GreenLight Laser Surgery Complications


#21 Aug 26, 2007
I had the green light done also. It worked great for about 2 months then started slowing down.I found out that I had scaring and had to go in to get that fixed. I was not warned about that posibility. I think I would think twice before I would do it again. And the retrograde thing is creapy.

Evansville, IN

#22 Aug 30, 2007
I had the Laser procedure in Nov 04. I drove 4 hours to use a Dr. that had done over 250 and does nothing else. Took about 3 months to fully feel like I had recovered. Now this week 8/27/07 just about 3 years later I am having some of the same problems I had before. Will see the same surgeon tommorrow. Hate to go thru all this again. Wonder if the old "roto-rooter" may not have been a better choice.
Bud J


#23 Sep 6, 2007
Had the green light surgery on Aug 15th. It has been three weeks with some improvement in flow.
Still getting up 2 or 3 times nightly.
Still have a small amount of blood each time.
I'll see the doc next week but wonder if anyone can say how long the blood loss lasts.
Joe Manster

Longwood, FL

#24 Sep 20, 2007
I'm from Orlando, FL and thinking about it. I came across a Dr. Wen Lin in St. Augustine that seems to be extremely qualified and has done over 400 of these with the laser through the end of '06, so he's done even more by now. His web site says the new HPS laser could potentially perforate the bladder so experience is important.

I saw a You Tube video about this and it's more involved than just blasting away the tissue. It definitely looked like this was something that required required more than just run of the mill skill. I definitely would not want someone who wasn't doing these with some experience and frequency of doing this performing this procedure on me.
Joe Manster

Longwood, FL

#25 Sep 20, 2007
Has anyone had this and then actually had the problem with scarring where they had to go back in and zap the scar tissue? I can't see how anyone's prostate could possibly grow back in a few years as the darn thing is basically hollowed out. I'm thinking scar tissue at the bladder neck is the problem for some. I would think they can't (obviously) blast the tissue all the way back to the bladder or you couldn't hold anything in your bladder. There are some good questions raised here though.It would be a drag to revist the whole issue again in 2 - 3 years. I'm 50 so I'd kind of like to have it done once and be done.

I'm on Flomax but I want to get off of it. I think it's causing my muscles to get smaller and weaker.

United States

#26 Sep 22, 2007
I'm 57 and been having the typical problems you hear about with BPH. Went to a seminar recently about treatment options and GREEN LIGHT seemed the best choice.
Reading these blurbs from you guys has given me pause. Sounds like some of you have many of the same symptoms I have and have picked up a few more since the GL procedure.
I live in Ct. and wondered if there are any SUCCESS stories in the lower Faifield County or NYC region? Recommendations?
Thanks and good luck.

Athens, TN

#27 Sep 29, 2007
I had greenlight surgery on 11-30-07. The results were a complete disappointment. i am back to
square 1..The act of urination was an experience
in dread because of the pain that raised me on tip toe. i had two infections and months later
i was passing long black strings of dead tissue
and had to resort to self cathertizations.
I wet my pants often and did not fully empty my
bladder and was up 3-5 times per night.
now when i urinate, rather than one concentrated
stream it comes out like multi spouted garden
water can. my dr wants to examine me with a
cytoscope - scarring he says. I have resorted to flomax again, without which i can not funtion.

Lake Worth, FL

#28 Sep 30, 2007
Dr Lief in Coral Springs, Fl had done over 300 Green Light Lasers. He is honest and diligent in performing the procedure which turned out very well for me.

Jackson, NJ

#29 Oct 1, 2007
I was scheduled for green light surgery on 10/01/07, well we waited 3 hrs to have the doctor finally appear and tell us and my wife and I that the laser scope wasn't working properly and that I was cancelled for the day. I feel right now after all your stories that a lot more research should be done before I consent to this after all ! I don't like hearing all these horror stories, sonow I feel like I dodged a bullet!

Birmingham, UK

#30 Oct 4, 2007
Wife of Patient wrote:
Good news, my husband is now fully recovered fromt he surgery. No more urgency or dribbling and normal ejaculation. While we have been through a difficult few months he feels it was worthwhile.
Noted your surgery was in the UK.
Where did you have it done and by whom?

I've just had it done a few days ago to get me out of acute retention and although a bit 'raw', everything seems to be working out as planned.

Richmond, VA

#31 Oct 22, 2007
I have been considering this surgery for a long time, but what I hear from you guys scares me. My problem is somewhat different. My prostate is okay, but the sphincter valve is very tight and won’t let my urine flow, so I have the same symptoms as an enlarged prostate. The surgery would drill through this muscle/sphincter valve. The side effect would be retrograde ejaculation. I am always sleepy because I need to go to the bathroom very frequently. At night I get up 4 or 5 times a night, so I never get a good night’s sleep. I guess that I should just put up with that then go through the side effects that you all have had.
wife of patient

Atlanta, GA

#32 Oct 31, 2007
My husband had this surgery 3 months ago. He is still having urgency issues and pain. He was unaware that there could be lasting effects that were debilitating. He's had infection, loss of control and constant urgency. Can anyone tell us if this gets better in time. Birmingham,AL


#33 Oct 31, 2007
Had the proceedure on 9/11/07. Left the hospital without a catheter and went back the following day to have one inserted. Kept that one in place for a week. Now it's 7 weeks out, I have blood in my urin and am passing huge blood clots a couple of times a day. I urinate and sleep better than before the surgery, but I still have ocassional urgency, burning during urination, and sometimes feel like there is broken glass in my urethra. I felt I needed the operation, as Avodart and Uroxatrol were not effective. As it turned out, I had removed what the MD termed a little weird middle lobe in my bladder with a lip on it. In addition, my prostate was fibrous, and was told that this type of tissue does not respond as well to laser treatment as a prostate with normal tissue.
RWC - Huntersville-NC

Charlotte, NC

#34 Nov 3, 2007
I'm scheduled to have the greenlight surgery this coming Tuesday, 11/6/07. After reading all the comments so far at this site, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I have to do something, as medication has had no effect for over a year. I'll wait to get through the recovery period and then report back for any others considering this procedure.
Simon Toombes

Singapore, Singapore

#35 Nov 3, 2007
I had this Green Light procedure 3 months ago. It took a couple of months to get over it but now fantastic. Peeing like a thirty year old. OK retrograde ejaculation - so what? Just means no mess to worry about. Just a Vesicare pill each day foe a few months to control the OAB cause as in my case I had a median lobe to sort out.


#36 Nov 7, 2007
Brian wrote:
<quoted text>
Noted your surgery was in the UK.
Where did you have it done and by whom?
I've just had it done a few days ago to get me out of acute retention and although a bit 'raw', everything seems to be working out as planned.
please advise where this was done and name of consultant my email add
[email protected]
Ray S

United States

#37 Nov 7, 2007
I had green laser treatment on Oct.5th and I feel no better then before, plus everytime I urinate I have some blood. If I had to do over I would not go for the treatment.My life is suffering from this outcome. My doctor is supposed to be one of the best in this field. He tells me it will get better but my flow is worst then before.Personally I am flat out disgusted.I am only 62.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

#38 Nov 8, 2007
Lew wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm going to see my 'new' urologist for a check up on the 26th to see if the corrective surgery he performed is working. So far, every thing seems O.K.
I'll let you know!
P{lease let me know if things worked out since my partner is suffering from the same problems now. Txsx

Rotterdam, Netherlands

#39 Nov 8, 2007
Please tell wehter things worked out, since my partner si suffering from the same symptoms.

Miami, FL

#40 Nov 8, 2007
And other times the right approach is not laser, but laparoscopic prostatectomy. Most of the time, laparoscopic prostate cancer surgery ( ) is done for cancer, but it's also done for plain old enlargement.

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