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Brooklyn, NY

#1 May 1, 2008
I feel I have been red flagged by my doctors and/or the DEA and causes my pain to be under treated. Any others out there think they may have the same problem?





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Brooklyn, NY

#2 May 2, 2008
I guess it's just me.
Christina Nunn

Dallas, TX

#3 Nov 17, 2009
No, it's not just you. There are millions of people like us every day who suffer chronic pain with doctors afraid to prescribe pain meds. I had a pharmacy employee steal my hydrocodone refills (which was eventually proven and prosecuted), and that led my former doctor to believe I was either taking too many of them or selling them (not sure which, since I wouldn't do either one). Since that time, it's been very hard for me to get much relief from my chronic pain. It sucks and it's wrong that doctors have to be so afraid of prescribing pain meds to a patient because they might abuse them.
Too many people do actually abuse these medicines, and it's unfortunate for those of us who are actually in pain, and simply want relief from the pain once in a while.
I know how you feel.

Goldvein, VA

#4 Jan 3, 2010
Is there anything I can do, Will the DEA lift this red flag? My doctor was under medicating my pain so I was forced to go to ER's to fill in the gaps. I don't understand they have records showing when I started, and it was when I had a surgery that went wrong! I'm going to sue the Doctor for messing me up and treating me like Im a drug addict when he is a professional and knows what is wrong with me. I don't get high on pain pills, the pain stops any chance of that! What can I possibly do? I'm scared!!

Jonesborough, TN

#5 Jan 10, 2010
I have also been red flagged by the DEA. I live in Virginia. I have severe multiple pain issues and have not been able to find a doctor on a steady basis to prescribe the amont of Oxycontin that is required to ease my pain and give my the quality of life that I so desperately need to survive. I was caught doctor shopping. I have been to several different doctors and emergency rooms explaining my situation to various doctors to get them to understand my pain is well above average pain relief needs. I was only able to get a precription temporary or nto enough to meet my needs. Unfortunately I did this within a 30 day period which is breaking the rules. Lo and behold I had two Virginia State Police Criminal Investigators show up at my door and question me about my dotor shopping abuse. I showed them my medical records and explained why I was seeing so many doctors and getting so many prescriptions. They seemed satisfied after seeing my medical records and I was able to validate my need for pain medication. I have not sold any medication and they told me they would be in touch. I plan to call them and ask them to remove the red flag from my precscription record. As luck would have it, I found a doctor who was willing to write a prescription that was effective enough to treat my pain. Unfortunately the doctor told me I was red flagged and that policy mandated that she send me to another pain treatment center. I don't know if this is an addiction pain center or what. I promised her I would not see another doctor besides her and I hope to get the red flag on my prescription record lifted. I didn't know I was doctor shopping at the time and several physicians didn't require me to sign a pain management contract so again I didn't know I was breaking the rules. I don't think that one can be prosecuted for doctor shopping unless the police can prove you were selling your prescriptions or obtained them without having a legitamate medical need for so much medication.

Chandler, AZ

#6 Mar 8, 2010
Best thing to do is go to a pain management Dr and explain the whole story dont lie and dont leave anything out. I was on "probation" with the pain Doc but as time went on and I gained his trust He was more liberal with me. I did have to sign an agreement contract with him and he warned me that if I screwed up I would be dropped and reported to the other pain clinics in the area and he promised me I would have a hell of a time getting anyone to prescribe Motrin much less opiates.If it was an honest mistake come clean and get on with your life.
Best of luck, as a chronic pain patient life is just hard but its better than the alternative.
Aggrivated beyond belief

Cabot, AR

#8 Jun 10, 2010
My dentist (new) informed me today, I am about to be red flagged by DEA. They sent all letters, to all Dr.s meanwhile I have 13,000 dollars of dental work to be done. With no pain meds? I am on two class 1 narcs, Aderall, and Klonopin, along
with some others, all bipolar, yet a functioning person in society. I could just kick back on goverment funding, and claim anti social. But I have all that dental work to do, thanks to 2 really bad dentist.(Go after their crappy work)
I also have TMJ when you prop my mouth open for extensive dental work. Mind you I have already invested at least 40,000 in my mouth which, between crappy rip off dentist, and grinding my teeth has collapsed, not like i didn't try. So I find a decent dentist and now he is scared of me.
This all started, because I went to four dentist before him trying to find one that was actually trustworthy, and did not want to finance his summer house with my money!!!!!!! Anyone know how, where to go for recourse on this outragous situation. Guess if the doctors had gave me Hydro in a mass quantity, it wouldn't of mattered how many doctors I saw. I WAS NOT DOC SHOPPING. I may be demented, but not stupid.

United States

#9 Jul 11, 2010
Yeah I wanted to see if you can get rx's still if you are red flagged? I just started going to a new pain clinic and he has given one rx so far so I am hoping he will continue but I just found out I was red flagged so I have not seen him since I found this out now I do not know if he already knew that or even if I really am but how do you find out if you are for sure red flagged? I was doc. shopping but not on purpose I had a case where I could not find a pain doc. so I would go to a fam. doc. and get a rx then he wouldnt see me so I would go to another one and that happened a few times then I finally got into a pain docx. he just retired now I am at this new pain doc. where I am doing more then just med.s I am also doing epidural steroid shots for my back pain I have several pain issues that I have mr.i and cat scan to back up why I am on pain meds. I just really hope my new doc. does not stop rx and how do I find out if I really am red flagged and get off that list?

Bronx, NY

#10 Jul 12, 2010
I have seen alot of good advice being handed out to others on here hence I had a question maybe someone would be helpful in answering.
I have only been taking one medication(adderall) through a few doctors.
The reality is "addiction" for me is needing to live now on these due to exhaustion if I go a day withoiut taking them.
'My tolerance unfortunately built up to the point where although I didn't realize as crazy as it seems that by going to other doctors, attaining diff doses would out of nowhere, or so it seemed, one of my doctors said they received a report from the DEA about me "doctor shopping"
However, I have not heard anything back from thye other doctor I was seeing about this.
Could it be that the DEA red flagged me or was just giving warning to this particular doctor since he is my main physician?
Any help would be great, as I have in the past struggled with narcotics, but am on Suboxone and have not at all gone through any other doctors for that. I only go through one doctor when it came to that medicine.
Does the DEA do background checks on a person and see whether they have seeked help for that when looking at potential doctor shopping using other medicines such as the case with adderall?
I don't sell, and as much as I hate to admit this, I have a psychological dependence on adderall. It is frightening because for me to have a normal life, and stay awake, I have to take a number of dosage each day or I fall asleep and can not function at work or anywhere for that matter.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Richmond, VA

#11 Aug 7, 2010
I am being treated for severe headaches that feel like a brain freeze when you eat something real cold real fast. It was caused by having shingles on my face and head. I did sign a contract with the PM dr but I had some dental work done. Without thinking I received pain meds from the dentist for the problem for a few days until the antibiotics started working in order to do the root canal. All I could think about about is getting rid of the tooth pain. After everything is over now I am worried my PM dr will drop me after hearing the stories here. What should I do? If that happens will I be able to get help from other PM doctors in the area? I do not want to go through life with PAIN. It was an honest mistake. I did not even think about it since I was seeing a dentist for a problem unrelated to my other need. Is it a sure thing that my PM Dr will know?

Please advise.

Aurora, IL

#12 Aug 25, 2010
I have been on oxycodone and hydrocodone for 2 years since back sugery I don't sell them but my friends and family are saying I use to much. I do abuse them so I told my pm doc the truth. And he put me on suboxel well not having pain meds now for 5 days the first time in 2 years I am dieing in pain the suboxal I could not afford to have filled because my insureance won't cover it. I am going to my pm doc today I am scared he red flagged me and now won't give me anymore. I find myself looking for pills when I am out I thought it was addiction but today I can't hardly walk do I just ask my pm doc if he red flagged me? And if he did red flag me can HE still give me pain meds. Thanks for any input.

Hudson, OH

#13 Sep 4, 2010
CrippledLongTime wrote:
I feel I have been red flagged by my doctors and/or the DEA and causes my pain to be under treated. Any others out there think they may have the same problem?
Iv"e never DR. shopped. Yes, with my conditions I might take 2 instead of 1. Norco works for me and now I can't get any because I lost my insurance. So I changed pharmacies and now Dr. wont give me anymore? I changed because it's 29.00 as opposed to 131.00. Iv'e been taking 10/325 (hydro) for 8-9 months for Degenerative disc disease,(herniated, ruptured, bulging) spinal stenosis, partial knee replacement, HepC. They won't operate because the pain is not down my legs. My quality of life suks!

Hudson, OH

#14 Sep 4, 2010
Iv"e never DR. shopped. Yes, with my conditions I might take 2 instead of 1. Norco works for me and now I can't get any because I lost my insurance. So I changed pharmacies and now Dr. wont give me anymore? I changed because it's 29.00 as opposed to 131.00. Iv'e been taking 10/325 (hydro) for 8-9 months for Degenerative disc disease,(herniated, ruptured, bulging) spinal stenosis, partial knee replacement, HepC. They won't operate because the pain is not down my legs. My quality of life suks!

Rancho Cordova, CA

#15 Sep 7, 2010
I been red flagged , f the dea their is three drug dealers on my block who deal meth and marijuana and the f-ing dea cares about 30 norco pills. f-them.

Costa Mesa, CA

#16 Nov 26, 2010
I believe I have been flaged by the DEA for my trying to get the right medication for my migraine headaches that I've suffered since I was 13 years old. Myprimary doctors do change my meds often but there are times that I have to go the ER more then I want to cause the pain is very intense. Uve had suffered from migrains for 20 years now and it's getting more and more difficult for me to gety meds without peaople thinking I'm a drug seeker. It's very frustrated and I don't know what to anymore.

King George, VA

#17 Nov 30, 2010
I too suffer from chronic pain. I have disc degeneration and osteoarthritis. And fibromyalgia. I was going to family Dr for Vicodin for years. Then had to go to pain clinic.had 2 injections didn't work. Clinic told me if I wasn't going to get epidural injection not to bother comming back. They don't just give pills. Help!! I am in so much pain what can I do. I'm not abusing the meds I need them to cope.

Venus, PA

#18 Dec 13, 2010
I agree with painkiller. F$@# the DEA. They should be going after drug trafficers... not unintentional, or maybe even intentional, doctor shoppers.

Fresno, CA

#19 Dec 18, 2010
yup...if ur dea red flagged that means ur on ur way to a dea black list duh duh may be able to trick a few doctors " on the first visit " but beware the second or third visit , and be prepaired for the let down. Just posting these comments can red flag you , these topix centers are retrieved by dea..And YES this is correct that even hospitals WILL NOT treat you UNLESS you are in THEYRE care and monitored on the LOWEST DOSE of pain killers, and im not talking about sprained ankles or broken arms , im talking severe car crashes etc..Did you know in prison if you undergo a severe medical operation due to stabbings or act of God , tey just give you asprin, same with dea red flagg or black list , so the only thing left to do isssssss either find a pill drug dealer which because of all this there are many of them , or buy a bottle of whiskey and old school it. but I know what ive done know what youve done it is what it is , there are no OTHER " new " way of getting them legally anymore your screwed...excuse my bad spelling its never been a strong point.....But i do know that some V.A vets sell thier scripts at theyre hospital or bums infront of the homeless shelters....Good luck to you all as to myself...but the truth to this " brass tax" is we are addicted to pain pills and need ways to get more you can all call it what you want but its the truth ....Goodnight and God bless

Since: Dec 10

Bastrop, TX

#20 Dec 20, 2010
Of course people like myself, who are in great pain 24/7 and have tried everything to help deal with their problem, will many times find that pain killers are the best weapon in order to have a better life. Of course we become addict to these pills. Who the hell do they think they are to judge us and treat us as criminals. I'd like to tell them where they can stick their red flag. In my opinion these jerks are nothing more than state sponsored terrorist inflicting harm on good people who are already living in hell. It's time we call them out for what they are. Of course they don't really believe that so many people are selling these drugs that they need so badly. I voted for change and we need it here and we need it NOW.

Since: Dec 10

Bastrop, TX

#21 Dec 20, 2010
Just one more very important thing that needs to be said. People like us can't help but find out that we just can't be happy unless we have some kind of drug in order to make the pain more bearable. We don't get the pleasure that someone not in pain gets when taking these same drugs. We still have pain, just not nearly as bad. These jerks just don't get it. Why can't we be happy instead of living in this very real horrible state of mind. The last time I hear, we are told that we have a right to the pursuit of happiness. Who is their that can give us what has been taken away from us? Are we not Americans too? Just because there are people out there that use these drugs to get high, we must suffer. Join me in demanding our right as equal citizens. I'm sure many of you are tired as I am of being treated as second class citizens. If you are lucky enough to be one who is not in pain, but can feel our pain, I ask you to please help us. As you can tell by our comments,these heartless people have us by the balls, and they know it. I can't help but feel that they enjoy making us suffer. I know many of you probably wish that you could have five times the amount of pain killers that you are given, and you should not feel bad because you do. They have built a wall between the people and their meds, and I say,government, tear down this wall.

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