How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Sympt...

How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptom: Listen To Your Body's Signals

There are 1251 comments on the American Chronicle story from Apr 3, 2007, titled How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptom: Listen To Your Body's Signals. In it, American Chronicle reports that:

While the general consensus is only from the fifth or sixth week of conception, how early can you get pregnancy symptom is a query many pregnant women answer on their own. via American Chronicle

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Jacksonville, FL

#1240 Dec 23, 2012
I had sex with my bf while i was on my period it was the 3rd day it usually last 5 days .. well its been 2weeks , im starting to pee alot and sleep alot i have cramps like my periods abt to come but i already had it .. i should get it on the 6th of next month ( january ) and its the 22nd ( december ).. i know he came in me twice but i ranaway from home and was gone .. idk if all this is stress or if im pregnant . Im sooo worried i need help like asap !!

Whiteriver, AZ

#1241 Dec 24, 2012
Okay is it possible to have symptoms of pregnancy at just a week and two days?

Chicago, IL

#1242 Dec 26, 2012
Me and my husband had sex on Dec 6,7,9 after the last intercourse he ejaculated in me and after I had slight cramps and just a little spotting.. What does this mean? I have still to get my period and it's now the Dec 26.. I was due for my period on the 23rd. Could I be pregnant I took a pregnacy test came back negative.. A late period could possibly mean I'm pregnant someone help please..

Buffalo, NY

#1243 Dec 26, 2012
I am feeling nauseous, light headed, tired and hungry all the time. Would these be signs of pregnancy? How many weeks is a woman when she starts getting symptoms?

Orlando, FL

#1244 Dec 28, 2012
Hi. Me and my boyfriend had sex during the second day of my period (November 19) he never cummed inside of me. My period still hasent come yet but it does have a tendency to be irregular. What should I do?

Fairfield, CA

#1245 Jan 7, 2013
I was on depo for 6 months and was supposed to get my next dose between December 12-21st but never did. My boyfriend and I have been having sex everyday more than once for the past 5 days. He came inside of me and my nipples are already really sore and I've had cramps and I just have a feeling im going to end up pregnant. I feel like it's too soon but I want to know now. I don't want to wait I'm so excited already.

Lubbock, TX

#1246 Jan 9, 2013
So i am 23 just missed my peiod for the first time ever in history. I have been having hot flashes, headaches, cramping, nausea, dizzyness, and oh so super tired, i did spot bleed for an hour on the 2d and it was literally only a few drops. I just want to know if those are signs......
unique beauty

United States

#1247 Jan 25, 2013
Hi... I been every hungry lately wanting every thing to eat and very moody and tired lately and I been having these on and off head aches and breast are hug er and also Ben gasy and my body has been feeling weird.... do you think I'm pregnant?

Twin Lakes, WI

#1248 Jan 25, 2013
Samantha wrote:
Im late for my period as well and me and my boyfriend also use the "pull method" and im getting cramps like my period is about to come...are these early signs of pregnancy? Is it too early to do a pregnancy test?
I was like 3 weeks pregnant with my first I took a home test a week before or so and it said negative I had no peirods no symptoms did the other test set it wrong and it broke lol went in for a annual pap and they always ask if you could be pregnant I told them what happened took the test the nurse came in and said negative I asked the doctor why am I not have peirods the nurse came back in and said actually your pregnant the line was VERY faint at like 4 weeks now I had sex last Friday the condom fell off there was NOTHING in it I was suppose to start my peirods this week I bled the day after half the next and stopped usualy I have 5-7 day peirods idk if I am now I got sick randomly today I'm scared

Santa Ana, CA

#1249 Jan 28, 2013
My boyfriend and I had unprocted sex and he say he pulled out to late that was three days before I start ovulating and yesterday I started feeling sick but today I feel super nasiated and at night my breast began to hurt like as if they were supper dry but it went away fast and that accured again this morning I also tried to eat but the more food I saw the more I felt sick like throwing up I dont know if these kind of symptoms happen when your sick but I know I never felt this way I also feel really cold I don't know if I'm just overreacting because he told me that or what I just need to know if these could possibly be pregnacy symptoms or flu symtoms


#1250 Feb 5, 2013
Had sex with my boyfriend on the Monday just gone, and I missed my pill that night, still haven't taken my pill yet as I've been told not to, no one is giving me a straight awnser.. do you reckon I could be pregnant? I've been getting a burning sensation in my stomach today, I no I have to wait to do a test.. was just wanting some advice.. thanks


#1251 Mar 3, 2013
Hi i dont know but ave took couple tests and there is a line and a faded one and my bk is sooo sore but ave got a bk problem as well so i dont know if its that my stumac feels hard as well


#1252 Mar 3, 2013
Hi i have taken couple preg tests and it comes with a line then a faded line and am going for a wee quiet a bit my tummy feels hard and my bk is sooo sore but i have a bk problem as well so i dont know if its just that and tied all the time ?
Mayraa G

Grand Rapids, MI

#1255 Mar 24, 2013
Me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex like about 2 weeks ago almost 3 weeks .. I was suppost to get my period last week and i havent .. I havent gotten any symptoms or anything .. But its really weird .. Should i take a test ? Or their no chance of me being pregnant? What should i do?


#1257 Apr 23, 2013
The one thing that has raised a flag for me would have to be that i got my period, was off it for a day and then i was bleeding again for another two days. I've heard it could be implantation, but I'm just not sure. If i buy a test would it be too early to tell?

Olive Hill, KY

#1259 May 22, 2013
My LMP was May 7th & I had sex on May 16, and may 21. On the 18th I started feeling really crampy, and I was really tired. On the 19th I noticed I was taking more trips to the bathroom. And then also,- this is crazy.. But, I started spotting light pink mixed with brown. Nothing like a period. It only lasted from the 19-21. Today I woke up boobs sore, and big headache. I've also noticed I've been a lot more hungry. And I've been getting a little sick to the stomach. Is it even possible to feel symptoms this soon?

Toledo, OH

#1260 May 26, 2013
zorisamarrai wrote:
You know....The same thing happen to me! I'm 2 weeks pregnant. I knew right away that I was pregnant too. I'm experiencing alot of the same symptoms that you had Molly.

I think im pregnant too i been feeling sick and head pain and alittle stomach strikes from here to here

United States

#1261 May 28, 2013
i had sex 2 weeks before getting my period....and i still havent.came on

United States

#1262 Jun 6, 2013
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for about 2 and half years and we always used the pull out method but we never got pregnant. About a week ago we had sex twice and now I noticed I've gained weight and I've been eating alot and craving foods left and right. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant but my period comes around the 17-20 of every month and I know when my period is coming because my breasts get very swollen and they hurt alot but nothing else. But I've never gained weight or felt bloated so I'm not sure what's going on. I don't feel nausea and my breats don't hurt. Only weight gain, really moody, eating alot, and sensitive smell.

Chicago, IL

#1263 Jul 15, 2013
rab wrote:
Me and my girlfriend had anal sex about one or two days after her period ended and we are worried some might have dripped into her vagina. A week after she her stomach was killing her and she felt sick then last night she had a horrible headache. Today when she urinated there was a little bit of blood in it. We arent sure if these are all symtoms or if we are just freaking out and the blood is cus she took 4 asprins because of her headache (since asprin thins out the blood). If we could get advice it would be great. What of the chances of it actually dripping and what are the chances of her getting pregnant just two days after her period and how soon can she take a pregnancy test?
Is this a joke?...Seriously...she will never get pregnant from anal sex! Research things dude!
Also, people stick to answers regarding to the topic! If you are late and think you may be PREGNANT, start a new conversation about this! Jeez...

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