Having prostate cancer test an indivi...

Having prostate cancer test an individual choice

There are 44 comments on the Connecticut Post story from Apr 20, 2009, titled Having prostate cancer test an individual choice. In it, Connecticut Post reports that:

Q: I am a healthy man in my late 60s. I go to my regular doctor for checkups and take my medication for blood pressure religiously.

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Des Plaines, IL

#21 Oct 6, 2012
Did you have APCRA test done?
He is offering it now for $2700 in Texas or Arizona
Please respond.I am looking for biopsy alternative.
[email protected]

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#22 Oct 6, 2012
It is time for me to take the test again.

Since: Jul 12

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#23 Oct 6, 2012
Good Afternoon Everybody. How are you? All of us including Tippy and her fish are doing just great. Thanks for asking.
Charles - Chuck - Maack

Wichita, KS

#24 Oct 6, 2012
Joel T Nowak MA MSW wrote:
I have to agree with most of your article, but your description of prostate cancer left out one often forgotten fact, prostate cancer kills 28,000 men each year! To just characterize it as a slow growing cancer in which most men who have it will die of something else is only part of the picture.
Prostate cancer, even though it is slower growing than many other cancer's does kill, it is the second biggest cancer killer of men in the United States.
The real issue about prostate cancer is not its testing and diagnosis, but is in fact about over treatment. Not all diagnosed prostate cancer needs invasive and expensive treatment, active surveillance is the proper "treatment" for many men.
All men should know what is going on in their bodies and then be given the proper support to make intelligent and reasoned decisions on how to deal with any potential concern, including prostate cancer.
Joel T Nowak MA, MSW
Director of Advocacy and Advanced Prostate Cancer Programs
Malecare, Men Helping Men with Cancer
I had intended to comment separately, but wanted to add to the
"right on" comments of Joel. I, too, am an advocate, activist, and mentor to men and their caregivers to help them understand their status in order to develop an appropriate strategy of treatment for prostate cancer. For now, the PSA accompanied by digital rectal examination (DRE)is the easiest to perform and less costly form of screening that both compliment the other. Many men have developing prostate cancer despite low PSA, and certainly an elevating PSA indicates "something" is amiss, be it an enlarged prostate (BPH), a urinary infection (that could be prostatitis), or developing prostate cancer. The DRE, on the other hand,and separate from the PSA, can determine presence of BPH, hardness of the gland, or nodule development on the gland, which would account for urinary problems. Discarding the PSA and DRE as important screening measures to identify possible prostate cancer development is absolutely ridiculous. If we want to discard anything, it would be the USPSTF conclusion that was determined by physicians and others with no proficiency or expertise regarding, specifically, prostate cancer. Not one Urologist, Medical Oncologist, or Radiation Oncologist was invited to participate on the panel discussing the importance of PSA testing - that tells you something of the quality of the USPSTF report. Repeating what Joel remarked: "All men should know what is going on in their bodies and then be given the proper support to make intelligent and reasoned decisions on how to deal with any potential concern, including prostate cancer."

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#25 Oct 14, 2012
I will be tested by the end of the month.

Diamond Bar, CA

#26 Oct 23, 2012
Interesting I bought his book and read it cover to cover. All of the information is the same as that found on the internet from various cancer hospitals and Doctors. The only difference is the way it is layed out and presented in the book.

It is set out in a way that you will consider buying his products that he offers Starting at $89.99 per bottle. similar item is available from GNC for a lot less. The only problem with his product is that once you start you must contimue taking the product its not a one time cure all or a one bottle item. It takes about 3 bottles to show any change.

The prostrate medication from the pharmacy is very toxic and is used also for hair restoration on Bald Men. It works the same as chemo therapy on other forms of cancer by being specically directed to the prostrate gland.

Poughkeepsie, NY

#27 Oct 24, 2012
I would like to know if anyone else has heard of Ben Ong, who is a self-proclaimed prostate guru, living in a small country in central/south america called Dominica? His website offers strong advice and expensive products and services for men with prostate problems which could be life-threatening.
He claims to have helped thousands of men all over the world, but I have been unable to find one person, who has heard of him, or used his products, if you don't count the many testimonials on his website, who cannot be contacted.

Auburn, CA

#28 Dec 16, 2012

Dont do it. It is a waste of time and money.

If you want to find out if you have prostrate problems

go to Palm Desert, CA and get an MRI of your prostrate.

If they see an issue they will only biopsy the issue.

If they see no problem you can go home and relax.

Also the size of your prostrate will have a direct

impact on your PSA score, but creedy doctors will not

tell you that.
Santa Claus

United States

#29 Dec 16, 2012
Get tested every year is a good thing, I do it every year.

Since: Nov 12

Torrance, CA

#30 Dec 20, 2012
I couldn't access the full article for some reason but from the comments I read here, my opinion is that men past the age of 40 should voluntarily get their PSA levels checked every year or two if they haven't had any prostate problems in the family. Most men are not aware about prostate issues and have never heard of Super Beta Prostate supplement which has impacted so many lives.

Since: Aug 10

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#31 Dec 20, 2012
My family agree with #30.

Des Plaines, IL

#32 Jan 16, 2013
I would like to hear from anyone who had APCTRA test done arranged
by Ben Ong from UK
Ed Dwulet

Los Altos, CA

#33 May 5, 2013
Lee Smith ... its now 2013 and even the last holdout, the low-lives of the AUA have finally publically come around to my way of thinking -- apparently to try and save some semblance medical respectability against the overwhelming scientific evidence contrary to their long held position. An unethical position based only upon attempting to dupe men into needless surgeries for financial gain of their members. They should have been the first medical group to come out against PSA, not the last. For the last 20 years they provided unscrupulous money grubbing doctors, who themselves should have looked at the evidence and known better, with the convenient excuse: "I'm only following the AUA guidelines ..."

Isn't it about time you admitted to yourself that your prostate was removed for nothing? That you were wrong over all these years to persistently keep advising other men to follow in your footsteps?
Tom Redman

Syracuse, NY

#34 Jun 7, 2013
Screening should be avoided at all costs. Screening is the same as the 30 point inspection on a car. It is a money driven search to find reasons to treat patients and provide further testing. Cha-ching.... Each mammogram increases a woman's chance of getting breast cancer by 3%. If a woman must satisfy herself that there is no cancer, then thermograph would be the way to go. Cancers come and go. A good immune system defeats cancers throughout the body. This has been proven, but don't expect a doctor who performs mammogram's to ever mention it. Isn't it odd that DCIS is being detected more and more? Women who have double mastectomies as a preventative are totally wrong and it so sad that allopathic medicine is so ignorant. Go to greenmedinfo.com . A biopsy is risky. Who says a biopsy doesn't spread cancer? Certainly not the doctor getting paid to do it. All allopathic doctors are the same, so seeing several is a waste of time. Wake up world.
R Lee Smith wrote:
Would you give the same advice to women re mammograms. DCIS is being detected more and more, is non invasive, and sometimes leads to invasive breast cancer. Many women with DCIS are chosing double mastectomies just to reduce the chances of invasive breast cancer. PSA testing is not dangerous, biopsies have quite limited morbidity, and once the data are in men have a chance to go over the statistics for their particular brand of prostate cancer. Certainly one should avoid jumping to treatment, which could well be over treatment, without taking a deep breath, consulting with several physicians, doing one's best to understand the odds facing you. But invasive cancer is horrible whether it starts in the prostate or in the breast, and I can't understand the move against screening. We should have screening AND education, and avoid being driven by fear -- either fear of knowing or fear of over reacting.

Wausau, WI

#35 Sep 12, 2013
As one who has gone through 3 biopsy's, I read all the post(s) of interest. My PSA is 7.5 and next week I will have another blood test which will include PSA, blood sugar, LDL,HDL, etc. as a previous post stated, know what is going on in your body. I am now 65 and had my first PSA at 47, a year after my father passed away from Prostrate Cancer. I openly discuss PC and prostrate issue with my friends who are dealing with these same issues. It is surprising to find out how many men have the prostrate issues and find out too late. My initial PSA at 47 was 2.47 and has steadily claimed over the years. The establishing of a base line by 50 is important because "acceleration" of your PSA score is THE important indicator. I have been fortunate thus far that no PC has been found. So far only BPH. With a family history of PC I will continue to monitor my PSA acceleration along with other important blood test(s).


Since: Jan 08

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#36 Sep 12, 2013
i see you're still waiting for an answer...
R Lee Smith wrote:
Mr. Ong: how about a quick summary leading of course up to 30,000 deaths a year!
How many men have which kinds of prostate cancer
How many will be detected by PSA
How many by DRE
How many when it's too late to stop
How many will need treatment to keep them alive due to spreading cancer
Lets start with some facts and numbers and go from there
mike suta

Westfield, MA

#37 Nov 6, 2013
Ben Ong professes to be a prostate expert, only to sell his products and line his pockets. He is not open to open dialog, and only prints stories that promotes his products. Watch what happens if you challenge him.

He is solely a money chaser.
Randy W No Branford Ct

Branford, CT

#38 Nov 8, 2013
I agree with everything you said. I am 56 years old and ended up in the situation as you. I am old school and beleaved in the doctors and their opinion about having my prostate removed. Now that I am in this situation I am finding out that I could of had things done differently by trying things like HIFU. This is not done in the US yet because the FDA has not finished their study which was suppose to be done in 2012, but march 15 2013 I had my prostate removed because my urologist and general doctor said I should. I had my biopsy done at the VA,and said I would have my surgury done there. I went to a well know urologist, but they are all surgens and love to cut. Thats what they get paid for and make the big money! Now I am finding out about the different non evasive procedures that are offered for biopsy and prostate cancer procedures. I fell your pain.
Madashell wrote:
I had my prostate removed one year ago and it was the worst decision I was ever sold and I do mean sold. I am 53 years old and was told this week that my incontinence is going to be with me until I die and I will assure you, it is not worth it!
The surgeons will tell you whatever you want to hear to SELL you their services, it's all a crap shoot and unless you have an aggressive, do not have yours removed. Besides, they don't mention that they have no control over the prostate cancer that you may find in your body after you have your prostate removed......Urologists are jerk offs!
Ben Ong


#40 May 7, 2014
richard wrote:
<quoted text>
I have been using Ben Ong's products, bought his book AND did his APCRA.$5,800 plus in expenses later I have not gotten any answers from him. He called me to get my money for the APCRA but no follow up call, no answers, no help. I finally ended up going to an Imaging Clinic in Palm Dessert, had an MRI and then an MRI-DIRECTED biopsy, only four samples of tissue were taken directly where they saw a concern. Gratefully, they found no cancer and now I know how I am doing in that regard but no thanks to Ben! In fact, I would recommend to all to go through this route as apposed to Ben Ong's APCRA or the "doctors", even at places such as Stanford, for random poking, prodding and stabbing for numerous random samples (15-20 random biopsy stabs). RICHARD
I find this message really strange. Every person who does my APCRA receives a detailed, comprehensive written report and I follow up with a telephone call to go through the report in order to make sure that they understand the implications of the results. Richard doesn't leave any contact information so I can't even see if he is a genuine customer. But it certainly doesn't make sense to me. I am sorry that Richard went on to have a prostate biopsy, this is a procedure that can cause damage and if he had a report from his APCRA, he would have had no reason to have a prostate biopsy?

Fort Scott, KS

#43 Mar 26, 2015
PSA tested 6 years ago at age 59 was 10. Referred to a Urologist a month later and it was 11. He convinced me with some scary details of how painful it is if prostate cancer spreads to have a biopsy done. They took 18 samples, all of which showed no cancer. Now 6 years later, waking up several times a night to pee, had my Psa checked in March of 2014...it was 13.2. Referred to same Urologist who was mad when he walked into the appointment room. Recommended another biopsy. Told him I wanted to wait and watch. March of 2015, had PSA tested and it has climbed to 16.2. Referred me to the Urologist for DRE and I know he will want to do another biopsy. By the way, when he did the 1st one, I asked him if it could spread the cancer if I had it. He assured me it wouldn't. I believe that was a lie. One month ago, I had started on Ben Ong's Prostate Health Supplement. Cost was over $200. Also getting his Newsletter and sending me emails about tinctures that would help..don't really have the $90 to spend on them. Not sure what to do...am researching.

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