GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications

Boise, ID

#61 Jan 15, 2008
Have been doing alot of research with regard to this I first started out with three different bouts of kidney stones, then have has a reacurring Prostitus, Stage 2 infection ever since, am now getting antibiotical injections and taking oral medicine as well, still have testicular pain, and have quit having sex all together as everytime I do, I have hell to pay afterwards...have been taking Flomax for three years, and at this point couldn't pee without it, even though I have had fainting spells, and has now told me that the Green Light surgery may be an option for getting a second opinion in 2 weeks...all this and only 44 years old!

Black Canyon City, AZ

#62 Jan 17, 2008
I had the green light surgery in October and have had some problems. Because I have an artificial aortic valve, I take coumadin. After my surgery, I had quite a bit of bleeding and the bleeding formed blood clots to the point it blocked my uriniary flow and I had to go to emergency to hav have a catheter installed. My urologist replaced the catheter with a larger catheter and the blood clots even managed to block that catheter. I was able to open it up through irrigation. I wore the catheter for nearly a week before it was removed. The urologist released me a week later to travel to Arizona for the winter. After a couple of weeks in Arizona, bleeding started again and then stopped after a few days. A week later, the bleeding started again and I experienced more clotting and had to go back to the emergency room again. This time they kept me in the hospital and a staff urologist apparently cauterized the prostate to stem the bleeding. I still experienced some blood leakage, but not as serious as it was before. I have been out of the hospital for about 3 weeks and I saw the urologist yesterday. He gave me a prescription for Vesicare to help control the bladder contractions that were causing frequent urination. I'm now hoping that the worst of it is behind me. At this point, I would probably go through the procedure again. But I would have made sure to avoid all strenuous activities.
George from NY

Livingston, NJ

#63 Jan 28, 2008
Bruce wrote:
I had the Green Light procedure 65 days ago and am continuing to deal with complications. The doctor says I am emptying my bladder, but I still have frequent trips to the bathroom. There is even less warning than before and the urgency is greater than before the procedure. The amount of urine is less than before the procedure. Also about six weeks after surgery I stopped ejaculating and my organism are less intense. The first six weeks were quite painful. Perhaps I amy the unfortunate case, but this was far more complex and risky than I was led to believe. I'd look at other options if I could go back.
I wonder how you are doing now. I had the surgery 3 weeks ago. I still feel a combination of pain and itchiness after visiting the bathroom. I am going at least every hour. My commute is long and it becomes a big problem. Starting has also been an issue as well as to maintain the stream.
I would appreciate if you could answer how are you feeling now.
Ray in Georgia

Douglas, GA

#64 Jan 28, 2008
Before greelight I wore a cath for 4 months. I had a very enlarged prostate. I am 76 year old and very active. I am into the 5th day after surg. no pain, no bleeding, good stream. I used a doctor from Jacksonville, Fla. Dr. Vashi. Very experienced in green light and very young. He has been doing greenlight for 5 years. I highly reomend this Dr.


#65 Feb 4, 2008
Wife of Patient wrote:
Good news, my husband is now fully recovered fromt he surgery. No more urgency or dribbling and normal ejaculation. While we have been through a difficult few months he feels it was worthwhile.

your help highly appreciated

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also cc
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Memphis, TN

#66 Feb 10, 2008
Lew, I had Green Light HP (new more powerful laser) surgery on Sept.17/07. I've been doing great, but as of a month ago I'm beginning not to urinate as well and going more often. I was going like a teenager until recently with no sexual issues, still, thank goodness. Do you think this could be a scar tissue build up as well? Was your corrective surgery also laser surgery or what was done?
Jim Bean

Ferndale, FL

#67 Feb 10, 2008
Gampa Jack wrote:
I'm having Laser surgery this Mon. Aug.27. My Dr. is a lady. I have had this restricted condition a long time,I take pills twice a day. My major probelm is the fact that somedays I'm good, other days I'm not. I'll post my results after next week.Sorry to hear about others with post operation problems.
Some 12 years ago I took flo-max but it messed with my head so I have been taking herbal pills with good results and no side effects. It takes about a week for the pills to start working. CVS has them at.

United States

#68 Feb 14, 2008
My Green Light surgery was 8 months back and find I still have some problems. A round of golf will lead to a weeks worth of pain in the pelvic area. During this time I find myself making more trips to the bathroom with less force during urination. I made several post op trips to my urologist complaining of numerous symptoms. On my last visit, prior to changing Urologist, I asked this guy if he thought that I was going to be ok, he shrugged his shoulders and said-"I hope so". Talk about a quick loss of confidence. He also told me that they are finding that the laser cuts deeper than they had originally thought. My advice---find a Dr that preforms a good turp or find someone who can guarantee and show proof of a plethera of these type surgeries. Best of luck--Stay informed don't trust them just because they have Dr. in front of their names.
Jim Long

Saint Paul, MN

#69 Feb 19, 2008
Ted Sarasota wrote:
I am comtemplating either Green Light or Turp and I notice no one speaks of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)after Green Light. Would some of you please answer what the results are in that department. PLEASE!!!!!!
Thank you..........
I have no ED since Green Light. My physician plus the literature both reassured me beforehand.
Pete Bryan


#70 Feb 20, 2008
I had the process 17 days ago, have no dribbling can edjaculate but have bad pain between scrotum and back passage immediately after urinating. has anyone had this symptom?

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#71 Feb 20, 2008
To everyone: I read every post on this forum and on the GreenLigt non-complications forum before making up my mind whether or not to go for GreenLight. While there are a couple hundred posts of disappointments and complications, there have been well over 200,000 GreenLight procedures worldwide, so looking at it from that perspective I figured the odds of success were good. So I went for GreenLight 10 days ago at the University of Virginia Medical Center, where they have been performing GreenLights since it first became available. It goes without saying that a urologist who has performed hundreds of GreenLights is your best bet.
For those of you that have not had this procedure yet here's the benefit of my experience thus far. Clean out your intestinal track before the procedure takes place. This is because after the procedure you are not to strain your bowels - at all. If you do you will likely bleed and thereby slow your recovery. After the procedure is done plan your diet around not having to strain. You will be warned about that, and you will be told that for 6 weeks do not lift anything over 10 pounds. Sounds dramatic, but take it seriously. Next: whether by scalpel or laser, you are cut, and you must take the time to rest and heal. Set aside a week to rest at home, even if you feel strong. Next: do not expect instant, fantastic results. There is swelling from the laser burn, and for most people that swelling must go down before great result can occur. Next: pain comes with the territory for the first few days at least. Don't try to be a hero and not take the painkillers until you are climbing the walls. They don't work that way. They work best when taken when the pain first starts to build. And listen guys, these are generalities of-course. Everybody is different, except for this: everybody should be prepared. If you are among the lucky ones and do better, great. But for the rest of us, being well-knowledged and well- prepared is of great value and provides needed peace of mind. Good luck to all! It worked for me, but it was no walk in the park.
Joe in Buffalo

Eden, NY

#72 Feb 24, 2008
I am having green light laser on March 3 2008 with Dr. Gilbert in Amherst n.y. Can anybody give me a report on their expierence with this Dr.?PLEASE
Carl in Charleston SC

Myrtle Beach, SC

#73 Feb 25, 2008
Does anyone have experience with Doctors at MUSC? I am looking at getting the Greenlight procedure at MUSC but very cautious due to all of the negative post on this site.

Lititz, PA

#74 Mar 13, 2008
I just had my laser surgery done on Tues. by Dr, Mark Colton in Denville NJ. Top notch urologist. Im only 45 but had an extremely weak flow. Catheter was in for 24 hours after the surgery. Little bood after that but not much. Little burning but it subsided quickly. Im hoping for the best.

New Hartford, NY

#75 Mar 14, 2008
I had the greenlight laser on 1/10/08 plus a diverticulum removed on my bladder which was caused by straining to pee. Due to an enlarge prostate ,before laser, I always had 800-900 cc's left in my bladder. For 7 months I had to self catherize. After the laser I can now empty my bladder and have great urine flow. The only side effect that I have is retrograde ejaculation which I can deal with. My doctor was great and is located in the Utica/Rome NY area

Since: Mar 08

New Hartford, NY

#76 Mar 14, 2008
Ted Sarasota wrote:
I am comtemplating either Green Light or Turp and I notice no one speaks of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)after Green Light. Would some of you please answer what the results are in that department. PLEASE!!!!!!
Thank you..........
Ted, I had the Green Light laser on 1/10/08 and no signs of ed. Before laser this was also a concern of mine. My Dr.told me not to worry about ed because it would not happen and he was RIGHT. Good luck!

Lititz, PA

#77 Mar 15, 2008
5 days later and my urine flow is like a firehose ! I am very happy and would recommend this procedure. Would I do it again ? YES.
chris dib


#78 Mar 17, 2008
I had the green light laser surgery on feb.27,2008. After the catheter came out 2 days later, my urine flow was like that of a 35 year old ( I am 57). I can sleep the entire night and do not trickle, dribble or wait forever like I used to. It's so cool to go to a sporting event or movie and stand at the urinal and actually hit the back side of it..and in 7 seconds it is finished.This to me was the greatest change in my life in the past 10 years... I cannot believe what a tremendous procedure this has ben with no pain,very little blood and no side effects. Am waiting another 2 weeks before sex..wondering how that will be..........good luck to everyone about to do it,,
Emi 1934

United States

#79 Mar 21, 2008
Frisco Area wrote:
I am considering having Greenlight surgery in the next couple of weeks. Has anyone used doctor Fairbanks in the Dallas Area? After reading all the posts... do i want to go through with this???
Check out Dr. Roehrborn at the U.T.Southwestern Medical Center. He performed the Greenlight laser surgery on me and am doing quite well. No complications. It has been about a year and a half since my prostate reduction.
ECC in Carrollton, TX

Madison, WI

#80 Mar 25, 2008
Ray S wrote:
I had green laser treatment on Oct.5th and I feel no better then before, plus everytime I urinate I have some blood. If I had to do over I would not go for the treatment.My life is suffering from this outcome. My doctor is supposed to be one of the best in this field. He tells me it will get better but my flow is worst then before.Personally I am flat out disgusted.I am only 62.
Ihad this surgery 2/18/08. Still getting
some blood on urination, but flow is really great.

When did the blood stop for you?


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