Problem with Pain Management doctor
Shut up

Venetia, PA

#22 Dec 2, 2008
You people drive me nuts. First of all, if you're lucky enough to get in to a pain management program, don't be an idiot and smoke pot. Just follow the freaking rules. How hard is it, seriously? Do you people have any idea what it's like for people who can't get in to pain management programs and who also don't abuse drugs? It's a freaking nightmare.

If you people actually stop for a minute and think about how LUCKY you are to actually have your pain treating, you wouldn't be bitching, and you certainly wouldn't be messing it up by smoking pot.

And for all of you crying about urine screens, get over it. There's nothing degrading about a urine screen. Just consider yourselves fortunate that someone will actually treat your pain and quit crying about "feeling like a drug addict." I'm considering telling some methadone treatment center that I'm a heroin addict even though I'm not just to get something even close to what you people have (control of my pain).

All of you people need to grow up and shut up. And for the original poster, how about you just NOT SMOKE POT instead of finding a PM doctor? Jesus Christ.
Shut up

Venetia, PA

#23 Dec 2, 2008
rosc wrote:
Just add another drug war victim to the count, I'm experiencing the same thing as all the other previous posts :<
Do you actually see a pain management doctor?
Russell Belcher


#24 Dec 24, 2008
I had a pain doctor that I had been seeing for over one year. The doctor that took me on as a patient was working for another doctor that owned the practice. For three months all I saw was a PA and she would tell me nothing about my doctor. The 4th month I saw Doctor John C. Nwofia and he proceded to tell me he no longer wanted to treat me as a patient because my dosage of meds was getting to high and he was affraid the DEA may bust him. He gave me 1 months medicine and told me he would no longer treat me. This is a piss poor way to run a practice I had done nothing wrong. By the way the doctor that took me in originally left his practice and went to a different hospital and took a position I tracked him down and he had no problem taking me on as one of his patients, thank God there are doctors out there that actually practice by the oath they have taken. Beware of a doctor Nwofia.

Marengo, OH

#25 Feb 10, 2009
pain mgmt is a crock. these doctors are just legal drug dealers. most states will only allow a hard copy rx for narcotics so you have to see this ''drug dealer'' every month and he gets to charge you or your insurace co and office visit. next time you see your so called pain ''specialist'' ask what advanced degree or training is in pain mgmt just remember any md can hang out a shingle ''pain mgmt''

Fort Worth, TX

#26 Apr 2, 2009
Lazlo: When did you stop caring about the patient? I believe that being a medical professional as you claim to be, shouldn't your first priority be the patient, and not your fears about what a patient might be or might do based on zero information? This is unconstitutional and unfair to the pain sufferer. While I am SO SO SO (hint sarcasm) sympathetic to how uncomfortable it makes you to put patients through illegal drug screens, it is not YOUR rights that are being violated, so it really doesn't matter how you feel about it. What matters is what you do about that, and you've made it very clear that you are every bit as bad as those "doctors" that make us feel like junkies for wanting nothing more than the relief of our pain.

Pleasant Valley, NY

#27 Apr 21, 2009
I think I am about to be in a heap of trouble. I have been in PM for many years now and have had a very positive experience with all except one Doctor who acts more like a cop then a Doc. I was put on several drugs including an opiate (which I have actually titrated down 15mg a day). I have never abused the narcotic or "Lost" a prescription in over 8 years. One drug (Neurontin) which they had me on for a long time did nothing for me but make me stupid and depressed. So I weaned myself off of it without telling them. Why did I hold back this info you may ask? I am on permanent disability. One of my biggest fears is that I will be pulled off of it. I would lose my medical coverage,medication coverage, apartment, car and anything else you can think of. My rational was that discontinuing Neurontin would go in my record and that the review board will use this as an excuse to take away my disability. The thinking being "He must be okay and not in pain". I know it was stupid and I am probably being paranoid. But when you have so much bad luck in life you come to expect the worst.The other reason was cost. I was fast approaching the "Donut hole" in my Medicare drug coverage.

Now Dr. Cop (She is always looking for slip-ups and inconsistencies) sprung a urine test on me of which they will find no Neurontin. Everything else will be above board. No illegal drugs and I dont even drink. I am freaking out. I guess I technically broke the contract. But it is non-narcotic involved and I have been a by the book patient (except this) for years now. I am dreading my next appointment. I should add that I have both low back and neck stenosis and herniated discs.

State College, PA

#28 May 17, 2009
Most of the people posting on here are victims of the DEA's ridiculous policies! The DEA would rather thousands of chronic pain patients suffer than one addict manage to deceive a doctor. The DEA is nothing but a repository for cowards, sadists, and right wing sociopaths. Pain patients need to band together and acquire some political power. Until this happens pain sufferers will continue to be victims of the rogue agency known as the DEA.
FreeBirdBrokenWi ng

Bristol, FL

#29 Jun 26, 2009
I have being treated by a PM Dr. since Dec 2008 and know that I will have a urine screen everytime I go in. MY PROBLEM: I did the urine test and it came back positive "straight methamphetamine" and I am now waiting on a confirmation from their lab. I am prescribed 50mcg Fentynal patch, 10mg percocet for break through pain, take phengran for nausea and occaisional Musinex. I have NEVER in my life taken anything related to metanphetamine. How can this happen??? I am at a total loss and extremely angry that my integrity is in question. Does anyone know how this could have happened? The Dr will not even speak with me until lab comes back but my meds are out and I am also wondering what happens when you abruptly stop opiates. Totally innocent and confused
Teresa Boyd

United States

#30 Aug 17, 2009
I too am the victim of inaccurate lab results, I've been taking ativan for several years and they are saying my ua shows no ativan, consequently they abruptly took that away and told me that I can have one more month of Percocet and then no more. I take the ativan literally every single day usually 3 a day and now because of an inaccurate test I am being screwed out of both prescriptions. I have herniated discs and fibromyalgia, constant pain and arthritis, migraines. You name it!!!!
Teresa Boyd

United States

#31 Aug 17, 2009
I have been accused of not taking my ativan which I take 3 a day almost every single day. So consequently my Dr. says you can't have anymore and you can't have your percocet either because you failed this test. The test is inaccurate and I have no recourse. What does somebody do??

FreeBirdBrokenWi ng

Blountstown, FL

#32 Aug 18, 2009
My PM Dr sent my urine to the lab which took about two weeks to come back. It showed NO USE of any type of metanphetamine. My Dr. called me back into the office and restarted my treatment.

I would think that ALL PM Drs are required at your request to send your urine to the Lab for a breakdown of drugs in your system. My Dr does a 12 or 13 panel urine screen, so it showed everything that I had taken and how much was in my system. So if you go this route, be sure you are honest with the Dr. if you have taken ANYTHING that he/she had not prescribed including over the counter meds.

My Dr. related to me that she also had a patient that tested false pos for meth but it was a combo of over OTC meds and her wellbutrin that caused her false positive. Mine was a valium that I had from months ago and took two weeks before my appt. Valium stays in your system up to 30days,

If you are innocent I would demand that lab breakdown or you can also pay for one to be done on your own for like $25. Check out this website
for more info on drugs and how long they can be detected. There is also a live chat option and the annonymous operators are AWESOME! I hope everything pans out for you, you are in my prayers.

White House, TN

#33 Aug 27, 2009
Shut up wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you actually see a pain management doctor?
you really think you can judge people who smoke pot to help with pain when you were stupid enough to use heroin??? how about wait until you have some REAL pain and then you can bitch. they won't see you because you ARE a drug addict. i've had 2 brothers addicted to heroin and seen them both come down and quit like 3 times. so i know a fair bit about it.
you are the reason people who don't use dirty needles get treated like they do. pain management is for people with long term incurable pain.
you put yourself in that situation and should learn to live life without drugs.

White House, TN

#34 Aug 27, 2009
i apologize for the IDIOT using my computer right now.[above post]
i just read what she wrote and she is absolutely wrong for writing that and obviously can't read!

so sorry mate.

Brooklyn, NY

#35 Sep 1, 2009
I want to know why my insurance co was billed by the docter for a drug screen test I feel he or she is not taking the test to check a healt matter she is protecting herself for the dea she or he should have to eat the cost

Gettysburg, PA

#36 Sep 22, 2009
In early 2008 my grandfather was dying from a bad liver at the age of 60 (not old at all), at the time i was 21 and healthy so i decided to donate part of my liver to him so he can live a longer healthy life. So of course the hospital that was going to do the surgery had to make sure that my liver was healthy enough to support me and my grandfather. During the last test the doctor did a biopsy threw my neck and cut 20% of my liver with out knowing it, he also cut multiple arteries. I felt fine and went home. One week later i was at work and felt like i was having a heart attack. I was rushed to the hospital and they found that i was bleeding to death for a week. My liver formed a hematoma from the blood and blew up bigger than a watermelon, while doing that it almost crushed my heart, lungs, anything in my torso. I was in the hospital for 30 days and when i was released i was sent to Pennsylvania Pain Manaement. The pain wend down a little so i told the docs and they took me off some of the drugs. But i still have severe pain in my lower back stomach and chest so i get prescriped 15mg Roxicodone and 50mcg patches of Fentynol. Almost everybody on here is saying how bad Pain Management is. I just wanted to say that Pennsylvania Pain Management have been VERY professional and they always treat me fair and listen to all my needs. You just have to be very honest with your doctors... if not they will think youre drug seeking. To everybody having trouble just keep trying! There are doctors out there that will help you, dont give up!

Millersville, MD

#37 Oct 13, 2009
I can't stand the pain anymore. I have degen disc disease; I'm only 27, and I have only one good disc left. 3 are totally ruptured/drained. I also have sciatic and other weird neuro symptoms *like bad memory* from the stuff leaking into my system from the discs.
These problems go way beyond needing to go in EVERY month. I'm SO tired of FEELING like a druggie. I smoke pot; OK. Big f'in deal. I managed to deter my urine test for a week; Hopefully I'll be able to pass.
I do NOT plan on smoking once I am on the Loritab they prescribed. But since I HAVE been, it could totally screw me up.
This isn't fair, and doctors have been treating me like a mental case for so long. It's all because I have post traumatic stress disorder in my file - But it was diagnosed 7 years ago and has been managed.
I was having seizures. They insisted I was depressed.
It's so angering and tiring and god I just want to give up too. But the people who really ARE in pain, like us, can't just give up. Every day we wake up to our back, or knee, or shoulder, and have to fight just to get up and go. I don't think we should be treated like this, when we've already got so many other issues.
It's wrong. The doctors suck.
I WILL be suing if there is ANY way I can, since they delayed treatment of my seizures for over a year by calling it depression, even WITH the psychiatrists saying I don't have emotional issues.
Fu** the doctors.
I'm not a junkie.
I'm in pain.
And as for the a**hole who posted above?
KISS MY FAT A**!!!!!!!

Washington, NC

#38 Oct 14, 2009
I have been treated for chronic pain for 3 years. I am seen at a pain clinic that is connected with a University Hospital and Medical School and by my family doctor. I take Oxycontin and use Percocet for breakthrough pain. I have never had one minute of trouble. I had to sign a narcotics agreement which stated that I would be subjected to random drug tests! When I submit the urine sample, two nurses ask me what have I taken within the past several days? I tell them and then they both ask me again is there anything else at all that you have taken or used? This is the time to be honest, if you have smoked pot or taken a pill that was not yours then it is the time to admit to it, They are going to find out anyway and if you are honest up front then maybe things might work out. I know that patients with chronic pain deal with a stigma, but I also know that it is not ok and it is not for us to expect it to be viewed as ok for us to be on narcotics and using pot or other drugs. If your pain is not well controlled then have a talk with the doctor. They will increase your medicine. They have increased mine, but don't think you can have failed drug tests and it be looked over.
Autumn wrote:
yesterday I had a random drug test taking at my doctors office.
the day before this I did smoke pot.
someone gave me very little to help with the pain. I have never smoke or did any illegal drugs in my entire life.
I can't believe the timing. I was hoping that by smoking I would be able to get some pain relief, and not have to use as much pain med's, this was my only goal.
I'm afraid that if they find this test positive that they will infact take away my treatment for pain. I know for a fact that I am unable to live in intolerable pain. I was denied pain medication and longed for death. I wasn't depressed, I was in agony, and now there is a chance that I may loose my medication.
I am on Kadian, I know that this is a poweful drug and never thought in my life I would be on it. but it gave me my life back and now I'm afraid I will loose it
hurtin help

West Hempstead, NY

#39 Oct 20, 2009
I recently moved to nyc from fla where i had a great pm md. now up here i don't know anyone and my new primary md say's he has no pm md in his circle. i'm disabled and can't go back and forth to fla to see my pm md. so far no luck here the states are so different. i have contacted several pm md's and they are hard to deal with. the first thing they say is ''you ain't gettin that here! like i walked in an ordered med's. how do you find a good/caring md without looking like your doctor shopping. i need 2 knee's have spinal stenosis and 5 [that i'm aware of] herniated disc all lower back. everywhere you go it's demeaning, it suck's you feel guilty for hurting so bad. but i'm lost and have no network's scary can't find even aa support group tp help.
stuck in Alabama

Birmingham, AL

#41 Oct 26, 2009
I ran out of my meds early for the first time this month and know the Doctor will ask me if I had been taking them as prescribed before I am aware of a drug test or not. I have had alot of anxiety over what to say and if I will be given a second chance or cut off on the spot.

Little Valley, NY

#42 Oct 28, 2009
I was injured at work in 2003. Broke my spine at the L4-L5 level. I have had 3 major surgeries to relieve the pain. and have tried to Medtronic stim to relieve the pain. Just had it removedin sept,o9
Anyway , I have been taking Norco 10mg 3 times a day for pain since. I have been telling my Dr. either to raise the MG or lower it for over a year and he wont. Tells me to break them in half. Well my pain level shoots to a ten and I end up taking the whole pill. Anyway last month I tried to get off them on my own. Threw my script in the coal furnace so I wasnt tempted. BIG mistake on my part. My pain level was the highest ever. I was going to go to the hospital but was affraid to tell them what I did with my script. My neighbor has hip issues and was taking 5mg methadone for pain. He offered a couple to me and told me they are not as strong as what I was taking but they should help me some. I only took them at bed time because I could not sleep. WELL my next visit they gave me a urine test. Guess what ! They called and said I had no Norco in my system but they found Methadone in it. I NEVER done any elegal drugs in my life and now i, shut off.. What can I do ? Im disabled for life living in pain with no help.

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