Evolve Laser for BPH

Redmond, WA

#1 Aug 6, 2008
Anyone heard or experienced this new treatment? Supposedly the latest and greatest laser treatment -- can be done in-office and usually no need for catheter.

Reidsville, NC

#2 Oct 7, 2008
After extensive study of the various options available to me, my urologist and I have decided to do the Evolve laser procedure to relieve my BPH symptoms. Yes, it is an in-office procedure. He is quite conservative and prefers to use a catheter in his patients for one or two nights. Google a bit and you will find a video of the procedure.

ol gar

Keithville, LA

#3 Oct 6, 2009
In looking at this video - it seems like the tissue being removed is mostly the urethra tissue itself. Physiology of that tissue is different than that of the gland itself and there has to be some question about scarring and consequent difficulty with urine retention.
Iowa BPH

Charlotte, NC

#4 Feb 14, 2010
The Evolve laser is a very dangerous laser. It causes deep coagulation in the tissue. So, while you see some vaporization at the surface, it's what you don't see that is the question. The Evolve is a 980nm laser, and the ND:Yag laser is a 1065nm laser. This is a very tiny difference in laser wavelengths, and the tissue affect is the same. Patients who undergo this laser have numerous post operation symptoms including extremely painful urination and post operative urine retention. The ND:Yag technology has been abandoned due to so many complications. Ask to see clinical papers on the Evolve, and you will be left in the lurch. Greenlight has over 300 published papers. Evolve is nothing more than an ND:Yag and should be banned from prostate applications.

United States

#6 Jun 3, 2010
The Evolve laser is a great laser. I have had excellent success in hundreds of patients. The Evolve is a much safer laser then the Greenlight, which has deaths associated with it on the FDA web site. The Evolve is a contact laser and only vaporizes the tissue it touches unlike others which emit a beam of laser that can burn through the bladder. The reason there are no papers is because AMS essentially bought and paid researchers at Universities to write papers. It is essentially a marketing machine.

Concord, MA

#7 Jul 26, 2010
I am currently trying accupunture for a slightly enlarged prostate as well as diet, and herbal meds.

I have a new Urologists who only does turps but has no problem with me trying what is mentioned above.

For US BPH above, it would appear you are a doctor.

Which laser treatment offers less chance of permanent retrograde ejacualate and side effects?

Green light HPS


Are there any other NEW as in 2010 or beyond techniques showing great success in trials?

Eastham, MA

#8 Aug 4, 2010
I had the Evolve treatment last week. Now I have to
go every hour or two at most. I hope this will lessen in the two or three weeks. Anyone else had
this happen after the laser Evolve treatment?

United States

#9 Aug 22, 2010
I am 3 weeks post-op Greenlight. No retrograde. I get up now only once. PEE like a horse. 52 years old. My urologist has done many different procedures, calls TURP the gold standard, however does many successful Greenlight surgeries as mine was.

New Orleans, LA

#10 Jan 7, 2011
I have performed over 600 laser TURPS.
300 Greenlight HPS and 300 Evolve Laser.
I can say the Evolve Laser was the most effective and safe laser being used for B.P.H. The Evolve fiber is a contact fiber only, meaning you only vaporize when you touch tissue. Greenlight Laser goes all over the place. Like all laser on tissue, if you remain in one spot for too long your dept of penatration will be greater. Do not always belive your clinical trials, most trails are paid for in FULL from the manufacture. Urologists are on the payroll. Always check the FDA and do your own research.

Lakewood, NJ

#11 May 2, 2012
Any more results from the Evolve laser in 2012? The thing that sounds good to me is it can be used without anesthesia. A catheter doesn't bother me. Being awake for the procedure and not risking side effects of anesthesia are very attractive to me personally. I had a TUMT with no anesthesia and was very comfortable in the office setting. If the evolve is the only laser that can do this, and the results are comparable, it seems like a no brainer. Some of the posts above sound a bit suspicious.

Lakewood, NJ

#12 May 4, 2012
Have not found any long term results reported on Evolve anywhere outside of Evolve's own web page, and those are very vague and dated. I have not read one actual patient posting anywhere of a good long term result with Evolve, or any good result period. When I said suspicious, in my first post above I am referring to the doctor who said he did 300 Evolve and 300 Greenlight surgeries. Why would any doctor do exactly 300 of each? Why wouldn't he pick one procedure that had better results and stick to that, rather than give hundreds of patients a procedure he thought was worse? Makes no sense to me.
NJRetiree wrote:
Any more results from the Evolve laser in 2012? The thing that sounds good to me is it can be used without anesthesia. A catheter doesn't bother me. Being awake for the procedure and not risking side effects of anesthesia are very attractive to me personally. I had a TUMT with no anesthesia and was very comfortable in the office setting. If the evolve is the only laser that can do this, and the results are comparable, it seems like a no brainer. Some of the posts above sound a bit suspicious.

Palm Bay, FL

#13 May 13, 2012
NJ REtiree hit the nail on the head re the Evolve laser. I was impressed by the Evolve system literature so i selected a urologist who had training in that system. When I went to see him he said he only did about 10-12 procedures with the Evolve laser and the complications were too numerous and serious that he stopped doing them completely. He switched to the button plasma system, did about 75 before me with minimal problems. Before that he did the standard TURP and the green light. Claims the button plasma results are about the same as standard TURP without a lot of the serious complications.My prostate was 90-100gm and took an hour under anesthesia. Had a catheter for a day, blood in urine for 3 days, urgency and frequency for 2-3 weeks. Everything is back to normal including no retrograde.Bladder for most people take 6 or more months to return to normal. You owe it to yourself to check out the button plasma system. Plenty of literature on the web.
Laser Guy

Lansdowne, PA

#14 Apr 4, 2013
I was a Greenlight Physician trainer for 5+ years, as well as trained Doctors on the Evolve laser. I have been working with medical lasers for almost 15 years in the operating room setting. I am personally trained on close to 30 laser myself, to basically work on every aspect of the human body. In my "personal" opinion both GL and Evolve are good lasers. They both have their good and bad qualities. Depending on your current symptoms, and truly what you hope as an end result should play a major decision in one technology over another. I am a younger guy less than 40, and if I had to have it done tomorrow I would choose Evolve. They science behind it makes more sense. I have assisted in more than 1000 GL procedures, and at least 700 Evolve procedures over the years. So there is basically nothing you can tell me about either laser that I do not already know. GL is only attracted to hemoglobin which is blood. So the first 15 minutes of a GL surgery you feel as though you are clearing a lot of benign tissue. Once the hemoglobin is basically gone, the laser does more coagulation as apposed to vaporization and that is what you do not want. That is were a lot of these post operative symptoms come into play, where guys are complaining months after surgery. Now what you guys may not know is that Evolve has a brand new laser on the market which is pretty cool. It is a dual wavelength laser. It has a 980 wavelength, and a 1470 wavelength. The 980 wavelength is absorbed by water and hemoglobin, and the 1470 wavelength is primarily absorbed by water and is pretty close to the holep wavelength. Now the combination of these 2 wavelengths are basically like having the best of both worlds. High ablation rate, and shallow depth of penetration. Depth of penetration is key! GL depth of penetration is in the 3-4 mm range, and Evolve's new laser is less than 1mm. The prostate is encapsulated by nerves, and depending on how much tissue is vaporized these nerves can be damaged causing guys to not be able to achieve and erection. When it comes to having to have the surgery done a second time, we see way more GL redo's than evolve. I know I only want it done once if I have to have it done! If you have any other questions email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to answer you. Good luck, and god bless!

New Baltimore, MI

#15 Apr 1, 2014
had evolve surgery done three weeks ago today....the blood in the urine has just about stopped...but I still have a frequent urge to go and it still burns when I urinate..although that has subside a little...the doctor said about a six week recovery...so I still have three weeks left...I finally decided to buy some mens DEPENDS so I can safely go shopping etc...

Stuart, FL

#16 Oct 27, 2014
Thank You.. The info that you provide on the Evolve Laser Forum is very helpful to me.. Can you tell me anything about Button Plasma ??
I am 69 years old. I can live with the daytime "need to go" I can't live with the night time "need to go" but "can't go"..
I was originally going with the "gold standard TURP" but the results of my research scares me about TURP.. I'm now trying to choose between Green Laser, Evolve Laser and Plasma Button.. I already have dry (retro) ejaculation which I believe is a result of a very problematic biopsy that I had done a year ago..
Help.... Dennis

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