What does a low blood platelet count ...

What does a low blood platelet count mean?

There are 914 comments on the News Sun story from May 7, 2007, titled What does a low blood platelet count mean?. In it, News Sun reports that:

“My family physician did a blood test.”

"I was told that my blood platelets are low," my 25-year-old Hispanic female patient informed me three years ago. via News Sun

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#24 Feb 23, 2008
How old is your daughter, and does she have a diagnosis as to what is causing her low platelets? I read alot on the subject, and there are a number of reasons for it to occur, and some of the reasons are downright scary. I do hope she can be cured.
- Kathy

Henderson, NV

#25 Feb 24, 2008
jodi wrote:
My father was just hospitalized for low platelets. His count is 9000. The doctor wants to give him steriods to build it back up and then send him home. I have read alot on this and I feel some test should be ran. Is it normal for a doctor to do this?
this is not normal ur doctor should NOT send ur father home. im 18, and my platelet count is around 120,000 and my mom is worried i have lukemia cuz i guess she talked with the doctor about this. so if my 120,000 count is "bad" then ur fater still needs 2 stay in the hospital. i hope he gets better tho.

Ozark, AR

#26 Mar 20, 2008
My daughter has been sick ever since she has been born and she is 7 mths old. Well i had to take her to the hospital last night because she was running a fever from 101-104 and i couldn't get it to back down. well the doctor that she seen was very concerned and did blood work and her blood platelets were low. and i was just wanting to ask any of you if have ever experienced and thing like this and what can i expect from this.

Mission Viejo, CA

#27 Mar 25, 2008
Mary wrote:
I was told my platelets were at 57. A few weeks later I had another test and they were in the normal range. I had no treatments for the low platelets and am wondering if platelets can go back to normal without any medications.
Hi Mary-
Perhaps the anticoagulin in the test tub cap caused your platelets to clump together as they were electronically counted (too big to be counted in the machine) the first time, and perhaps the second time they either did a manual count on a slide or otherwise used a different kind of test tube cap.
marcie moore

Memphis, TN

#28 Apr 5, 2008
Chantal Boisson wrote:
I had a CBC and was told by my doctor to go to the emergency room.
My white blood count was good but my hemoglobin was 6.9, and I was feeling fatigued. After a bone marrow biopsy, I was diagnosed with Leukemia (ACL). Now, I am having Chemotherapy, my CBC is OK, but the doctor advised me to continue with the Chemo to avoid a relapse.
Please advise.
Hi, my doctor told me 2 days ago my red blood count was low and also my iron level. He wants me to have a colonostemy and wants to look into my stomack to look for internal bleeding. He mentionend a bleeding ulser, benign polups in the colon or colon cancer. I have dry mouth and eat ice a lot. I am fatigued and feel like my intestinal tract is not right. I also get cold, when others are fine. I have tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Any comments? And, how are you doing now?

Market Rasen, UK

#29 Apr 7, 2008
i have low platlets (85000), it looks like blood leaking under the skin on my legs and arms, my legs and arms normally show signs when i'm run down, or have had a lot of alcohol, some times the signs disapear, the doctors don't seem to help and don't explain on how to get rid of this embarrassing illness, they even cancelled my appointment with the blood specialist. i've worked out that alot of rest, and a good diet is how to beat this, also cut out energy drinks

Suva, Fiji

#30 Apr 8, 2008
Hi havejust been reading the comments and for starters am glad that i'm not the only one out there with low platelets.
i just found out that i had low platelets in 2006 it was 26000 than a week later and i beleive it's a miricle it went up to 182000. now i'm beginning to get low platelets - 99000 and have gone to dr.s but it was my own fault that it had dropped as i did not carefor my health...
i'm now taking prednisone and it is helping and in 2 wks i will have another blood test and count and i believe it will go past the 182000 so i guess its just your positive thinking and prayer that really does the main work!!! Enjoy, take care and God bless..

West Covina, CA

#31 Apr 11, 2008
My platelets are low too due to a stem cell transplant two years ago. They were 86 and now they are 46 in just 3 months.I'm getting a bone marrow biopsy to God willing rule out Leukemia. I fought Hodgkin's Lymphoma twice and now I am told my low platelets could be another blood cancer. I hope to God not. I asked if there was a way to raise these counts and she said, no. I am just hoping it's temporary and it's just due to my stem cell transplant.

I'm trying to find an answer

Bluffton, SC

#32 Apr 16, 2008
MY grandmother has had heart bypass and has been very sick for a long time with high blood pressure and diabetes.6 mos ago was diagnosed with low blood platelets and has been down to 19 and plenty of transfussions which has not helped and spends pleny of time in hte hospital.The doctors dont know whats causing this and keep her on meds and has caused more problems....swelling ,backed up bowels,bleeding rectal and she has been so sick.i just wonder if there is anything we can do or what could the out come be please help me with more info.

Since: Apr 08


#33 Apr 29, 2008
hi just came back from southampton hospital my husband at nov had collapsed lung,went in and it was sorted,but needed op to take blood clots and plaura away from lung been waiting since febuary went in sunday for op monday but told them about my husband blood platelets low 27 and they were going to give him transfusion,then they realised it was life threting so cancelled at last min,seen doctor today as surgeon was so annoyed that nothing was done.he has had low count since 2001 and nothing done it needs a surgeon to kick them into touch, my husband could of died what is wrong with doctors today.

Mumbai, India

#34 Apr 30, 2008
my dad is having a very low blood platelet count
of 20,000
which things shud be there in his diet in order to increase the blood platelets

Mumbai, India

#35 Apr 30, 2008
plz hel[p me out

Bangalore, India

#36 May 1, 2008
Hi, can anyone tell me why platelets count go down in blood? any reasons? How should we take care to avoid platelets count to go down?
Ooflate i am hearing about this a lot, I guess we all need to precautions to avoid.
Can anyone tell me the causes plz?
My prayers goes to all of you, take care.


Memphis, TN

#37 May 2, 2008
I am 10 weeks pregnant and I went into the er with vaginal bleeding, and the doctor ran many test and her first concern was that my platelets and blood point was low. But she was new and i sort of didint trust her judgement for one she told me my platelet was at about 100,000 something and that the normal platelet count is 300,000 and the first thing she ask me have I ever tested positive for HIV. And im like huh that's the only result in my platelets being low. She said that can result in low platelets but when I went back and did reserch the normal ranges from about 100,000 sumthin to 400,000 and reading most your stories none of you seem to have had your doctor to tell you this problem or has anyone?
iris v

Cape Coral, FL

#38 May 8, 2008
will low platelets go away after pregnancy COULD I DIE
New to all this

Chicago, IL

#39 May 9, 2008
I went in to the doctor earlier this week for a checkup because I'd been breaking out with red bumps all over my body, my gums were bleeding, and my nose was bleeding. The doctor did say that the red bumps were petechiae. They ran a blood test and called me back the next day to head straight to the doctor to have a platelet infusion because my count was a t 8,000. This really alarmed me considered that the low side of normal is 150,000. Again, my docs don't know what's causing this but hopefully they can figure it out in the weeks to come. Everyone keep your head up!!

Royal Oak, MI

#40 May 18, 2008
i went to the emergency room and the dr. told me its very dangerous. my platelet count is 57. dr. stated i need to be very careful cause i could bleed internal and would know, left untreated could mean death. told me i would need to follow up on it. i stay very tired all the time.

Winter Garden, FL

#41 May 19, 2008
My platelets seem to decrease every now and then, but then they go back up. This condition was discovered when I gave birth to my youngest son and began hemorraging during the C-section. In order to stop the bleeding the doctor performed a partial hysterectomy. After that I began getting tested extensively to see why this had happened. In my case it's genetic, my father also has this condition. I can tell when my platelets are low because of the easy, no explanation bruising and low energy. I remember one time having to go to the emergency room for a minor cut about 1/8 of an inch that continued bleeding for over 14 hours! Other than these two incidents, I've had nothing major.

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

#42 May 21, 2008
I´m 26 years old. After a regular blood test, I´ve just been told that I have a low platelet count at 40,000 while the normal range is 150,000-500,000. I haven´t suffered any symptoms like bleeding or fatigue or rashes, nor am i pregnant, only that I do have abundant menstrual flow, as I´ve always had. Is this something to worry about? What are the chances of laboratorial errors? What are the chances of cancer or other serious diseases?

Hope Mills, NC

#43 May 27, 2008
I have a 12 year old daughter who has had 2 low platelet readings. One was 81 and the other 76. The first was done in the dr's office during a routine physical, the other was done at the hospital. We have been referred to a hematologist and have an appointment in a couple of weeks. I have been interested in all the comments shared on this forum. They have given me hope that this isn't necessarily a dreadful, life-threatening disease.
Prayers to all!

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