Rhaumatologist. So I have an appt today. Unfortunatly my GP did not give me any of my numbers all I know is that the pain in my knees, hips, ankles and sometimes wrists can be unbeable at times and not so bad at others. Does this sound normal. Also I did some reading and everything seemed to indicate that people with RA should stay active but avoid impact activities. So I started taking Water arobic classes and things seem to be getting worse? Any help there, I can't ride the bike it makes my knees hurt so bad I can't stand.
I guess I will get some info today, I will pass along what I can.
I am wondering if the cooler water might be making is worse and not the activity. See if heat helps.
Kimberley Clark

Mobile, AL

#88 May 21, 2010
Let me tell ya'll my story... I am a 46 year old female. I had symptoms of a bladder infection (urgency and not needing to go). I work at a small law firm with me being the only paralegal. It is hard for me to miss work. I had gone to see my heart doctor because I had not seen one in 5 years (I have supra ventricular tachycardia and micro valve prolapse). I mentioned the possible bladder infection, however, nothing was done. I took over the counter bladder medication one time and the symptoms went away. About a week later, I woke up with my right side hurting really bad and very chilled, could not get warm, even outside in jeans. When my daughter got home from work and kissed me on the cheek, she said I was burning up with fever. I have a temp of 102.4 which is very high for me, my normal being 97 degrees. I made it through that day and the next morning I woke up in severe pain and ended up in the emergency room (Mother's Day) and had blood work and ultrasound which showed kidney infection. I missed a whole week of work, with Sunday through Wednesday not being able to stay awake while talking. I had a follow up appointment with urologist on Thursday and he said I had the kidney infection under control, however I was still swollen on my right side. He sent me for a CT scan which showed two cysts, and referred me to my OB ASAP. Saw a new OB (mine retired) and he ordered an ultrasound ASAP which ended up being yesterday (Thursday). He put me on naproselen CR 750 extended release once a day for the swelling and pain. On Wednesday this week my feet and ankles started swelling really bad, so I waited for the ultrasound to see what I could find out. My son looked up the medication and it directly contradicted taking with my heart meds and had the same symptoms I was having. Being a heart patient, I followed up with my heart doc today and he ordered stat blood tests and ultrasound of my legs. The ultrasound was fine, however, my sed rate is 49 (normal being 0-30) and my RA Quant is 35 (normal being 0-13). The heart doc said I have arthritis and I don't understand how this could just pop up one afternoon and be arthritis. I am concerned about taking new mediation (Mobic) because of the past circumstances. Now, my sis is a nurse and says that it could be bone cancer or infection in the bone and I need to see rhuematologist. What do I do? I am afraid of docs now....and I'm scared. Could this just be a reaction to the other med I just quit on Wed.? I think I'll wait a few days and see. Please somebody let me know something if any of this makes sense. Thank You very much.

Pittsburgh, PA

#89 May 21, 2010
Rheumatoid factor is often elevated by infection.

Mobic is just a mild anti-inflammatory, an old one, so it has a long track record.(no "surprise" side effects)

Hope you're feeling better ...

Brookville, PA

#90 Jun 9, 2010
Hi I am a 27 yr old mother and wife... I went to see my Family Dr for knee pain, I thought I tore something and I kept getting sharp pains and had a constant ache and it would spread to the middle of my thigh to my ankle when i was relaxed. He sent me for an x-ray that came back clear and had blood work done to check for Lymes diease and RA and my RA Factor came back 71.4 my Family dr said the normal range was 0-21 IU/ML... What does the RA factor mean if it doesn't tell the severity the progression or even tell if you really have RA... Does it mean you have a crap load of inflamtion or that you will have a lot of pain, because that I am having.... I have to work a pretty phyical job bending and moving 50lb bags of grass seed and fertilzer, up and down ladders most of my work day any advice as what I should do for the pain so I can work????

Pittsburgh, PA

#91 Jun 10, 2010
Jeanne wrote:
... Does it mean you have a crap load of inflamtion ...
That's exactly what it means. Sounds to me more like you tore something, have you seen a orthopedist? You may need physical therapy, not just meds.

Aleve is the safest anti-inflammatory to use, you can ask for the prescription strength version, Naproxen.

Greenfield, IN

#92 Jun 28, 2010
I was having alot of body wide joint pain and went to my md..blood tests came back with underactive thyroid and positive RA factor-don't know the numbers..my md sent me to the rheumatologisit,but she didn't seem to think my joint pain was from RA, but diagnosed me with fibromyalgia..and ran more blood tests-don't have reults yet

Oxford, CT

#93 Aug 24, 2010
Judging from the date of the last post, I'm not sure how active this board is, but I would like to add my comments. I started with a severe pain in my shoulder one day out of the clear blue. I went to an orthopedist who told me I had tendonitis. From there the pain went to my other shoulder, my wrists, fingers and got so severe I was in tears most nights from the pain. My RA factor was 12.9 and my Naturopath told me it was the beginning of rhumatoid arthritis. This pain went on for almost a year...in all my joints. My mom had RA since she was 35 so I know it's genetic. I started doing my own research and found a book that someone recommended on an RA website called Conquering Arthritis by Barbara Allan. Thank goodness for this woman. She literally changed my life. But this was only the start of my journey. She helped me realize that FOOD was the issue with my pain. However, it's not easy to find out which foods. I had an allergy test done, which she (the author) helps you get, that pointed me in the right direction. But in my case, that was not enough since I was still getting inflammation from certain foods I was "not allergic" to. From there, I discovered eating raw, which I had never even heard of before. I thought it was some kind of cult thing or something! But little did I know, this was the answer for me. I became a vegetarian. I used to be a vegetarian for about 10 years prior...but a very bad vegetarian. I would eat only carbs and no protein so I think this way of eating contributed to a weakened body which allowed arthritis to develop. So, I got online and started researching books about eating raw. Once I started eating this way...the difference in my body is amazing. I wake up and can get out of bed without limping to the bathroom. I've started doing yoga again and I can make plans to do things without worrying if I'll be able to move that day. The thing with "raw" is, it's very difficult to do especially when everyone else is eating delicious looking meals. But, I've managed to do about 80% raw, but 100% vegan. Smoothies are a big help, delicious with sweet fruit, but I've found that adding more greens make it even healthier. I found a few books online about green smoothies and I'm starting to get into that now. Anyway, what I want to say is what I've discovered from doing my own research (I'm not a doctor, just someone who doesn't give up)is that almost every disease we can get is caused by our diet. It's hard to believe because it seems too simplistic, but I am living proof. If I have dinner out and eat something (not raw) that I know sets me off (i.e., the nightshades, eggplant, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers which are bad for most people with RA)the next few days, I pay for it with swollen fingers, pain in my shoulders and knees. Like I said, reading this book was my first step and from there my journey began. But it all boils down to FOOD, nothing else. It's not easy being raw, but for me, it changed my life. I hope this helps someone looking for answers.
Do the research

Lake, MI

#94 Oct 10, 2010
Hope this helps someone else, Check out Audobon magazine, Chemicals in foods, pesticide use in food, heating food in plastic bags & containers, using the'wrong' type of metal/ alluminum drinking bottle & why it can actually harm you and your kids, search under key words breast cancer research/ hormones in plastic products in mass market. No kidding, hormones that change our endocrine system are in toys, earing utensils, food containers, chances are, if it is plastic, vinyl, or synthentic, well, go do the research and please check it out, it is GOOD to check out for yourself! Some sites tell you how you can avoid these things safely from now on, trust me, you need to check this stuff out, there are reasons people everywhere are getting sick at unprecedented rates.
Do the research

Lake, MI

#95 Oct 10, 2010
Sorry, I meant eating utensils not 'earing' utensils! But as a side note, be on the look out for the composite metals & paints from fashionable kids jewelry stores, there are very frequent recalls with LEAD being the culprit in the paint & metal. It is infrequently tested, unless someone's child gets sick, and then only that product gets pulled, it is not like ALL the products get tested for LEAD.
Small changes, small steps, My daughter (age 8 ) had migraines, we eliminated "Hot Pockets", a food she loves, after a few days the migraines were gone. A few years later, she had some again, and the migraines were back. Now the company has actually changed to 'whole grain', and these seem to make a difference, though she eats them maybe once a month if she can sneak them into the shopping cart.

Evanston, IL

#96 Oct 20, 2010
I am a 28 year old female who started having bilateral acute onset general joint pain/stiffness about 6 weeks ago. I went to my PCP and my RF came back minimally positive. I went to see a rheumatologist a few weeks later and all my labs (RF, CRP, sed rate, lupus) came back negative. I am taking naproxen 2 pills twice daily and still have pain (although it has improved from the nsaids) and sometimes get minimal swelling in my right knee. Although I have a follow up appointment with the rheumatologist in a few weeks, I am confused and frustrated since everything came back negative. Does this sound like anyone elses experience? I have had pain for 6 weeks now and could some insight.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#97 Nov 6, 2010
Anytime anyone is diagnosed with RA it is a very painful time in their life. It is possible to have your mind start telling you things like, life as you know it is over. This is not necessarily true. I was diagnosed with JRA since i was 12 years old and now 20 years through exercise, the grace of God and good medication i'm still fairly active. I have been taking Enbrel for about 10 years which has been extremely good for me over the yeas. I also take glucosamine chondroitin which helps with the pain.
the best thing you can do is find a good rheumatologist that you are comfortable with and that is guaranteed to make life easier.

Newmarket, Canada

#98 Nov 7, 2010
I have been seeing a pain specialist since July for lower back pain which came out of the blue about 2 years ago cat scan and mri came back L1 and L2 and S1 disc bulge /herniation I am on a cocktail of drugs which up to a year ago i wouldnt even touch an aspirin. i just had 2 blood tests done the first one is all i know was in the catagory of Cancer, Lupus, rheumatoid etc. I was old the normal was below 20 my first one came back at 42 which my doc said she was not expecting so we did a second and it came back 47 the doc seemed puzzled and said ok u need to see rhuematolist, but not sure which it is she kinda looked at me and said i dont think u have lupus or cancer so we will check out thr RA, well fr the last week i have been terrified cause both lupus and cancer runs rampad in both side of my family. I am always tired and weak> i have started getting major face acne and at 38 i dont think i should be feeling like this i can actually sleep for up to 16 hours of sleep, i just did sleep clinic and awaiting those results as i do snoar very loud. I am not over wieght 5'7" about 160lbs. If anybody knows or understands what i am saying i would love to hear any feed back. I really dont want to live lik this, i should also mention i saw a back surgeon and he said a this time we will waite that the broad based changesbulging disc is touching nerve but not compressing, also he said i have degenerative changes andfacet and ligamentum hypertrophy and neural formena are patent. so there u have it. any thoughts would be so greatly appreciated. my main concern was the blood test right now ???

Purcell, OK

#99 Dec 9, 2010
just got results of my rf, 2005, had this for ten years, stopped all meds due to liver enzymes being high, i need some releif!!!!!!!

Kota Bharu, Malaysia

#100 Jan 19, 2011
I was first diagnosed with RA in 2004. My first test for Rh factor was 218.0 and during that time I was in real pain. My whole body was in extreme pain. Today I had my second test and my Rh factor is 109.0 and my ESR is 45 (decreased too in half). Quite happy with the result.

I eliminated meat and seafood from my diet when I got some itchiness and rashes on my joints and became a vegan. It helped a bit on the weight factor because when I get a tad too heavy, my knees will feel the brunt.

Farmville, NC

#101 Mar 4, 2011
Please help me understand these results....I am 38 f my bones and joints hurt everyday and i know im too young to feel like this. Had lab test done and results are as follows:
RA Factor <7.0f
SED rate 26H
What does this mean? Please help me understand, any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Delray Beach, FL

#102 Mar 7, 2011
Jodi wrote:
Please help me understand these results....I am 38 f my bones and joints hurt everyday and i know im too young to feel like this. Had lab test done and results are as follows:
RA Factor <7.0f
SED rate 26H
What does this mean? Please help me understand, any input would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
Your rheumatoid factor is normal (0-10) and your SED rate is *slightly* elevated (0-20 is normal). SED rate looks for inflammation, RF looks for antibodies that are common in people with rheumatoid arthritis.
Have you had your thyroid checked? That could cause arthritis/bone pain in someone your age. Blood tests would include "TSH", "T3", "T4" and/or "TPO".(just in case it's on your test results ...)

San Antonio, TX

#103 Mar 31, 2011
Hello, my husband woke up one day and couldn't walk or move. I finally convinced him to go see the primary and took a bunch of test, everything was normal except the SEd rate of 79. His mom has RA and so told the doc that and he took a RF test and it came back negative. So went to go see a Rhematologist and took more test and RF of negative for the CRP was high at 7.9. He tested boarderline for Lupas and they did more test and came back negative for Lupas. They put him on some steroid pill which made his life seem normal again and then tapered him off to one a day and now he's back in pain and immobile again. He tore his shoulder muscle a year ago and plans to have surgery April 14. Do you think a torn muscle could make his whole body immobile and cause the Sed rate to go up? My heart goes out to all the people with RA. I will pray day and night for healing for all of you.

Evanston, IL

#104 Mar 31, 2011
Hello Yvonne, I understand what your husband is going through. All of my labs are negative, so it's very possible for your husband to have RA without having a positive lab result. I am no doctor, but I do not think a shoulder would cause diffuse joint pain, especially considering his family history. Has his doctor recommended other treatments such as Plaquenil? They take a while to work but the side effects are generally minimal (although some may not agree with me on this). Taking prednisone for long periods of time is generally not recommended. Depending on the severity, I would ask his doctor about getting on a DMARD like plaquenil. This drug can be used for different types of autoimmune diseases such as RA and lupus. Unfortunately with this type of disease, after you stop taking medication of any kind, the RA tends to return rather quickly, so it does not shock me that your husband experienced pain immediately after stopping the steroid. I wish you and your husband the best of luck.

Islamabad, Pakistan

#105 Apr 10, 2011
sir i have the R A Factor Desiese sir give me test ok positive

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