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Green Light Laser surgery for BPH prostate

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Port Deposit, MD

#1 Feb 7, 2012
I'm 88 years old and had radiation for supposed prostate cancer about 14 years ago which left me with a reduced quality of life because the radiation burns more area than they intend so it caused more tendency toward incontinence than I expected.
Now 14 years later at age 88, my PSA has remained at 10 for the past several years, and my current urologist says he would not suspect any cancer returning unless that PSA score went up to about 20 at any point in the future.
SO, I got frustrated with two previous urologists whom I put between a "Rock and a Hard Place" according to my son because I needed to be able to make water, but didn't want to have to get up to go at night. So, I stupidly stopped taking my medicine, which was Uroxatral at that time, so that I didn't have to get up 3 - 4 times a night to go urinate, and the stream was so weak anyhow that it was an aggravation. A few months later, I had BIG PROBLEMS because of stopping the medicine on my own accord and not keeping in close consultation with a urologist. Eventually, I could not make water AT ALL !! And my bladder got distended and it started backing up into my kidneys causing infection and pain. My son got involved again at that point, and got me an appointment with a new urologist who was recently out of med school so he was trained in "Green Light Laser" procedure. At my age of 88, we planned ahead of time to stay in the hospital at least over night ( 2 days ), but I ended up staying 3 days ( Friday to Sunday ) to be sure I was recovering OK because the anesthesia makes us old people whackier than we already are!
And ... do yourselves a favor ... before you go for "Green Light Laser", empty your bowel like they do for a colonoscopy so that you can get 7 - 10 days into recovery before worrying about toilet issues, and eat soft foods for the first couple of weeks ( pudding, jello, Boost, Ensure, etc.)
Now, I'm just 4 days into recovery from the "Green Light Laser", and due to my age ( I guess ), they are leaving the catheter in place until I go back to the follow-up appointment on day 6 after surgery to see if I can make water on my own again. We have been cautioned that sometimes the bladder just stops working and it's beyond the control of modern medicine; however, I'm hoping for the best on the day of my "Void Test" when they take the catheter out.
The surgery itself was painless because I had anesthesia, and no pain that I'm aware of afterward these first 4 days into recovery although I took "Tramadol" ( Ultram NOT Ultracet with tylenol ) the first 2 days. I took only Tylenol on day 3 and day 4 since I have a low-grade fever with temperature about 99.5. Any discomfort is due to the catheter which caused a little bleeding and irritation being re-inserted after the surgery, and my issues with difficulty have a bowel movement for which I'm taking both Senna laxative and Colace ( Docusate Sodium ), but I'm so sorry I didn't empty my bowel BEFORE the "Green Light" to save myself this frustration for the first week afterwards.
All in all ... don't know for 2 more days yet if it will be totally successful, but it was not painful, and I don't know if I will experience the burning sensation many men describe once I start to urinate on my own again for the first several weeks.
Don't hesitate to get "Green Light Laser" if the urologist is skilled and recommends it. And it's sure better than the alternative, right?!

Lakewood, NJ

#2 Feb 23, 2012

Thanks for posting. How are you doing now that it's been a couple of weekS? I'm scheduled for Greenlight next Wednesday.

Woodstock, GA

#3 Feb 24, 2012
I'm doing great now ( 2 weeks after my Green Light procedure ). The surgeon put my catheter back in after the procedure for six (6) days, and there was some pain when the nurse took it out on day #6. Then, they had me drink a bottle of water to see if I could urinate, but I went home for almost 2 hours with a plastic bottle to collect urine and took it back to the doctor's office so that they could measure my results to see if the procedure had been a success ... and it was.

I give lots of credit to my young urologist ( Dr. Justin Sausville, Elkton, Maryland ) who performed an excellent laser surgery on me. There was no pain as far as the surgery, but the first 24-hours were difficult at my advanced age of 88 being put to sleep, so I'm glad I stayed in the hospital Friday, Saturday, and half-day on Sunday. I still suggest cleaning out your colon a day or two ahead of time like you would for a colonoscopy, but ask you doctor, of course. My issues that first week of recovery revolved around trying to keep a soft stool so as not to strain, and I think I could have eliminated that part for a few days if I had taken steps ahead of time ... don't know what my doctor would say about that ... never asked him.

I drink more water than before in order to keep my bladder flushed out because for the first week or so after the procedure, there is some amount of blood, particles, or like small clots of blood from the area of the procedure that needs to be flushed out. Not painful ... just drink some and urinate some to keep the bladder mostly empty while healing up.

I have to urinate several times at nights, but I'm SO GRATEFUL that I can and not have to have the "Foley Catheter" any longer.


Lakewood, NJ

#4 Feb 24, 2012

Thanks for all the information and good wishes! Happy you are doing well and hope I will too!

Best Regards,


Lakewood, NJ

#5 May 23, 2012
My surgery on Feb29 was canceled because my blood pressure spiked to high, but I am scheduled again for June 6. Hope all goes well. I will post back when I have something to report.

Lakewood, NJ

#6 Jun 9, 2012
Rescheduled surgery cancelled Jun 6 due to electrical problem in the surgical suite. Hope the third time is the charm. Man I am getting tired of this!
NJRetiree wrote:
My surgery on Feb29 was canceled because my blood pressure spiked to high, but I am scheduled again for June 6. Hope all goes well. I will post back when I have something to report.

Lawrenceville, GA

#7 Jun 9, 2012
If you're in New Jersey anywhere within a 2 or 3 hour drive of Elkton, Maryland, then switch doctors and go see Dr. Justin Sausville who did such an excellent job on my Green Light laser surgery.

Lakewood, NJ

#8 Jun 9, 2012

Thanks for the recommendation. I am waiting to see if I get a reschedule for the next two weeks. If I have a problem getting scheduled soon I might consider starting over with a new urologist. One thing I like about my urologist is he will do the procedure in his office with just the twilight anesthesia. Also I have a giant prostate (bigger than a baseball and probably over 200 grams) so I don't know if it can be done sufficiently in one session or if I will need more sessions. I think the Greenlight can remove a max of 2 grams a minute. You are right about it being better than the alternative. I get blocked a couple of times a night in my sleep and need a whiskey and soda to get started and to stop the pain. Flomax works during the day, but at night, I wake up having to go but blocked up after a couple hours of sleep. I tried doubling the flomax dose but it didn't help. The Grenlight seems best alternative. Just want to get it done soon and hope mine turns out as well as yours.

Lakewood, NJ

#9 Jul 26, 2012
Hi Vet,

Hope all is well with you. I had the 180 Watt XPS Greenlight a little over 5 weeks ago and I can say your recovery was remarkable. You must have had a great surgeon for things to go that smoothly.
After 5 weeks, I have a good stream, and am no longer blocked up but it still burns a lot when I pee (though it no longer unbearable). Also, I sometimes have to get to the bathroom in a few seconds or I just start going anyway, no way to stop it. My urologist said I should be better in another month or two. He said I had a 120 gram prostate and he removed about 70 grams in 70 minutes. Also said I had chronic prostatitis, and I'm now completing a second round of cipro antibiotic. I wouldn't have done the procedure except I was getting completely blocked at night, and the flomax had stopped working, so really I had no choice. Still, I'm glad your recovery was smooth. I'm hoping time will be the great healer for me.

Phoenix, AZ

#10 Nov 12, 2012
I'm a healthy, active 69 y.o. with no significant medial history. But I wanted to get thru a movie or sleep the night without having to "go" 3 or 4 times.Flomax made me very dizzy. The Doc recommended the "greem machine" and said he was the only one in my state who had one in his office. A one hour simple procedure, overnight catheter, take it easy a day or two and I am "good to go." Full healing in a month or two. Not much more said by the doc.

The procedure took 5 hours (I reacted badly to the instructions shouted by the nurse and started to hyperventilate). Two bouts with the catheter, two UT infections later, several weeks after of almost impossible stress and discomfort, I finally started to improve. Now three months later I still have occasional bleeding and discharge, but I can finally see some good result. The doc (I call him smiley because he always says progress is slow but everthing looks good) says give it a few more months.

If you have this surgery, get complete follow up info. After the initial signs of "slow healing," the doc revealed that 25% of the patients have issues like mine or worse. Nice to know after!@$. I call these "video game docs" because they like the new technology with scopes, cameras, and controls to manuever. But they lack the patient relationship and shortcut the explanations and expectations. Don't let your doc do that.

West Milford, NJ

#11 Nov 12, 2012
Just a post script on my July 26 post. Five months after surgery I am doing well. Didn't get good until 8 to 9 weeks after the surgery. Still get up 3 or 4 times a night, but no more retention, straining or pain. I used to get up 5 to 6 timers and was in retention nightly. I have a good stream and generally go up to 8 ounces or so at a time, I used to go just 2 or 3 ounceswith a week stream. Can go an hour or two or three during the day with no problem. I drink 2 to 3 liters of liquid a day, so it has to come out. So for me, it was a success so far.

Morgantown, WV

#12 Nov 19, 2012
I'm 61 and had the green light 2 weeks ago and feel great. up once a night instead of 3 times and no hesitation. bladder empties completely now. Still slight blood at the end of urination but that might be all the firewood and gravel i have been moving. definitely worth it unless things go south. i drink 3-4 liters a day of water which means i go frequently during the day. hope that improves with time.

Since: Dec 12

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#14 Dec 19, 2012
YinFu wrote:
I'm 61 and had the green light 2 weeks ago and feel great. up once a night instead of 3 times and no hesitation. bladder empties completely now. Still slight blood at the end of urination but that might be all the firewood and gravel i have been moving. definitely worth it unless things go south. i drink 3-4 liters a day of water which means i go frequently during the day. hope that improves with time.
Greetings YinFu - I am also 61, and looking at doing the green light PVP. My urologist says the doctors in his office don't have much luck with PVP, so he recommends TURP. Did you go through this same dilemma of which procedure to choose? Or were you immediately sold on PVP?
Thanks, Dave F.
Doug - 62

Lockhart, TX

#15 Feb 3, 2013
Just had gl last Wednesday with catheter removed Friday. First free pee was like when I was a teenager but with some blood and burning. Have had no urgency issues and feel like I'm emptying completely for a change. Now four days since surgery and two days after cath removal. Hardly any burning, no urgency issues and very strong stream. Have been taking it easy though with slight fever easily handled with Tylenol. Follow up with doc in two weeks. Sexual functions not tested for another ten days but fingers crossed. Given the alternative therapies the gl offered the best results with the least complications. Very very pleased so far. Highly recommend as a serious option to consider to get rid of all the issues that go along with slow stream non voiding of bph.
Jay Biz

New York, NY

#16 Mar 15, 2013
I used to have a bad case of BPH. Hard to urinate and empty out. Been fightin' it for years. Tried 2 prescription drugs and several herbals, with marginal results. My sex life was almost gone. Decided to try Dr Max Powers Prostate Pills after seeing them on TV. Within two days I saw improvement. Been on it for about 10 days now, and each day gets a little better. Sex life is back too. It won't make you young again, but I am well satisfied with this brand.
Bob B Seattle WA

Freeland, WA

#17 Apr 26, 2013
71 year old. Retired. 7 weeks out from GLLS. Still up 4x/night. But new problem: incontinence including leaking and 2 episodes of bedwetting.
If I had it to do over again, no GLLS for me.

West Milford, NJ

#18 Apr 26, 2013
Had 180 watt xps GL 11 months ago in June, 2012. My doctor said he removed 70g. of a 120 g. prostate in 70 minutes, using up 2 tips. This procedure was only partially successful. Several months ago started to experience slow stream, burning, start and stop. My doctor did a cystoscope and said my bladder was fine but he found scar tissue between the urethra and prostate, which he removed. He advised me to self cath once a week to "keep the channel open". I did it for 5 weeks, then got a UTI. 2 rounds of cipro later I have decided against cathing unless absolutely necessary. At present I get a good stream for 3 to 6 seconds or so then the stream stops and a burning sensation. If I wait a minute I can usually dribble out the rest with a weak stream. Then 10 minutes later I go some more. Then 10 minutes later I finish up with a better stream.
Everything I have read on the internet tells me my urinary sphincter is spastic. This is similar to what I had before the GL, except then I didn't get the 3 to 5 second good stream and the ability to dribble out the rest. So the GL was a partial success.

West Milford, NJ

#19 Apr 26, 2013
I think the moral of the story is that urinary problems can be due to a bunch of factors, but the GL can only fix one of them. Women have the same problems but they don't have a prostate. Many men with large prostates have no problems urinating. Many men with small prostates do. The GL is being marketed as the cure to every urinary problem for men with enlarged prostates. But it's not. Like antibiotics for prostatitis, it's the first thing done but often is not successful, or only partially successful. Same with the GL.


#20 May 4, 2013
5 weeks after green light laser surgery still bleeding not alot just from time to time when will it stop feel better but blood driving me nuts any help leave nots thanks

West Milford, NJ

#21 May 4, 2013
I had the 180 watt xps GL laser in June 2012. It took 9 weeks to recover. Had pain, bleeding, urgency, frequency bad the whole 9 weeks. Hang in there. It's actually not uncommon for 2 to 3 months before everything quiets down.
joe wrote:
5 weeks after green light laser surgery still bleeding not alot just from time to time when will it stop feel better but blood driving me nuts any help leave nots thanks

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