Tyler, TX

#24 Dec 7, 2011
i bet cvs isn't filling borges scripts

United States

#25 Dec 9, 2011
Look to all those who down grade Dr. Borges. Y'all don't know crap. He is a good doc and cares about his clients. Yes there is some junkies that goes. But they must have a problem for them to get their meds. Don't b mad at the doc b mad at ur worthless junkie person that ur complaining about

United States

#26 Dec 9, 2011
Ok angry mom u got a point,but it sounds like your son is just abusing his script. People like him is what messing it up for the people that really need them,like me.he's probably shooting up too right?I'd imagine he is,because it's them that's doctor shopping, because they can never get enough. So why don't you blame him and not the doctor. Get a fuckin clue,check his arms for tracks.

Orlando, FL

#27 Dec 19, 2011
Borges is OK at CVS, Jumanni( I know thats not the correct spelling but its close) and some Doctor in Daytona are the only Central Florida Doc's on the CVS list

Oswego, NY

#28 Dec 27, 2011
i know for a fact cvs will NOT fill borges scripts. my friend goes to borges

Melbourne, FL

#29 Dec 29, 2011
yeah i know too they wont fill borges. i have had a script that i havent been able to fill for over 2 weeks now, im giving up on filling because no one know where to fill it, especially when i have insurance as well.
Triple A

Orlando, FL

#30 Dec 29, 2011
Got my script filled last week at CVS no problem, went to the one near his office on Oakridge. Ciao

Orlando, FL

#31 Jan 18, 2012
I heard he closed the Orlando office. I tried to call and no one picked up, just got voice mail box(which was full). Any one know for sure?

forrest forrest gump

Orlando, FL

#32 Jan 23, 2012
I read the Orlando paper on Sunday regarding the CVS "blacklist", does any one know if Dr B is on that, does anyone have a copy of the list?
Thank You
forrest forrest gump

Orlando, FL

#33 Jan 23, 2012
Does any one have a list of who is on the CVS blacklist, is Dr. B? Facts please, not guesses.
forrest forrest gump

Orlando, FL

#34 Jan 23, 2012
Does anyone have a copy of the CVS black list? Is Dr. B on it?

update yall

Orlando, FL

#35 Feb 6, 2012
Dr Borges Old Pal Lewis Shapiro, and his two sons , have the feds going after them for money laudering. Nice, could not happen to a nicer dirt bag! Nice article in the Orlando paper last week on the "OLD GANG"
oxy boys

Orlando, FL

#36 Feb 7, 2012
I love this doc,,I get 180 oxys, 90 Soma and 90 2mg xanax, makes for a nice few weeks after I visit him. Party on baby
my dog spot

Orlando, FL

#37 Mar 15, 2012
Yep, its true,,CVS said they would not fill his scripts,,,got a TON of nasty looks from the other pills counters behind the counter of course since I am a "DRUGGIE"

off to search for someone who will fill it

later taters

Melbourne, FL

#39 Mar 21, 2012
I have fibromyalgia and have been showing severe signs of it for years and years. It got to the point where I couldn't life my 6 mo old daughter! How do you think it feels when a doc tells you that you can't lift your baby? So many docs are scared to treat me....I have an MRI and yes I have back issues too...but its the fibro that keeps me from playing ball with my kids, or makes me let the dishes and laundry go "another day or two". Dr. B has been a godsend! I don't "dr. shop" I only go to see him for my pain. My other drs know about him and what he prescibes me...even my dentist knows. I don't hide it from any of my health care providers. Dr. B has given me a chance to have a quality of life. I can go to the theme parks, I can go watch my kids games....unless you know what real pain is, no one can understand wheere we come forom. They are making it so hard for the drs to do their jobs and treat us....this is crazyness! They shouldn't be going after the docs or the pharmacies! They should be going after the guy selling them or shooting them or whatever else they are doing that makes it illegal! How can the DEA come in and tell the pharmacy "you can only fill this many rx's a day" or "you can only give XX per person". The pharmicy is not my doctor...neither is the DEA! Last I checked I wasn't on medicaid so why is the government trying to regulate what I get prescribed? Watch the dr's offices...check their files...make sure that they really are treating real physical issues...but don't make it even more difficult for the people that really do need the meds! My pharmicist told me that he has watched people get their script...go out to the parking lot...open their bottle and start passing them out to the other people in the car...BUST THOSE PEOPLE! Not the people that are doing everything LEGALLY! It was not my choice to have the medical issues that I have and if there was a magic pill to take away the fibromyalgia I would find some way to get my hands on it. I would rather not have the sydrome..but I do. I have to live with it. It must be great to be completely healthy, have no major pains or medical issues. I don't know what that feels like. People need to come down off of their high pedistools and realize that yes there are some bad people in this world, there are good people that make bad choices...such is life. But don't blame the people that are using their medical lisence to really help people instead of being scarred off by th DEA. Dr. B has at least 2 police officers and recording devises in his office to make sure no illegal activities occur there.My fried has MS..do you know that the doctors in our area are scarred to give her anything for her pain...SHE HAS MS!!! They took her off of the oxy and started her on morphine. She, unfortunatly is a lot like me...morphine doesn't even help with my headaches. So why is she being punished because some people take the same drug and dont use it as prescribed or worse yet, sell it? Why do the rest of us have to pay the price? Dr. B is awesome...get off of his back and let him continue to help people...PS ifyou have been in his office recently you would see that he has been cutting people off. You rarely see the "nodd offs" in there and its mostly a more "mature" crowd and not the young white kids.

Plant City, FL

#40 Mar 21, 2012
People think cpp are drug addict in reality it is forced dependence from pain.

Plant City, FL

#41 Mar 21, 2012
Pep think cpp equals drug addict...not correctly correlated. ;(
Connie Kramer

Orlando, FL

#42 Mar 23, 2012
Fla Girl is right,,,last time I was there two people were taken outside and told that the Doc no longer wants to see them. Not sure why, but I guess they where Dr. shopping or playing games,,,Both white guys in their early 20's.

I hope he will stay on the drug seekers and get rid of them when he can. Dr. B always takes his time with me, does not up my dosages, and helpos me live a "normal" life, or closer to one anyway...why the MBI, or the Local PD or even DEA thing they know what the proper dosage of a drug is seems to be a mystery,,,if you want to do that then turn in your badge and gun and go to F***ing med school, other wise shut up, go areest some crack head and street thugs.

Time to switch doctors

Lakeland, FL

#43 Mar 27, 2012
I have heard mixed reviews of Dr. B.
I am wondering if anyone can tell me if I switched to him, brought my MRI, pharm records etc, would he at the least keep me at the doses I am on now or would he insist on tweaking things around to an extreme?

I have been seeing my current doc for ages but am moving out of the area he prefers his patients to live in so need to try to find a new doc.

I do get a good bit of oxycodone and morphine each month, most months it is enough, on occasion I come up a few shy, I want to avoid the running short months. I want to be able to go in and get at least the same as what I get now and possibly an increase after not many visits.(tolerance is building fast, way too fast.)

any info?
If anyone has some advice/info on Dr. B or even a better doc in the Orlando area but does not want to discuss it here, email me at oucryder AT gmail dot com

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Satellite Beach, FL

#44 Mar 30, 2012
man i haqve pain . i am tired of paying money to c doctors jus to get my med ive been on and bc some f$%@$%%$% ppl ruined that by shopin or how ever they did it. im from a didffernt state and now i come to fl its like pulling teeth jus to see a doctor and if u even ask about med you have to bring a rapsheet or yr life of how u got injuried!!! and the crazy part is i have all that. i dont get it and for tho who lost ppl from it so have i but like we say in life u make yr choices u new what u were doing when u did it .

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