implantation bleeding???
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Leesburg, VA

#224 Dec 24, 2008
These forums are so refreshing because it lets me know that I am not alone! I just got back on Ortho Lo about 2 months ago. I rarely get headaches, and 1.5 weeks ago I had flashing headaches for about 4 days. I began spotting brown blood right after the headaches, a week before my period was due-according to my pills. Now I'm on my period pills and I am still lightly spotting brown. I had the usual emotional rollercoaster that I go through every month and my boobs have been sore. usually those symptoms go away when my period starts but I still have them. I am getting flashing headaches again and I've had brief, mild cramping in my lower abdomen today. My boobs stop hurting when I get my period but they are still heavy and sore. From what I have read implantation spotting only lasts a couple of days and I have been spotting brown for a week and a half now, so I don't think I am pregnant. I have read that our cycles and symptoms can change as we age, and I am just praying that headaches and cramps don't become the norm. My usual period symptoms are sore boobs and I become emotionally out of whack, and gratefully, that has been it. until now:( Anyone had a similar experience?

United States

#225 Jan 20, 2009
Hi all,
Wow, didn't realize so many have gone through this too...
Last AF: Jan 4-10th
Clockwork cycles for me the last 3 months.
I have a 30 day cycle.
"predicted" O-day is TODAY, but last night I had some light pink spotting. I thought maybe ovulation bleeding, but today it is heavier. Not a full flow, but more than spotting.(have to wear a pad) Called doc's office and the nurse says "you're fine". I don't feel fine, what should I do? Can someone recommend a website or some info on this?

Sedgley, UK

#226 Jan 24, 2009
my fertile days were from the 11th till the 16th me and my husband had sex around this time im having sore boobs and sesitive nipples i had a pinkish stain on the tissue and had a couple of brown spots aswell a week before my period. am i pregnant?
please can you help me x

“Mommy I ate to much turkey!!!!”

Since: May 07

Lake City MI

#227 Jan 24, 2009
sarah wrote:
my fertile days were from the 11th till the 16th me and my husband had sex around this time im having sore boobs and sesitive nipples i had a pinkish stain on the tissue and had a couple of brown spots aswell a week before my period. am i pregnant?
please can you help me x
You have to wait at least two weeks after you missed your period before getting tested. There are test out there you can take before your period but I wouldn't rely on them to much. Those are also signs of your period coming so please wait til your late.

Dakabin, Australia

#228 Apr 26, 2009
I had sex with my boyfriend 18th april 09 and was supposed to get my periods on the 21st of april 09 on saturday 25th i was getting dizzy and sharp cramps in my ,lower part of my stomach and back and felt sick all day.
26th of april i started bleeding and today there is dark clots and very sticky.
Could this be another sign of miscarriage.

Stafford Springs, CT

#229 May 8, 2009
hi, i had the time the 4/25 started two days early. ended the 4/29 two days early..not right for me. now the 5/6 i started spotting 5/8 i'm bleeding.. what could it be.. i had e-sure done but never got check out see if it is working been 2 years ago.. please someone give me advice

United States

#230 Jun 20, 2009
Hello everyone, I am wondering something, too. I have been spotting (about a week after unprotected sex), and I just had my period about 2 weeks ago. We just had protected sex 2 days ago, but we didn't even "finish," if you know what I mean. He was having "issues." Now I am spotting pinkish and brownish spots here and there. I have alos been sweating like a pig.
(REALLY BAD). Does anyone think I could be prego? O have had one chil before, but I don't remember doing this during the last one.

Phoenix, AZ

#231 Jul 26, 2009
Ben wrote:
That does not sound like implantation bleeding - which is not usually a constant flow. Your best bet for knowing for sure though is to take a pregnancy test which you can take as soon as you would expect your period.
im pretty sure your not pregnant implantation bleeding is very little.


#232 Sep 8, 2009
I am the mother.I have been trying to get prego for 2 years with no luck and alot of neg early prego test.I pretty much gave up and let God take control.I got my period on time June 18th and 17 days later July4th I got it again.I took a test it was neg.Now 28 days later July 31st I get my period on time, the day it was due.So I think maybe stress caused me to bleed 17 days (July4th)after my (June 18) date and now its back to my 28 cycle.Anyway August come and goes and my period (Aug 28) is a no show. So now its Sept 4th and I figured maybe since it popped up July 4th it would come Sept 4th. Well I took 3 prego test and I am prego.(Very Happy)My periods before kids were heavy and painful and lasted 5-6 days, now after kids my periods are light, painless and last no more then 3 days. All of the above dates I bleed it was blood and it was light like noraml, so if one of those days I bleed was implantation bleeding which? I read IP bleeding is pinkish or brown or mucus and not red and not a flow its just spotting.So when did I get prego? I am proof that implantation bleeding ( I think for women like me that periods start out pinkish at first and are light and short (2-4 days)may have a "our period" like implantation bleeding. I just want to know which of the 3 times I bleed in 2 months was IM bleeding....THANKS!

Bathurst, Canada

#233 Feb 6, 2010
On Feb 29 me and my partner noticed I had some bleeding after sex..The hole weekend I had no bleeding...I had a Dr appointmeant on Mon Feb 1 to have a pap test done as soon as she touched my cervix I started to bleed..I never bleed for very long..My Dr sented me to other Dr he did another pap test on me and the same thing happend this time it was enough to wear a liner....I stoped bleeding...On feb 5 had sex again and had some bleeding once again I never bleed very long...I won't know nothing until they get's the test back..They cheaked my belly and my cervix and from what they see's everything look's fine..I am seaching for answer's But really don't know what I ma looking for...

Belgrade, Serbia

#236 Aug 28, 2010
I have since had my tubes tied, but experiencing changes in my cycle. it usually comes every 31 days, and has since menses. however, the last two months I have been 7days late

Johannesburg, South Africa

#237 Sep 24, 2010
Ive had what i thought could be implantation bleeding and so 5 days later neg test? And a day after the test headacke, it started as spoting then the day after pad was full next day it was finished and brown discharge i was on the pill so my linning must have been thicker to make that much bleeding? Anything would help i really want a baby thank.

Houston, TX

#238 Jan 13, 2011
i had a peiod november 30and on december 20th i had pinkish and brown spots until the 22nd no period and then on january the 6 i had pinkish and brown sots until the 10th of january and it turned bright red with a light flow could i be pergnant?

Houston, TX

#239 Oct 14, 2011
I had protected sex with a condom a week an a day ago. He pulled out even with a condom holding the base. Today I had light bleeding, red, not pink or brown. My lower back hurts with very little cramps. I am extremely irregular and know nothing about when I start or end. Is this a regular period or implantation?

Delhi, India

#240 Nov 30, 2011
i ended wid ma periods js 2 days before i had sex....and now after 1 week i started bleeding...i did not even bleed on the day of sex..may be my hymen was not broken..i even took birth contrl pill...but wat does this bleeding means now..? i pregnant?

Demotte, IN

#241 Dec 28, 2011
I had unprotected sex on the 5th of december, my boyfriend ejaculated inside of me. On december 12th i started bleeding and it lasted 5 days, but it was lighter then my normal period and it was a dark brown the whole time. On december 18th i should of gotten my period and i didnt and still havent gotten it, its now the 28th of december. I have had extremly sore breasts and very bad nausea. Within the last couple days ive noticed my veins all over my body are very prominent and never were before. I took a pregnancy test the day after my missed period and it was negative. Could i still be pregnant?

United States

#242 Jul 17, 2012
My period ended on the 26th June. Had unprotected sex on the 30th. Started spotting on the 4th for about a week(not enough for a pad).it was only noticed when I wiped. Period was due again on the 16th. Spotting started again on the 14th july. I'm currently still spotting but mostly only when I wipe. Any ideas what this could be?
could I be pregnant

Bexleyheath, UK

#243 Oct 4, 2012
6 days after sex I am bleeding light browny pink blood its pink when I wipe and its not heavy but its enough for a light bad and twinges in my bellyus and when I had sex last night I was bleeding is this implantation bleeding ?

United States

#246 Dec 8, 2012
I really need help.. me and my BD had sex on 11/24,25,26,27,30 three of them days he ejaculated inside of me my ovulation day was 11/28. I am on day 24 of my cycle and 10 dpo. yesterday when I wiped it was brownies blood on the tissue.then later that day when I wiped it was nothing there and later that night I saw Brownish blood when I wiped. and today when I wiped I saw brownish and red blood when I wiped but it didn't go away it feel like I'm on my period but my period ain't due to start until Tue 12/11 what can this be?

Chicago, IL

#247 Dec 13, 2012
me and my husband had sex on Nov 6,7,9 after the last intercourse he ejaculated in me and after I had slight cramps and just a little spotting.. What does this mean?

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