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Audubon, NJ

#185 Nov 15, 2007

Christiansted, Virgin Islands, U.S.

#186 Dec 6, 2007
My period came and went in like 2 and a half days. I am getting a headache and sharp pains. Feeling a bit pregnant. Can I be pregnant?

Lafayette, LA

#187 Dec 11, 2007
I have been pregnant once, and as a result, I have one beautiful little boy. During most of my pregnancy with him, just about everything made me throw up. It started with gagging, then I realized my period was late, and then I started throwing up once every morning for about a week, and then it started happening 24/7. I just had my period, and as a matter of fact, I'm not quite sure it's finished. But I started with the gagging a week ago, and then this morning I threw up - and all I could bring up was stomach acid. It was a serious flashback to when I was pregnant with my son. Could I possibly be pregnant again even though I just had a period?


#188 Dec 31, 2007
Ok well I had unprotected sex twice on the days i was ovulating. The guy pulled out b4 he cum in me. I thought that would be enough.. But no.. it is not.... I been doing reading. O kthis might sound insane. But i feel pregnant like the head akes the cramping. I got my P's but they were very light. Nd lasted half the time as normal.. Nd a week after it went away i went to the toilet nd it looked like i had spotting. i did a prego test but it said negtive.. I m not happy with that result.. Um do yu get a better reading in the morning???? or if yu have low hormone levels can it take longer to pick up????

Marysville, OH

#189 Jan 27, 2008
OK my last period was Dec 7 I had sex on the 14 we used a condom.On the 25th I had sex with a condom the next morning I went to through thr condom package away I looked at the expiration date it said June 2006 It was expired. to make a long story short It is now January 27 andI havent had my period yet. I dont want to be pregnant.Should I be worried my periods are usually between 32-35 days.

Morgan Hill, CA

#190 Feb 7, 2008
Ok heres my story... Im 16 years old and i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Feb 2nd. He came inside of me. Im suppose to start my period Febraury 12th or 13th. I usually get my period normally around that time.
Well yesterday on the 7th in the morning I had some blackish discharge and a little brown blood. Then i wiped and NOTHING came out. Later around 3 or 4 hours I had a little more blood. Then NOTHING. Then a couple hours later I had a gull on period. Why did I start my period a week early? Pleas get back to me at my email address [email protected] I really need some serious advise. contact me ASAP please.

Redmond, WA

#191 Jun 1, 2008
I didn't get my period 2 the last day of this month and my boyfriend did came can I be prengnant?

Harrison, NY

#192 Jul 18, 2008
i had sex with my ex boyfriend on my period last month and we did not use a condomn and I am 2 weeks late now do u think i should tell him i late

Duluth, MN

#193 Aug 24, 2008
I know everyone says if you aren't ready for a baby, don't have unprotected sex. Well...8-13-08 I had unprotected sex & I'm hoping to find out this coming Wednesday (8-27-08)-Exactly 2 weeks later to find out if I could be prego. I'm really hoping it's a negative (so pleaseeeee pray for me everyone!):/ I'm only 17, I'm not ready to be a mommy, & I'm hoping & praying God can see that to.

I'll update as soon as I find out, but PLEASE pray for me that it's a negative. I really don't know what I'll do if it's not :(


#194 Nov 8, 2008
hi i had sex (with condom)it did not split
after 7 days i had my period..
could i still be pregnant?

“Mommy I ate to much turkey!!!!”

Since: May 07

Lake City MI

#195 Nov 8, 2008

Fort Bragg, NC

#196 Dec 11, 2008
If i had sex 5 day after my period(oct 31-nov1) is their a chance i could of gotten pregnant. On November 8th i had protected sex with my friend. I don't know if the condom broke he never told me if it did. On Nov.13th i start spotting, was feeling nausea, had a headache and certain smell was getting to me. I only spotted for only 2 days. Ever since the 13 of nov i been having cramps, backache, headache,peeing more often and my breast been hurting off and on. I thought i was getting my period but never did. My period was due on nov.27th. Did'nt get it. My period was 13 day late when i finally got it. My period does'nt seem right. Five days b4 i started my period i took 2 test. First one was positive and other 1 was neg. So does every1 think i am pregnant. I heard that u couldnt be pregnant if u had a period. somene plz help me

Vista, CA

#197 Mar 31, 2009
hi i got my period last feb 27 and had unprotected sex march 05 and March 25 Iam pregnant? pls i need advice...

Saint Louis, MO

#198 Oct 1, 2009
I am wondering if any one else had a simliar situation to mine...
My last period was on Aug.25th and I had protected (condom) on 09/04 and 09/07. I began to spot pinkish blood on 09/11 and 09/13. About one week later I started to get headaches and become naucious from time to time. I have lower abominal pains that are very mild. I have taken three pregnancy test that have all came out negative. I am 11 days late for my period. COULD I BE PREGNANT, EVENTHOUGH ALL THREE TEST HAVE CAME OUT NEGATIVE & I USED PROTECTION?

Dallas, TX

#199 Jun 18, 2012
Is it true you can still get pregnant if your tubes are tied? My best friend has had her tubes ties about 5 years now and now she says she is 8days late on her cycle and Tuesday will make it 40 days into her cyucle. it always start on the 10th or the 11th of every month since December. i told her she was but she said she don't feel she is. Can someone help us before we go to the next step? Please and Thank you

Addition Hills, Philippines

#200 Aug 24, 2012
hi just new here, im 23 and a mother of a 5yr old kid, 2yrs ago i'd undergo abortion (D&C) and now trying to get preg. my last period was Aug.5 and from that me and my partner do it w/ unsafe sex. Just a week ago i noticed a drop of blood on my undie, start to feel dizzy and almost vomiting daily, my nipples are itchy especial on the right side i have some cramps and an oily face my pimples start to pop-out.i feel so sleepy most of the time and disturbance on my sleeping habit during mid morning. am i pregnant?

Vancouver, WA

#201 Dec 7, 2012

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