GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications

Marlborough, MA

#163 Oct 26, 2008
I had the laser surgery 3 days ago. So far I have extreme problems urinating. Worse than before. Hopefully time will improve things. I am not all that optimistic.


#164 Oct 29, 2008
Had the laser surgery 9-30-08---had been on Flomax past couple years--helped some--caused partial retrograde ejaculation--I'm 66 years old--still active sexually--but both myself and partner had no problem with being "less messy".
My urologist believes in laser surgery--told me it was a day procedure--go in in the morning and home in the afternoon..(from the hospital). Commented that there is always a chance of complications--but odds highly in my favor that everything would turn out as hoped--increased urinary flow & off the Flomax--commented briefly on retrograde ejaculation as always being a possibility.(see above as to my thoughts on that)
Had the surgery--went into the hospital at 6:30AM--procedure was to start at 9AM. I was apprehensive--never been in a hospital as a patient before. Was prepped--IV's started--wheeled into operating room--don't remember anything more until I awoke around 11:00AM. About 1 hour later the nurse came in and removed my catheter--wheeled into a small recovery room--given some liquid and told I could leave as soon as I could pee a certain cc quantity--had great urgency to pee but sweated it out for about 30-40 minutes before going to the bathroom--peed mostly blood...nurse said "ok"--let me get dressed and wife drove me home--it's around 1PM now.
Peeing not a picnic for a couple of days--lot of blood--but I drank large quantities of water which helped--my stream was vastly improved. Only stayed on the pain pills for 2 days.
Now its exactly 4 weeks later--urination is good-frequency improved (if active can go for long periods of time--if I lay around the house watching TV, ect.--seems I have greater frequency to go.(had same problem while on Flomax--probably has to do somewhat with my age.)
My only concern is that I still have blood at the start of my stream and at times when I try to sqeeze out the last few drops. In between everything normal.
I'm an active person--good health--so I waited only about 4 days before I went back to my regular routine--gym (don't play much with heavy weights anyway), driving, going on trips (I travel outside the States), golf (hasn't helped my score any!)--so maybe the bleeding is a result of that. Doesn't really hurt when I pee except for the first couple seconds--but is not a bad pain...just enough to let you know something is still going on.
ALSO--about the 3rd day I started experiencing a slight pain in my lower right flank side (kidney?)--called my urologist but he had no comment on it--still have this pain (like a side stitch at times)--not getting better nor worse...I think I read some comments about this same kind of pain--maybe kidneys giving a sympathy pain.
Didn't plan on this being this long--BUT I think I did the right thing--I consider the laser surgery a success (to this point). I do believe that most guys who've had this surgery have had little or few problems so don't bother to write about them. The only reason I think I'm writing is because of the bleeding still after 4 find out if others have bad this problem.
The decision is a personal one as to whether have the procedure or not. But if the only problem is an enlarged prostate, trouble with weak stream & frequency then the odds appear very favorable for a positive result.
Wife of Patient

Upland, CA

#165 Oct 29, 2008
My husband had green light laser surgery Sept 4, 2007. The constant leaking is still present so that he wears a diaper & pad. We exchanged one problem for another. We do not feel it was worth it.

Beaufort, SC

#166 Oct 30, 2008
"My only concern is that I still have blood at the start of my stream and at times when I try to sqeeze out the last few drops. In between everything normal."

The bad news is that I had a severe crisis with blood clots, bleeding and extreme pain 4.5 months after surgery. The good news is that I haven't had any real problems since that crisis. Things seem to be finally settling down. Flow is definitely improved since the surgery (was on Uroxatral for years), altho it isn't perfect. Just takes some of us longer to heal than others.


#167 Nov 3, 2008
Green light laser failed for me. I now urinate every half hour with pain. I have scar tissue that has to be removed.
It does not work for everone. BEWARE!

East Elmhurst, NY

#168 Nov 4, 2008
does anyone now of anything that could fix the retro ejaculation?
R Damien

Boulder Creek, CA

#169 Nov 5, 2008
Bruce wrote:
does anyone now of anything that could fix the retro ejaculation?
Bruce, my doctor didn't tell me about the retro ejaculation until I pried it out of him. As a result, I'm holding off on the Greenlight PVP operation until I get more information about other options. Fortunately, I've read comments here before going forward with the procedure.

Unfortunately, once you've had the procedure, I don't think the retro ejaculation is reversible. I have ball-valve BPH and my doctor told virtually any minimally invasive procedure will result in retro ejaculation. I'm looking into Botox or Nymox NX-1207 injections instead (shrinks the prostate by about 40% with a single needle injection into the prostate--no hospital stay, no catheter, no retro).

However, once you have retro, you can still father a child by going to a fertility clinic. They will collect the semen that ends up in your urine, isolate it, and use it for in-vitro fertilization/test tube baby.

For those that haven't had the procedure yet, you can "sperm bank" your semen, as the procedure has a high chance of retro ejaculation.

"Retrograde ejaculation caused by or following genitourinary tract surgery may be responsive to the use of epinephrine-like drugs (such as pseudoephedrine or imipramine)." ( , 2005)

I've read mixed results on epinephrine type drugs working on prostate surgery patients, but it's worth a try. Basically these are cold-type medicines, they you may be able to take by pill or nasal spray. Good luck, and please share with us, if it works for you.

Decatur, GA

#170 Nov 24, 2008
I had laser surgery and would have sought other options should I been told the truth about the effects of the procedure. I have retro-ejaculation, loss of sensation and the same level of frequency. Most Drs. do not warm you of the complications. My life has been reduced greatly in quality. I bascially feel like I have been castrated. A sad state of affairs.

Beaufort, SC

#171 Nov 25, 2008
I thought I'd post here one last time to restate the obvious, which is that this is a serious procedure, with serious possible complications. I also want to STRONGLY suggest that those who have been experiencing complications like pain, bleeding, frequency, and urgency for more than 8 weeks post op need to press their doctors for a cystoscopy.

Long story short, I had another bad crisis 6 full months after surgery, but it has a happy ending -- I hope. I went to the OR where they removed a blood clot from my bladder. Feel GREAT now, xlnt flow, no pain, no urgency, and even frequency is much improved (especially at night). I feel generally much better than I did before the surgery, when I was going 4-8 times a night!

The big downside is the retrograde ejaculation, but as I said before, that is an issue that greatly depends upon your age, marital status, and other factors. It has done nothing to diminish my sex drive, in fact, because I am feeling much better, it's pretty darn good. So that is an issue you'll have to judge individually, but if you have this procedure, you're very likely to experience this. Good luck!
Robert E Ruppel


#172 Dec 1, 2008
Jim Bean wrote:
<quoted text>
Some 12 years ago I took flo-max but it messed with my head so I have been taking herbal pills with good results and no side effects. It takes about a week for the pills to start working. CVS has them at.
Would you give me the name of the herbal pills you got at CVS, I'd like to try them,[email protected]
Robert E Ruppel


#173 Dec 1, 2008
Would you give me the name of the pills you took from Cvs, I'd like to try them.
Bob Ruppel
[email protected]

Chicago, IL

#174 Dec 1, 2008
Thank you for your honest stories. I was going to have Green Light procedure soon, but after all your stories I take time to think again. Anybody had Green Light surgery with Dr. Berger, ILL?
Looking for feedback.

Los Angeles, CA

#175 Dec 3, 2008
Has anyone had serious incontinence following greenlight PVP? If so, did it resolve itself and how long did it take? if not did you need surgery to correct it? I'm 3 months out and am having serious incontinence issues (only issue) and all MD's seem to want to do drastic surgery to resolve.
Triple BB

Bozeman, MT

#176 Dec 4, 2008
I had green light surgery on 10/23. The urinary problems are greatly improved. My stream is so strong, I can peel paint. The pain is greatly diminished although there is some discomfort when I get towards the end of emptying my bladder. There has been minimal complications since the procedure. However, I had sex for the first time last week and experienced retro grade ejac. I'm extremely disappointed as my doc warned about retrograde, saying you'll still be able to have an org. However, the intensity is half and the org only lasts a split second. I wish I'd have waited until I was older. Given that its only been six weeks, I'm hopeful some of this will improve in the coming months.


#177 Dec 18, 2008
Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Peter Schlegel in New York City.
Tom ryan

East New Market, MD

#178 Dec 22, 2008
Ray S wrote:
I had green laser treatment on Oct.5th and I feel no better then before, plus everytime I urinate I have some blood. If I had to do over I would not go for the treatment.My life is suffering from this outcome. My doctor is supposed to be one of the best in this field. He tells me it will get better but my flow is worst then before.Personally I am flat out disgusted.I am only 62.
I see this is a post from 2007. Are things going better for you a lear later.

Britton, MI

#179 Dec 29, 2008
I am 62 now.I had Greenlight Laser surgery twice in 2006. My prostate was so large that I had my first surgery in April and three months later I had it done again. They could not do it all at once because it was so big. Something about the laser?
It was unpleasant, but it certainly helped my urination and I have normal ejaculations.
I was sore for a long time, but I feel it was worth it. It takes quite a while to feel halfway normal again. I am worried about scar tissue and having to repeat the procedure, but so far so good. I'm better than I was for sure!

Bay Minette, AL

#180 Jan 7, 2009
My father had laser prostate surgery in Deceamber 08. He continues to have to wear a catheter after the doctor has removed it and had to re-insert. He is losing weight and can't sleep for the severe bladder spasms. I can't believe he is still in this bad of shape after all this. The doctor has treated him for several bladder infections. He says he is unable to feel when he has to go and has no control over it. Has anyone else had these kinds of problems? The whole thing has been going on for over 6 months but the surgery happened in December of 2008. Will this ever go away?

Columbus, GA

#181 Jan 19, 2009
I had the green light laser surgery in May 07. I have suffered from severe incontinence ever since. I had to go to a specialist and have four more surgeries to try and correct my problem. Finally my new doctor had to do an artifical spinktor implant which is the only way I can control my water. I have suffered hell during the past 18 months. I will have to live with it the rest of my life. The doctor who did my original surgery no longer uses the green light procedure.
RS in VA

Moran, WY

#182 Jan 23, 2009
I responded to a post on page 14, but now I cannot get past page 9 on this web site.

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