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#44 Jan 26, 2013
starting at post 389....please read and learn and consider...

read,learn, and consider...

Your being played...

Halifax, Canada

#46 Feb 13, 2013
My husband has stage 4 pancertic cancer and is taking the Gemsitabine, it is making him very tired, he sleeps most of the time.

San Francisco, CA

#47 Mar 23, 2013
Rachna wrote:
<quoted text>
My husband was daignosed of a growth on the pancreas it is also supressing the bile duct so he has turned yellow any suggestion regards to his food and treatment will be greatly apriciated
The doctors are on a vacation so we are waiting to get it further investigated.
He has lost more than 18Kgs wtin 2 months
We as a family are horrified.Please help.
The same thing happened to my Mom. They had to go put in a stint to open up the bile duct and that relieved all the symptoms caused by the blockage. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be outpatient. Her skin turned back to her normal color and it has not been a problem for her since. Hope that helps in some way. Peace to you and your family.

Ashburn, VA

#48 May 3, 2013
sharon souza wrote:
My husband was diagnoted with Pancreas cancer stage 4. I have put him on the macrobiotic diet but I am so confused. I basically know what he cannot eat but I don't really know what he can eat. I give him millet, wakame seawood, no sugar, sesame seed oil, lots of vegetable, kidney beans, green tea, water no ice but he needs more food than this. he cannot afford to loose weight. i make a soup withcabbage and kale no meat and he loves his meat and bread. can anyone help me. I am goint to try the chinese doctor in hollister to see what she has tosay. Also I am getting dr. kushi book. A health store in my area is the one helping me but I am still so confused. he starts chemo next week at Mass General. Also I would like to hook him up to the prayer lines if someone could hellp me. Thank You so much. Sharon
what happend now? how is youre husband, did he survive? i'm asking you this because i might have that kind of cancer too,, do u have a facebook acount? here is my email add,

Ashburn, VA

#49 May 3, 2013
tanya wrote:
pls advise me what to eat not to eat in pancreas cancer advance stage after chemotraphy and operation ..
now after this treatment i have loose motion and back pain
hellow tanya i want to askd you, about what kind of feeling do you felt, before you where diagnost? most of the time i feel dryness to my mouth... the back pain im not sure, coz i guess it is juzt because the pain is coming from my back bone,,,

United States

#51 Jun 20, 2013
Hi Rachna,
How is ur husband aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two months ago which the doctors says tht she has only two weeks to live. Her eyes have turned yellow n her urine is dark orange her whole system inside is shutting down slowly but m issue is getting her to eat n I have no idea wat to give her bcuz she has issues chewing so its mostly liquid like the complan n soup tht is strained but I need more types of food. Anyone have aby ideas can share!!!!
Jim Lavoie

Berlin, NH

#52 Sep 27, 2013
dennis can you please give me your diet? it would be greatly appreciated. and any supplements too
dennis beausoleil wrote:
I have stage 4 also and eat just about the same.but I do also eat poultry for protein and salmon.flax seed oil.I was diagnosed in august of 2009 and wasnt supposed to make it to the end of that month will make 2 years.<quoted text>
Jim Lavoie

Berlin, NH

#53 Sep 27, 2013
could u plz tell me anything that might help me???? my email is
Penelope wrote:
I have stage 3 pancreatic cancer. I'm 36 and was diagnosed in March of 2012. I've had the whipple surgery, 6 weeks of radiation and am still receiving chemotherapy. I've lost 50 lbs. due to stomach pain caused by certain foods. I take creon before my meals now to help with digestion and pain. I can't tolerate greasy or fatty foods. Foods that cause gas also cause me lots of pain. I had to give up my love of Mexican food:(. I basically just try to eat healthier these days. I also drink Paw Paw tea daily. It isn't well known b/c it supposedly cures cancer, and the government dosen't want a cure for cancer. If anyone would like more info on it, just ask.

Since: Sep 13

Bangalore, India

#54 Oct 31, 2013
Salicylic acid is another flavonoid which is found in alfalfa, broccoli, cucumber, fava beans, spinach, sweet potato, olives, mushrooms, avocado, cherries, apricots berries, dates, almonds, peanuts dill and some herbs.

United States

#55 Nov 13, 2013
Hi. I am one of the lucky ones whose cancer was discovered very early. I'm 66 years old. In April, I had a distal pancreatectomy to remove the tail of my pancreas and my spleen. Due to complications, I was in the hospital on a feeding tube for 24 days. Since being release, I just can't figure out what to eat. It's ridiculous. Everything seems to make me sick at one time or another. What I really need is a source that provides daily meal plans that I can just follow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.(The new CT scan shows a "possible" tumor at the site of the surgery....a little scared.) Really want to get this under control. Thanks.

Cape Town, South Africa

#58 Dec 4, 2013
Hi, My brother has pancreatic cancer, he had operation recently, he is going to do chemotherapy soon. I heard Ginsenoside RH2 is good for help reduce the side effect of treatment, could somebody tell to me where can I buy it? Many thanks.

Brooklyn, NY

#59 Dec 17, 2013
ananda wrote:
im just kidding guy i am not 500 lbs i was just kidding some of these storys are very touching for everyone that is reading this i feel bad for people with any kind of cancer my mom had cancer to but not in the pancreas so i apolagize for what i said early i did not mean that <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3 <3
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Cancer It is very very touchy and very seriousThis is nother to joke with espedially if you have cancer or a loved one. We are here trying especately to find a way to heal oursleves/love ones and live longer. Its scary at the most.

Noida, India

#63 Jul 30, 2014
Effective Ayurvedic Treatment to Chronic Pancreatitis Patients:

The unique treatment protocol was formulated 35 years ago by Padamshree Vaidya Balendu Prakash. He is the only Ayurvedic physician to get the Life Membership of Indian Co-operative Oncology Network and member of International Headache Society, U.K. He is known for his work on cancer and other chronic disorders. We have been creating many success stories whilst treating CP for past many years.

The medicines provided are prepared in house following the traditional methods of Rasa-Shastra. Medicines formulated for the treatment of CP have been found safe and effective. In present times, patients turn to Ayurvedic treatment due to the limitations of current medicinal system severe side effects and high costs being the major ones. APC strives to eradicate such limitations.

Winchester, KY

#64 Apr 16, 2015
I say this to all people who want TRUTH. First of all. Do not listen to so called studies. It is a fact that all official information in this world coming out of the mainstream is heavily regulated by the government. Most of it secretively. Whether you choose to believe it or not is your prerogative. You can choose to walk in this world as a fool if you wish. But I am telling you straight.

Most cancer is caused by the government and corporations. They are trying to shorten our lives in an attempt to regulate the population. As if we are dogs and cats. Many studies today are telling us to do the wrong things to get healthy. Such as eating nuts to cure cancer.

First of all. Nuts are acidic in the body. Anything acidic will feed cancer. Sugar most of all. That is why baking soda is being used to heavily alkalinize the body to kill cancer. More specifically, the studies are telling us that nuts kill pancreatic cancer. Yet, Patrick Swayze died of it and nuts were the biggest part of his diet for years. The same is true for the Jimmy Carter family. And they have been cursed by the disease. You are better off looking at history then so called studies. Modern day society tries to cut us off from the past. Because that is where you find wisdom.

If you have cancer, then stop everything you are doing NOW. You need to go on a slight fasting diet to make the cancer HUNGRY. Meanwhile, feed it everything that will poison and kill it. Just take the time to look up the "official" baking soda regimen that many cancer survivors used. Do not drink anything but clean non-mineralized water. Distilled. Spring. Etc. There are things you can do. But you should not go through chemo. It kills people more than cancer. And THAT is a statistical fact.

Meriden, CT

#65 May 17, 2016
deb wrote:
I have read the posts, but I still don't see an answer to the question: What foods should one eat with pancreatic troubles, and which foods to avoid?
First take no sugar, any form. Drink lot of green tea,plain. Driink go-greens,a vegtable powdered drink u mix eith water. Eat raw not cooked raw green vegtsbles,brochelli number 1.take protein powder drinks,ones without sugar.a raw vegtable diet,salads,plain.look into meditating.myself i had pancreas & stomach,stage 4, am successfully fighting it,u have to find something to believe in,100% believe. Worked for me. In meditateive state,i immagined bull dog inside me esting cancer cells,a smsll man with pin popped cells like ballons,believe in prayers power, find something,it will help cure.

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