GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications
John SC

Glendora, CA

#102 May 12, 2008
Considering green Light surgery. Any Doctor reccomendations in Southern California.

London, UK

#103 May 18, 2008
Have just had the green light laser (2 days ago). Already much better flow, and I was able to sleep almost through the night for the first time in years. My first pee in the morning was like a horse, I was amazed at the strength of the force. I've had little irritation and I am now pain free (the tip of the penis was a bit sore at first). This has been a brilliant operation and although it is early days I am extremely pleased.
Just thought I'd balance some of the negative feedback. I think most patients will welcome this operation.

Washington, DC

#104 May 25, 2008
Hey guys,
I am 56 and have had all those problems you mentioned. Tried uroxatral, flomax, avodart, etc. etc. Nothing helps much. The cycle is the same: pain in testicles, then increased urgency and then decreased urination to the point of AUR.
Does anyone know a good surgeon in NOVA (Northern Virginia)?
Lou South Carolina

Fort Mill, SC

#105 May 27, 2008
I have experienced the same after effects. There was no indication that any of this would occur from the information I was provided, or in any conversations with my physician. Had I known this would happen, I would not have had the surgery.

Washington, DC

#106 May 28, 2008
Lou, are the symptoms really the same or you still have some positive changes? I am a single guy, 56, and I am way more concerned with emptying my bladder and reducing pain than with other things.
So does it mean that this thing gives nothing except retrograde ejac?

Alan from Skelmersdale UK

Bury Saint Edmunds, UK

#107 May 30, 2008
Just an update from my previous submission. It's now two weeks since the operation and it has gone very well indeed. I've had a bit of aching now and then but apart from that I've been pain free. Yesterday a fair bit of blood and bits of black scabs came out which apparently is normal about this time following the op. However, my flow is brilliant and I'm able to sleep through the night. I have also noticed I'm beginning to lose some of the urgency and can now wait a long time without discomfort. I am more than happy with this Greenlaser operation - up to now anyway!

Hope I don't sound too smug about this operation it's just I think when things go right they should be published to balance things that go wrong.

United States

#108 Jun 20, 2008
Had my Green Light on June 4, 2008. Thus far the only complication is blood and tissue-like material in the urine. Flow is fine, urgency is normal. I have been on Flomax since before surgery, and it was reccommended that I stay on it for about six weeks after surgery - we'll see how things are after the meds are done.
Kentucky Granny

Suitland, MD

#109 Jun 24, 2008
Carl from Cumming GA wrote:
<quoted text>
One of eht doctors at North Fulton Urology did my green light surgery. See my post of May 12.
My husband also had the Greenlight Laser surgery by a physican with North Fulton Urology in April 2008. He had a second surgery in June 2008.
Kentucky Granny

Suitland, MD

#110 Jun 24, 2008
The second surgery was not done in Georgia.

United States

#111 Jun 24, 2008
I had the GLL surgery in March of 2005. They had to repeat the surgery again in March of 2007. After my second surgery they left the catheder (sp?) in for 3 weeks. They would take it out and then I couldn't urinate and that night they had to put it back in. That happened three times. I also had a urinary track infection from the catheder being in so long the second time. Just last week, 15 months after the procedure I urinated a little blood and a couple of pieces of tissue came out. Has anyone ever had that happen a year after the operation?

United States

#112 Jun 24, 2008
Joe in Buffalo wrote:
I am having green light laser on March 3 2008 with Dr. Gilbert in Amherst n.y. Can anybody give me a report on their expierence with this Dr.?PLEASE
Joe he did my surgery in March of 2007, i think he is one of the most experienced surgeons in the WNY Urology Group. I had a very good experience with him. I think you are in very good hands.
Gary - United States


#113 Jun 26, 2008
Had Green Light Laser December 2005 BPH and Bladder Neck Obstruction. Successful. No retrograde. Two weeks ago, developed same symptoms as before surgery. Urgency, Frequency, Poor Flow. Urologist prescribed Uroxatral 10mg. Medication worked for one week and have same symptoms. Will be seeing doctor on Monday? I am presently 68 years old, excellent health. Before symptoms started I was having expresso for several weeks.(caffeine) Could caffeine be the cause of my problem? Do you think the Green Laser should be repeated?
Art - OHIO

Independence, OH

#114 Jul 4, 2008
What a disappointment in green light surgery. I had it done due to restriction in urination. My flow has greatly increased due to the procedure. BUT, the negatives are questionable. Frequent urges, especially when standing. Sitting eases the urge. At times, the urges are so intense, I don't think I will make it to the bathroom. As far as ejaculations, forget it. I am a functioning 70 yr. old and have NEVER had an external ejaculation since the procedure in the fall of 2006.

Salt Lake City, UT

#115 Jul 14, 2008
I had the greenlight surgery June 4th and have had nothing but problems since. I quit bleeding after about 5 days and than started bleeding again. I had to be catherated and then traction for a week and then stopped bleeding. I started bleeding again today July 14,and probably will have to have surgery again to cauterize the bleeding. Look for all alternatives before having this surgery as the problems are very painful and makes life very difficult.

Sutherlin, OR

#116 Jul 23, 2008
Len wrote:
I had the greenlight surgery June 4th and have had nothing but problems since. I quit bleeding after about 5 days and than started bleeding again. I had to be catherated and then traction for a week and then stopped bleeding. I started bleeding again today July 14,and probably will have to have surgery again to cauterize the bleeding. Look for all alternatives before having this surgery as the problems are very painful and makes life very difficult.
Len,I'm also from the Tri-city area,and had the greenlight light surgery two months ago.I also have had nothing but problems,bleeding,urgency with frequent trips to the bathroom and extreme pain while urinating.After another visit with my doctor,two days ago,he finally admitted to me that some of his patients have had problems post-op,but his nurse talks to his patients about said problems so he didn't know how the patients he operated on were doing after surgery.Long story short,wait another month, after taking an assortment of new drugs,if it isn't better by then consider doing the TURP procedure.Question len, who did your surgery,just interested.I hope you all the luck in the world,you might need it.
Thanks Jim
Alan Skelmersdale UK

London, UK

#117 Jul 26, 2008
Wow, I'm amazed at all the negative feedback and problems regards greenlight laser from the USA. I've posted here before and had my laser treatment on May 16th. I am now totally clear of pain, no blood, no problems whatsoever. I'm peeing like I did when I was a child. It's been the best treatment I've ever experienced.
Is there something going wrong for so many guys from the USA to be suffering so much. Are the surgeons up to it? Is the equipment the same as we have over here? I just find it amazing that so many of you guys are having such trouble. I hope it gets better for you all. I'm sure if we had similar complaints about the greenlaser the procedure would be stopped until investigations were carried out.

Stamford, CT

#118 Jul 29, 2008
Having this surgery in September. Any body have any experience with Dr Rotolo in NJ?

Durham, NC

#119 Aug 1, 2008
Anyone have Green Light Laser experience with Dr. Stephen Shaban in Raleigh, NC

Washington, DC

#120 Aug 1, 2008
Any recommendations for a good surgeon in Virginia. It's not just some messages here that would make me think twicebefor I decideto do it; I also heard simlar things from other people. Besides, i am a teacher (and have a long way to go before my retirement butthat's a different story) so if I experience even moe serious ugency than I do now, I won't be able to each the class...

United States

#121 Aug 3, 2008
To all the guys who have posted here and been disappointed with their results, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that your functioning returns to normal and that your anxiety, fear, and disappointment lessen. I thought I'd share *my* experience, though.
I am 55 yo and am now 16 days post-op and very pleased with the results of the GreenLight laser PVP. I was initially discouraged that first week because of the very frequent bleeding, but in this second week the bleeding has nearly stopped. I've only seen a hint of blood the last five days or so. I'm peeing like I did when I was 20 yo. I still have some sense of urgency, but that too seems to have diminished in this second week after surgery.(Dr. told me in recovery room that the sense of urgency would take some time to go away.) I still get up in the middle of the night, but my trips to the bathroom are less frequent than they were pre-op, and I also have good "output" and feel that I'm voiding completely.
One thing I have noticed is that I have some weird sensations from time to time in my penis and in my rectal area. Unlike some men who say that they experience pain in the tip of their penises, I wouldn't describe what I have as pain, just weird sensations, almost as if there was a weak electrical current being administered there. In fact, it almost borders on being pleasant and stimulating. I have also noticed that even though I have great flow while I'm peeing standing up, when I'm sitting down for a b.m., it still feels that I need to force myself to pee. It was also usually during a b.m. that I'd start bleeding again. Last night for the first time since surgery I took the equipment out for a "test drive." If I have retrograde ejaculation, it is not complete. I had seminal output, although it may be less than what I had pre-op.
Several important things that I have gleaned from these postings is that after surgery: 1) Use metamucil or stool softener. My experience was as well that b.m. would frequently cause bleeding. Anything that makes it easier to pass stools will likely minimize retraumatizing the tissue. 2) Wait a sufficient amount of time before you have an orgasm/ejaculation. I waited a little over two weeks and had no pain. Had I still been bleeding frequently, I would have waited even longer. In fact, I found that while I was still peeing blood that I had little interest in sex. As the bleeding lessened, I found that my normal urges were coming back.
Hope this helps someone in some way.

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