GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#758 Dec 16, 2011
I had my cystosocoy done today six months after i had the PVP procedure done, it hurt but i guess my prostate is still tender from the PVP procedure.I viewed the procedure on the video screen, the doctor said that the prostate opening was still a bit small but other than that the bladder and prostate looked normal.It looked to me that there were pieces and strands of fibreous material hanging from the prostate wall but he didn't say anything about it.Is that normal? I told him that i get up about 5x/night and pee about every 1/2 hr to 45 minutes during the day.My bladder seems not to want to store alot of urine.He wants me to try dotox bladder injections for an overactive bladder but i researched this years ago and all this does is cause bladder retention. He said he also wants to do a mini turp procedure, anyone know what that is about. I see him in another few months to figure out what to try next.

Winter Springs, FL

#759 Dec 19, 2011
The Dr who hates Button turp did me last tues the 13th. Greenlight laser. I would no longer Trust what he says . From my side OP is a Disaster. back to ER 2x and readmitted 1 time since procedure. Everything went wrong awaiting tests results from Visiting nurse done 1 @1/2 hrs ago. 6 day horror story.
Bring your bad running can to an expert. He fixes engine? But runs car into shop wall. So it can,t be driven. Do you call it fixed? Is the engine even fixed who Knows??? Bladder Kidneys
Awaiting possiable damage reports. Be carefull if coming to Rodent World for medical.
Marcus Aurelius

Troy, NY

#760 Dec 19, 2011
I had surgery 10 days ago and feel compelled to write about the positive side of things as well. I feel bad for those suffering in here, but the VAST majority of surgeries are not like the tough ones in here. Yes, you will pee blood, experience some wicked urgencies, drip on yourself, etc. But it's much better than the options.

I have to wonder about the physical condition of some of the posters, their research and conversations/relationship with their physician, etc. I actually was able to have intercourse last night, albeit gently. Still peeing some scabs and blood, but I think you have to have some tolerance for pain. I'm sitting here today recovering from sinus do your homework, get the Grre Light, and enjoy your life. If you're out of shape, sickly, or have low pain'll suffer through any surgery, regardless.

Best of luck to all.
Marcus Aurelius

Troy, NY

#761 Dec 19, 2011
One more thing...just let TIME heal you as well....don't start complaining right away. From what I'm reading, a lot of you guys are compounding things like shoving solutions and catheters up themselves...bear the pain for a while and it'll heal. I missed no work.
Marcus Aurelius

Troy, NY

#762 Dec 19, 2011
AND, I wouldn't get a hangnail fixed in Florida. ;-)

Port Charlotte, FL

#763 Dec 19, 2011
it has been almost one year since I began this topic. After reviewing the responses I elected to forego the GL procedure and just go for the bladder scraping. good choice. The bladder procedure was a nightmare because of both hospital and doctor gross negligence. I can just imagine what might have happened had I allowed Dr. M to do the
GL procedure. Instead, I modified some of my behavior, such as using a cpap (for sleep apnea, getting up to pee all night long), a daily dose of 2mg of cialis, and i now feel and act healthy in regards to my prostrate and sexual activity. Apparently, in my case, I suspect that the physician may have been over zealous (I am being kind) in pointing me down the path towards a procedure which, at best, would have been a marginal relief of a NORMAL old-timers condition of a somewhat enlarged prostate. I wish to thank you all for your comments and I hope that this topic has helped some people decide on the proper course of action. Additionally, I hope that it has opened up your eyes and ears to the other cautionary side of the story; the side that some professionals do not tell.

btw, I am 75 years old and, with no retrogades, am very active sexually. I live in Port Charlotte, Florida and am confident that, had I gone to my regular urologist instead of allowing my primary physician to insist upon my using his ally, my urologist would not have recommended this risky business. I wish you all good luck

Winter Springs, FL

#764 Dec 21, 2011
Marcus. Out of shape. Lets see Decrepit OLD MAN 68.
walk 2 miles every morning. Rebuilt 5 destroyed forclosure houses walls floors ect in last 3 yrs
Night river shrimping with 3 ft dip net in 5-8 mph. current 7-11 nights a mo. depending on tides and moon. season ends march. Like to go?? You DO NOT stop when they run NO breaks for anything. 40 yrs self enployed construction. Fl style thats 1 day off a Mo if you can spare the time. Day starts at 6am/6-30am goes to 8-11 pm 2 short breaks foe meals. Till the job is done. My Anicent old lady 69 does all inside painting wallpapper sheet rock repairs ect and lays wooden floors like a trooper
makes. Her own curtains drapes ect. Stages it for newbeey's from the north to buy. Most likely work your a-- of in 1 day. By the way mine works to.
Johnny Greenbeans

West Hartford, CT

#765 Dec 21, 2011
Yep,I had my greenlight on 8/01/2011.Almost 5 months ago.It was kinda rough recovering.And I got the retro grade too.Um,but it's been worth it I think.Initially the Doc told me the recovery is 1 to 3 months.But mine has been longer.I went back and saw him after 4 months and told him I was still getting up at night 3 or 4 times so he put me on Vesicare because I gotta get that bladder to relax.I'm on that now and I've gotten some good results.But I'm still getting up at night.I hope that'll change over time.But anyway,I HELD IT FOR 10 HOURS YESTERDAY.And now I can go to a movie and sit through the whole damn thing.By the way I'm 59.I gotta call him next week to see what he wants todo next.I'm outta vesicare.I'm happy that my bladder is emptying now and that I can hold it.I'm sad that I got the retro grade and I still get up at night.But because emptying your bladder is very important I would do it again.I can tell you guys out there that have had this done to be patient.I never thought I could hold it like this .It's been a long,long time.I wonder if I gotta stay on this Vesicare forever.It was all an ordeal.And painful.

Winter Springs, FL

#766 Dec 23, 2011
my post from yesterday is gone from site.
Day 10. Output 2285 ml/cc using 30cc/ml to 1 oz
Thats 76 oz. Imput 2370 80oz. Not bad leaking some body uses some. Started Vesicare yesterday as leakage now passing pre surgery levels. Been leaking for a year. slowly got worse. Hate taking drugs Will try to get permission for exercises when I see the Dr. thurs 29. Still on flomax. Wonder about that?? Great life saver when I needed to go. Now??.
Burning Medium. a5 was less when cat. was 1st removed on day 6. Use old trick to lessen burn time. Wash it tip 3-4 times with warn water after and before if you have the time. NO SOAP. cup your hand and push it up the tip a little. It cleans out the residue that prolongs the burn. Prostitus infections were much worse burning than this. Real head banging pain.
Daytime freq no change from pre op flow less stream not as good. Night freq same but flo greatly improved. Was hardly anything before. Hit 420 cc/ml at 4 am 14oz. That would be nice all the time. Trips to john 13.

Winter Springs, FL

#767 Dec 24, 2011
Day 11. Happy Christmas Eve to one and all. Trips 14. Intake apox 2600 cc/ml 86 oz. Output 2490 cc/ml 84 oz apox.
Tip pain down to 3 from 5. Min Urine output 40cc/ml 1:45 afternoon. max 375 cc/ml 5 am. Leakage down by at least 1/2 Vesicare seams to work. God I hate to take DRUGS of any kinD. Warning when doing large amounts of fluid intake Pure Water can be bad for you.
It will put you in ER with low Saline Did me and others in past with Urine tract infections. Gatorade, or Diluted 1/2 & 1/2 soda is better.
Urine is mostly clear. The Normal expected blood at the Begining of urination or at the end is non existant. Had it after every 5 Biops and cystos 4 in the past. The massive 48, 3 liter bags flushed thru after surgery. Doctor, stated (It was really bloodie). Plus the reentry thru the penius 3 days later to clean it out. With An additional 14 more 3 liter bags used to flush that. Must have cleaned me up pretty good in the rezidual clot ect
game. Watch the Eggnog. The Boys in Blue are looking for you. Government needs you fine money $$$. Merry Christmas

Winter Springs, FL

#768 Dec 25, 2011
12/25/11 Trips 16, input 2800 cc/ml apox. output 3190 cc/ml Tip burning increase to 6. Exercise .6 ml. 1 km add some today. Still have constant ozing blood after every trip. Merry Christmas
Ajoy Adhikari

Ormond Beach, FL

#769 Dec 26, 2011
Bruce wrote:
I had the Green Light procedure 65 days ago and am continuing to deal with complications. The doctor says I am emptying my bladder, but I still have frequent trips to the bathroom. There is even less warning than before and the urgency is greater than before the procedure. The amount of urine is less than before the procedure. Also about six weeks after surgery I stopped ejaculating and my organism are less intense. The first six weeks were quite painful. Perhaps I amy the unfortunate case, but this was far more complex and risky than I was led to believe. I'd look at other options if I could go back.
I guess I am a very lucky person, Bruce. I had Dr.Wen Lin perform the surgery in St.Augustine,FL. And I am so pleased with the results. It is one of the most fortunate things I had ever had done to me. I had no complications. And I was normal after two weeks.
And it has been over six months now and I am waking up only once per night.

Winter Springs, FL

#770 Dec 26, 2011
12/26/11 awaiting call for antibiotic. Or going to walk in care. Daytime output crashed nighttime is fire hose. Brown, lead, sinks to bottom of bowl.
strong Foul odor.Days imput 2600 output 2400cc/ml 1550cc in 7 hrs, 4 trips at night. 850cc day 11am to 11 pm 285cc 3 trips. Increased burning and blood leakage at tip.
Ajoy You are one the reasons I did not go to Wen Lin. I Had gone to see him one time. Internet postings made me change my mind. Maybe he would of been better to late now.

Arlington, TN

#771 Dec 26, 2011
I have not been here for a while. It seems the readings are pretty much the same as when I stopped keeping up with the messages. I had the Green Light procedure over 3 years ago and I have been very satisfied with the results, except for one thing; I can not reach a climax. Everything else works perfectly. I just have to enjoy what I can in the love making department and be satisfied when she is. I am 72 and I work out weekday at he WMCA. I am healthly other than the postate problem I had. Dr. Conrad in Memphis did a great job with me and I suppose he has done thousands of these by now.

Winter Springs, FL

#772 Dec 27, 2011
Still waiting. The system is the problem Dr office called on test done last tues this am. No longer the story.
Urine test from yesterday stat. Right? O well that will be a few days. must go thru the system wait till Obama care makes it worse.
u gotta be your own advocate the system is geared for the dosil. Daytime improved output night 2x both good. 2800 cc in 3300cc out. some pink after BM.
Johnny Be Good

West Hartford, CT

#773 Jan 1, 2012
So I had my Greenlight 5 months ago.I really didn't see much improvment (just the stream)until a month ago when I told him I was still getting up a lot at night and he put me on Vesicare to relax my bladder.Now I can hold it 10 hours during the day but still wake up at night.What I'm trying to do now is when I wake up at night I'm gonna try to go back to sleep without getting up and peeing.And I made him cut my Vesicare from 10mg to 5 mg and it's still working.And I think I'm still healing.How long was I walking around without emptying my bladder?Now,when I empty it I get a feeling down there like somethings not right.I only hope it's healing still.but I'm better off now than before,even with the retrograde.Just hang in thar.That's all folks.

Winter Springs, FL

#774 Jan 2, 2012
Thanks for the input johnny. Back to normal here. Other than some pain, not burning near top of penis. No vesicare, dripping about ended, except for blood less than before Op. Stopping pads today. Jockeys should be enough. Stream just as bad as before spray the area around toilet. Holding never a real problem.
Saw Dr. on 29th. Come back in 6 weeks it will improve. Only improvement night time floor walking no more. Now up 2-3 times was 3-6 much better stream no over spray.
My lady loves not being awoken by my floor walking, I go back to sleep much faster.

Melbourne, Australia

#775 Jan 5, 2012
DAY 52 post surgery on 15/11/11. Still uneventful. Yes there is retro as expected but I am hoping I am one of the lucky ones who will regain antegrade ejeculation.
There has been no bleeding since day 30. I have been back to normal running since that day. Frequency and urgency still there. Urgency is triggered by hearing sound of tap water or in shower. It is random, and when it hits, I sprint to the bathroom! Have not taken any medication since some Panadol and anti-constipation tablets on day of surgery. I have noticed that on very hot days, my frequency drops.
I drink 2000ml of plain water daily. Beverages like tea and coffee or gatorade are additional to that.Nightly voiding frequency averages 3. But then I drink when I get up at night.
Here is something I thought out about the incidence of retrogfrade ejeculation as a result of PVP Mor any other prostate surgical procedures. The bladder neck muscle is buried under the prostate MEDIAN lobe. So for those with BPH that has a grossly enlarged median lobe, it is unavoidable that the bladder neck muscle can be left untouched (damaged) during surgery because the surgeon has to remove the median lobe and in the process damage the bladder neck muscle. Lateral lobe removal, allows the bladder neck muscle to be kept intact and therefore the patient retains normal jeculation post PVP. But then I have heard another explanation as to what happens to the ejeculation process post PVP. A normal prostate has a tunnel, the urethra, that "herds" the semen when it is released. In a prostate that has undergone PVP, it is hollowed out. So when the semen is ejecualted from the ejeculatory ducts, it hits "open spaces", the hollowed out prostate, and so loses momentum (hence it doesn't get expelled like in a normal ejeculation). BUT over time, the prostate will continue to grow, and fill out the hollow space. This means ejected semen no longer hits "open spaces" within the prostate, but can again be "herded" out along the urethra, as antegrade ejeculation.
It is strange. Immediatley after my prostate biopsy, my ejeculation became more powerful!

Winter Springs, FL

#776 Jan 5, 2012
Dwight. Both my Primary and Uro Doct's . Who to my Knowledge do not even know each others names. Have Both ordered me to stop drinking 3 Liters a day. Both say it. Messes up my blood levels and slows healing. Told to keep it at apox 2 liters max of all fluids.
What you say on seaman I have read other places written by Doc's. A lot of guys get it back 1yr to 18mo.
Looking to Do Auz. trip in late March or Apr. if I have no more complications. Never been before.
Burning about gone, pain also. Forget the Jockeys, Boxer shorts let it hang. keeps it dry so it can heal. stains shorts wash them. carry extra pair in car. Pads never let it dry out, puts constant pressure on it. Stays damp dark and warm perfect for Fungus.


Lehigh Acres, FL

#777 Jan 6, 2012
Has anyone had Greenlight prostate surgery done by Dr. Thomas Williams of the Sarasota Urology Group? If so, what post-op results have you experienced?

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