GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications

Dixon, CA

#489 Sep 9, 2010
you guys should really see the different reoperation rates here for greenlight vs turp vs holep

Dixon, CA

#490 Sep 9, 2010
Bill from Ohio

United States

#491 Sep 10, 2010
Next month will be one year since my greenlight and no problems. My recovery was about 3-4 weeks after surgery. I do get up once a night and like Glencleath from Tenn, I thank the Lord.
Bill from Ohio

United States

#492 Sep 10, 2010
Remember, the important thing is to get a very experienced surgeon that has done mamy many Greenlight prostate procedures. I think this is the key. good luck

Pleasant Hope, MO

#493 Sep 16, 2010
How are you doing now....and would you consider greenlight surgery now. My DR. wants me to have the procedure done on the 25th????????
Your comments.
Bill from ohio

United States

#494 Sep 16, 2010

Yes, Im glad I had it done and would do it again. It has been almost a year since I had it done and I am still doing great. Make sure your doctor has done many of these.

Baltimore, MD

#495 Sep 16, 2010
I'm unable to find this info. Can't access the post info

Baltimore, MD

#496 Sep 16, 2010
This was for tony

Baltimore, MD

#497 Sep 16, 2010
This info is taking me nowhere except back to this page
Jim from Ontario

Windsor, Canada

#498 Sep 16, 2010
After eight months I still have retrograde ejaculation. I'm going to try some drugs available to bring back ejaculatin. Will keep this site informed. ould never had this operation had I been told of the retrograde plus problems with leakage.
Gary Klausman

Lancaster, CA

#499 Sep 29, 2010
I had the photoselective vaporization of
my prostate (green light)in january of 05..
The procedure was a sucess.. I had the normal
post operative conditions occur ( wore a bag
for two days, wore a catheter for a week, and
had the normal sloughing and blood clot discharge.
In about 3 Mo I was back to normal and could
urinate without medication..By the time 08 rolled
around, I was having urination problems again..
I saw a new urologist(my med plan had changed),
and was told my prostate was growing back..I
had a hard time believing this, but after some
research, i found out this is not unusual..
I have been back on Flomax since..I still
have very low volume semen..I belive my urologist
did a good job,However in some cases your
prostate may grow back..I am approaching a sexual
problem (perhaps ED)(I am 73yrs old)..I dont
know whether the treatment had anything to do
with it or not..Its treatable..sorry to hear of
all the problems you fellows are having..Best
of luck to you all..GK

Since: Aug 10

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#500 Oct 14, 2010

I originally posted this in mid-August on a different thread and think it may be helpful to those of you considering your options.

Iím 56 and have had BPH for 10 years. I had an indigo laser 5 yrs ago. It helped a bit but not for long. My symptoms continued to get worse to where urinating became very difficult and the urgency extreme. Flomax and Avodart no longer helped. I knew surgery was inevitable but held off as long as I could.

In addition to extensive online research I visited 3 different urologists. The first uro recommended a TURP but was cavalier re. retrograde ejaculation (100% certain with either procedure and ďso whatĒ). The second also said TURP but didnít do PVP. So I set out to find a doctor with extensive experience in both.

Nicolas Muruve of the Cleveland Clinic in Weston said heíd do whichever procedure I wished but also favored TURP. However, he went into considerable detail on the pros and cons of each. In his experience with TURP, patients get immediate relief whereas most PVP patients experience burning and urgency for 2 months or so. He believes that, at the hands of a competent surgeon, risks of TURP and PVP are comparable. Retrograde is a likely outcome of either procedure when tissue is removed near the bladder neck. This was consistent with my own research. The only way to reduce the likelihood of RE is to work on the lower lateral lobes of the prostate only. For most patients this may not provide sufficient or longlasting relief. Since my problem was an enlarged median lobe obstructing the bladder neck, RE was highly likely with either procedure.

So, after years of swearing Iíd never have a TURP, thatís what I chose. My procedure was done 8 days ago. I checked into the hospital at 1 p.m. on a Thursday and had surgery at 5. I had a spinal block so I was awake during the entire procedure which lasted only about 20 minutes. I spent one night in the hospital with a catheter that was removed at 10 the next morning. I had no pain whatsoever, even after the spinal wore off. After ascertaining that I was able to urinate on my own, the hospital released me at 1 p.m. on Friday.

The results were immediate and dramatic. My first urination was unlike any Iíve had in years. For about 6 hrs following removal of the cath, I had the feeling that I had to pee constantly. By Friday evening, that feeling subsided and my urine, which had been pink most of the day, was clear. I awoke only once during the night to pee and voided on my first urination in the morning. The only reminder of the surgery, other than the stream of a teenager, was a very slight burning at the tip of my penis after peeing. I was, and still am, able to go hours between urinations and have no urgency whatsoever. I was back to office work on Monday. All in all, I could not be happier with the outcome.

My doc said my lateral lobes were not enlarged but he described my median lobe as ďimpressiveĒ. He also noted that my bladder neck was unusually small and enlarged it with a slight incision during the TURP. As a result of years of straining my bladder has become trabeculated (thick walls with weblike muscle structures). I actually saw this, and my enlarged median lobe, myself when a doctor allowed me to look through the scope during an earlier cystoscopy. Fortunately for me, this hasnít created any real problem but it does illustrate the risk of waiting too long for surgery. I havenít yet confirmed RE but I fully expect it. Iíll know for sure in about a week. I know I wonít be happy about it but I could no longer live as I was. And, letís face it, we all pee a lot more often than we come.

As a result of my experience, I believe fears surrounding TURP are grossly overblown and the advantages of PVP are equally overstated. I realize everyoneís situation and experience is different but I would urge anyone needing surgery to seriously consider both options before making a decision.

Since: Nov 09

United States

#501 Oct 15, 2010
TO:Jim from Ontario
From: Bill of Ohio

If the greenlight worked for you then retrorade ejaculation is a small price to pay. As for leakage, probably you can cure that by doing execize that strengthens your lower bladder muscles.

I had Green light Laxer just over a year ago and everything is still working good and no problems.

YOu can also probably find a bladder control therepist.

[email protected]

Newport, RI

#502 Oct 19, 2010
Had the Surgery 2 years ago with minimal improvement in frequency, still get up 3-4 times
a night. Also am dealing with retrograde ejaculation which I feel is awful.
If I could go back in time would have never had
this Surgery. The Doctor really played up the
benefits and minimized the side effects,
totally downplayed retrograde ejaculation.

Baltimore, MD

#503 Oct 20, 2010
kevin wrote:
Had the Surgery 2 years ago with minimal improvement in frequency, still get up 3-4 times
a night. Also am dealing with retrograde ejaculation which I feel is awful.
If I could go back in time would have never had
this Surgery. The Doctor really played up the
benefits and minimized the side effects,
totally downplayed retrograde ejaculation.
Yeah, Drs seem to downplay every and any sugery then basically say "Oh well" when things don't work out. Paid by number not by quality that's for sure. Was looking into Greenlight but after finding this site I'll live with it as long as I can. Strangely, no urologist has ever mentioned bladder damage from straining to me so I guess I'll have to be my own advocate as ususal and ask about it.
I've been on drugs for about 15 years, since i was 45 and they worked great from the start but uro was pushing some kind of laser sugery way back then, like it was a walk on the beach so i changed uros. Oddly enough, I just learned the original uro had a proceedure done but not the one he was trying to talk me into. Apparently it was a lot harder than wht he was telling his patients and opted for something else. Money grubbing bastards. My 2nd uro said if the meds work just stay with them. They are not working as well many years later and that's why I was looking into Greenlight.

Apopka, FL

#504 Oct 30, 2010
The green light procedure was performed three months ago. Nightly trips to the bathroom are more frequent,little nozzle presure, dribbling, urgency, retrograde ejaculation. Visit to the urologist yesterday 29 October 2010 resulted in comments by the doctor, "There is a lot of debris?? in the urethra,and some inflammation" What is that about? he says come back in two months. DEBRIS!!

Gardiner, ME

#505 Nov 2, 2010
I had the Green Light treatment 2 years ago and it was good until now, but I am back to square one. I think it is overated.8268
Bill from Ohio

Dayton, OH

#506 Nov 2, 2010
Sorry your back to square one after two years. It has been 13 months since I had mine and still doing good. I will just have to wait and see what happens in the future.
I don't understand why the prostate grows back so fast when it took a lifetime to get big in the first place.
Did your surgeon have lots of experience at this?
Will Vattana

West Islip, NY

#507 Nov 3, 2010
Hi Jay,
Could you tell me which doctor did you have it done in NYC?
I am considering green light pvp surgery and I live in Long Island, NY.
Jay from NYC wrote:
<quoted text>
I had greenlight in NYC about 7 years ago. I left the facility with no catheter, almost no bleeding, no discomfort. I rested for a day and had no after-effects. The results were dramatic. From getting up to pee 5-6 times a night and having to be always on the lookout for places to go when I was out, I woke up to pee only 2x a night and could go for many, many hours without any urgency. I DID NOT have retrograde ejaculation. The only time I had that symptom was as a result of taking finasteride. I stopped all medication after the green light and all retrograde ejac. disappeared. Was there a down side? Yes. And here is the downside:
3 years after the greenlight surgery, BPH symptoms gradually returned. Not all at once, but little by little. It's now seven years since the surgery. The fist 3 years were wonderful. Now, however, I get up 5-6 times a night to pee. I have to be aware of places to pee when I'm out. I cannot drive for too long without having to stop to relieve myself. The surgeon declined to do the surgery again, saying he did not want to put me through that again. Mind you, it really wasn't much of an ordeal for me. But he declined to repeat it. I'm back on finasteride. I again have retrograde ejaculation plus I've had ED for years which was brought on by the various BPH meds, in my opinion. After the green light even the ED seemed to be somewhat relieved as I recall. experience was altogether positive, but the effects don't last. That appears to be common according to an internist I consulted who's one of the best physicians I've ever encountered. The prostate re-enlarges. I am now 70 years old. At this point, sexuality is extremely low on my life's agenda. Sleeping through the night and not needing to stay aware of places for a "pit stop" are high on my agenda. I am disinclined to have more surgery. I will stay on the finasteride which doesn't do much for me, but seems to help a little. When I stopped it a month ago, my urgency while awake became far more intense. That was not good. So I'll stay on finasteride, forego more surgery, do without intercourse, walk around tired most of the time, and occupy myself with social dancing, movies, fixing up my new (old) condo, working exhaustively for the owners in my development as a member of the condo board, going to the gym 3x a week, going to the movies, visiting with friends, taking trips from time to time, and always keeping in mind a saying that's known to some dancers, namely, "Life is not about avoiding the storms; life is about learning to dance in the rain!" Good luck to all.
Go with TURP

Honolulu, HI

#508 Nov 8, 2010
This is till not a proven procedure for all and many Urologist will not do it because of multiple complications.

I have done it and and developed scar tissue and infections and had it done again. Again multiple series of prostatitus and left impotent.

Was told this wasa age related when fine before surgery and apparently aged in two months.

Stay with something proven. Retrograde ejaculation is better than no performance.

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