no movement, just pains at 18 weeks
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Kirwin, KS

#221 Oct 7, 2012
I am 18 weeks and 5 days, pregnant with number 5 and havent felt any movement. Everything I have looked up says that you will feel movement earlier with the more pregnancies you have but I have felt nothing. I am starting to get concerned...had a miscarriage a year ago at 9 weeks and was releived to make it past that mark but now I am concerned about this one. A week ago I had a sharp pulling pain and then was sore for a bit after the pain but feeling fine now. I have been terribly sick and nauseated the whole pregnancy. I plan to call my dr tomorrow and try and visit with him about my concerns but thought some insight from others may be helpful as well.

South Africa

#222 Nov 27, 2012
18 weeks pregnant last week I felt it move most of the time but not this week! And tummy is not showing except for the belly button getting big!

Cincinnati, OH

#223 Dec 9, 2012
Hi, I am 18 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second child. My first is nearly 6 yrs old now. I have not felt any noticeable movements, "flutters", yet. If I have, I have just passed them off as gas. The doctor says I should feel movement sooner with this pregnancy being my 2nd and having had the opportunity to feel them before. But, I don't think that is the case with me. It worries me that I have felt little to no movement yet and my sonogram isn't until Jan. I know that. Should prlly not worry until about 20 weeks with no movement. I am just wondering if there are any other 2nd time pregnancies going through this. Could it be the 6yr gap between pregnancies??

Hollywood, FL

#224 Dec 29, 2012
well I'm 18 weeks I had 2 full terms babies my last was stillborn at 30 weeks its was so scary .....I didn't feel him move at all so I went in my reg ob and he's said everything was fine but later on still no movement went back in my ob he's said your fine but still no movement went in to the er he's was gone no heartbeat nothing it was the hardest day of my life now I'm pregnant again at 18 weeks I didn't fell the baby move so I went in the er they thought I was crazy they all didn't care or take time looking after me .....the nurse told me that why did I come in its only 18 weeks she say they made me feel horrible like I was crazy

Chicago, IL

#226 Apr 3, 2013
Im 19wks tomaro, and I still feel like I haven't felt anything that is positive movement. It is my first child and every one is saying its normal but I'm literaly freaking out! Everyones comments reassured me slightly but I'm sure ill continue to worry. My only signs that I'm still pregnant are my stomach getting bigger n feeling like a rock already, the very annoying pains surging across my lower abdomen, and still gagging on certain foods or smells. Hopefully all is well for my apt next wednesday! Gender reveal day!!

Mansfield, UK

#227 Apr 12, 2013
im so glad to see that im not the only one who is so paranoid! im 18 weeks tomorrow and i thought i had felt movement around 16-17 weeks but nothing for the past 6days i dont think :/ i find out what my little one is at the end of this month(30th april). ive been havin pains in my sides, back and belly. not bad pains tho, and i feel little bubbles in my belly but dont know if thats the baby or not ??


#228 Apr 23, 2013
I am 17 weeks 3 days pregnant with my third, I had a miscarriage in November at 9 weeks!! I have a very healthy and active 4 year old girl but this pregnancy is totally different I haven't felt a thing yet!! Up until now all my scans have been great and heartbeat is strong! I find out what Im having on Monday and hope that at this scan everything is ok cause it's a worry!!


#230 May 11, 2013
Hi I'm 18 weeks pregnant nd havnt felt aNythn bside havin pains nd vomitin in da mornin afta havin break fast I'm worried now dat samthn myt b wrng wit my 1st baby I'm so worried samthn is nt well

Columbus, GA

#231 Sep 4, 2013
im 19 first baby im 18 weeks and 5 days an i think i have felt my babygirl move one time an it felt like a punch in my tummy but nun sence my bf puts me under a lot of stress we live together so it hard going to school having ur own place with him an all that should i be worried about my little girl cuz i dont feel nun but gas:(

Kingston, Jamaica

#232 Oct 2, 2013
already a mom wrote:
I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and this is my second time around. I have a 2 year old already, and I have hardly felt this baby. we go for our big ultraound tomm. Any one else out there going through the same thing?

I am 18 weeks and still no movements. all I am experiencing is sharp pain in my lower abdomen. this is my 2nd child bcuz I av a 4yr old already
Am paul


#233 Oct 18, 2013
My wife is 19 wks Pregnant.she is experiencing so much pain in her lower abdomen.when she is sleeping and she wants to turn, the Baby remaing at the sleeping side.and becomes dificult for her to turn.she must struggle coz of normal?

Peterborough, UK

#234 Oct 23, 2013
Im 18 weeks pregnant with my first and havnt felt any movement. I have had sharp pains in my hip for over 2 weeks now and i am worried theres something wrong with me or the baby. Is this anything to worry about?

Hove, UK

#235 Oct 28, 2013
I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my third but my youngest is 11 years I've had lots of movement feelings then all of a sudden over the last couple of days nothing I've lost one one at twelve weeks before and that nearly ended me too via loss of blood if anyone can reassure or help that would be much appreciated x

London, UK

#239 Jan 24, 2014
I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I feel nothing but I do get lower pains on the left hand side, and I'm a first time mum and I get scared that something not right a the time aha I was just wondering if the pain I'm getting is normal and no worries or concerns :)

United States

#243 Mar 17, 2015
I am 18 weeks today and j also have no idea if I can feel the baby or not. I feel something but it doesn't feel like butterflies or bubbles. Its low and yesterday it was so strong that I felt my belly move from my hand I thought it was but I get told it'd to little to do that yet but I cramp all the time from day one . I hope everything goes good with all of us moms to be .

Orlando, FL

#244 Apr 1, 2015
Okay Im 18 weeks pregnant almost 19 weeks with my 2nd child I don't have medicaid so it's a constant fight to try to be seen.. so no prenatal care I have been having very bad pains in my lower stomach that started around 15 weeks sometimes they will be pretty bad cramp like feelings other times they will feel sharp like someone is diving a knife inside me there isnt any blood but if it continues im going to the hospital also haven't felt any movement which concerns me because with my first I felt movement around 16 weeks any ideas of what might be going on

Chandler, AZ

#246 Apr 9, 2016
Ben wrote:
My wife and I are now 31 weeks pregnant with our first baby. We did not feel anything until 19 1/2 weeks, and didn't feel the baby consistently until about 24. Placenta placement, baby's location and your activity level will all have an impact on how often and how strongly you feel the baby. The pains you are feeling - if they kind of run from the sides of your belly down towards your pubic bone - are probably round ligament pains as the round ligament tries to support a growing baby. As always, if you are feeling worried - call your doctor for reassurance, that is why they get paid the big bucks. Good luck to you!
It's nice to see a dad on here who has done his homework! 😀

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