GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications

Las Vegas, NV

#698 Jul 30, 2011
I am glad I passed on the Green Laser PVP. Was at a symposium for that and talked to the salesman.
He also sold the holmium laser. He told me, if it was his choice he would go with the holmium. Less bleeding and fewer problems.
If I read all the problems posted, I can see why.
Check out HOLAP - the competition to PVP.
Since my prostate was 150 gram already and pushing into the bladder I went instead for HOLEP. Holmium Laser Enucleation. One night in the hospital. They make you walk around midnight. By 6 AM the catheter is out and by 11 AM you are discharged. Had no pain, urine was clear after 10 days. Pee like a horse, no leaking. Erections like I had when I was 20. Am 70 now. Google HOLEP problems - you find just about none. Of course it is hard to find a surgeon who does that procedure. Check out Mayo Clinic, they do about 150-200 a year. I was at the one in Phoenix. Also, PVP will not stop the prostate from growing, meaning you will have problems 5-6 years later.
After HOLEP the prostate cavity will actually shrink.
I am glad I went that route.
One drawback - retrograde ejaculation - no more kids.
But at 70 this is not a problem for me.

Grimshaw, Canada

#699 Jul 31, 2011
Bill ohio wrote:
It could be that the bladder muscles are weak. There are bladder muscle exercise you can do to strenthen them.
.How to Strengthen the Bladder Muscle |
Do Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that control your bladder) and can help improve sexual pleasure and prevent against ... - Cached
I had the gll April 2010...I am 54
All previous symptoms have been relieved. Fast recovery, in and out same day. Hated having to wear a cath for 3 days and removing it myself...Great flow and able to empty bladder completely.
Only downside is slight pain, after having sex, but goes away quickly.
I'll take that over my previous condition of having a bursting bladder and waiting for 15 minutes waiting for the urine to dribble out, even on Flomax...
If I had to do it again I would...
Agent Leak

Pflugerville, TX

#700 Aug 2, 2011
Don wrote:
<quoted text>
I had TURP 5 years ago and it did no good. I had GLS three years ago and it worked great. I think it depends on the doctor.
Do you mind elaborating on your Turp outcome? Any discussion board/forum for Turp you could refer me to? Considering Turp & wanna learn as much possible from people who had it done. Thanks.
Bill Ohio

Wimberley, TX

#701 Aug 3, 2011
Although after almost two years my greenlight laser surgery has been a sucess here is the site to find a holep surgeon in your area in case your ins. won't pay for Mayo.

Thanks Gerhard bring this procedure to our attention. Three posts above.

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#702 Aug 3, 2011
It has been 2 months since my PVP surgery. My ability to urinate has increased dramatically.I would consider the operation a success.The PVP did nothing to inprove my overactive bladder condition.Has anyone tried Detrol LA for an overactive bladder and did it help you.

United States

#703 Aug 4, 2011
Saw the doctor this week. I am still wearing the diapers. My bladder is acting like a throughput device, whatever comes in goes right out, no storage at all. The Vesicare hasn't helped, he changed it to Toviaz. Appears that all the years of the bladder struggling with the prostate interference has rendered the bladder inoperable. Normally, after the BL treatment the bladder returns to normal operation. Next up is some implantation of devices to regulate the bladder and the sphincters. The bladder regulater is called the Interstim Therapy. A pacemaker-like device is surgically implanted in the lower back and wired to thr bladder. Another device called the Artificial Urinary Sphincter is inserted in the scrotum and wired to the sphincters. The doc gave me literature and a CD on this stuff. I probably will be faced with a decision to stay with the diapers or get these implants. After the horrible failure of the BL therapy I sure don't want any more surgery.

Vancouver, WA

#704 Aug 9, 2011
I had greenlight laser surgery for an enlarged prostate on June 20th. I was told, proir to surgery that I would have the catheter for one day and then I could have some blood in my urine for a month or so, but was never told about the incontinence! When I told the Dr. after my catheter was removed, he couldn't believe it! He said he had never had this happen before, and thought it should stop in a day or two. It has been seven weeks and I ams still wearing Depends, and cannot control the leakage!I have an appointment on August 23d to discuss options.
I am in worse condition than before the surgery. I still get up as many as 7 times per night and go through 2 -3 Depends per day. I am quite disapointed.

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#705 Aug 10, 2011
Jim ..i had PVP surgery almosted 2 months ago and although i have no problem peeing i also have a bladder storage problem and pee alot. I had a little leaking at first but that seems to have clearwed up.i looked at Interstim Therapy a few years ago and freguently visited the forums for all the information that i could get.My URO at the time wanted me to try it but i decided not to for these seems that the wire implanted where the nerve is freguently migrates rendering the device useless,this is a big problem if your active.Also unless you live close to the doctor who did this procedure you will be doing alot of travelling to have the device reinserted and recalibrated.As i recall it also didn't work as advertized.Best of luck.

Colver, PA

#706 Aug 24, 2011
Post surgery started vey well, but started rather major bleeding after two weeks. How long does this bleeding last. Been five days now and does not seem to be letting up. Started with light bleeding but seems to be worse every day. Any thoughts? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
Still Waiting

Chesapeake, VA

#707 Aug 27, 2011
I had Green Light in January- Here it is August and I'm not fully healed, I've been told by my GP, that it could take up to a year to fully heal; of course, this was after I had the surgery.

Minneapolis, MN

#708 Sep 3, 2011
Andrew55 wrote:
Has anyone had serious incontinence following greenlight PVP? If so, did it resolve itself and how long did it take? if not did you need surgery to correct it? I'm 3 months out and am having serious incontinence issues (only issue) and all MD's seem to want to do drastic surgery to resolve.
I've had severe incontinence since the green light surgery 10 months ago. I was told by several urologists that my external sphincter was damaged and would need to have an artificial sphincter implant. The risk of incontinence was supposed to be 1%, but from what I've seen on several forums, it is much more than that. I'd say around 10%.

Castle Rock, CO

#709 Sep 6, 2011
Cam from Littleton CO wrote:
Anyone out there who had the same issues as me? is there any hope or am I heading for a second surgery?
I am 50 yrs old, My Dr told me that I had a middle prostate lobe that is common in 10% of men. He had recommended over a year ago a surgery, but I opted not to, this time around I decided to go ahead and do it because the Dr said that in the next couple of years you will be coming to me to do it, thatís if you did not have to do it as an Emergency surgery.
I had my surgery on Dec 16th 2010, using the Green Light (laser) surgery.
Unfortunately, I am still in pain, every time I have to urinate or even number 2. Initially the Dr kept telling me that this is normal, this is part of the healing process. But after about 2 months he decided to go in with the scope again, since I was still in a lot of pain. He said that I still had tissues that have not come out and are still there that are causing my pain. While scoping he tried scraping some of them off, but it was extremely painful to where he stopped after 15 min and then he told me that I had 2 options either I would feel better after the scraping and hopefully start getting better or a second surgery to remove those tissues. I was fearful of a second surgery since the first one has not been too successful. So I met with him again and explained my concerns, and he said that the tissues should and will come out by themselves, so we decided to wait another month as he believes that the next time I see him (March 28th), I will be 100% better. Unfortunately I am still in a lot of pain everytime I urinate or go Num 2. It hurts sitting on the floor, my rectum ends up hurting a lot. I still have constant urgencies and at night I wake up every 1 hr to 2 hrs. Unfortunately it looks like I am heading for a second surgery !!!!
Now I regret ever doing this surgery, I wish I never listened to him nor to the marketing literature he gave me about Green Light surgery which is a total lie and shows that people are fine after few days or weeks from the surgery.
Has anyone been through a similar situation? Did it take you a while to heal up but then you healed up fine?
Has anyone been through similar situation? And then had a second surgery and everything went fine after that?
Any information you guys can provide are greatly appreciated.
I too have a medium lobe to be removed by green light surgery.Also my doc is Fagelson.I am scheduled to have surgery next week.But have since rescheduled in a month and after reading these reviews my cancel all together.
Are you doing better now or are you still having problems?
Thanks in advance.
wife of R

Bound Brook, NJ

#710 Sep 11, 2011
My husband had green light laser due to comlete blockage. there was no choice or time to find HOLEP.
His doctor is young but is the local specialist .It was done in a medium sized hospital. No problems. He still has to pee often, but no incontinance or ED.
I don't know if he's just an ideal patient, or if the doctor makes all the difference.

Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

#711 Sep 11, 2011
I had my PVP done on June 15/2011. Today i passed an 1/2 x 1/2 inch of tissue, the first one in awhile.I have no pain,can pee ok,no blood but was peeing often, about three weeks ago i started to take Detrol LX to surpress my over active bladder.So far the Detrol LX has cut my bathroom trips in half but i do not seem to be peeing alot. ( volume ).The only concern i have with the Detrol LX is that it may cause bladder retention but so far so good. I will posted again in a months time to update my progress.Tug

Louisville, KY

#712 Sep 15, 2011
Had laser surgery 6-28-2011 side affects retrograde ejaculation and now uti i see urologist next wk. I think i have urethra constricture which may cause uti I dont know DR said he may have to go back in to correct that anyone had to have that procedure after the laser surgery?

United States

#713 Sep 15, 2011

It appears from some of the posts, and from my own experience, that the doctors only talk about the positive results and don't say much about the negatives. My doc says the incontinence often goes on for 6 months before the bladder starts to return to normal functioning. So keep hoping for the best.I have been wearing the depends for 6 months now, 3 at night, 2 during the day. No change in the incontinence. The doc is talking now about the inserts . Yes, when He__ freezes over! See my post # 703.
Nick Sheehan

Roosevelt, AZ

#714 Sep 16, 2011
My brother had the surgery in July. He thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. He is only experiancing less seminal fluid after intercorse.
I had the surgery the day before yesterday and when they took the cathedra out, I could not urinate. So they put it back in. I did have a spinal block though w994itch caused me to become constipated, and I beleive that kept me from being able to vacate.


#715 Sep 18, 2011
My father had holep surgery on 13th june '11,and due to bleeding the catheter was removed after two weeks,but even now he has to use depends,two in 24hrs. Would he be able to get rid of the depends? The doc says he has overactive bladder and will get normal soon.
dd fiddlin

Nashville, TN

#716 Sep 18, 2011
I had the procedure in May,, still some blood, 3 infections and retrograde ejaculations,urgency, I will try again to get my docs attentions this week, not happy
Bill Ohio

United States

#717 Sep 19, 2011
Mayo Clinic urologic surgeons perform holmium laser prostate surgery to remove enlarged prostate tissue caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and improve urine flow.

Mayo Clinic is one of the few medical facilities in the nation offering this treatment, technically know as holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP). A number of Mayo Clinic urologic surgeons have the specialized skills and training necessary to perform holmium laser prostate surgery, and perform hundreds of HoLEP procedures annually.

Holmium laser prostate surgery is a safe and effective treatment to reduce the size of the prostate gland or increase the size of the channel through which urine flows. HoLEP has been shown to improve urination for five to seven years, without need of follow-up treatments. Complications, such as bleeding and urinary incontinence, are uncommon.

A major benefit of HoLEP is that the procedure preserves removed tissue for microscopic examination. Mayo Clinic pathologists can then examine the tissue for the presence of other conditions, including prostate cancer. Cancer is detected in about 7 to 10 percent of patients who undergo HoLEP, even if previous preoperative screenings did not detect cancer.

Read more about prostate laser surgery on .

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