PVP GreenLight Laser Treatment

Winter Springs, FL

#558 Dec 15, 2011
Surgery DISASTER. Bleeding like a pig. tired, low blood count, and 5-6 other factors. Used every bag of saline flush the hospital had. from every ward and the emergency room. They sent to another Hospital. A 6 location chain. To get more. 1 person said 43 bags 3 liters per bag 2nd party set the No. at 48 bags.
They pushed thru apox 3 bags per Hr for 18 hours. Then sent me home saying U will be fine. Went to different Hospital (local) emergency room 5 hrs later in day still bleeding Dark brown to almost black drainage. Tests show Blood count Low. They DO NOT want to do anything since they are not The Hospital it was done at. Their Uros will not touch me It's the guy who operated on me only. So if you leave your home area watch out. No one local wants you. this is day 3. Spasums constant pill does little to no help. I shoot blood and urine out the cath every time, A bloody mess Can not figure where the urin I pass goes it does not go down the drain tube. Can any of the Doctors out their give me some advice I am willing to pay Tanks Rockman

Melbourne, Australia

#559 Dec 18, 2011
rockman wrote:
All depends on size. Bigger is harder. If like me you have years of bladder damage you will have more problems till body responds to new smaller Prostate. Most have some problems in begining. Goes with any operation. Have you tried Flomax or other drugs 1st. It worked for me for years. It is cheap now.
Ken, I believe you are in the "early" stages of BPH where the lateral lobves of the prostate have begun to grow, and begining to obstruct the bladder. I had the same symptoms going back to 2004. Then in the last 12 months, peeing became very difficult - flow was getting more and more restricted. I suspect the median lobe of the prostate, in this time frame grew quickly or to the extent it severely obstructed voiding - it grows UPWARDS, pushes on base of bladder, giving rise to unemptied urine.

Melbourne, Australia

#560 Dec 18, 2011
DAY 35 19 Dec 2011
On Day 30, 14 DEC 2011, all traces of blood in urine totally disappeared. Exercise no longer cause bleeding. I now run freely without the psychological barrier of bleeding.

Up until Day 30, there was almost always "old" blood at start and end of stream, and also exercise such as running caused minor bleeding and tinged the urine winey red color.

Bladder spasms still occur, and there is a strange momentary pain in tip of penis post voiding, as Ken described in his 1st 5 months report.

Rockman, hope all is OK now. Did you find out reason for execssive bleeding as a result of PVP? I had minimal bleeding on the day and day after of PVP.

You need to eat more fiber, drinkl URAL, and start onm cranberry capsules - ward off urinary tract infection.

Winter Springs, FL

#561 Dec 19, 2011
3am day 6 No sleep pain in chest, cramps, in feet, legs, hands. Left hospital 3rd time yesterday at 3 pm. New Cath inserted at 4:30 am prior morning. Held for 24 hrs Observation after insertion. Original Cath had been overinflated by 200% Designed to hold 30cc of fluid in ballon. Had in fact 90cc. Thank God I have witnesses. This closed it off to most drainage. Blood, Saline pushed past cath out glan under ExTREME Pressure. Causing much pain till Visiting nurse discovered problem. She lowered ballon level to 30 cc but it was to late the cath was totally blocked with debree. I went back to hospital that did operation 2am 12/16. At Hospital wait for DR. till 4 15 am.
When removed Very little came our Pain killer shot given to me. Then hugh 100cc plus hypo pushed in to glan. saline solution pushed in then pulled out with same hypo.
As it was pulled out a Gusher of blood saline clots ect shot over and around the hypo higher than the `collection pan between my legs and flying to my toes. The hypo was reinserted many more times before the bladder was emptied. 4 collection pan fulls. I was held in emergency for the next 17 hrs their were no beds available. Many tests were done. More problems are developing worry about damage to Bladder and kidneys. Given several more medicines and Drips with many items that had all been normal in my prior blood tests but were now considered very low. You must worry, about more than the Doctors ability with the laser. The help can kill or criple you just as easy.
Will post again as time permits do not feel this is any way near to finished. Still hoping for some Medical Iuput Help.`

Melbourne, Australia

#562 Dec 19, 2011
You need to ask for reasons for complications to your PVP.Each patient is different, and respond differently to the same procedure. The overinflated catheter is a problem trhat shouldn't have occured - you should find out WHY this mistake happen. It may have caused or added to your complications. From my experience, there shouldn't be so much bleeding post PVP.

I had the catheter on for about 4 hours. It was easily removed with absolutely zero discomfort. I wouldn't have known I had the cathether except I had read it would be there as part of the procedure during PVP.

Bladder damage in PVP is a big danger. Sufferers of PVP should take early action to address voiding problems. A growing, obstructive prostate exerts enormous pressure on the bladder, thereby altering its physical characteristics. When a BPH sufferer goes into total retention, that spells danger - likely permanent damage to the bladder. This means PVP, or any surgical procedure to downsize the obstructive prostate, will only partly solve the BPH problem. A bladder that has been permanently damaged has problems of its own.

Hope you get well soon.

Winter Springs, FL

#563 Dec 21, 2011
Day 8 Pain in tip only, some blood, figure it might be infected. Every thing else back to status quo. No change in unination from before op still leak. Many short trips to john split stream. Cure the tip problem and nothing has changed. Dr called yesterday, your going better right?? Nope no change
Not what he expected. Me either. Started dailey walking again yesterday. Build it back up to 2 miles in a few days. Start night river shrimping next week. Do it all over?? No. Waste of time and money. First thing on possiable problems list given by Dr.s office. Stated clearly, This procedure may not improve your problem. It should be 1st.
Cause of overinflation of cath. Improper Training of Floor nurse on Cath use. Lax supervison and oversite.
2nd admission put in NON sanitised room. Having had c-dif and sepsis in the past was to be in sanitised room. Patient in next room special isolation clothing to enter then came in my roon with isiolation gear still on. Brought my own bleach filled spray bottles wiped it all down with the aid of my lady.
Hospitals are not the most likely place to DIE by contagious infection for nothing. My dogs house is cleaned better. WE watched, while waiting for the wheel chair transport. As the room was made up for the next Victim. Nothing was cleaned, the bed was not even wiped down. Motel's do a better job.
Be CAREFUL out their it's your life.

Melbourne, Australia

#564 Dec 21, 2011
Trace of blood in urine post PVP is normal and part of the recovery process. Rockman, you are only on day 8, so you will still see some blood at the start and end of voiding. For me, it was Day 30 when I was 100% blood free, even after hard running.

I still have URGENCY and FREQUENCY. Urgency has steadily DECLINED over the 37 days. It is a GRADUAL process.I say I still have FREQUENCY especially during the day because I am drinking alot more water than before PVP. I am averaging 2000 mls of water (excluding beverages) daily. Before PVP, I was average 250 ml of water intake..

There is still bladder spasms, and some strange momentary "sting" at tip of penis when I finish urinating. Again, it is all part of the gradual healing process, and I am unconcerned.

You mentioned the suspect sanitary conditions at the hospital, and also the mistakes made my nursing staff. Was it a public hospital? I had my PVP at a private hospital. Expenses covered partly by my employment health cover, my money, and Medicare (Government healthcare).

From your description, I think Obamacare, i.e. Universal Healthcare for the U.S. is a big step backward. This is the experience of Socialized Medicine in Australia.

Winter Springs, FL

#565 Dec 22, 2011
Day 9. Your righ on the Obama care. It will only make it worse. We have very few Private Hospitals in this country most are private ownership but open to the public. I live in Florida where the Mal Practice laws are a joke if not a working person below 65.
Children do not work so collect $0. personel history on this 2 yrs ago wonderfull boy died 100% admitted Mal practice. Most liberal for the Docts in the country.
The Sanitation is simple why bother no punishment for failure.
Had only 2 spasems so far. Output runs for the day, vs imput. plus 600cc out 1 day minus 400 vs imput the next. Output events best at night 325cc worst day 80 cc. freq 17 one day 10 the next. Average before op 14 so about the same. Learned from sites to keep records of in and out gives a good idear of where you are.
Not mentioned by Dr at all. Still tired compared to normal but getting better.
Some/most guys get to go like horse, just not all. Be happy to end nightime walks around house pushing on counters with bladder to go. Ever worse after a few drinks. If I get that much it will have served so good. To any one wondering weather to do it or not. Based on pain I would say not an issue. Time to do it?? wait till you need a cat. will update tomarrow.

Melbourne, Australia

#566 Dec 22, 2011
No, Rockman, anyone with BPH syndromes should not postpone medical attention (such as PVP) until they encounter complete retention, i.e. have to rush to emergency to have a catheter inserted. This will quite likely mean the bladder has been permanently damaged, and PVP or any procedure will not resolve issues with frequency, leakage, urgency. PVP will allow one to pee normally but one will have to live with frequency and chronic leakage (because the bladder has been permanently damaged even though the urethra has been "widened" to let one pee like a horse.

One can take medication to stop the prostate enlargement if one was in the early stages of BPH. But those drugs have unwelcomed side effects and may nopt be tolerated by some. So PVP or another surgical procedure, is still the best way to ensure the bladder is not damaged (by having to overwork to expel urine, due to an ever growing obstructive prostate).

Melbourne, Australia

#567 Dec 22, 2011
"After years of working harder to empty itself of urine, the bladder will begin to decompensate if BPH is not treated. This decompensation occurs as the bladder becomes both more rigid and weaker, so that it is unable to hold much urine and does not have enough strength to empty it. Once this occurs, then it is too late to be able to reverse the detrimental affects of BPH. It is very important for men to get their BPH treated before this occurs."


Winter Springs, FL

#568 Dec 23, 2011
It's not that easy here in the States. Many people leave to meet their doctors in Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, and other places at private hospitals. Many methods that are Normal, in the rest of the world. Are NOT LEGAL here But you can join the Off shore weekend surgery group. if you have the Money. My brother in law went to the same Dr that did my PVP in the Bahamas. for his Prostate cancer. Did HIFU 100% cure at 2 1/2 yrs.
1 treatment a few hours.$25000. plus airfare.
Dr did 6 that trip. Go fri Ret Sun/mon.
Or Radiation at home 26 treatments. All it's side effects Meds ect. Ins or Medicare.Pays
Billions are invested in those radiation machines.
Day 10. 13 trips total intake 2370cc/ml 80oz 30
cc/ml to 1 oz. Output 2285 76 OZ. Leak some, body uses some.
Daytime freq. same. Output less, stream less. Night time freq same output GREAT hit 14 oz 420cc/ml at 4 am 100% DIFFERENT FROM PRE SURGERY.
Leakage has increased so I started the Vesicare.
Burning also up to a5 medium. Back to my prostitus days. Use water No SOAP. cup it in hand work it into tip before and after 3 or 4 times takes seconds. If you have the time. Cleans out residue lessens duration of burn

Winter Springs, FL

#569 Dec 24, 2011
Day 14 Merry Christmas. Trips to john 14 fluid in 2600 cc/ml 86 oz out 2490 cc/ml 83 oz apox.
Bleeding before and after, none. Had it after every Biop 5 and cysto 4 in past. Double clean out must have cleaned me out good. Vesicare working drip off by half. Hate to take Drugs.
Warning taking large amount of fluids pure Water lowers you Saline levels to Dangerious levels. Prior exp with Urin track infections. needed ER treatment. Gatoraid or 1/2 and 1/2 soda works safer. Enjoy the Eggnog But remember The Boys in Blue are looking for you. Government Needs your FINE money $$$.

Winter Springs, FL

#570 Dec 25, 2011
day 13 yesterdays was day 12 not 14 sorry Merry Christmas again.
Progress Trips 16, 5 at night. Inake 2800 cc/ml output 3190 cc/ml for OZ Devide by 30
Tip burning even with trick has increased. to a 6
Constant blood staining at tip ozuses out after each trip.
All else is well did .6 miles 1km. Yesterday try adding a little more today. Have a merry

Winter Springs, FL

#571 Dec 26, 2011
12/26/11 Step back awaiting call from nurse or go to walk in clinic Burning, blood at tip. big increase. Output day time way down 11 am to 11 pm 310 cc/ml 80,125,80. intake same time 1900 cc/ml day total 2500. Brown thick sinks to bottom like lead in toilet. strong foul odor.
Night time 4 trips 11 pm to 8 am 360 cc 460cc 290 cc 430 Go figure. daytime back to little weak spray.

United States

#572 Jan 7, 2012
How does one find these "Green Light-PVP surgeons.
I live near Greenville, SC and have not been able to find anyone except those that do TURP which I cannot
(and want not) since I have a bad heart. I'm 72.
Thanks & God Bless.
John Long Island

Bronx, NY

#573 Jan 7, 2012
I had green light back in 2009 Thank god had no problems but now my psa was 7 so doctor wants me to have a prostate biopsy jan 16th did anyone have this done I here that some said not fun others said if they novocane it is not too bad. THere are many good doctors on long Island. I will keep you posted.

Winter Springs, FL

#574 Jan 8, 2012
Google PVP Laser. The Company site has a list of all approved Docs. Qualification. is 10 but a place to start. Over 80 grain prostate 200 min try a Doc. Te in the City. NY Presbyterian. He is one of the most experienced it the country

Pepperell, MA

#575 Jan 30, 2012
Green light laser surgery performed 1/24/12....no other way gentleman.....out of hospital next day....

Wailuku, HI

#576 Jan 31, 2012
I wanted to reply to Dennis from carson ca. your post was the single most helpful post . I had greenlight performed 1 month and 2 days ago the normal bleeding and getting up sometimes once a night sometimes 2 but have complete emptying and is such a relief not to experience that incomplete emptying feeling. But I can't stand the retro feeling . I have high sex drive. Having normal antegrade ejaculation is very important (just turned 47)
I had the surgery at the Mayoclinicin Fl. after seeing 2 uros here in Honolulu.
I went to mayo (thebest) and shared my biggest concern was the retro now a little over a month and sure enough I have it . my doc. was fully aware of my concern and assured me he avoided my bladder neck taking into full account my concern. My GF is ok with it for now but for me it sucks big time.
If you can post again in the future to share if your retro RE is gone or is it lingering. I need some inspiration on this matter as I can't stand it. I spoke with my dr. and he said it is early. I am very healthy and fit and recover quick.
reading all the blogs has me depressed about my condition.
If anyone else has had antegrade ejaculation return later on down the road post greenlight. please post. I hope I'm not stuck with this RE indefinitley

Clearwater, FL

#577 Jan 31, 2012

Had Greenlight Laser 2 years ago.The first year was 95% retro . The second year I would estimate 80% retro and 20% normal quantities. Does not look as the normal percentage amount will increase either. Also yes, it is a very strange sensation!

I hope you will eventually do better than I am doing.

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